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Chapter 892 - Returning Home

It was obvious that Celestial Emperor Qing Lin had invented the celestial guard spell after these seals. The celestial guards imitated the ancient gods, while these seals were used to control their servants.

There was a difference between the two. Celestial guards focused on the physical body and spells were second. Once it was successful, they would never betray you unless the caster released them.

The sealing spell wasn’t perfect when it came to loyalty. As long as it was a spell, it wouldn’t be perfect. With the passage of time, various issues that could cause the spell to be broken would arise.

Wang Lin was very clear about this. When the seal landed between the big-headed boy’s eyebrows, his body trembled. All the celestial origin energy in his body began to activate and an identical seal formed on his origin soul. The big-headed boy took a deep breath as he got up with a wry smile and respectfully said, “Greetings, Master.”

Wang Lin looked at the big-headed boy and said, “Go outside the planet and send the Allheaven cultivators away. As for you, stay here.”

The big-headed boy quickly acknowledged the command and let out a sigh. He jumped into the air and charged into the sky.

As Wang Lin looked at the familiar earth around him, his eyes became filled with nostalgia. He had many memories here.

Wang Lin felt melancholy coming back after leaving for hundreds of years. This was a very complex emotion that couldn’t be explained clearly.

“I don’t know how many friends I can still meet…” Wang Lin revealed a crestfallen expression. His shadow flickered and then Ta Shan stepped out and silently stood there.

Wang Lin just stared at his home like this, and the melancholy in his heart became even stronger.

Shortly after, the big-headed boy descended from the sky. He calmly stood behind Wang Lin.

Several rays of light came from the distance. Two of them moved faster than the rest and quickly closed in. Those two were Zhou Wutai and Yun Quezi.

Wang Lin took a step forward and his entire body disappeared. He only left behind a divine sense message that echoed within the hearts of Zhou Wutai and Yun Quezi.

“I want some quiet…”

The moment Zhou Wutai felt this divine sense, his body trembled and his mind was shocked. Although this divine sense was soft, it terrified him, and his heart was filled with respect. At the same time, there was also a complex feeling in his heart.

“I didn’t think that he would become this powerful after hundreds of years…” Zhou Wutai was, after all, the Suzaku, so he quickly suppressed the shock in his heart. He clasped his hands at Yun Quezi and then left with his people.

Yun Quezi’s emotions were even more complex. Wang Lin’s divine sense had made him tremble as well. The little boy from back then had reached such an unimaginable cultivation level. He let out a sigh and felt as if he could still see the figure of the youth who paid for his drinks at the restaurant.

He thought about the battle between himself and Zhu Quezi, the battle between the Forsaken Immortal Clan and the country of Suzaku. Now everything felt so insignificant...

Coincidentally, both Zhou Wutai and Yun Quezi sealed the information about Wang Lin’s return. Aside from the cultivators that awakened early, no one else knew that Wang Lin had returned...

The reason the two of them did this was because Wang Lin’s divine sense contained a hint of melancholy. He needed some time alone and didn’t want others to disturb him.

Several days later, Wang Lin looked at the familiar scene around him as he walked down a winding road. He wasn’t moving very fast and his body gave off a powerful sense of loneliness. The sunset made his shadow very long and Wang Lin looked extremely lonely in the sunset.

From a distance, Wang Lin didn’t look like a youth and more like an old man. A wanderer who had left his home for many years.

Ta Shan and the big-headed boy silently followed him. Ta Shan’s expression didn’t change; his only duty was to protect Wang Lin. If anyone showed hostility toward Wang Lin, he would be the first to attack.

The big-headed boy was also silent. His heart was a mess and he couldn’t clear his thoughts.

Wang Lin slowly walked forward. Everything around him was unfamiliar, but there were traces of familiarity within them. This road used to be just a small country road. However, with the passage of time, it had changed greatly.

As he walked, the melancholy in Wang Lin’s hearts became even stronger. He vaguely saw the end of the road ahead.

There was a huge city there, and it was filled with noise. There was a plaque on top of the city gate, and there were three character on the plaque!

Wang Ancestral City!

Looking at the city from a distance, Wang Lin stopped. The appearance of his hometown and the voice of his parents occupied his mind.

“Changed…” Wang Lin’s expression revealed sadness. This city was completely different from his memories.

Sounds of horses and wheels on the ground echoed from behind Wang Lin while he pondered. Not long after, a team of carriages slowly arrived.

These carriages were very ordinary. There were a few people riding on horses ahead of them to open up a path. Behind the horses were carriages, and a white-haired old man was sitting at the front of one of the carriages. Hie eyes were like lightning. He was clearly a martial arts expert.

The old man would sometimes raise the whip in his hand and with a snap increase the speed of the carriage.

When the old man passed Wang Lin, he seemed to casually turn to look at Wang Lin’s group before withdrawing his gaze and leaving.

Wang Lin’s expression was complicated as he slowly walked forward behind the carriages. There were guards at the gate checking for road passes. Without one, they wouldn’t let anyone in.

This naturally didn’t bother Wang Lin at all. None of the guards even noticed him walking by. After entering the city, the road was filled with pedestrians. The streets were lined with shops and looked very lively.

Wang Lin slowly walked with loneliness in his heart. Everything before him was very unfamiliar to him.

“Everyone has changed…” Wang Lin stood before a shop. As he looked at the shop, his vision turned blurry.

He remembered that there used be an old locust tree here with a blue stone at the root. During his youth, he would often sit here and study his scrolls.

He still remembered how when Fourth Uncle had given him the chance to become a cultivator, he sat here that day and stared into the sky in a daze.

The him back then really wanted to know what the world outside was like...

Looking at the shop, Wang Lin silently pondered. Hundreds of years passed by in a flash. It might not be long for cultivators, but it was enough for many generations to pass for mortals.

Maybe it was because he stood there for too long that the waiter walked out frowning and wanted to yell. However, when he saw Ta Shan, he was frightened. Such a big fellow was rare around here. When he took another look, he saw the big-headed boy.

The big-headed boy looked strange and terrifying. The waiter only took one gaze and quickly turned pale. He retreated two steps as he looked at Wang Lin before calming himself and saying, “Little Brother, our shop sells jades. If you want to buy, come in. If not, leave. What is the meaning of you just standing here?”

Wang Lin let out a sigh and said, “Waiter, was there an old locust tree here?”

The waiter originally didn’t want to say anything, but after seeing Ta Shan and the big-headed boy behind Wang Lin, he answered “What old locust tree? I grew up in the Wang Ancestral City and never saw any old locust tree!”

The melancholy in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger and his heart felt bitter. He continued along the street and went further into the city. Ta Shan and the big-headed boy followed behind him.

When the waiter saw Wang Lin leave, he let out a snort before going back to the shop. At this moment, an elderly man came out from the house holding a cane and with a servant supporting him. He asked in a hoarse voice, “What happened outside?”

The waiter quickly went up and smiled. “Shopkeeper, it was nothing. There were a few strange people asking me if there was an old locust tree here. I grew up here and never saw any old locust tree. I reckon they were mistaken about this place.”

The old man was startled and his dim eyes revealed a look of reminiscence. After a long time, he softly said, “I remember that I was a child, the elders said that there used to be an old locust tree here. It has been a very long time.”

The waiter was startled, but he didn’t take this to heart. 

As Wang Lin walked, there were no familiar sights. Everything was strange to him. It was as if something was blocking his heart and made him feel very uncomfortable.

As he walked, Wang Lin suddenly shivered. His 1,000 years of cultivation became extreme fragile and began to collapse from his body.

He was like someone who had left his home for a long time. Then, after seeing all these strangers, he suddenly saw something familiar.

Wang Lin looked ahead.1,000 feet ahead, there was an area surrounded by stone walls. There were teams of soldiers patrolling the area. It was obvious this place was well-guarded and no one was allowed to enter.

In addition, there were a dozen auras that belonged to cultivators surrounding this area.

One could imagine that this must be the most important location in this city!

What was inside the stone wall was something completely different from outside the walls. There were several houses in there that gave Wang Lin a familiar feeling. There was also a grave that was built afterwards.

The soldiers patrolling the walls would sometimes look inside the walls, and their face would show respect from the bottom of their hearts.

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