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Chapter 889 - Return

On the abandoned planet, everything within 50,000 kilometers of Wang Lin had completely withered. The earth was cracked and all the vitality was devoured by him.

His body was rapidly changing. As he continued to absorb the large amount of life force, his appearance was restored to normal and the life force in his body recovered.

He opened his eyes, which were filled with lightning, took a deep breath, and muttered, “There are drawbacks to relying on the Finger of Death to recover life force.”

After silently pondering for a while, Wang Lin stood up and left the abandoned planet with one step. Ta Shan moved in a flash and disappeared into Wang Lin’s shadow.

“Planet Suzaku…” Ripples appeared under Wang Lin’s feet and he merged with the world.

Outside planet Suzaku, the big-headed boy’s question had just entered the ears of the two Allheaven cultivators.

The two cultivators suppressed the panic in their hearts. One of them quickly said, “Celestial Messenger, we saw a statue on this cultivation planet..”

“I told you two to slaughter the planet, not to view some statue!” The big-headed boy directly interrupted them and his eyes turned cold. Even though he still had that foolish smile, it was filled with killing intent.

The cultivator was about to speak when his brother pulled him. He looked at the big-headed boy and respectfully said, “Lord Celestial Messenger, you should personally see the statue, then you will understand why we came back!” With that, he no longer looked at the big-headed boy and pulled his brother back into the group of cultivators.

The big-headed boy gloomily looked at the two of them. He took a step and headed straight toward planet Suzaku. Originally, He would never step onto a half-abandoned planet like this. When they encountered planets similar to this, he always sent his subordinates to slaughter the planet before leaving.

In his eyes, he should only use his spells on rank 7 planets!

“Unfortunately, I haven’t encountered any rank 7 cultivation planets. I want to see what kind of person on this abandoned planet could make two peak late stage Ascendant cultivators run!” The big-headed boy let out a cold snort. His body didn’t close in on the planet, but his divine sense spread out. His was at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer and he had chosen to enter the celestial pool. He lost his domain, but now he had a celestial origin!

He secretly used several celestial spells before. The power he saw made him pleasantly surprised!

At this moment, his divine sense spread out and formed a powerful storm that swept across planet Suzaku! This divine sense was so strong that it caused a never-before-seen uproar on planet Suzaku.

Several mountain peaks immediately collapsed and the rivers seemed to boil as monstrous waves crashed into each other. All the cultivators on planet Suzaku felt as if a large mountain had smashed down on top of them.

This divine sense spread out and turned into countless bolts of thunder that spread to every corner of the planet. This immediately made it look as if planet Suzaku was facing the apocalypse. The violent divine sense turned into black clouds that covered the sky and mercilessly pressed down!

The several Ascendent cultivators immediately trembled. It was as if their origin souls were going to collapse. As for the Soul Transformation cultivators, they coughed out blood and became dispirited.

The Core Formation cultivators immediately trembled and cracks appeared on their cores. Their faces became pale and revealed despair.

Blood mist burst out from those cultivators who were at the Foundation Establishment and Qi Condensation stages. They fell to the ground and became extremely weak.

If cultivators were like this, there was no need to talk about mortals. All the mortals on planet Suzaku passed out. The only thing left in their minds was the echo of the thunderous rumbles.

In an instant, planet Suzaku was silent.

This was only because the big-headed cultivator didn’t want to slaughter mortals. Otherwise, with just a sweep of his divine sense, everything would die!

Under the assault of his divine sense, only a few select people were still struggling. Zhou Wutai had the bloodline of a dragon and had inherited the Cultivation Planet Crystal. At this moment, he let out a roar and green light covered his body. The green light turned into green scales and a powerful aura burst from his body. In the sky, a 1,000-foot-long green dragon appeared and let out a roar toward the sky.

Yun Quezi was covered in golden tattoos. His expression was pale and the veins on his face bulged. At this moment, he had the illusion that he was facing the heavens and earth.


Although Yun Quezi was old, he let out a roar. The illusory shadow of a towering tree appeared in the sky. The tree gave off a powerful aura and continued to rise. Under this intense pressure, he was experiencing a breakthrough! It was as if there was a thought in this divine sense that made him yield! It was as if this thought came from an imprint deep within his soul.

A cold snort came from the sky. The moment this snort appeared, it created sonic booms. The earth shook and it felt as if the sky was turning upside down.

Yun Quezi’s body trembled and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. All the tattoos around him collapsed and he revealed a miserable smile. It wasn’t due to the other party’s power, it was an instinct from within his body that made him yield.

The big-headed boy had a calm expression as he descended with his hand behind his back. The wind blew toward him but immediately blew in reverse as if the wind didn’t dare to approach him.

In the eyes of the cultivators of planet Suzaku, an inconceivably powerful energy slowly spread as the big-headed boy descended.

“A wasted cultivation planet. Everyone here is a bunch of rubbish! What is the use of keeping all of you? Since you all have met me, let me send you off!” The big-headed boy raised his finger and casually pointed!

Dense celestial spiritual energy gathered on his finger until there was a golden glow. This golden light contained a terrifying celestial spell.

In the distance, the dragon formed by Zhou Wutai was pierced by a golden beam. It let out a miserable groan and the dragon that was the guardian of planet Suzaku let out an unwilling howl and collapsed.

Zhou Wutai’s body trembled and he coughed out blood. However, his eyes were filled with battle intent.

Just at this moment, the big-headed boy’s body trembled. He had spread out his divine sense to look for a statue. Right now he saw a giant statue in a sect.

When he saw this statue, even with his mental strength, he couldn’t help but gasp, and his eyes were filled with terror.

“This… This…”

He was so startled that he almost subconsciously retreated several steps. His heart pounded and his expression rapidly changed. He never expected to see Xu Mu’s statue here!

What Xu Mu brought him was a nightmare. Back in the one line to heaven, he died to Xu Mu without any chance of fighting back. He was still terrified of that thunder spell that made his scalp tingle.

Even after he entered the celestial pool, he didn’t dare to provoke Xu Mu.

Every time he thought of that incredible spell, he would feel terrified

At this moment, he took a deep breath and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was in the sky above the Cloud Sky Sect and he stared at Wang Lin’s statue.

The more he looked, the more shocked he felt. The more he looked, the more his heart trembled!

“Master Demon Xu Mu!!” The big-headed boy became pale as he stared at the statue. He was completely sure that this statue was Xu Mu!

After all, he had died by Xu Mu’s hand, so Xu Mu’s appearance was engraved in his heart!

He stared dumbfoundedly at the statue. The big-headed boy understood why those two cultivators ran away. Xu Mu was too famous, and even he couldn’t help but feel the urge to leave.

Tie Yan was sitting in the square next to the statue. He stared at the statue and sneered.

The heavily injured Yun Quezi’s eyes lit up. He naturally saw the big-headed boy’s expression. When he saw that the big-headed boy also became startled before the statue of the little boy, Wang Lin, Yun Quezi was filled with shock.

“Could these Allheaven cultivators know that little boy, Wang Lin!? However, that wouldn’t explain this expression, unless…” An idea that even Yun Quezi himself thought was extremely absurd appeared in his mind.

Zhou Wutai was the same. He was heavily injured, but in order to fulfill the promise he made to Wang Lin, he was going to give it his all. As long as the Suzaku existed, the people would live! If the Suzaku was gone, then they all would die!

As for the big-headed boy, his mind trembled as he stared at Wang Lin’s statue. He was completely terrified of Wang Lin. While standing there and staring at Wang Lin’s statue, all the hair on his body stood up. It was as if he was facing the real Wang Lin! He subconsciously retreated several dozen feet and his expression became gloomy.

“I really can’t provoke Xu Mu for an abandoned cultivation planet. However, this statue of Xu Mu seems to have existed for hundreds of years…

“This Xu Mu isn’t someone from the Allheaven Star System!! He is a cultivator from the Alliance Star System, that must be it!” The big-headed boy’s heart pounded like crazy. He felt he had gotten hold of a big secret. With this, he could ruin Xu Mu and maybe even cause Xu Mu to lose his life!

The big-headed boy laughed like crazy, then his eyes lit up and he took a step forward. He arrived next to the statue and raised his hand. Then he mercilessly slammed down and shouted, “Break for me!” He didn’t dare to provoke Xu Mu and could only do this to vent his anger.

Just at the moment he raised his hand, Tie Yan, who was sitting under that statue and still had blood flowing from his mouth, looked up at the big-headed boy. There was no fear in his eyes and he coldly said, “If you destroy benefactor’s statue, you will without a doubt die!”

The big-headed boy’s right hand paused and his gaze landed on Tie Yan. He had already seen that Tie Yan’s lifespan was about to run out. He sneered. “Not to mention destroying a statue, even if Xu Mu comes personally, I won’t care!”

He raised his right hand and was about to slam down, but at this moment a voice colder than the winter ice echoed across planet Suzaku!

“Say that again!” This voice was cold enough to freeze the world!

“Xu Mu!” It was as if someone had hit the big-headed boy on the head. His expression became pale and he retreated without any hesitation. His mind trembled violently as he had lost his wits.

“I can’t battle, must retreat!” As he retreated, he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. Without hesitation, he used the blood escape that would harm his cultivation. After one line to heaven, he feared Xu Mu from the depths of his heart.

“Benefactor!” Tie Yan’s eyes were filled with hundreds of years of excitement. Two streams of tears fell from his eyes when he saw the figure that had walked out from the ripples next to the statue.

Yun Quezi gasped. “Wang Lin!!”

“Wang Lin!” Zhou Wutai’s eyes revealed shock and ecstasy

“Wang Lin!!” At this moment, all the cultivators that had awakened and noticed this were shocked!

Wang Lin, planet Suzaku’s true ancestor!

“You can’t escape!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed monstrous killing intent and he took a step forward!

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