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Chapter 896 - Corpse Sect

Almost at the instant the man shouted, a loud rumble came from the ground underneath the square. Cracks appeared on the ground and eight old men charged out.

These eight elders all gave off an ancient auras. After they appeared, they stared at Wang Lin and charged forward without any hesitation.

The anger in Wang Lin's eyes became even stronger. These eight elders all had black gas between their eyebrows. However, there was a golden glow that guarded their souls.

Wang Lin took a step forward, pointed forward, and eight strands of black and white gas shot out toward each of them. The black and white gas surrounded them, and at that instant, it destroyed the black gas between their eyebrows!

The eight elders' bodies trembled and they immediately became sober. The first thing they saw was the angry Wang Lin. They trembled and one of them exclaimed, "Ancestor Wang Lin!"

The remaining seven all revealed excited expressions.

After that was said, a huge uproar was set off below them. The expressions of the cultivators changed. They couldn't believe it.

In contrast, the Wang family members all revealed strange expressions; only a few of them revealed excitement.

Just at this moment, the large amount of black mist that came out from the old man fused together into a large python hundreds of feet long. It let out a roar and charged toward Wang Lin.

This time, Ta Shan directly stepped forward and threw his right fist. There was an earth-shattering sound and the python immediately collapsed. Ta Shan withdrew his fist and returned behind Wang Lin. From start to finish, his expression remained cold.

Killing intent flashed through Wang Lin's eyes. He raised his right hand and pressed down. The earth rumbled, and as the powerful force bombarded the ground, a person flew out from the pit.

This person's upper body was naked and his long hair flowed in the air. His pupils shrank when he saw Wang Lin in the air.

"You dare to raise resentful spirits in my Wang family descendents? You die!" Wang Lin's voice was very cold as he took a step. Thunder appeared on his right arm and shot toward the man.

The man's expression changed greatly. He thought that he had hidden himself very well, but he was still found out, and now he quickly retreated. His cultivation level was far above anyone on planet Suzaku; he was at the Illusory Yin stage. However, at this moment, his mind trembled. He looked back into the hall at the woman in the colored dress next to the middle-aged man.

The woman's eyes were cold. When she saw Wang Lin attacking the man, she let out a cold snort in her heart. She raised her right hand and was about to use a spell.

However, just at this moment, as Wang Lin charged toward the man, ripples appeared under his feet and he suddenly disappeared.

This disappearance startled the man, but his eyes lit up and he escaped without hesitation. Ta Shan's eyes turned cold and he was going to chase, but the big-headed boy was one step ahead. With a foolish smile on his face, he chased after the man.

As for the woman in the colorful dress, she was also startled, but her expression changed greatly. She suddenly charged out, but it was too late. Wang Lin's figure appeared in the hall right next to the woman. Thunder flashed across his eyes as he pointed out in anger. Countless bolts of thunder from the heavens seemed to penetrate the void through some incredible means and directly gathered at his fingertip.

This finger carrying the power of thunder landed on the middle of the woman's back!

The woman's body trembled violently and she coughed out a large mouthful of blood. There was a giant python coiled up above her head. However, the moment the python appeared, it collapsed and the woman turned pale. Just as the thunder was about to destroy her body and origin soul, there was a crisp cry of a phoenix. A five-colored phoenix appeared and blocked Wang Lin's thunder for her.

She retreated and was about to use a spell, but Wang Lin was again one step ahead of her. He appeared beside her once more and his finger filled with thunder descended once more.

As the thunder rumbled, the woman coughed out more blood and the phoenix trembled. She continued to retreat, but her speed simply couldn't compare to Wang Lin's. In a flash, Wang Lin moved like a ghost and pointed at her four times!

The woman's body trembled violently. The continuous attacks had seriously injured her and she had no chance to fight back. The last point caused the phoenix to let out a miserable cry before it collapsed.

The woman's eyes became alert and she snapped, "I'm one of the seven phoenixes of planet Feng Luan. Do you dare to kill me!?"

However, Wang Lin didn't stop at all and arrived next to her in a flash. Killing intent appeared in his eyes as he raised his right hand. Black and white gas circled his two fingers as he pressed them down on the woman's right shoulder!

Black and white gas rushed into her body. Her body trembled and immediately collapsed. Her origin soul tried to escape, but it was sealed by the black and white gas and dragged to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn't hesitate as he pressed his right hand on the woman's origin soul and used the soul search spell. As the woman screamed in pain, Wang Lin ransacked all her memories.

The more he saw, the more gloomy his face became. At the end, his gaze was chilly cold and he mercilessly crushed her origin soul. Her origin soul turned into origin energy that was directly devoured by Wang Lin.

He had already seen that there was something wrong with this woman. Although she tried to hide her cultivation, Wang Lin could clearly see her Corporeal Yang cultivation. If not for the phoenix spirit protecting her, just one thunder strike would've been enough to kill her.

There were many Wang family members here, and Wang Lin could see that the black gas from the Wang family members were connected to her hand. It was obvious that this woman controlled their lives.

Otherwise, the moment Wang Lin appeared, he would have killed her rather than forcing out the person hiding underground and attacking when she was distracted.

The moment she died, a portion of the Wang family members coughed out blood. Then their eyes dimmed and they died.

The black mist disappeared from the rest of the Wang family members and they regained their clarity. They looked at Wang Lin with excitement in their eyes before they knelt down and felt ashamed.

The education every single Wang family member went through during their childhood involved observing the portrait of their Wang family ancestor. Wang Lin's appearance was engraved into their hearts. Now that their minds were clear, they immediately recognized Wang Lin.

They weren't unfamiliar with Wang Lin with all the rumors. The reason why there were so many cultivators in the Great Wang Dynasty was because the Wang family produced Wang Lin!

"Ancestor, we were wrong…" The eight old men were all kneeling on the ground.

Wang Lin's gaze fell on the main hall and looked at the middle-aged man who was also kneeling. He coldly said, "You all were indeed wrong; you couldn't even distinguish if someone was a Wang family member or not!"

The middle-aged man's expression changed greatly. Wang Lin let out a cold snort. This snort was like thunder that echoed endlessly. The middle-aged man was knocked out by this snort.

Wang Lin's words startled all the Wang family members. Their gazes became gloomy as they stared at the middle-aged man that had passed out.

After letting out a sigh, Wang Lin looked at the surrounding cultivators. He clasped his hands and said, "Fellow Cultivators, thank you all for taking care of my Wang family over the years!"

The cultivators quickly and respectfully accepted his thanks.

After setting a few things, Wang Lin's divine sense spread out and he determined that there were no more people from planet Feng Luan here anymore. He turned to the old man kneeling on the ground and said, "I leave you to deal with the matter here. I'll return in several days!" Wang Lin's eyes were cold. He had learned a lot from the woman from planet Feng Luan, and now there were some matters to deal with.

"Planet Feng Luan, Corpse Sect, you dare to have ideas about my Wang family descendants? Don't blame me for being merciless!" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with killing intent. This time he was truly angry!

From the memories of the woman from planet Feng Luan, Wang Lin knew that she was indeed one of the seven phoenixes. However, at the same time, she was also a member of the Corpse Sect sent here to be the head elder. She had the same position as Sun Tai, but her cultivation level was much higher. 

Corpse Sect. Wang Lin heard some secrets of the Corpse Sect from Sun Tai before his death. Things such as gathering resentment to nourish resentful spirits was one of the tasks of the Corpse Sect.

From that woman's memories, Wang Lin knew that in the Great Wang Dynasty, almost every city had Corpse Sect members. It was like a large net that shrouded over the Great Wang Dynasty that constantly caused resentment and gathered resentment to nourish the resentful spirits.

What Wang Lin was going to do was wipe those people out. However, it wasn't just the ones in the Great Wang Dynasty, he was going to uproot the Corpse Sect from planet Suzaku. And due to the matter with his descendants, he was going to pay the Corpse Sect a visit. That giant corpse and the weak divine sense were all things he was interested in.

He just didn't know if that Giant Demon Clan body was still there after hundreds of years.

In the distance, the big-headed boy returned with a person in his hand. He had a foolish smile as he looked at Wang Lin.

"Kill it! Give me the origin soul!" Wang Lin's expression was cold as he stepped toward the horizon.

Ta Shan quickly followed.

The big-headed cultivator licked his lips and his right hand squeezed. The person's head was crushed and the big-headed cultivator held the origin soul as he followed after Wang Lin.

A huge change was occurring on planet Suzaku with Wang Lin's return.

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