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Chapter 897 - The Wind Swept Away the Remaining Leaves

The Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth major cities were the closest ones to the capital. They surrounded the area within 50,000 kilometers of the capital and each contained a large amount of  soldiers. With Wang Lin's speed, it only took a step for him to arrive at the Metal city. Although it was a bit smaller than the capital, it was still luxurious. However, this luxury made the resentment even stronger.

This resentment gathered in the air above the city like a demonic flame. It continued to rise and was very erratic.

As he closed in on the city, Wang Lin's divine sense swept past the city inch by inch. His eyes lit up and he let out a cold snort.

As this cold snort spread, explosions occurred in three locations. In the city lord's mansion, the advisor named Sun suddenly trembled and exploded into a pile of flesh.

The same thing happened in the other two places.

Wang Lin's expression was cold as turned around to leave. He was too fast. He didn't give the people of the Corpse Sect any chance at all. As his divine sense spread, bodies immediately exploded within the remaining four cities.

After finishing with all of this, Wang Lin continued to move with his divine sense spread out across all the cities inside the Great Wang Dynasty. The Corpse Sect disciples all panicked as they flew out from the cities and tried to escape.

However, the moment they flew into the air, a cold snort appeared. Their bodies trembled and were directly crushed by the divine sense sent out by a Nirvana Scryer cultivator!

Popping sounds echoed within the Great Wang Dynasty as the Corpse Sect disciples cough out blood before their bodies disintegrated. Even their souls collapsed, and large amounts of spiritual energy entered the earth of planet Suzaku to nourish it.

This sudden event caused the citizens of the Great Wang Dynasty to panic. They didn't know what was happening and began to speculate endlessly.

His divine sense swept across the Great Wang Dynasty. After killing the Corpse Sect disciples, Wang Lin's expression became even move gloomy. He had searched the memories of the woman from planet Feng Luan. Almost every city had Corpse Sect disciples collecting  resentment and nourishing resentful spirits. 

This wasn't only happening on planet Suzaku, all the branch Corpse Sects were gathering resentment.

Although that woman from planet Feng Luan was the head elder, someone like her normally wouldn't be sent to planet Suzaku. However, orders came from the Corpse Set Headquarters to station a Corporeal Yang cultivator here, and this the job fell in her hands.

Wang Lin didn't care about any of this. What he found strange was a secret command that she had received from the Corpse Sect Headquarters after arriving on planet Suzaku!

No matter how hard Wang Lin searched the woman's memories, he couldn't find anything about the secret order. This meant that the order was given by someone with stronger cultivation, so he wasn't able to find out what it was.

However, Wang Lin was able to make some guesses based on some clues. First of all, with that woman's background, she wouldn't become the concubine of a mortal.

If that was the case, why was she at the imperial palace? With her cultivation, there was no need for direct control, she didn't even have to be there.

Also, this woman hadn't been on planet Suzaku for long, less than 100 years. And she had only entered the imperial palace 10 years ago!

Her memories were a complete blank from the moment when she arrived before the imperial palace, as if someone had taken them away. She didn't know why she was here. However, using her other memories, Wang Lin was able to find out what she was hiding from in the imperial palace.

During these 10 years, this woman had been carefully hiding inside the imperial palace and was keeping her cultivation hidden.

"What exactly happened to her 10 years ago that made her flee to the most populated imperial palace…. Besides, what made her think she wouldn't be found in the imperial palace?"

Wang Lin frowned. After pondering for a while, he decided to not think about this anymore. His divine sense no longer locked onto the city but swept across planet Suzaku, searching for the Corpse Sect.

The Corpse Sect was a very large organization. Not just outside the planet, but even just on planet Suzaku, Wang Lin remembered that the Corpse Sect existed in almost every country.

However, through the memories of that woman, Wang Lin was aware that the Corpse Sect had been reorganized. They were all concentrated in one place, and that place became the headquarters for the Corpse Sect on planet Suzaku.

What was interesting was that the new headquarters was in the country of Zhao, where the Corpse Sect in Zhao used to be!

After cleaning up the Corpse Sect members in various cities, Wang Lin headed straight toward the Corpse Sect in Zhao. He moved very fast and soon arrived at the Corpse Sect in Zhao.

It had been hundreds of years since he had been here. While staring at the swamp ahead, his eyes turned cold and he muttered, "Interesting. There are many more restrictions here than before."

Wang Lin calmly said, "Ta Shan, open this place up for me!"

Ta Shan's expression was cold as he took a few step forward. He didn't look at the swamp as he tightened his right first and bombarded the ground. At this moment, the ground began to tremble violently.

The swamp on the ground was shaken into the air and the muddy water shot into the sky. It was as if someone had lifted the ground up.

Countless flashes of restrictions appeared, and while these restrictions might've been effective against Ascendant cultivators, they were useless against Ta Shan.

With one punch, those restriction lights immediately collapsed and disappeared. A large crack appeared on the earth, and deep within this crack was a secret passage.

Wang Lin walked forward into the secret passage and calmly walked in with Ta Shan following behind. As for the big-headed boy, he was quite interested as he looked around and followed behind as well.

As he walked down this secret passage, Wang Lin felt melancholy. He had come here twice hundreds of years ago, and both times he had to be very careful. However, now he would do as he pleased here.

As Wang Lin walked through the passage, he spread out his divine sense across the Corpse Sect and blocked all exits. He was here looking for the head of the Corpse Sect. Whether it was now or before, Wang Lin never had any goodwill toward the Corpse Sect. Not to mention they had actually dared to use the Wang family to nourish resentful spirits.

Wang Lin had no special feelings toward these descendants from more than 10 generations away. However, they were descendants of the Wang family, and seeing them bullied like this had really angered him.

Along the way, any Corpse Sect cultivator detected by his divine sense immediately collapsed and died. There were many cultivators here. They had a gloomy expressions as they panicked and wanted to escape. However, with Wang Lin's divine sense sealing the passages, none of them could escape!

As he walked, a flash of sword energy from the passage suddenly shot toward Wang Lin.

This sword energy contained a powerful aura. The person who launched the attack had to be at the Ascendant stage. As it charged through the narrow passage, there was a loud whistle.

Wang Lin's expression was cold as he casually pointed with his hand and used a bit of his origin energy. Ripples appeared in the void and the sword energy immediately collapsed.

A muffled groan appeared as the ripple from Wang Lin's fingertip spread. However, not only did the person not retreat, he moved even faster toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had already seen what the ambusher looked like. This person's body was thin, as if he was a mummy. There were countless runes on this person's body, and the body gave off a foul smell. The person's eyes were dim, as if he no longer had a mind.

While looking at the person, Wang Lin found him a bit familiar. In an instant, this mummy arrived next to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a sigh and kicked with his right foot. There was a sonic boom and his right foot landed on the mummy with a bang. The mummy began to disintegrate from its feet. This disintegration was rapid, and in an instant, the mummy turned to dust.

The moment the mummy disappeared, his eyes regained clarity. He looked at Wang Lin with confusion, but he disappeared the next instant.

"I didn't think that Ye Zizai [1] would become someone else's corpse puppet…" Wang Lin let out a sigh as he walked forward. He didn't move fast and there were ambushers in many places before him. However, all of them collapsed in an instant.

These ambushers were all corpse puppets.

Wang Lin walked toward the Corpse Sect headquarters along the passage. The moment Wang Lin arrived, his eyes turned cold and he looked ahead. His gaze seemed to be able to pierce through the wall and extend inside the cave. He saw eight huge transfer arrays, and at this moment, numerous Corpse Sect members were standing within them. The transfer arrays activated and began to slowly disappear.

"You all can't escape!" Wang Lin calmly said to himself. His divine sense swept past the eight transfer arrays, causing them to immediately begin to collapse. In an instant, three of the transfer arrays collapsed and all the Corpse Sect disciples disappeared into a spatial crack. 

At the same time, the other five transfer arrays also collapsed. Not a single Corpse Sect disciple was able to escape.

If a cultivator at the second step wanted to wipe out a sect like this, it would require no blood. The second step cultivator merely need to use his divine sense to destroy the sect.

Even Yin and Yang cultivators couldn't do this. After all, the Yin and Yang stages were only transition stages; only Nirvana Scryer cultivators were really at the second step.

1. The Corpse Sect person who accepted Wang Lin into the Corpse Sect at the start

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