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Chapter 932 - Aura of the Ancient God

At this moment, the roar of the Moongazer Serpent echoed, and it contained the language of the ancient gods. A giant crack appeared and headed straight for Esteemed Xuan Bao.

In the blink of an eye, the space around Esteemed Xuan Bao collapsed. As the rumbles echoed, Esteemed Xuan Bao's expression was calm. He pointed at the 300 foot arrow and said, "Nirvana Void!"

Master Flamespark's pupils shrank and he became serious. He remembered this arrow. It was one of the Alliance's great treasures, the Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow!

Rumor had it that the arrow's origin was unknown and had existed for a long; it had been around since as early as the Celestial Realm. Rumors also said that the blood stain on it gave it strange powers.

When he decided to slaughter his way into the Alliance, he had prepared a counter to all the treasures he knew the Alliance had. When he saw the Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow, he sneered.

"This Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow is rumored to be unpredictable, but I wonder how it compare to this moon beast!"

The 300 foot arrow trembled with a point of Esteemed Xuan Bao's finger. It then rushed forward like an arrow that was shot from a bow and headed straight for the Moongazer Serpent!

The Moongazer Serpent's eyes revealed endless coldness. The moment it saw the 300 foot arrow, it felt a sense of danger. When it saw the arrow that it sensed danger from coming at it, it opened its mouth and let out a roar. Specks of light appeared before it and quickly condensed into another ancient god finger.

After the ancient god finger appeared, it immediately shot toward the arrow.

The Moongazer Serpent let out an angry roar and countless Moongazer Serpents charged out from inside it. There were hundreds of thousands of them at varying sizes. The moment they appeared, the battlefield became even more chaotic.

This battlefield was no longer between Allheaven and the Alliance, but the Alliance against the Moongazer Serpent!

When countless Moongazer Serpents charged out, the expressions of the Alliance cultivators changed greatly. They quickly retreated, but their speed was no match for the Moongazer Serpents. The countless Moongazer Serpents spread out and started a blood bath.

During the chaotic battle, some Allheaven cultivators were affected. As for Wang Lin, a 30,000 foot Moongazer Serpent charged at him. His expression was gloomy as he quickly avoided it and didn't bother getting entangled with it.

Wang Lin knew that the only reason for these smaller Moongazer Serpents to appear was to condense the most powerful ancient god finger!

At this moment, the arrow charged over and collided with the ancient god finger formed by the Moongazer Serpent. A thunderous bang echoed across the northern region of the Alliance!

An ancient aura came from the dark red blood stain that covered the arrow and directly broke through the ancient god finger, then it lunged straight toward the Moongazer Serpent!

This scene caused Wang Lin's eyes to open wide in shock.

For the first time, the Moongazer Serpent paused and then roared once more. At this instant, all of the smaller Moongazer Serpents, including the one after Wang Lin, turned around and began to roar.

This wasn't the roar of one Moongazer Serpent but the roars of hundreds of thousands of  Moongazer Serpents under the call of their mother!

Ancient god fingers appeared one by one until the area was filled with ancient god fingers. All of Wang Lin's pores opened up and ecstasy filled his eyes as he absorbed this aura like crazy.

He could clearly feel his ancient god body's strength increased by leaps and bounds. The illusory fourth star hidden between his eyebrows was becoming more corporeal at this moment.

All of this made Wang Lin ecstatic. 

"Ancient god's aura! I didn't think that an ancient god's aura would form here. Although there isn't much, it indeed exists!"

Countless ancient god fingers formed within the area, and in the blink of an eye, an almost corporeal ancient god finger appeared before the eyes of the surrounding cultivators!

The strange cracks on the finger were extremely clear. This scene even caused the expression of Esteemed Xuan Nao to change; his expression became a bit gloomy.

"This Moongazer Serpent is a bit different from what the ancient records say! However, I have the Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow, so no matter how strong the Moongazer Serpent is, it can't avoid this arrow!" Esteemed Xuan Bao was very confident in the strength of the Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow.

"Although my Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow is only rank 9, if I can capture this Moongazer Serpent and refine it, it will become another Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure. By fusing the two, along with the tens of thousands of years of preparation I made, I'm 80% confident in creating a rank 8 Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure! This way, my position in the elder group will increase and I'll have some means to contend with Zhong Xuanzi!"

The Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow charged ahead until it collided with the ancient god finger that had just reformed.

The Moongazer Serpent's roar turned into an impact and its huge body charged forward after the ancient god finger. However, the moment the arrow collided with the ancient god finger, a shocking change occurred in the Alliance's northern region!

The ancient god finger unexpectedly collapsed again! A thunderous rumble echoed, and all the surrounding cultivators, including Wang Lin, felt the blood in their body surge and directly coughed it out.

If Wang Lin was like this, then there was no need to talk about others. Their bodies directly collapsed into piles of flesh and blood. They were shaken to death!

Even the expressions of Blood God and company changed greatly, and they quickly retreated. In the blink of an eye, no cultivators were near the Moongazer Serpent anymore!

Only those four golden celestial guards were still clinging to the Moongazer Serpent. They worked together with the nine black butterflies to keep creating storms.

The instant the ancient god finger collapsed, more than half of the smaller Moongazer Serpents collapsed!

Bursts of blue blood spattered, making it seem as if space itself was dyed blue!

This was the first time Wang Lin had seen a Moongazer Serpent's collapse! Although they were only small Moongazer Serpents, the amount shook his mind!

The Moongazer Serpent was something that lived inside the ancient god's body, and its toughness was unimaginable. Even small Moongazer Serpents weren't creatures a cultivator could break, but what happened just now turned all that upside down!

"What level of treasure is this Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow?!" Wang Lin wiped away the blood on his mouth as he stared at the scene before him. His mind was completely blank.

Along with the small Moongazer Serpents and the ancient god finger, Esteemed Xuan Bao's Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow also collapsed. Countless cracks appeared on the arrow as it faced the unimaginable impact of the ancient god finger, and it shattered inch by inch.

Esteemed Xuan Bao's eyes shined brightly. Although things had turned out a bit different from what he expected, overall, it wasn't too much outside his expectations.

"This Moongazer Serpent belongs to this old man!" Esteemed Xuan Bao laughed and moved forward. A shadow flashed out from the shattered Pseudo Nirvana Void arrow.

This shadow was also an arrow. This arrow was only three inches long, but it looked exactly the same as the 300 foot arrow. The only difference was that the blood wasn't dark red but bright red!

It was as if it was just stain with blood! It was scarlet red!

This was the true Pseudo Nirvana Void Arrow!

The arrow charged out with unimaginable speed! In and instant, it pierced between the Moongazer Serpent's eyes!

The instant it penetrated the Moongazer Serpent, the arrow released an unimaginable force, and the resulting rumbling caused the stars to shake. For the first time, the Moongazer Serpent's large body trembled and retreated!

A black vortex appeared between the Moongazer Serpent's eyes and collapsed violently. A fountain of blue blood gushed out.

The arrow rotated inside the black vortex and charged deeper. Every time it charged, there would be collapse.

The Moongazer Serpent's miserable scream echoed across the stars.

This mournful cry made Wang Lin tremble as if there was a terrible pain in his heart. He retreated even faster while looking at the Moongazer Serpent.

This was the first time the Moongazer Serpent had been seriously injured. The sound of its cry echoed as the remaining smaller Moongazer Serpents all began to collapse. All the smaller Moongazer Serpents in the area died!

The Moongazer Serpent's eyes were blood red. It was truly angry!

The anger this time was far more intense than anything it hat felt in the past tens of thousands of years. This was especially true for the arrow that now threatened its survival.

Angered, the Moongazer Serpent's mournful cry reached its peak and seven faint stars suddenly appeared before it.

As the stars rotated, one of them suddenly exploded under the roar of the Moongazer Serpent!

A shattered star of an ancient god!

Wang Lin's eyes revealed a mysterious light when he saw this.

As the star collapsed, an extremely powerful force charged out from the Moongazer Serpent. This force was so powerful that the vortex between the Moongazer Serpent's eyes was torn apart.

The arrow was also forced out of the Moongazer Serpent's body!

This scene caused the expression of Esteemed Xuan Bao, who was closing in, to change!

"Impossible! According to the ancient records, an ordinary Moongazer Serpent can't possibly survive a Pseudo Nirvana Void treasure. Although this Moongazer Serpent is large and fierce, it should be seriously injured!"

Master Flamespark sneered when he saw all of this.

"Senior said that the purpose of sending this Moongazer Serpent into the Alliance was to make it angry. The angier it becomes, the more damage this beast can do!"

The Moongazer Serpent's anger reached its peak, and it borrowed the power of the shattered star to push the arrow out. Due to the intense pain, it had almost lost its mind. Its eyes were red, and the only thought in its mind was kill, kill, kill, kill!


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