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Chapter 902 - Clearing All Karma (2)

Rank 4 cultivation country Huo Fen. A very beautiful woman in a palace dress was sitting in the hall of the War God Temple. This woman was at the late stage of Soul Formation. There were celestial jades placed next to her; it was obvious she was attempting to reach the Soul Transformation stage. 

Before her sat a young man. Although he was a young man, he gave off an ancient aura. He was at the late stage of Soul Formation as well. While looking at the woman, he let out a sigh and said, "Junior Sister Zhou, there aren't enough celestial jades to allow both of us to continue absorbing. You should go first. If you can reach the Soul Transformation stage, then our country of Hou Fen can be promoted!"

The woman silently pondered. A moment later, she looked at the man and softly said, "Senior Brother Yang, if I can reach the Soul Transformation stage, then the two of us should become a cultivation pair…" After she spoke, she let out a sigh. For some reason, she couldn't help but think of a person from the past.

The man bitterly smiled and shook his head. "I don't have much lifespan left, so you don't need to do this; I'm doing this of my own will. Besides, I've heard that… he has returned to planet Suzaku…"

As the two people pondered, a person silently appeared in the hall.

"Yang Xiong, Zhou Zihong, how have you two been!" A melancholy voice echoed in the hall. The man and woman were startled and immediately looked over.

Wang Lin looked at the two familiar figures that hadn't changed at all. This was due to the spirit liquid he gave them back in the Foreign Battleground.

"Wang Lin!"

Wang Lin smiled as he looked at the two of them, but he didn't say much. He slapped his bag of holding and large amount of celestial jades flew out and filled the hall.

"For the two of you to be able to tie the knot, consider these celestial jades a gift from me!" Wang Lin's words were filled with sincerity. He then took out some pills before he turned around and left.

In the rank 5 cultivation country that the Giant Demon Clan controlled. Chi Hu's appearance hadn't changed much, but now he gave off an ancient aura. The Giant Demon Clan members had much longer lifespans than normal cultivators, and Chi Hu had already become the patriarch of the Giant Demon Clan.

He had reached the late stage of Soul Transformation and was only one step away from Ascendant. However, given his powerful body and bloodline ability, he even dared to fight Ascendant cultivators.

During these hundreds of years of time, Chi Hu had become even more dependable and now held a certain position on planet Suzaku. The Giant Demon Clan was a backbone force of planet Suzaku.

However, the passage of time couldn't wash away the melancholy he had for a friend. With his status, he naturally knew of Wang Lin's return.

He even saw the battle between Wang Lin and the big-headed boy. His heart felt very complex emotions.

On this day, while he was cultivating, he suddenly opened his eyes and his body trembled. Before him, Wang Lin's figure looked toward him.

"Brother Chi Hu, long time no see." 

"Ceng Niu!" Chi Hu had a bitter expression as he looked at Wang Lin and wasn't able to say anything for a long time.

"Don't mention things of the past anymore." As he spoke, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and large amount of celestial jades flew out, forming a small hill. At the same time, he took out a small bottle containing Lei Ji's blood.

"The celestial jades are to help you reach the Ascendant stage. The small bottle contains the blood of your Giant Demon Clan ancestor; it can help your bloodline ability! Goodbye, Chi Hu!"

Wang Lin let out a sigh and left.

Chi Hu stared at where Wang Lin disappeared. The complex emotion in his eyes became even stronger.

A very old man was sitting in a place filled with skeletons in the Sea of Devils. He was at the late stage of Soul Formation. At this moment, he absorbed large amount of Yin energy and his face revealed a painful struggle.

The veins on his face bulged, revealing red lines. As he absorbed Yin energy, the black lines were suppressed.

After a long time, he let out a long sigh. His face looked every tired and he was covered in sweat.

"Scarlet Blood Ancestor, if I, Li Qiqing, don't get my revenge, then I'm not human!" His face revealed a hideous expression and an unimaginable hatred had built up inside him.

This hatred was almost monstrous. There was a pale blue circle within 1,000 feet of him. His cultivation had drawn the attention of some of the beasts in the Sea of Devils. The monsters quickly closed in, but they let out miserable screams when they touched those blue traces.

Their bodies quickly withered. Just at this moment, the old man's eyes suddenly opened and his body moved in a flash. He appeared next to the demonic beast and grabbed onto the it. He pounced on the beast, bit down on its neck, and mercilessly sucked!

The demonic beast's body withered at a visible rate and soon became a mummy. The old man's body flashed and appeared next to another best. This continued, and soon all the demonic beasts died.

The old man's face turned slightly red. He took a deep breath as he returned to where he was cultivating. He looked out at the Sea of Devils and his eyes revealed a powerful sense of hatred.

"Scarlet Blood Ancestor, if it wasn't for you hunting my sister, how could she have met that Wang Lin…" Li Qiqing was Li Muwan's brother, and also her only family member.

This Scarlet Blood Ancestor was the cultivator that was hunting Li Muwan. Li Qiqing's hatred for this person was extremely strong. He was able to find that this Scarlet Blood Ancestor had come to the Sea of Devils, which was why Li Qiqing had secretly come as well. He originally wanted to to get revenge, but his cultivation level wasn't high enough and he instead was affected by a blood rune. Now he was living a life no better than death, but the hatred was even stronger.

A flash of coldness appeared inside his eyes and he took a deep breath. He knew that every time the blood rune activated, the Scarlet Blood Ancestor would know his location, so he had to leave quickly. However, his pupils suddenly shrank, all the hair on his body stood up, and he looked straight ahead.

He saw Wang Lin's figure appear dozens of feet away from him. Wang Lin revealed a complex emotion when he looked at this old man.

Li Qiqing stared at Wang Lin. After a long time, his body jerked and his eyes revealed a look of disbelief. He took a few steps back and shouted, "Who the hell are you!?"

He had seen Wang Lin a long time ago, and during these hundreds of years, he had seen Wang Lin's statue, so how could he not recognize Wang Lin? However, suddenly seeing Wang Lin made his mind tremble.

He didn't know that Wang Lin had returned to planet Suzaku.

While Wang Lin silently pondered, he slapped his bag of holding and the Heaven-Avoiding Coffin flew out. Li Muwan was lying inside, and there was still a smile on her face.

Li Qiqing's body trembled as he looked at the coffin. At this moment, everything before him disappeared and the only thing that existed was his little sister in the coffin. He hadn't see her in hundreds of years, his only remaining loved one...

"Little Sister…" Tears came from Li Qiqing's eyes. The ruthlessness that was in his eyes a moment ago disappeared and was replaced with familial love.

"Before Father and Mother left, they made me promise to take care of you. Big Brother was useless to not be able to take care of you…" Li Qiqing's face was filled with sadness as he looked at the woman in the coffin. A heart-wrenching pain filled his body.

Wang Lin didn't speak and silently stood on the side.

Time seemed to last forever as it slowly passed. All kind of thoughts drowned Li Qiqing's mind as he sat next to the coffin looking at his little sister.

Just at this moment, a roar came from the distance and three rays of sword energy came with it. The sword energy in front was red and an old man was standing on top of it. This person was at the late stage of Soul Transformation. His face was filled with arrogance and the two middle-aged men behind him looked at the old man with respect.

"Li Qiqing, I want to see where you can run off to now!" The old man sneered as he closed in. He immediately saw Li Qiqing and the coffin with Li Muwan inside. Along with them, he also saw Wang Lin.

This strange scene caused him to stop and his eyes lit up. He carefully looked at the coffin and noticed rich celestial spiritual energy coming from within it. Greed immediately appeared in his eyes.

However, when his gaze fell on Wang Lin, he was immediately startled. He felt like this person looked familiar. While he was pondering, Wang Lin coldly looked at him.

This gaze caused the old man's mind to tremble violently. The sword energy under his feet collapsed and he subconsciously took a few steps back while coughing up blood. His eyes were filled with terror, but at this moment, he recognized Wang Lin!

"Wang… Wang Lin!!!" The old man gasped and lost his wit as he turned to escape. While he ran, he grabbed his two disciples and threw them without hesitation in order to stop Wang Lin's pursuit. He shouted, "Explode!"

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