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Chapter 898 - Lei Ji

At this moment, the entire Corpse Sect headquarters was silent. This was a terrifying silence. The only sound was the rustling footsteps that came from the ground. This entire place was shrouded in a gloomy aura.

Wang Lin walked ahead and passed through the caves. He was very calm and continued to walk down the path based off his memory until he arrived in the depths of the Corpse Sect.

Looking at the sealed dead end, there was nothing abnormal on the surface. Wang Lin remembered that there used to be a cave here. He cultivated the Underworld Ascension Method in that cave.

He didn't stop and walked toward the wall. As he closed in, cracks appeared on the wall, and when he arrived, the wall collapsed. It was as if there was a strange force pushing forward. There was nothing that could stop Wang Lin from moving forward, and popping sounds echoed through the tunnel. As he walked forward, the wall continued to collapse and a passage was opened.

If a cultivator saw this strange scene, they would be greatly shocked. Even though a cultivator at the Yin and Yang stage could do it, it would be very difficult.

Only those who had truly entered the second step and touched the edge of law could easily do this.

As Wang Lin moved forward, he arrived at where he used to cultivate. He looked around and felt a bit melancholy. After silently pondering for a moment, Wang Lin continued to walk forward. Before him was a wall with countless small holes that released cold energy. However, compared to before, the cold energy was a lot weaker.

As he moved forward, the walls collapsed. Wang Lin didn't stop; he continued to walk forward. It didn't take long before he arrived at the deepest part of the Corpse Sect. It was a huge, underground cave.

A coffin thousands of feet long floated in the middle of the cave.

"Save me…" A faint voice suddenly echoed when Wang Lin entered.

Wang Lin was familiar with this voice.

However, the moment this voice appeared, it suddenly stopped. After a long time, the voice re-appeared, but this time there was a hint of shock within it.

"You… You are that cultivator from back then!!" The voice was filled with unimaginable terror.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he approached the huge coffin. Although the coffin looked normal, there were countless restrictions covering it. This cascade of restrictions was not simple and gave off a powerful pressure.

With Wang Lin's cultivation back then, he only felt his mind tremble without knowing the reason when he got close. However, now Wang Lin was able to clearly observe the restrictions on the coffin.

"Impossible. How did you reach this level of cultivation in only hundreds of years. This… This…" The weak voice was extremely shocked. It was obvious that he recognized Wang Lin, and that was why he was so shocked.

He clearly remembered that the cultivator before him had come here twice. The first time this cultivator came here, he was only at the Foundation Establishment stage. He didn't care because a Foundation Establishment cultivator couldn't help him.

Hundreds of years later, this cultivator came a second time. This time, this little cultivator was almost at the Soul Transformation stage. That time, this little cultivator came to take his blood and completely ignored his call for help. In order to delay for time, he even tempted the little cultivator by promising to become his mount. However, in the end, he failed to escape, because that little cultivator was too cautious.

He had always been angry about this, but he had no choice. However, now that this cultivator came the third time, he was shocked.

He couldn't see through that little cultivator's cultivation.

Forget this person, he couldn't even see through the cultivation of the two cultivators who were obviously servants. He could only feel a terrifying aura from the three of them.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he carefully looked at the coffin. He raised his right hand and casually pointed at the coffin. When his finger landed on the coffin, there was a loud bang that echoed across the cave and cracks spread like crazy from where Wang Lin to touched. The cracks covered the coffin in almost an instant.

This looked very easy for Wang Lin, but what the Giant Demon Clan ancestor saw made him terrified.

The moment Wang Lin raised his fingertip, the thousands-of-feet-long coffin immediately collapsed and scattered in all directions. Large amounts of white mist came out and filled the area.

Inside the white mist was a very large naked man floating in the air. His skin was completely ashen. Unlike an ancient god, there were no cracks on his skin; it was completely smooth.

There was a purplish plant covering the giant's body, and it constantly squirmed. As it moved, the giant's body would visibly shrink, but then it would quickly return to normal. As this cycle continued, large amounts of cold, white mist would be released by the plant.

There was a faint axe mark that would sometime flash between the eyebrows of the giant.

"Save me… Sen… Senior, save me… I, Lei Ji, am willing to become Senior's mount. Please save me, Senior." The giant's divine sense was weak, but this time there were no schemes hidden in his words, only the plead for help.

Wang Lin looked at the purple thing that was wrapped around Lei Ji. He knew that the plant had taken root inside Lei Ji's body. It would only take several hundreds years before Lei Ji's life force was all absorbed and he would turn into a corpse.

Wang Lin calmly asked, "How many of your Giant Demon Clan members were caught by the Corpse Sect?"

"Senior, on planet Suzaku, I'm the only one. However, in the Alliance Star System, I know that a large amount of my Giant Demon Clan members were captured by the Corpse Sect. The Corpse Sect has their eye on my Giant Demon Clan's bodies. However, if they try to possess our bodies normally, our superpowers will disappear. Their purpose is to possess our bodies while retaining the superpower.

"The purple vine in my body is a strange plant that the Corpse Sect is using to take my lifeforce but not affect my superpower. Then they will be able to possess my body without any problem." If Wang Lin didn't have this current cultivation, Lei Ji wouldn't have told the truth, but now he said it without any hesitation.

Strength was everything in the cultivation world!

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he looked at Lei Ji. His right hand reached out and Lei Ji's body trembled violently. The purple vine on Lei Ji's body began to move.

In almost an instant, roots were being pulled out one by one and the vine rapidly contracted. A powerful pressure suddenly appeared. Wang Lin frowned as the looked at the purple vine.

As the vines contracted, they let out a sharp scream. As the roots withdrew, an extremely ferocious planet hundreds of feet tall appeared in the air.

There was a flower at the head of the planet. As the flower opened, it revealed rows of sharp teeth and drool came out. The vines were like the hands of the plants. A portion of them were connected to Lei Ji. The other vines also had flowers, and when those flowers opened, they all had sharp teeth as well.

The sharp roar echoed and formed a storm that charged toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin's expression was cold. There was a divine sense inside that plant, it was not simply a planet.

"Senior, the divine sense of a Corpse Sect Vice Hall Master is inside the plant. My body was prepared for this vice sect head. If Senior didn't come, I fear that when all my life force is gone after hundreds of years, he can possess my body without any obstacles…" Although Lei Ji's divine sense was getting weaker, he still struggled to speak.

After Wang Lin heard this, it was as if a bolt of lightning had flashed across his mind and he understood.

"The Corpse Sect focuses on trafficking bodies. In this world, the best body is an ancient god's body! However, there are too few ancient gods right now, so the Corpse Sect took a step back and set their sights on the Giant Demon Clan. This kind of body combined with the spells of a cultivator is not something an ordinary cultivator can deal with. If a Nirvana Scryer cultivator had this kind of body along with their spells and the Giant Demon Clan's superpower, it would something even I wouldn't be confident in fighting against unless I fused with my original body!"

Wang Lin's expression became gloomy. The Corpse Sect had too much secrets. He didn't know if possessing the bodies of the Giant Demon Clan was considered important in the Corpse Sect.

In the end of the day, this matter allowed Wang Lin to see through some of the mysteries shrouding the Corpse Sect. As the Allheaven army approached, Wang Lin believed that all of the Corpse Sect's secrets would be revealed.

As the demonic plant let out a sharp roar, its vines charged toward Wang Lin like crazy, wanting to tear Wang Lin into pieces. Wang Lin smiled and spat out the Celestial Sealing Stamp. It immediately grew and hundreds of thousands of golden runes flew out toward the plant.

The Celestial Sealing Stamp created a loud rumble as it smashed down toward the plant.

Wang Lin raised his right hand filled with thunder intent. Thunder immediately appeared from the void and gathered in Wang Lin's right hand. While controlling the thunder of the heavens for his own use, a purple ball of lighting appeared in Wang Lin's right hand in a flash.

He pushed it forward and the ball of thunder immediately shot out toward the plant.

At this moment, countless golden runes surrounded the huge plant and the Celestial Sealing Stamp smashed down. There was an earth-shattering bang that caused the cave to shake. Large amounts of crack appeared on the cave walls and large amounts of dirt fell off.

The moment the Celestial Sealing Stamp fell, the ball of thunder arrived with a rumble. Bursts of angry roars came from the plant.

This plant was heavily damaged, and as the thunder moved across the plant, mucus flew everywhere. Lei Ji was thrown away by the plant and landed on the ground with a thud.

"Who made me awaken from my sleep? You have to pay the price with your life!" A gloomy voice slowly came out from the planet.

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