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Chapter 890 - Big-headed Boy

The big-headed boy’s eyes were filled with horror. He coughed out blood and his entire body was surrounded by a blood light. He retreated at an unimaginable speed.

This blood escape was silent, but it was several times faster than lightning. In the blink of an eye, he had escaped far away from planet Suzaku.

However, in the instant it took him to get there, Wang Lin took a step and ripples appeared. His figure disappeared as he merged with the world. He was even faster than the blood shadow and appeared directly before the escaping shadow.

The moment Wang Lin’s figure appeared, the yin and yang fishes appeared in his right hand and he mercilessly slammed forward with his hand.

His palm hit nothing but air, but it created a boom in space. This palm contained Wang Lin’s dao and origin energy. This impact was enough to shake the heavens and earth.

The blood light around the big-headed boy immediately collapsed and his face turned pale. Although that spell had landed in the air, black and white gas had appeared. The white gas charged into the void yet strangely appeared inside the big-headed boy’s body and headed toward his origin soul.

The big-headed boy had never seen this kind of spell in his life. The white gas in his body collapsed, causing the celestial origin in his body to disintegrate as well.

This was only the start. What really made the big-headed boy gasp was the black gas. When the black gas surrounded him, it caused his entire body to wrinkle. Large amounts of life force left his body.

This change shocked the big-headed boy greatly. His spell was broken by Wang Lin and a powerful force had come through the void and smashed into the big-headed boy. He fell like a meteor directly toward the ground.

This scene was witnessed by all the cultivators that had awakened on planet Suzaku, and they became excited. Some of the cultivators that were shocked by the big-headed boy began to awaken. No one knew who started it, but many cultivators flew out from their sects to the edge of the battle.

More and more cultivators gradually flew over. Among them were Zhou Wutai and Yun Quezi.

At this moment, not far away from Wang Lin and the big-headed boy’s battle, there was a mortal city. A white-haired old man whose eyes were dim and was injured by the big-headed boy struggled to spread out his divine sense to observe the battle.

He was inside a secret chamber and there was a painting before him. The painting was that of a kind old man, and below the painting was a token. Engraved on it was: “Wang Clan ancestor Wang Zhuo.”

As for the big-headed boy, he felt a powerful impact and popping sounds came from all over his body. His body rapidly closed in on the ground. Terrified, his celestial origin energy activated like crazy. His right hand pointed at many points in his  body before he was finally able to stop himself after falling thousands of feet. He let out a laugh and rushed back out. Both his hands formed a seal and a large amount of celestial origin energy rushed out. The rich celestial origin energy formed a large net before him!

“Celestial spell, Spirit Destruction Net!” The big-headed boy roared and the net before him suddenly grew. It became more than 1,000 feet long and closed in on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was cold and he revealed a chilly gaze. He didn’t stop moving forward. As the net closed in on him, ripples appeared under his feet and he disappeared.

The big-headed boy’s face became pale and his eyes were filled with shock. He had felt that something was wrong earlier. His blood escape was passed down by his family and he had sacrificed his cultivation to escape with it. That spell was far faster than teleportation.

He had used the blood escape to escape many life and death crises in his younger years.

However, just now this Xu Mu had used an unknown spell and immediately surpassed him. It made him lose his wit, but he didn’t have time to think about it. However, now that he saw Xu Mu use it again, all his hair stood up. At this moment, all the the celestial origin energy inside his body exploded forth.

However, a large amount of white gas came out of the big-headed boy’s body. The white gas formed a violent storm outside of the big-headed boy’s body.

As it swept by, Wang Lin’s figure appeared. His fingers formed a sword and dozens of Heavenly Chops fused into one. Then they smashed directly with the vortex formed by the celestial origin energy.

The big-headed boy’s body was suddenly covered in cold sweat and he quickly retreated. He felt fear toward Wang Lin’s strange spell. What was more, Xu Mu hadn’t used that terrifying thunder spell.

When he thought about that thunder spell, the fear in the big-headed boy became even stronger. He immediately became anxious and shouted, “Xu Mu! I didn’t kill a single person here! Why must you force me like this!?”

Wang Lin’s expression turned cold and he stopped.

The big-headed boy’s eyes revealed joy and he immediately rushed out. He opened his mouth and shouted, “Xu Mu, you and I are not enemies. It was I who was reckless. I’ll leave now!” His heart was pounding. This was a real life and death crisis. He vowed that if he escaped, he would immediately return to the main camp of the Allheaven cultivators and expose Xu Mu’s identity.

“Xu Mu! I’ll remember today for my revenge. I’ll ruin your name in the Allheaven Star System. When seniors like Blood God come to hunt down a traitor like you, I want to see how you will escape! Even if your senior apprentice brother is Qing Shui, he won’t be able to protect you!” The big-headed boy clenched his teeth, but he didn’t dare to reveal his thoughts. He looked up at the sky and saw the atmosphere. As long as he breaks out from the atmosphere, this xu Mu wouldn’t dare to attack with hundreds of cultivators serving as witnesses.

Wang Lin sneered. He clearly knew what the big-headed body was thinking. He raised his right hand and the sound of a bell echoed inside his body.

At the same time, the illusionary shadow of the ancient god furnace appeared. After it appeared, Wang Lin unhurriedly said, “Exchange!”

In an instant, the escaping big-headed body released a ghostly glow. This ghostly light appeared too suddenly, causing him to become startled. However, soon, his eyes were filled with fear.

His body instantly disappeared and switched places with Wang Lin!

“I already said that you can’t escape!” Wang Lin walked step by step toward the big-headed boy. The coldness in his eyes became even stronger.

The big-headed boy’s heart felt bitter. As Wang Lin closed in, an irresistible feeling spread through his heart like crazy. To him, Wang Lin was like a giant, indomitable spirit walking toward him. He mercilessly clenched his teeth and his eyes revealed a vicious light.

He quickly retreated and his hands formed a seal. He began chanting in a strange language and a cold aura began to spread.

“Xu Mu, you’ve forced me!” When the big-headed boy finished his chant, half-transparent runes appeared in the void before him. After the countless runes appeared, they didn’t attack Wang Lin but entered the big-headed boy’s body.

A painful growl came from the big-headed boy. He knew that all his spells and magical treasures were useless before Xu Mu. The more he thought about the shocking thunder spell Xu Mu hadn’t used yet, the more uneasy he felt.

It was as if the other side was completely confident that all his methods to resist were completely insignificant.

This feeling made his scalp felt numb and he even had the urge to surrender. However, he was unwilling, so he used his most powerful celestial spell without any hesitation for one last confrontation!

As the runes entered his body, his entire body withered. It was as if all the essence in his body was gathering toward his head.

Originally, his head was bigger than his body. Now that he had used this celestial spell, his body became even smaller and looked no different from a skeleton. However, now his head was so exaggerated that it was shocking to see!

The large head caused the boy’s appearance to become extremely ferocious. Large veins bulged from his forehead as if there were worms underneath. If a mortal saw this at night, they would die from terror.

This big-headed boy originally didn’t have much hair. After he used this strange spell, all his hair fell off. Now there wasn’t a single strand of hair remaining on his head.

A sharp laughter echoed as his hand formed a seal and pointed to both sides of his head. His gaze fell on Wang Lin and he shouted, “Celestial spell, Tendon Displacement!”

As he roared, a loud popping sound appeared like a thunder rumble. The numerous squirming veins burst out from his head and turned into green snakes. The green snakes fused together and extended like a pillar toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was still neutral. The reason he didn’t use any powerful spells was because he had other uses for the big-headed boy. If he used powerful spells, he wouldn’t be able to hold back because he couldn’t control them too well with his current cultivation.

In addition, this person was one of the 36 Heaven Celestials. Wang Lin was not ready to sever ties with the Allheaven Star System yet. He could kill an ordinary cultivator, but not a Heaven Celestial near planet Suzaku, especially with hundreds of cultivators watching. It would not be a wise decision!

However, with Wang Lin’s attitude, since the other party had provoked him, he would naturally not let them go. He had an idea on how to perfectly deal with the situation.

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