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Chapter 886 - Situ Nan Leaves Closed Door Cultivation

"This celestial origin energy is limited. Consider it a self-defense gift from me! Along with that Summon the Rain crystal, unless you meet the powerhouses of the Alliance Star System, you will be able to protect yourself!"

At this moment, Wang Lin's mind was filled with Summon the Rain and Magical Arsenal. He was immersed in them as he continued to absorb and comprehend them.

Qing Shu silently pondered. After a long time, he looked at Wang Lin, revealing a look of farewell. He slowly said, "You have lost too much life force; Senior Brother isn't able to help you with this. All my spells are focused on battle and none can be used to heal. The only non-combat spell I learned from Master was Devour. You saw me use it back in the Thunder Celestial Realm. Now I'll pass it to you!"

As Qing Shu spoke, he placed his right hand between Wang Lin's eyebrows once more. The information about Devour entered Wang Lin's mind like crazy.

"This spell can be easily abused. Master hesitated a lot before teaching it to me. Now that you've learned it, you must only use it as a last resort!"

Qing Shui let out a sigh. Looking at Wang Lin's old face, he withdrew his right hand. Then he bit the tip of his tongue and drew a strange rune with his blood. The rune gave off a powerful scent of blood. The moment it appeared, all the dust in space quickly retreated

"The loss of your life force is too serious. This rune can help protect you a bit!" Qing Shui waved his right hand. The rune imprinted on Wang Lin's chest and disappeared.

Wang Lin's body trembled violently. His appearance rapidly recovered, and a moment later, his appearance was restored aside from his white hair. His body no longer showed damage from the loss of life force, it was completely hidden.

"This rune can't be used to restore life force and can't be used on a soul. Otherwise, you wouldn't be like this."

Qing Shui turned around, walked off into the stars, and gradually disappeared.

"Junior Brother, from now on, be careful…. The method to recovering the Ji Realm is related to divine retribution. However, don't tread this path until you have reached the Nirvana Shatterer stage. Before then, avoid it!"

Qing Shui left...

Wang Lin's body trembled and then he regained consciousness. Everything that was said echoed in his ears. He looked at where Qing Shui went toward and silently pondered for a long time.

Wang Lin softly said, "Thank you." Wang Lin felt an indescribable feeling in his heart as he left.

He didn't go back to the Thunder Celestial Temple to enter the crack into the Alliance Star System. Instead, he merged with the world and found the closest abandoned planet. After making sure it was safe, he sat down inside a cave he made.

His divine sense spread out and Ta Shan stepped out and sat down to guard the cave. Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the restriction ball holding Li Muwan landed in his palm.

While staring at the restriction ball, Wang Lin's eyes revealed sadness. His left hand lightly stroked the restriction ball, causing it to open up and reveal Li Muwan's nascent soul, which had a sliver of life force.

"Wan Er, even if I have to consume almost all my life, if it can be traded for even a glimmer of hope for you, I'm willing." Wang Lin's voice was calm, but it was filled with heart-wrenching pain.

Li Muwan's nascent soul trembled slightly. Although she didn't have the strength to awaken, two streams of tears fell from her nascent soul's eyes. But nascent souls have no tears. The moment the tears appeared, they dissipate and not a single drop fell. However, they turned into powerful pain that lingered in the area.

As Wang Lin stared at Li Muwan, a flash of light appeared between his eyebrows and the heaven defying bead slowly formed.  He placed Li Muwan's nascent soul inside the heaven defying bead. However, Wang Lin trembled as he found that Li Muwan's nascent soul, now with a trace of life force, was still dissipating inside the heaven defying bead.

Although this dissipation was slow, it didn't stop.

Wang Lin's face revealed bitterness. He silently pondered for a while before revealing a decisive expression. He slapped his bag of holding and the Heaven-Avoiding Coffin flew out. The crystal coffin gave off a dazzling glow and was extremely gorgeous.

Wang Lin's hand trembled as he took Li Muwan's nascent soul out from the Heaven Defying bead. Although he had made up his mind, now he silently pondered once more.

To let go or not to let go...

Looking at Li Muwan's quickly-dissipating nascent soul, Wang Lin placed Li it inside the coffin. The moment her nascent soul landed in the coffin, she went from sitting down to lying down.

Wang Lin stared intently. He forgot about everything else around him. Right now only Li Muwan existed.

The moment Li Muwan lied down, a mysterious force filled the coffin. This power surrounded the entire coffin. When it swept by, Li Muwan's nascent soul trembled and showed signs of collapse.

However, just at this moment, the sliver of life force inside Li Muwan's nascent soul began to move and the collapse slowed. Eventually, a five-colored light came from inside the coffin.

At this moment, Wang Lin's heart experienced a huge change. He took a deep breath. With his intelligence, he immediately understood. If Li Muwan didn't have that trace of life force, she would have collapsed inside this Heaven-Avoiding Coffin!

"This coffin seems to only have an effect on people's life force, even if it is only a sliver!" The five-colored light flashed inside the coffin.

Shortly after, red strands appeared outside Li Muwan's nascent soul. The threads moved around her, forming the outline of her body. Then the five-colored light condensed along the red lines to form the skeleton of a woman.

In a short few breaths of time, Li Muwan's body formed before his eyes. She lied quietly in the coffin as if she was sleeping. Even her breathing existed. As Wang Lin looked at this, tears fell from his eyes.

"Wan Er…"

For this one gaze, Wang Lin felt it was all worth it.

Three days later, Wang Lin left this abandoned planet with Li Muwan and charged toward the Thunder Celestial Temple.

"Wan Er, let us go home!"

Wang Lin's sorrowful voice spread across the stars. The sadness was so powerful that it lingered.

In this short half a month, a bloodbath had begun in the Alliance Star System. Starting from the west side of the Alliance Star System, the Allheaven cultivator army rampaged across the system. Under the attacks of the Allheaven cultivators, cultivation planets fell one by one and the cultivators on them retreated.

It was as if it was the end of the world. What was interesting was that the Cultivation Alliance didn't do anything. They weren't anxious at all, and it was as if they were just watching from the sidelines.

The Allheaven side was very suspicious of this and couldn't determine the Alliance's attitude. Even Master Flamespark and company were filled with doubts.

If the same thing happened in the Allheaven Star System, the Thunder Celestial Temple would have organized a counterattack right away. They would have never given the other side a chance to gain a foothold to recover!

Not only were the Cultivation Alliance remaining silent, but not even a single rank 7 cultivation planet had appeared. All the cultivation planets occupied by the Allheaven cultivators were rank 6. They couldn't find a single rank 7 planet.

This strange case made the Allheaven cultivators even more confused. On the surface, the Allheaven side looked glorious. However, having to face the unknown and not being able to guess the other side's moves made all the old monsters from the Allheaven Star System feel uneasy.

This wasn't even the main point. During this half month of fighting, the combat effectiveness of the rank 6 cultivation countries shocked the Allheaven cultivators greatly!

Those bloodthirsty gazes, cunning plans, difficult-to-deal-with treasures, and various other things all made the Allheaven cultivators suffer heavy losses. The profound contrast made them understand that if their cultivation levels were the same, the Allheaven cultivators would lose!

What shocked the Allheaven cultivators even more was that all the Alliance cultivators killed decisively and were very experience in combat. The Allheaven cultivators felt that every single Alliance cultivator was from planet Dong Lin!

At this moment, a powerful aura suddenly burst out from an abandoned planet on the west side of the Alliance Star System. Shortly after, a loud rumble echoed across the entire planet and spread like crazy.

Fortunately, no one lived on this planet. Otherwise, no one would've been able to survive this fierce vibration. The earth trembled and the sea raged; it was as if the entire planet was on the brink of death.

An excited laugh came from the planet, and along with it, even more violent popping sounds came.

"I'm out! Damn it, little girls of planet Feng Luan, just you all wait. You all forced me into closed door cultivation for so long, you've forced me to have no choice but to hide on this damned planet. We're not through yet!!" An extremely arrogant voice echoed across the world. At the same time, a figure rushed out from the interior of the planet!

The clothes on his body were in tatters and his skin was dark and very dirty. He looked extremely messy, but his eyes were bright. He gave off a strange light that would take one's breath away.

As he charged out, there were sonic booms going off. Large pieces of the planet began to collapse as if it couldn't hold on anymore.

"I almost died from suffocation. I don't even remember how long ago I entered closed door cultivation. It is a pity that all my princesses must have died during this time. Planet Feng Luan, this time I'm really angry!! In one go, I cultivated until the early stage of Nirvana Scryer. I'm going to go be a king at planet Feng Luan!!" The figure cursed loudly in the air as if he wanted to vent all the anger he had accumulated over the years.

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