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Chapter 904 - Exploring the Immortal Graveyard

An old man was sitting next to the huge pit where the Forsaken Immortal Clan was once sealed on planet Suzaku. This old man wore a red robe and had a head of red hair. There was a plant flashing on his forehead with 11 leaves stretched open. However, on top of the 11th leaf, there was another half leaf.

If this half leaf completely opened, this old man would instantly become a 12-leaf Forsaken Immortal Clan member!

In the Forsaken Immortal Clan, a 12-leaf clan member was equivalent to an Illusory Yin cultivator!

The old man quietly sat there. He was motionless as if he was eternal.

On this day, four rays of light flew across the sky, and the old man opened his eyes as he looked into the sky. Just as he was about to speak, his body trembled as he stared at one person among the four rays of light.

Wang Lin landed on the ground and looked at the deep pit and the old man staring at Ta Shan. After pondering for a moment, he slowly said, "Long time no see, Senior Yun Quezi."

The old man was Yun Quezi, and his eyes were filled with shock. He withdrew his gaze from Ta Shan and a storm set off in his heart. He looked at Wang Lin and bitterly said, "I merely started cultivating before you, no need to call me 'senior.' Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin, is he a member of my Forsaken Immortal clan?"

Yun Quezi pointed at Ta Shan.

Ta Shan's expression was cold. He didn't even look at Yun Quezi.

"He is a member of the Chosen Immortal Clan!" Wang Lin let out a sigh and walked into the deep pit. Ta Shan followed, and as for the big-headed boy, he smiled foolishly at Yun Quezi before following Wang Lin in.

When he saw the smile of the big-headed boy, a pressure from his soul exploded forth. His face turned pale and the complex emotion on his face became even stronger.

Lei Ji followed after. He was extremely respectful to Wang Lin, especially after seeing Wang Lin's spells. Wang Lin was able to change the spiritual energy of planet Suzaku, which shocked him greatly. He had heard of this spell before. Only cultivators whose names spread far across the Alliance Star System could so something like this.

Yun Quezi wryly smiled and his body flickered as he entered the deep pit.

Along the way, Wang Lin didn't move that fast. He slowly moved through the Immortal Graveyard. The Forsaken Immortal Clan had moved out of here, and there was no one left.

As he descended layer by layer, Wang Lin remembered that the deepest he went was the 11th layer. There, he met the third ancestor of the Forsaken Immortal Clan and was hunted by her until he took out the scroll that sealed the woman from the Xiang family. Only then was he able to escape that crisis.

Through the horror displayed on the face of the Forsaken Immortal Clan third ancestor's face, Wang Lin knew that the scroll was somehow connected to the Forsaken Immortal Clan.

The deeper he went down, the darker it became, as if there hadn't been people here for hundreds of years. There were no signs of life, only rich Yin energy.

If it was before, Wang Lin would feel discomfort from this Yin energy, and as he descend, he would eventually be unable to move forward due to the Yin energy.

However, this Yin energy was really insignificant. He didn't even need to activate his origin energy. This Yin energy seem to  possess intelligence and didn't dare to approach him at all.

As he descended, the Yin energy formed a vortex before him, as if it was opening a passage for him.

As he moved, Wang Lin pondered. The Forsaken Immortal Clan and the Chosen Immortal Clan were obviously the same people. He was even more certain now after seeing Yun Quezi's response to the big-headed boy.

This clan wasn't afraid of celestial spiritual energy from celestial jades, but once celestial origin energy came from a celestial, a force would come from their soul to make them yield.

The key to all of this was celestial origin energy!

Thinking of celestial origin energy, Wang Lin felt bitter. The celestial origin energy he had was a gift from Qing Shui and was not unlimited. Every time he used a celestial spell, it would consume some of it. If he couldn't find a way to replenish it, it would eventually be exhausted.

The celestial spells Qing Shui gave him, Summon the Rain and Magical Arsenal, all had high celestial origin energy requirements. If he didn't have enough, he wouldn't even be able to learn them, much less use them.

This was also why Qing Shui wanted Wang Lin to enter the celestial pool and why he gifted Wang Lin the celestial origin energy.

However, there were too many disadvantages to entering the celestial pool, so Wang Lin wasn't willing to choose it. Although he had celestial origin energy in his body, there weren't a lot of ways to replenish it. Even if he were to absorb celestial spiritual energy from celestial jades, he still wouldn't be able to from celestial origin energy in his body.

After taking the big-headed boy as his servant, Wang Lin tried, but it still didn't work. Left with no choice, Wang Lin could only conserve his use of celestial origin energy.

Not long after, Wang Lin arrived at the 11th layer for the second time.

This 11th layer wasn't large. There were many gulches on the floor with red liquid flowing through them. In Wang Lin's eyes, they form a blood symbol.

The 11th layer was empty, with only the sound of the liquid moving.

Yun Quezi slowly said, "This one of the Forsaken Immortal Clan's ancestral marks. This place had a total of 19 layers. Aside from the earliest ancestors, the descendants could only reach the 16th layer. No one could enter the last three layers."

Wang Lin nodded, then his divine sense spread out and found the entrance to the 12th layer. In a flash, he charged toward that entrance.

12th layer, 13th layer, 14th layer, 15th layer, 16th layer. With Wang Lin's cultivation, he faced no obstructions and directly arrived at the 16th layer!

There were also blood red tattoos on the floor of the 16th layer, but they were much more complex. Just looking at them would make one confused. Wang Lin's eyes narrowed as he looked at the 13 coffins placed here. Each had a tattoo flashing above it.

There was a black pool of water at the very center. It gave off waves of Yin energy that filled the layer. Red liquid was coming from the tattoos and flowed into the pool, forming a cycle. What was strange was that the red liquid became black once it entered the pool, but once the black liquid flowed out of the pool, it turned red again.

"This place is a bit interesting." Wang Lin moved next to the pool of water and carefully looked at it.

Yun Quezi silentlty pondered for a moment and then said, "Only the ancestor who had reached the 12-leaf stage could enter back then. These coffins should all be ancestors of my Forsaken Immortal Clan. Rumor has it that the 18th layer has the origin of my Forsaken Immortal Clan! As for the 19th floor, it was rumored to hold the remnant souls of my Forsaken Immortal Clan's first ancestor… Fellow Cultivator Wang, if you can break into the 18th layer, please look at our past and allow me to comprehend my ancestor's origin."

He looked at Wang Lin. The little boy from the past had disappeared and was replaced with a powerful cultivator who could easily shake planet Suzaku with a stamp of his foot.

During these last few days, he wondered if this powerful cultivator exist if he hadn't helped Wang Lin reach the Soul Formation stage...

Wang Lin looked at Yun Quezi and nodded. He owed Yun Quezi even though he found out that Yun Quezi had other motives.

The Yin energy coming out from the black water was very powerful, and there was seal on it. From Wang Lin's view, not even someone at the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage could break this seal.

In addition, there were certain bloodline requirements on the seal. If one didn't have the Forsaken Immortal bloodline, it was even more difficult to enter.

"No wonder no one could enter the 17th layer. This kind of powerful seal is not something an ordinary cultivator can open." Wang Lin pondered as he stared at the black pool. He naturally had his own reasons for coming here.

The reason was the yellow talisman the Yao family member took out when battling Wang Lin. There was a very strange power within that talisman that completely sealed the power inside his body!

Even today, Wang Lin clearly remembered what happened. He still had one more talisman on him.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin calmly said, "Big Head, use all your power and display your most powerful celestial spell at the pool!"

The big-headed boy didn't waste time. The celestial origin energy in his body began to move. A storm of celestial origin energy erupted from his body and created a huge pressure.

Yun Quezi was the first that couldn't withstand it. He subconsciously retreated and his face turned pale. It was as if there was a power coming from his soul forcing him to yield. If he didn't yield, he would be torn apart.

Under this force, Yun Quezi let out a roar. The veins on his face popped and he struggled desperately.

Fortunately, the big-headed boy wasn't targeting Yun Quezi, so this allowed him to struggle. As the big-headed boy's celestial origin energy cycled, he pointed at his head. His head immediately grew twice as large and red tendons flew out, creating a huge impact at the pool of water.

There was a heaven-shattering bang as a ripple was set off inside the pool and it began to slowly rotate.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up. He clearly saw that the seal on the pool of water was showing signs of breaking under the big-headed boy's attack. However, the signs were not obvious. Just as they were about to disappear, Wang Lin's two fingers formed a sword. Then thunder filled his eyes and the heavens' thunder seemed to gather like crazy toward his finger. As he stepped forward, he pointed at the pool of water.

This caused countless bolts of lightning to shoot out from Wang Lin's fingers, and they flew like dragons toward the pool of water. There was a loud bang and large amount of cracks appeared on the floor of the 16th layer. Large amounts of Yin energy came out from the crack and a huge wave was set off in the pool of water. The pool floated into the air and changed into a black tattoo within the moving thunder.

This tattoo was too complex, and it was so dense that it was impossible to clearly see what it looked like. However, Wang Lin didn't care what it looked like. He didn't want the seal's approval, he wanted to break it open by force!

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