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Chapter 934 - Chasing into the Mouth of the Moongazer Serpent

Countless treasures gathered around Esteemed Xuan Bao and then collapsed. Every time a treasure collapsed, a sliver of white gas would fly out of it.

In an instant, rich, white gas surrounded Esteemed Xuan Bao. The moment Qing Shui's Magic Arsenal closed in, Esteemed Xuan Bao opened his arms and shouted, "Magic Power Nirvana Void!"

The moment he said those four words, the white gas around him charged out like crazy and collided with Qing Shui's Magic Arsenal.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!!!

A great shock echoed across the stars, causing the collapse to worsen. The originally 5,000 kilometer vortex suddenly tore open even more. A lot of cultivators weren't able to dodge fast enough and disappeared into the void.

Once one was caught into the vortex formed by the collapse of space, it would be difficult to get out alive. No one would dare to casually enter it!

At this moment, space trembled violently, but it had no effect on the Moongazer Serpent. Its eyes were red and it hated Esteemed Xuan Nao to the bones for injuring it and killing countless of its smaller Moongazer Serpents!

The ancient god arm that had charged out paused for a moment when Qing Shui appeared. However, the Moongazer Serpent's eyes were red, and the moment Esteemed Xuan Bao used the spell, the arm charged forward.

At the same time, a laugh echoed across the stars. It was Master Flamespark, who had shaken off Wudo Chan. His hands formed a seal and dozens of celestial fragments flew out. They covered an area thousands of kilometers wide with a vortex.

Rich celestial spiritual energy spread out, causing the vortex to be filled with power as it charged toward Esteemed Xuan Bao!

"Celestial Lord Qing Shui, let this old man help you!"

Wudo Chan's eyes lit up and he followed closely after. He was going to help Esteemed Xuan Bao get through this life and death crisis!

Esteemed Xuan Bao's scalp went numb. This battle could be the most dangerous battle of his life, aside from when the Celestial Realm collapsed. Before him was Qing Shui, behind him was the Moongazer Serpent, and above him was Master Flamespark!

There was no chance to dodge at all. Facing this moment of crisis, Esteemed Xuan Bao's powerful celestial origin surged out of his body and formed countless barriers!

"If I can get through this, I can still live!"

As the celestial origin energy surrounded him, the Moongazer Serpent's ancient god arm  arrived. There was a bang and the layers of celestial origin barriers all disintegrated.

Just at this moment, Qing Shui arrived, bringing along several bolts of red lightning. There was a series of rumbles and Esteemed Xuan Bao immediately coughed out blood.

When Master Flamespark's celestial fragments arrived, Esteemed Xuan Bao's body collapsed. His origin soul flew out and was on the verge of collapse, but there was a golden robe around it that constantly offset the impacts until it finally shattered!

This upheaval caused the torn space to spread even more. More than ten thousand kilometers of space was now an area of destruction!

Countless cultivators were caught inside. The ancient god furnace appeared around Wang Lin and he constantly changed positions. However, his eyes were locked onto the Moongazer Serpent, waiting for an opportunity!

At this moment, the lotus was circling the woman in the blue dress and she was perfectly fine. The golden corpse beside her was also fine, and it had a cold expression.

Looking at everything before her, she let out a sigh. She looked at Wang Lin and a complex gaze flashed through her eyes as she muttered, "I don't know if Lord will recognize mee[1] when we meet next time…"

The lotus had absorbed all the death aura during this battle. Now the death aura spread out, making it look like that lotus was shrouded in a mist.

She raised her jade-like hand, pointed at the golden corpse before her, and softly said, "Release seal!"

The moment those two words came out, they seemed to turn corporeal and turned into two strange seals that landed on the golden corpse. The golden corpse trembled and the five talismans on its head stopped rotating. The golden corpse's eyes shined and the roar of a dragon came from its mouth.

Its body unexpectedly expanded and in a flash turned into a dragon!

This was a real dragon; it wasn't an illusion, it had flesh and blood! The dragon's scales shined brightly, and in a flash, it rushed out with a roar. The woman in the blue dress let out a sigh and looked at Wang Lin in the distance. Then her body gradually faded until she disappeared. 

The golden dragon rushed out with a roar and headed straight into the battlefield! On its head, five yellow talismans floated there while sending out suppression.

The moment it arrived, the golden dragon shined and an ancient voice echoed across the world.

"Poison Flame!"

One of the five yellow talismans immediately emitted flames, and in the blink of an eye, the dragon was surrounded by a sea of flames. These flames were poisonous!

The power of this poison was unimaginable. When it closed in, it wrapped around Esteemed Xuan Bao's almost dissipated origin soul and was about to escape.

However, just at this moment, a crackling sound came from the unchanging giant wood and a giant crack opened.

In a flash of green light, a person walked out. He wore a green robe and looked very good. As he stepped out, he smiled and instantly closed in on the golden dragon. Then his hand formed a seal and pointed at it.

An illusory giant wood suddenly appeared around it and smashed down!

"This old man is the ninth elder of the ancient families of Allheaven. How could I let you escape?"

The golden dragon was blocked by the illusory giant wood, but its eyes started shining. It opened its mouth and black earth came out. This black earth was filled with extremely powerful death aura! 

"Buried Earth!"

The green-robed old man's, Yi Muzi's, right hand turned into a palm and hit the void. Countless thunderous rumbles echoed, creating a storm. He stepped forward as he waved his arm and towering pieces of wood appeared behind him. These pieces of wood were densely packed and immediately formed a dense barrier.

"You can't escape!" With a smile, Yi Muzi waved his right hand. The giant wood pieces behind him flew out, causing the golden dragon to constantly retreat.

At this moment, Wudo Chan approached to help, but Qing Shui let out a cold snort and red lightning bolt shot out. Master Flamespark took advantage of this opportunity. His hand moved and the vortex formed by the celestial fragments became several times bigger.

In addition, the ancient god arm formed by the Moongazer Serpent also arrived. However, the Moongazer Serpent had lost its rationality. Not only did it hate Esteemed Xuan Bao, it had also implicated everyone else.

At the moment the ancient god arm arrived, the Moongazer Serpent opened its mouth and inhaled. It inhaled so hard that even its body began to tremble. The ancient god arm swept away everything before it and directly grabbed the golden dragon.

Holding the golden dragon, the ancient god arm quickly retreated and threw it into the Moongazer Serpent's mouth. From the Moongazer Serpent's point of view, killing this cultivator that injured it wasn't enough to vent its anger. It was going to slowly absorb this cultivator's life force and digest it!

After devouring the golden dragon, the Moongazer Serpent no longer had the clarity it had before. Instead of moving forward, it headed into the vortex formed by the collapsed space.

Entering the vortex meant entering the void under the collapsed space!

This sudden change caused Qing Shui's eyes to light up. He was determined to obtain Esteemed Xuan Bao's origin soul to learn of the upheaval that occurred in the Celestial Realm.

After seeing the golden dragon and Esteemed Xuan Bao being devoured by the Moongazer Serpent, he used the suction force from the Moongazer Serpent without hesitation and charged toward its big mouth.

Qing Shui wasn't the only one. Wudo Chang was someone from the Xuan Palace and he had a good relationship with Esteemed Xuan Bao. He clenched his teeth and also charged into the Moongazer Serpent's mouth.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He had been waiting for this opportunity. Without hesitation, thunder surged out from his body and, borrowing the speed of thunder, he charged at the Moongazer Serpent.

Master Flamespark hesitated for a bit, while Old Man Yi Muzi's eyes lit up. He seemed to have something in mind as he entered the Moongazer Serpent's mouth.

At this moment, the Moongazer Serpent's giant body had mostly entered the crack and its mouth had already closed. It was about to disappear from this space.

Wang Lin closed in on the Moongazer Serpent and landed on its huge body. He stomped his feet and was about to enter the Moongazer Serpent.

Master Flamespark naturally saw Wang Lin. He let out a sigh and no longer wasted time. He reached at the void and a fist-sized celestial fragment appeared in his hand and he threw it at Wang Lin.

"You have made a great contribution. This item should keep you safe. With this, I can also find your location and save you and Qing Shui!"

He gave up entering. After all, he still had to preside over the war between Allheaven and the Alliance. As for why Wang Lin had gone to enter the Moongazer Serpent, Master Flamespark didn't understand. He could only imagine Wang Lin wanted to save Qing Shui.

"Perhaps this child has other thoughts!"

When Wang Lin caught the celestial fragment that shrank, he immediately felt the aura of a Thunder Beast. Aside from the powerful primary soul sealed inside, there was also the Thunder Beast!

"Thank you, Senior!" Right as Wang Lin spoke, his body disappeared and he entered the Moongazer Serpent.

At this instant, the Moongazer Serpent completely sank into the vortex. However, its body was too large, so it expanded the vortex a lot and caused an even wider collapse.

As space collapsed in a rumble, Master Flamespark let out a sigh and turned around to look for the scattered Allheaven cultivators.

1. So this word can mean concubine or "I" or servant in a self-deprecating way for women. I just thought I explain it so people can get the meaning behind it. The word used is 妾 which is used a lot on palace setting so I'm so glad I'm not translating something set in the imperial palace because all those specific position related words would drive me nuts.

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