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Chapter 900 - Resentment Hall Vice Hall Master (2)

Wang Lin's figure appeared before Liu Qingyun. He was calm and there were no injuries on his body. The image of a furnace slowly disappeared around Wang Lin.

Not only was Liu Qingyun filled with disbelief, even the big-headed boy in the distance also gasped and his eyes became filled with shock. He knew that Wang Lin was strong, but he didn't think Wang Lin could have escaped without a scratch. He no longer dared to go against Wang Lin anymore; he was now even more afraid of Wang Lin.

Wang Lin coldly looked at Li Qingyun, took a step, and then disappeared. Liu Qingyun was terrified as he anxiously said, "Fellow Cultivator, it was a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. This time, I'll really give you a treasure to trade for my life. I have…"

Without waiting for him to finish, Wang Lin's figure appeared behind Liu Qingyun just as he turned around to escape. Both of Wang Lin's fingers contained the thunder of the heavens. As the thunder rumbled in the sky, Wang Lin pressed down on the center of Liu Qingyun's back.

There was a loud bang and Liu Qingyun was knocked away. His face was pale and his body was no longer solid, it was rapidly dissipating.

Wang Lin had clearly seen through Liu Qingyun's trick. He had grown up in the Alliance Star System and had witnessed too many sinister schemes. If he believed Liu Qingyun, then he wouldn't be Wang Lin.

When Liu Qingyun took out the fire corpse, Wang Lin had already noticed something wrong and activated the ancient god furnace. The moment the fire corpse collapsed, he easily avoided everything with the ancient god furnace.

Wang Lin had his reasons for giving Liu Qingyun this opportunity. He knew that as the Vice Hall Master of the Corpse Sect, Liu Qingyun must've had some life-saving measures.

If Wang Lin had just attacked, then, during the heat of battle, it would've been difficult to kill this person without suffering injuries. Thus, Wang Lin simply waited for Liu Qingyun to use his ace so he could easily avoid it. The moment Liu Qingyun used his ace would also be the moment he died!

In truth, everything was as Wang Lin expected. This time, he didn't hold back. After attacking, he merged with the world once more and charged directly at Liu Qingyun once more.

Liu Qingyun was very smart. As his origin soul was dissipating, he let out a wry smile and realized what Wang Lin was thinking. He secretly regretted his actions. Wang Lin's figure appeared once more, and as he pointed with his finger, countless bolts of thunder shot out.

Thunder rumbled in the sky as bolts of lightning descended on Liu Qingyun. Then Wang Lin's fingers continued to land on Liu Qingyun. Each finger caused Liu Qingyun's origin soul to almost collapse, and he continued to retreat.

Seeing that he had almost no chance to escape, Liu Qingyun's eyes revealed a flash of viciousness and he shouted, "If you want to kill me, then be buried with me!" There was madness in Liu Qingyun's eyes as he chose to self-destruct without any hesitation!

This wasn't all of his origin soul. With his cunning, he would never take this risk. Back then, he split off a small portion of his origin soul to save his life in a moment of crisis.

At this moment, he decided to give it his all. A destructive aura came out from his origin soul. He had a ferocious expression as he was about to explode. The self-destruction of a Nirvana Scryer cultivator was far more powerful than the fire corpse's. Once he exploded, planet Suzaku would collapse!

All life on the planet aside from a select few would die!

Its effect the Cultivation Planet Crystal would be unimaginable. This was one of the main concerns Wang Lin had that prevented him from attacking right away.

Seeing that Liu Qingyun chose to explode, Wang Lin was calm and softly said, "Celestial spell, Stop!" In an instant, the Stop spell suddenly appeared. This spell's power was increased after infusing it with the celestial origin energy from Qing Shui. Liu Qingyun's exploding origin soul was frozen in place.

Wang Lin arrived in front of Liu Qingyun's origin soul. As he grabbed the origin soul, ripples appeared under his feet, then he disappeared without a trace.

Ripples appeared somewhere in the Alliance Star System far away from planet Suzaku. Wang Lin appeared and quickly placed restrictions on Liu Qingyun's origin soul.

Then his left hand mercilessly slapped Liu Qingyun's origin soul. The origin energy in his body surged out and shook Liu Qingyun's origin soul. This caused the destructive aura coming from Liu Qingyun's origin toul to immediately dissipate.

After placing countless restrictions on the origin soul to completely stop its self-destruction, Wang Lin threw the origin soul into his bag. He then turned around, ripples appeared under his feet, and he disappeared into the sky.

The big-headed boy's pupils contracted and his fear of Wang Lin became even stronger in his heart. He knew that if he was facing that collapsing Nirvana Scryer origin soul, he wouldn't have been able to deal with it so easily. If he was careless, he could've even been injured.

In particular, when Liu Qingyun chose to self-destruct, the big-headed boy's scalp tinged. However, what shocked him even more was Wang Lin's calm expression that made it seem as if everything was going as planned. Wang Lin's actions were extremely fluid as he took away the origin soul.

All of this shocked the big-headed boy. He truly respected Wang Lin at this moment.

"Serving as this person's servant is not an insult to my status!" The big-headed boy took a deep breath.

Ripples appeared in the sky before him and Wang Lin appeared. Wang Lin didn't say anything to him before looking down on the earth and saying, "Lei Ji, come out!"

The earth shook as Lei Ji's huge body slowly flew into the air. At this moment, he was still a bit weak. When he saw Wang Lin, his eyes contained a trace of awe.

He was watching the battle just now, and he was very shocked by Wang Lin's strange spell and constantly calm expression. He stood there and respectfully said, "Lei Ji greets Master."

"From now on, you are my mount. If you have any rebellious thoughts, your origin soul will be destroyed!" When Wang Lin's eyes fell on Lei Ji, Lei Ji felt as if two rays of sword energy had just pierced his eyes. His mind trembled and he quickly nodded.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out a bottle. He threw it at Lei Ji and said, "Take out some of your heart blood and fill this bottle."

With that, Wang Lin began to walk forward.

Ta Shan and the big-headed boy followed behind Wang Lin. Lei Ji held the small bottle and let out a sigh. Popping sounds came from his body and his body immediately contracted. He went from being thousands of feet tall and shrank until he was only 30 feet tall as he followed Wang Lin.

At the same time, his heart ached as he pointed at this heart with his right hand. Blood flew out of his heart and made its way into the small bottle.

Wang Lin had saved this Giant Demon Clan ancestor for the trace of ancient god aura in his blood. Although Wang Lin's cultivation level was higher during his return to the Alliance Star System, the danger he sensed was also increasing.

He needed to refine his spells on planet Suzaku, and the first were his ancient god spells! With this blood, Wang Lin would be able to use some of the ancient god spells.

Even his original body would be able to use them.

At this moment, there was a sea of flames in the far eastern side of the Alliance Star System. There was a planet inside this sea of flames that was completely red. It was covered in flames as if it was a burning cultivation planet.

This planet was named the Holy Vermilion Bird Planet!

The only things near it were the remains of a star that were scattered all over the place. It was as if this place had spent countless years burning.

A ray of red light came from the distant stars. It was a young cultivator riding a firebird. He went into the sea of flames and disappeared.

There was a towering Vermillion Bird statue that pierced the heavens on that planet. This statue emitted endless heat, and there were three elders sitting on top of the statue.

At this moment, the youth's figure appeared thousands of feet away as if he couldn't withstand the heat. The moment he appeared, he started sweating like crazy.

"Report! The Allheaven army has occupied 60% of the western region. There are 11 teams coming from 11 different directions. The leaders are the newly bestowed 108 celestials! The one taking the lead is the Vice Thunder Celestial, Xu Ting!"

"Is there any trace of Xu Mu?" After a moment of silence, one of the old men above the Vermilion Bird spoke. Although his voice was soft, the temperature suddenly rose as if there was a change in the laws.

The youth quickly retreated hundreds of feet before he was barely able to hold on and said, "Allheaven Thunder Celestia Xu Mu's location is still unknown. We are currently searching for him!"

Another old man smiled. "In less than two months, they only managed to take 60%. The Allheaven cultivators are pretty strict."

The last old man calmly said, "Let's see how the plan of the Cultivation Alliance works out. It should give the Allheaven cultivators a profound lesson. Unfortunately, the Holy Emperor isn't here, or else my Holy Vermillion Bird Planet would also be able to obtain great benefits."

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