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Chapter 888 - Statue of Wang Lin

This big-headed boy had already seen the half-wasted cultivation planet from far away. From his understanding of the Alliance Star System, this kind of planet should be a rank 6 cultivation planet.

With his cultivation level, a rank 6 cultivation country wasn't worthy of his attention, and not to mention he had hundreds of cultivators with him. The only reason he was here was because he was passing by.

His real mission was to be the first wave of cultivators to enter the southern region and scout the situation there!

As he slowly approached, the expression of the old woman outside planet Suzaku became gloomy. Along with her were the other cultivators. They used their fast speed to return to planet Suzaku.

When he saw this, the big-headed boy laughed and the foolish smile on his face became even stronger.

Not only him, but even the Allheaven cultivators before him also laughed. In their eyes, this kind of cultivation planet was simply too weak!

Any Illusory Yin cultivator could slaughter the entire planet!

"Celestial Messenger, let us two brothers go to this planet!" A middle-aged man walked out from behind the big-headed boy. His wasn't even at the Illusory Yin stage, only at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant. His gaze toward the big-headed boy was filled with respect.

A person followed behind the middle-aged man. The two of them looked every alike.

The big-headed boy swept planet Suzaku with his divine sense and revealed a hint of contempt. If he wanted to destroy this planet, it would be too easy. He simply said, "I'll give you 15 minutes. Kill all the cultivators here for me!"

The two brothers laughed. One of them said, "Celestial Messenger, rest assured. With a cultivation planet like this, there is no need for 15 minutes. We'll only need seven!" With that, he charged like a meteor toward planet Suzaku.

His brother followed him with killing intent. In the blink of an eye, the two broke through the atmosphere and arrived above planet Suzaku.

Zhou Wutai stood at the peak of Mount Suzaku. His eyes were like lightning and a powerful aura surged from his body. A slender sword floated before him as he stood on the peak and revealed a determined look.

Cultivators stood silently behind him.

Only a few of these cultivators were people who Wang Lin had met. All of them had improved over the hundreds of years that had passed. The old woman named Bai Xue descended from the sky. As the elder of the Immortal's Path Sect, planet Suzaku was her home, so she had to protect it no matter what!

It is worth mentioning that one of the old men, one wearing a yellow robe, had the air of a celestial to him and he carried a sword on his back. However, he was near the back, so it was obvious that his status among them wasn't very high.

If Wang Lin saw this person, he would be shocked. He was the sect leader of the Heng Yue Sect[1], Huanglong!

At this moment, he had a serious expression, and there was no hint of it being fake. However, there were flashes of amusement in it, but no one could see through him.

"Since Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin left the position of Suzaku to me, I promised that I'd live and die with planet Suzaku. Today the enemy is before us. Even if I'm destroyed, I won't retreat even half a step!"

There were two Ascendant cultivators behind Zhou Wutai. They were both old men, and if Wang Lin was here, he would be able to recognize them.

The two of them let out sighs. They looked at each other and revealed firm gazes. There was no way to escape. This wasn't a simple war but a battle between two star systems!

They found out about this after receiving the information from the Cultivation Alliance. Fortunately, they had prepared some things for this, or else they would without a doubt die.

On the other side of planet Suzaku, Yun Quezie opened his eyes after hundreds of years of closed door cultivation. He looked much older and his tattoo flashed on his forehead. He stood up and took a step forward. Then he appeared in the air and looked ahead.

The Forsaken Immortal Clan gathered one by one behind him, their expressions extremely serious.

At the same time, some of the cultivators that never bothered with worldly affairs walked out. They looked at the sky as an oppressive aura appeared.

This oppression felt like mountains falling from the sky. Anyone who dared to resist would be crushed!

In the Cloud Sky Sect[2], Tie Yan[3] was already old and his eyes were dim. His body was surrounded with death aura as his life span was about to reach its limit. He struggled to stand at the square of the Cloud Sky Sect and silently looked at the sky.

At this moment, all the cultivators on planet Suzaku looked up up at the sky. The various cultivators in the sects from rank 5 to rank 3 all looked at the sky with serious expressions. The two meteors representing a catastrophe for planet Suzaku had descended!

The two meteors were the two brothers from the Allheaven Star System! 

The moment the two brothers arrived, they laughed like crazy. Their laughter was extremely arrogant. The two of them did have the qualifications to do so. On planet Suzaku, a peak late stage Ascendant cultivators was a powerful force, and because they came as a pair, they were a formidable force.

"Even this abandoned planet has so many cultivators. If it was in my Allheaven Star System, no one would even bother occupying this kind of planet. The Alliance Star System is only so-so!" As the laughter spread, one if them spread their power like crazy and his divine scene stormed across planet Suzaku.

At this instant, the power houses of planet Suzaku, Yun Quezi, Zhou Wutai, and other Ascendant cultivators, quickly flew into the air.

They were prepared for war!

However, just at this moment, the cultivator who spread out his divine sense swept past the Cloud Sky Sect, and it was as if he was struck by lightning. It was as if tens of thousands of thunder bolts had exploded next to his ears, causing him to become unsteady. His mind trembled, eyes bulged, and an expression of disbelief appeared on his face. Even fear began to spread through his body like crazy.

"This… This is…"

There was a huge statue located at the gate of the Cloud Sky Sect. This was a statue of Wang Lin! This very life-like statue accurately displayed Wang Lin's appearance.

In particular, the coldness from his eyes that could pierce one's bones!

When the other Allheaven cultivator saw his brother's expression, he was shocked. His divine sense spread out and locked onto the statue. His body trembled and the terror he revealed was 10 times, no 100 times stronger!

"Demon… Master Demon Xu Mu!"

The two of their scalps immediately tingled and their hearts pounded. They looked at each other in disbelief and saw the panic in each other's eyes. The name "Master Demon Xu Mu" was simply too famous in the Allheaven Star System!

During the celestial title competition, he had gained the position of Thunder Celestial and could command 3,000 cultivators. This kind of prestige wasn't something a normal person could obtain. Forget them, even their ancestors would have to be respectful when meeting Master Demon Xu Mu.

Even the Celestial Messenger, the big-headed boy, would tremble before Master Demon Xu Mu.

The two of the complained inside their hearts. Their arrogance and killing intent disappeared and was replaced with panic. The two of them didn't hesitate to quickly flee.

They were too aware of what Master Demon Xu Mu meant. This name represented slaughter, endless slaughter. To go against this person meant you would without a doubt die!

Celestial Lord Qing Shui's junior brother, a Thunder Celestial, number one among the juniors of the Allheaven cultivators, benefactor to countless cultivation families, and the one who caused the Yao family to suffer heavy losses after being hunted by them!

Any of those accomplishments was enough to make these two brothers die countless times!

At this moment, they didn't even bother questioning what was going on. After losing their wits, they just wanted to leave as soon as possible. With their intelligence, they were sure they weren't mistaken. That statue was Xu Mu!

No matter how much courage was given to them, they wouldn't dare to provoke Xu Mu! As for why Xu Mu's statue was here and obviously worshiped was something they didn't want to know. The regret in their hearts was already monstrous. If they had known, they would have never come here, because this kind of thing would definitely offend Xu Mu.

The rapid retreat of the two brothers shocked all the cultivators on planet Suzaku. This was especially true for Zhou Wutai, who was prepared for a difficult battle. The sudden change in the situation startled him.

Not only him, but even the Forsaken Immortal Clan was greatly shocked. Only Yun Quezi's eyes narrowed as he looked toward the Cloud Sky Sect. On planet Suzaku, he had the most seniority, and his cultivation level had increased a lot over the years. The two cultivators from the Allheaven Star System only fled once their divine senses locked onto the Cloud Sky Sect!

"Cloud Sky Sect… What item is there to scared away two powerful peak late Ascendant cultivators!?! And from the expressions of those two, they were scared out of their wits." Yun Quezi saw with his own eyes the panic on the faces of the two escaping cultivators. This made him extremely shocked.

His divine sense spread out and suddenly locked onto Wang Lin's statue in the Cloud Sky Sect.

"Could it be…" Yun Quezi's eyes opened wide, but his heart was filled with disbelief.

Zhou Wutai and some other old monsters also thought of this point. These people were all astute. After pondering a bit, they all noticed the problem. Their divine senses had spread out and locked onto the Cloud Sky Sect.

Tie Yan looked at Wang Lin's statue. His eyes were filled with excitement as he muttered, "Benefactor, it must be my benefactor!"

As for the two Allheaven brothers, they panicked as they flew out from planet Suzaku. They immediately saw the big-headed cultivator and the cultivators behind him.

The big-headed boy had his eyes closed. He opened them and frowned before he calmly asked, "What's wrong?"

1. Wang Lin's original sect

2. Place where Li Muwan stayed and met Wang Lin again

3. Guy who reached the Soul Formation stage with Wang Lin's help

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