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Chapter 901 - Clearing All Karma (1)

On planet Suzaku in the Great Wang Dynasty Imperial Palace, all the Wang clan members had gathered in the square. They were all kneeling on the ground, and their expressions were changing between excitement and fear.

It was completely silent.

Before them was the Imperial Ancestral Hall. There were countless tablets hanging in the hall. However, it was not luxurious and instead was very simple.

Wang Lin was standing inside the ancestral hall and was looking at the unfamiliar names on each of the tokens. Finally, he saw the tablet at the top which said "Ancestor Wang Zhuo".

Wang Lin silently pondered as scenes of Wang Zhuo from back then flashed before his eyes.

Now that he had returned, they were separated by the heavens.

Wang Zhuo had indeed fulfilled his promise to Wang Lin. He allowed Wang Lin to cultivate in peace while he guarded the Wang family descendants until his lifespan ended.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. He felt like planet Suzaku was very unfamiliar when he returned this time. Even when it came to his own descendants, he felt no affection toward them.

The only thing he felt was melancholy and pain in his heart. He couldn't find a trace of affection among these people.

For the first time, he personally felt that the passage of time was like a ruthless river that washed away all his good memories of the past...

Outside the ancestral hall, the Wang family descendants didn't even dare to breath hard. Their heartbeats all accelerated as they carefully looked at the unfamiliar but yet familiar ancestor.

The eight elders were in front of all the Wang family descendants, and they were kneeling as well. As they silently looked at Wang Lin, it was as if they could feel the age and sadness from him.

Wang Lin's gaze went down starting at the top tablet and then fell on one of the tablets. This tablet said "Ancestor Wang Yu".

Wang Lin had same vague impression of the name Wang Yu. Back when the Forsaken Immortal Clan was in war with Suzaku, they were capturing young children that could cultivate. One of them was Wang Yu.

"That child's life also ended…" The sadness around Wang Lin became even stronger. He felt a very complex emotion in his heart. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of years had passed. Looking back, the passage of time had caused everything to change. It was very difficult to find even one person he knew.

As he pondered, he turned around and walked out of the ancestral hall. Looking at the people kneeling in the square, although they all contained his bloodline, he didn't feel like they were relatives.

"All of you are now on your own. No more cultivators will get involved with the mortal world! As for the Great Wang Dynasty, if anyone has the skill, then you can keep the inheritance for thousands of years.

"If all of you are muddled-headed and ruthless, then there is no need for this wealth! Although the things from before were because you were all affected by the resentment, this dynasty is filled with sadness. If this was caused by my Wang family, then all of you should just be civilians!"

After dealing with the karma of the Wang family, Wang Lin coldly looked at all of his descendants and then waves his sleeves before flying into the air. Ta Shan and the big-headed boy followed. The 30-foot-tall Lei Ji followed as well.

After Wang Lin left, the square was completely silently. After a long time, the eight elders stood up with gloomy expressions. They mercilessly looked around at the surrounding people and one of them coldly said, "We were wrong to anger our ancestor. From today onward, there will be new clan laws, and anyone who violates them will be killed!"

Wang Lin moved between the heavens and earth. After dealing with his descendants, the melancholy in his heart didn't decrease. He walked to the Cloud Sky Sect.

As he moved, his expression changed and he looked into the distance. He saw a centipede thousands of feet long quickly flying through the air with several cultivators on its back. One of the cultivators had the air of a celestial. He was wearing a yellow robe and had a sword on his back.

The gentle wind caused the man's clothes to flutter and made him look every elegant.

"Sect Master Huanglong[1]!" When Wang Lin saw this person, his eyes immediately narrowed and shined. The portrait he saw in the Demon Spirit Land immediately appeared in his mind[2].

The centipede was very fast and disappeared in the blink of an eye over the horizon. However, Wang Lin could clearly feel a gaze looking at him from the back of the centipede.

"Little Fellow is not bad!" A light chuckle entered Wang Lin's ear following that gaze. The laughter faded and finally disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin frowned slightly and looked at where the centipede disappeared. After pondering for a moment, Wang Lin headed toward the Cloud Sky Sect. This whole matter was too strange, and Wang Lin didn't want to act carelessly.

Tie Yan was still sitting in the square waiting for Wang Lin in the Cloud Sky Sect. He knew Wang Lin would definitely come here.

He didn't have much time left. His cultivation had degraded to the peak of the late stage of Soul Formation and could no longer break through back to Soul Transformation. He had slowly consumed all his lifespan.

Originally, with his qualifications and Wang Lin's enlightenment, he shouldn't have ended up like this. However, an accident happened 100 years ago, but that accident was by his own will.

On this day, a person slowly appeared in the sky before Tie Yan. Wang Lin stepped out and looked at the familiar scene, and finally, his gaze fell on Tie Yan.

At this moment, Tie Yan stood up and his face was filled with excitement. He looked at Wang Lin, took a deep breath, and respectfully said, "Tie Yan greets Benefactor!"

Wang Lin calmly asked, "Where is Zhou Ru?"

Tie Yan revealed a complex expression. After silently pondering for a moment, he wryly smiled. "That child Zhou Ru left planet Suzaku 100 years ago…"

Wang Lin looked at the sky and the melancholy became even stronger. He let out a sigh as he looked at Tie Yan and said, "Is that the reason why your lifespan is ending and your cultivation degraded?"

Tie Yan silently pondered and then nodded.

It would be impossible for Zhou Ru to leave planet Suzaku with her cultivation. In order to help her fulfill her wish, he had used his own life along with Zhou Wutai's help and a large amount of celestial jades to help Zhou Ru just barely reach the Soul Transformation stage.

"Nonsense!" Wang Lin frowned as he looked at Tie Yan but didn't say anymore. He slapped his bag of holding and large amount of celestial jades flew out and started hovering in the sky. Then Wang Lin's right hand reached toward the void.

Popping sounds echoed while a large amount of celestial jades collapsed. The dense celestial spiritual energy condensed into balls in Wang Lin's hand. The surrounding area was filled with celestial spiritual energy.

Holding the ball of celestial spiritual energy, Wang Lin pressed it into Tie Yan's body. Tie Yan's body trembled; he felt as if there was a fire burning inside his body.

He took out more celestial jades and threw them out until they formed a small hill in the square. Wang Lin turned around and walked into the air.

"Your cultivation degraded because of Zhou Ru. This is karmic cause. Now I helped you recovered your cultivation. This is karmic effect. As for these celestial jades, consider them my thanks for taking care of my Wang family descendants. From now on, don't bother with matters of my Wang family, go cultivate in peace!"

Tie Yan's body trembled greatly. As the celestial spiritual energy surged through his body, his cultivation quickly recovered. He nodded toward Wang Lin's disappearing figure.

Nine rays of light broke through the sky and quickly fell before Tie Yan. The nine swords gave off a powerful burst of sword energy that swept the area.

"I gift these swords to you!" Wang Lin's voice seemed to come from the distant void. It was like the ethereal clouds.

After dealing with the karma at the Cloud Sky Sect, Wang Lin flew into the sky. The yin and yang fishes appeared and slowly rotated above his head. After dealing with the karma of his descendants and the Cloud Sky Sect, his understanding of karma suddenly increased.

"The enlightenment in my domain is the focus of the second step. According to the karma domain, everything that has karmic cause must have karmic effect. Only a complete karma can form a cycle, and only by completing countless cycles can I truely complete my karma. I didn't expect that me returning to planet Suzaku would be in line with this." Wang Lin let out a sigh and closed his eyes. His divine sense covered the entire planet.

"Karma domain… I must repay all those that had helped me. I must close all karma with those I wronged…" While pondering, Wang Lin's divine sense was like a storm that continued to spread across planet Suzaku. Not long after, Wang Lin's divine sense existed everywhere on planet Suzaku.

Planet Suzaku, rank 5 cultivation country of Zhao, the He Huan Sect. A beautiful woman was sitting in a cave cultivating in the back mountain of the He Huan Sect.

The spot she was cultivating in was a special place for the inner sect members of the He Huan Sect. This place had several times more spiritual energy than outside. As she was cultivating, a chuckle came from outside the cave.

"Junior Sister Zhang, don't forget your promise. Since I let you cultivate in my cave for one month, you will have to be my cultivation partner for three days! Only four more days until one month has passed!" This voice was filled with the intent to tease. After the laughing, the voice gradually left.

The woman opened her eyes and let out a sigh. She was an outer disciple of the He Huan Sect. The spiritual energy outside was too thin to reach the 9th layer of Qi Condensation. She could only make her breakthrough here.

"In the family tree, the family's ancestor, Zhang Hu[3], was also a cultivator. 1,000 years ago, he entered the Heng Yue Sect. Unfortunately, after 1,000 years, all of that is gone, so I could only become an outer disciple of the He Huan Sect." The woman had just closed her eyes to continue cultivating with a hint of bitterness when she looked ahead. Her eyes were filled with shock.

She saw a young man in white silently appear. This young man looked normal, but there was an unspeakable aura coming from him.

Wang Lin calmly looked at the woman before him. He slapped his bag of holding, causing spirit stones and celestial jades to fly out. There was even a flying sword.

"I knew your ancestor. The karmic cause of the past forms the karmic effect of today."

Under the woman's dumbfounded gaze, Wang Lin let out a melancholy sigh and left. Zhang Hu had already died. With Wang Lin's cultivation, he was able to detect a trace of Zhang Hu's bloodline in this woman.

1. The sect master of the Heng Yue Sect, first sect Wang Lin joined

2. chapter 617

3. Wang Lin's friend from the Heng Yue Sect. He killed a disciple in charge of managing their duties and ran off. Later, Wang Lin met him and Wang Lin helped him kill his master, which led to the incident with the Teng family

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