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Chapter 918 - Zhou Tian (1)

Xi Zifeng bit her lower lip. Originally, she came to the Alliance Star System with her family. However, she was affected by the massive collapse earlier and was thrown far away.

This was how she was separated from her family. After she finally stabilized herself, what she saw was a hell-like slaughter!

Xi Zifeng's beauty attracted the attention of the Alliance cultivators. Someone immediately came chasing after her.

Xi Zifeng was very anxious as she escaped with her teeth clenched. However, due to the previous impact, she was injured. Adding on her rapid escape, this made her injuries worse.

A middle-aged man had a sneer as he slapped his bag of holding and took out a golden needle. He threw the needle and it flew straight toward Xi Zifeng.

"This Allheaven female cultivator will be my 19th cultivation furnace. Haha, I've never had a taste of an Allheaven female before. It looks like I didn't come here vain!" The middle-aged man laughed and the flying sword under his feet moved even faster.

Seeing that the golden needle was about to pierce her back, Xi Zifeng immediately turned around and formed a seal. There was a flash of silver light that attempted to stop the golden needle.

However, the golden needle was too strong. The moment it touched the silver light, Xi Zifeng felt a powerful impact, then she coughed out blood and was pushed back.

Her face was pale without any trace of blood.

As the middle-aged man laughed, he quickly closed in. However, just as he was about to grab Xi Zifeng, an extremely cold voice echoed.

"Back off!"

These were two very simple words, but in the ears of the middle-aged man, it was as if tens of thousands of bolts of thunder had exploded at once and rumbled through his mind. The middle-aged man's cultivation level wasn't high, higher than Xi Zifeng's, but not by much.

At this moment, as the middle-aged man's body trembled, he only felt a hum in his ear, and it was as if he was isolated from the world. All he could hear was his own heart rate rapidly accelerating.

The sound that entered his ear was like a sharp sword that penetrated his body, and it was as if it contained a destructive power. It turned him pale and he immediately coughed out blood.

He involuntarily retreated. At this moment, a monstrous wave was set off in the middle-aged man's heart and endless fear immediately submerged him.

He clearly felt like he had lost control of his body. It was as if a will had entered his body through his ears and mercilessly controlled his body to retreat.

It was as if he had to obey that will, and he couldn't raise the slightest resistance, or he would die without a grave!

This was the first time the middle-aged man had felt this. Terrified, he couldn't care about anything else. Although he was rapidly retreating, he didn't dare to resist at all.

That will seemed to have changed the law in the world, which caused the middle-aged man to cough out more blood. He wasn't the only one; the surrounding cultivators that were chasing Xi Zifeng were even worse off than the middle-aged man. The same will forced them to continue to retreat.

It looked like a giant storm had formed before Xi Zifeng and blew them all back. While they retreated, popping sounds could be heard as cultivators whose bodies couldn't withstand the will died and their bodies collapsed.

Large amounts of blood appeared, but it was really insignificant among the stars.

Even their origin souls weren't able to escape and were disintegrated along with their bodies. Their souls weren't able to enter the reincarnation cycle and were forced out from the void. They turned into rays of black light that flew into Wang Lin's body and were sealed within the 18 layers of hell.

Everything had happened so fast that Xi Zifeng was startled for a moment before her vision was completely captivated by the figure silently walking toward her.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the several cultivators that were rapidly retreating. The words he had just spoken contained a hint of the law he had just gained enlightenment in. There were also the words that became law that were converted into a force of will.

The middle-aged man's eyes revealed a look of aghast and shock. It was as if there was voice crying in his head that made him certain that this was one of the powerhouse of Allheaven!

However, he wasn't able to make a sound with his mouth, because his body collapsed during his constant retreat!

This level of cultivator was really insignificant before Wang Lin!

Just like back in the Demon Spirit Land, when the Scattered Demon could make Wang Lin's body collapse with a cold snort. The current Wang Lin had reached the level of the Scattered Demon from back then!

The middle-aged man's origin soul flew out and quickly dissipated. Just as it was about to die, a feminine voice came from the void.

"You are indeed worthy of being Allheaven's Thunder Celestial, Xu Mu!" The moment this feminine voice appeared, a person arrived from the distant stars. This person looked middle-aged and had an earth yellow face. Behind him were countless black shadows that were like a long cloaks that spread out among the stars.

The person that spoke was the six-fingered cultivator!

His voice entered the void and then the middle-aged man's origin soul escaped Wang Lin's will. The origin soul immediately stopped dissipating and quickly escaped. More than half the origin soul had dissipated, and it was extremely weak; it could collapse at any moment.

The middle-aged man's origin soul was filled with fear and he was about to flee.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he casually waved his right hand. A gust of wind appeared before him and immediately turned into countless Heavenly Chops that fused into one. It chased after the escaping origin soul.

The six-fingered cultivator revealed a strange smile and also pointed with his right hand. The countless shadows that formed the cloak behind him charged out toward Wang Lin's Heavenly Chop.

The two of them began a battle of spells with the life of this origin soul as the goal!

When the Heavenly Chop and the countless shadows collided next to the origin soul, they caused a heaven-shaking explosion. After Wang Lin gained a sliver of enlightenment in law, the power of the Heavenly Chop had increased explosively!

After all, Wang Lin had only unconsciously used it and didn't understand law, so the true power of the Heavenly Chop couldn't be displayed. However, right now it was very different.

The Heavenly Chop could chop all law. As it charged out, all the shadows that made contact with it immediately collapsed and dissipated.

In almost the blink of an eye, all the shadows disappeared and the Heavenly Chop shot straight for the origin soul.

The six-fingered cultivator's expression changed and he let out a cold snort before stepping out. His right hand formed a seal and the shadows behind him condensed. In an instant, they all fused into a small, black ball.

An aura that could shake one's mind came from the small ball and shrouded the area. The ball flew out at a quick speed and went toward the Heavenly Chop. It seem to be able to penetrate the void and instantly closed in on the Heavenly Chop. 

The six-fingered cultivator laughed and he waved his right hand. A powerful impact appeared near the origin soul. The origin soul was immediately swept back and pushed far away. In the blink of an eye, it was about to disappear among the stars.

"No one can kill someone who I, Soul Servant Zhou Tian, want to save!"

Wang Lin's expression was neutral and he didn't even look at Zhou Tian. He lifted his feet and took a step. Ripples appeared under his feet and then he disappeared.

This scene startled Zhou Tian, but then his pupils immediately shrank.

In the distance, the origin soul was no longer confused and was filled with joy. Just as it rushed among the stars, Wang Lin calmly stepped out of thin air and his right hand formed a fist. He threw a punch and there was a loud bang followed by ripples spreading through space.


As Wang Lin spoke, the origin soul immediately trembled violently. The origin soul seemed to have turned into a person made of sand[1] and dissipated within the violent storm.

Zhou Tian's eyes shined as he stared at Wang Lin. The strange light in his eyes became even stronger. He lifted his right hand and pointed at Xi Zifeng, who was watching all of this.

Several shadows flew out from behind Zhou Tian and dashed toward Xi Zifeng.

"You want to save this woman, but I won't let you succeed!" As Zhou Tian's feminine voice echoed the, shadows closed in on Xi Zifeng.

Xi Zifeng's face turned pale and she quickly retreated.

Zhou Tian had a smile on his face as he carefully observed Wang Lin's expression. However, he couldn't see any joy or anger on Wang Lin's face. From beginning to end Wang Lin, was as calm as water as he watched Zhou Tian's actions. There wasn't any change in Wang Lin's expression as he coldly looked at Zhou Tian and took a step.

Zhou Tian's pupils shrank and he immediately retreated without hesitation.

Ripples appeared next to Xi Zifeng as Wang Lin walked out and threw his fist. Those several shadows immediately collapsed.

"I don't care if you want to kill her, but not in front of me!" Wang Lin's voice was flat, and when he finished speaking, he rushed toward Zhou Tian with eyes filled with killing intent.

Zhou Tian sneered and his hands formed a seal and pointed at the void. Large amounts of shadows behind him condensed into a black axe before him. Zhou Tian grabbed it and mercilessly threw it.

"Ten Thousand Soul Devour!" As Zhou Tian shouted, that giant axe charged straight for Wang Lin.

Wang Lin stepped out and threw a punch. There was a loud rumble as the big axe immediately collapsed and turned into countless shadows. The shadows scattered and then charged at Wang Lin from all directions.

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he pointed up. Thunder was gathered from the void within 5,000 kilometers and instantly gathered here.

The surroundings became a lake of thunder!


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