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Chapter 925 - Million Beast Blood Soul Seal

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and met the gaze of the woman in the blue dress. Wang Lin had never seen her before and she didn't feel familiar at all. However, her gaze made him feel a bit puzzled.

Right now was not the moment to ponder this. Wang Lin's expression remained neutral as he continued to retreat.

The hundred towers closed in with sharp whistles that wanted to tear open the world and shot straight for the Moongazer Serpent.

These tall towers were like swords piercing through space. The Moongazer Serpent let out an angry roar as its countless tentacles reached out toward the incoming towers.

At this moment, the fastest tower closed in and was caught by a tentacle. The moment they touched, the tower immediately shattered into black powder that spread out.

As for the Alliance cultivators on the tower, they had already jumped off when the tower got close to the Moongazer Serpent.

Shortly after, more towers arrived while whistling. Most of them were caught by the Moongazer Serpent's tentacles and exploded into black powder.

As the black powder spread out, the remaining towers moved several times faster. They were like swords that penetrated the black powder, dodged the tentacles, and directly pierced the Moongazer Serpent's body.


Loud explosions echoed when the towers collided with the Moongazer Serpent. Cracks appeared at the tips of the towers and rapidly spread. In the blink of an eye, the towers were covered in cracks and then collapsed into powder.

Bang, bang, bang, bang! The explosions echoed as the towers that weren't stopped by the tentacles collided with the Moongazer Serpent's body and turned into powder.

During this process, the Moongazer Serpent roared as if it was crazy and its tentacles swept the area. Some of the surrounding cultivators weren't able to dodge quickly enough and died.

"Seal!" The voice of the woman in the blue dress was gentle, but it clearly echoed across the stars.

In an instant, all the black powder around the Moongazer Serpent gave off a demonic glow. The powder spread out and formed a sphere around the Moongazer Serpent. There were bright blood lights inside the sphere, and at this moment, an extremely shocking scene was unfolding on 100 planets scattered across the eastern, southern, and northern parts of the Alliance!

On one of the planets, almost all of the cultivators had been mobilized. They had captured demonic beasts from their habitats. All the demonic beasts were imprisoned in a very large formation.

This formation was a circle with a radius of 5,000 kilometer. Demonic beasts were densely packed within the formation; there were at least tens of thousands of them!

Large amounts of cultivators floated in the sky outside the formation as if they were waiting for a command. There was a red-haired elder with them who apparently had high status. The surrounding cultivators moved with him as the center. When the woman in the blue dress gave the command, her voice seemed to be able to penetrate the void and travel across the stars due to a special spell to let the people present hear the command.

In an instant, the red-haired elder's eyes lit up and he waved his right hand!

With a wave of his arm, all the surrounding cultivators launched an orderly attack of spells and magic treasures at the tens of thousands of demonic beasts below them.

Waves of miserable roars echoed within this formation, and it became a sea of blood. The formation activated and completely absorbed the blood of these tens of thousands of demonic beasts clean!

This scene occurred in nearly 100 other planets!

This was one of the ten great formations in the Alliance, the Million Beast Blood Soul Seal!

These nearly one hundred towers were made with a special material to go along with this formation. At this moment, as the millions of beasts died on those 100 planets, the black powder surrounding the Moongazer Serpent gave off a powerful smell of blood!

This smell of blood was too dense. If one were to smell it, their heart would tremble!

The black powder began to move mysteriously under this dense scent of blood. The powder began to solidify and the Moongazer Serpent was completely sealed under this black, earth-like material!

The black powder outside the Moongazer Serpent solidified into a huge ball that trapped the Moongazer Serpent inside! Only its muffled roars continued to spread and echo among the stars.

At this moment, the tens of thousands of Alliance cultivators that had jumped off the towers before they collapsed all charged toward the Allheaven cultivators!

This scene shocked the Allheaven cultivators. Li Yunzi and the Shengong family ancestor looked at each other and then immediately jumped off the giant wood. Li Yunzi's right hand reached out to the void and the world's origin energy gathered. It condensed into almost 100 small flags!

He and the Shengong family ancestor were the two with the highest statuses here aside from the Xiang family ancestor and the middle-aged man from the Gongsun family. Before those two left, they temporarily handed command to Li Yunzi and the Shengong family ancestor.

Li Yunzi was burdened with an extremely important mission!

He grabbed a portion of of the flags and threw them to the side as he shouted, "72 Earth Celestials, gather your teams and exterminate all the Alliance cultivators!

"Order received!" Dozens of Allheaven cultivators immediately flew out. They were the Earth Celestials from the 108 celestials, but not all of them were here. They grabbed their flags and led their teams into a chaotic battle with the Alliance cultivators that got off the towers.

An instant later, bursts of rumbles and endless sounds of magic treasures echoed among the stars. Their endless flashes of light set off a monstrous slaughter intent.

The Shengong family ancestor also grabbed dozens of small flags and threw them. He shouted, "36 Heaven Celestials, help me break the seal on the Moon Beast!" After he spoke, he took a step and charged toward the seal. Behind him were dozens of cultivators along with their own respective teams. The big-headed boy was among them.

"Xu Mu, the four of you, guard me!" Li Yunzi's gaze swept past Wang Lin, the woman in the palace dress, the black-robed old man, and the youth in white before he sat down on the giant wood.

The wood shook and abruptly stopped in the sky. Li Yunzi sat down and then his hands formed a seal and he pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. His origin soul rushed out, and outside his origin soul were the three Battle Scrolls. They started circling around him.

Li Yunzi's origin soul pointed at one of the Battle Scrolls and sent out a thunderous wave of divine sense.

As this divine sense spread out, one of the 17 Lou Fu suddenly exploded and a bloody figure walked out.

This bloody figure was a man made of blood. After it appeared, it let out a roar and charged into the battle. Blood God and company weren't idling either. Black Fiend Devil Saint and Cloud Dragon Demon Saint were attacking Blood God and company. The two sides had opened up a new battlefield, and it was difficult to gain an advantage for either side!

The blood person went toward the battlefield of Blood God and Black Fiend Devil Saint. The moment the blood person arrived, Black Fiend Devil Saint was forced into a sorry state and had to retreat.

Li Yunzi's origin soul trembled and then he immediately sat down to recovered. Although his cultivation wasn't as powerful as Master Flamespark and company's, even inferior to Blood God's, his role in the battle between Allheaven and Alliance was great!

The 18 Lou Fu didn't belong to his Zhan family, but only his Zhan family had the spell to control them. It couldn't be passed to outsiders; only a few people from the Zhan family could use it!

This spell came from a sliver of comprehension and inheritance from the Battle Scrolls.

Although this matter sounds complicated, it was one of the secrets in the Allheaven Star System.

"Don't allow the person from the Zhan family touch the Lou Fu blood balls!"

However, this secret was broken during the preparations for the war against the Alliance. Master Flamespark, the Xiang family ancestor, the middle-aged man from the Gongsun family, and several old monsters had all decided to let Li Yunzi control the 18 Lou Fu!

As soon as Li Yunzi's origin soul recovered slightly, he pointed at another Battle Scroll!

His divine sense entered the Battle Scroll and turned into an incredible wave that swept across the stars. One of the 16 remaining Lou Fu exploded into countless drops of blood and formed another blood person!

This blood person let out a roar and charged straight toward where the Shengong famliy ancestor was battling the seal that was holding the Moongazer Serpent!

Among the Alliance cultivators, the woman in the blue dress frowned. She pointed with her jade-like hand and one of the Giant Demon Clan members let out a roar and stepped forward. The cultivation planet he was carrying wasn't very large, only about 1% of a normal cultivation planet. Nevertheless, the Giant Demon Clan member was really insignificant compared to it. However, the Giant Demon Clan member was very fast, and as he ran, he mercilessly threw it. The cultivation planet directly came crashing down toward the remaining 15 Lou Fu.

There was still an old man floating on the cultivation planet. His eyes lit up as he quickly approached the 15 Lou Fu along with the cultivation planet.

However, the suppression force became even stronger the closer you were to the Lou Fu. The old man's expression became serious as he rapidly approached the 15 Lou Fu.

As for the Giant Demon Clan member, he let out a roar and charged at Li Yunzi.

Li Yunzi's origin soul floated there and looked slightly bleak. He suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, "Lou Hong, Zhou Xingtian, the two of you, quickly go protect the Lou Fu!"

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