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Chapter 885 - Qing Shui’s Gift

The death aura around his body absorbed a majority of his life force and then floated toward Li Muwan. The life force absorbed from Wang Lin was injected into Li Muwan through a mysterious method.

The Xiang family ancestor slowly said, “The Qi Xi spell requires it to last seven days. If this nascent soul can last seven days, then it can naturally revive.”

Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked at Li Muwan’s nascent soul. There was no regret in his heart.

Li Muwan seemed to be able to perceive it all and her body trembled. Her nascent soul had no body, yet there was a silent sadness coming from inside it.

The death aura around Li Muwan continued to inject life force into her. Her nascent soul began to slowly condense.

Time slowly passed. The first day, the second day...

However, on the third day, Li Muwan’s gradually condensing nascent soul stopped condensing before the life force Wang Lin gave up was all used up.

Xian family ancestor slowly said, “Unfortunately… the Qi Xi spell came from ancient times and can defy the heavens. This spell is very strong, and it can even bring a dead person back to life, provided that there is enough life force!

“The life force transferred by the Qi Xi spell is not equal; it is completely unequal. Qi Xi represents seven days. For each day that passes, the life force required is 100 times greater than the previous day. The seventh day is the most crucial, and the amount of life force required is unimaginable! Your life force was only enough for two days. Even if I had taken more than half of your life force, your life force wouldn’t be enough to last the third day!

“Xu Mu do you have anything that can increase life force?”

Without the injection of life force, Li Muwan’s nascent soul began to dissipate. This dissipation was faster and more intense than before, as if this time it was going to dissipate completely.

“Continue to absorb my lifespan…” Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan with a gentle gaze. This woman waited for him for hundreds of years because of one promise from him.

Only this woman had made her way into his heart during these 1,000 years of cultivation. However, it wasn’t until after she left and he had only memories to recall in his lonely journey that he realized that he always cared.

He watched Li Muwan as he recalled the life and death situations and the sadness of being without a home...

There was a distance between the two. It wasn’t far, it was as if they were on opposite banks of a river. He was on one side and she was on the other. Between them was the unceasing pain that turned into the river between them. It was just that no matter how powerful the torrent in the river was, it was unable to wash away their firm gazes and patience.

It was as if the zither music filled with sadness had appeared in his ears once more. The sound of zither music as the moon rose and the sun set seemed to set a bridge for Wang Lin and Li Muwan. It allowed the two to feel as if they could truly be intimate with each other.

Then the death aura split up. One end wrapped around Li Muwan and the other end warped around Wang Lin.

Life force was constantly drawn out from Wang Lin’s body by the death aura and injected into Li Muwan’s nascent soul. Even if it took tens of thousands times the life force to trade for a sliver of life force in Li Muwan, he would have no regrets!

He quietly looked at Li Muwan and revealed a gentle smile. His appearance rapidly aged and wrinkles covered his face. A large amount of life force was lost, and this made it feel as if he had lived through 1,000 years in an instant.

There wasn’t much life force left in Wang Lin’s body. The speed of absorption made Wang Lin get an even clearer feel of the call from the heavens.

He took a deep breath and an even more intense force erupted from his body. This outbreak seemed to form a life force storm that swept the area. This caused the eyes of the countless human skulls here to light up.

“Eh!” Inside the coffin, the Xiang ancestor was startled. At this moment, the lid on the coffin opened, revealing a body that was like a dried up corpse.

A cold and ruthless gaze that was filled with death aura came from his eyes and landed on Wang Lin.

In the Alliance Star System on a cultivation planet, Wang Lin’s original body was hiding in a  cultivation sect, pretending to be a low level disciple. Right now he was sitting in the lotus position as large amount of his life force was dissipating.

However, his original body didn’t try to stop this, he only looked up at the sky and remained silent.

His forever-cold eyes revealed a hint of softness like his avatar’s eyes.

The life force that entered his avatar from his original body was being rapidly consumed. As a result, Li Muwan’s nascent soul began reforming once more.

Time slowly passed. The third day, the fourth day...

On the fifth day, Wang Lin’s original body was completely dim. His red hair was now very dim and a large amount of his life force had been consumed. Even though his original body had the body of an ancient god, he couldn’t withstand it anymore.

After the fourth day of the Qi Xi spell, Li Muwan’s nascent soul had completely recondensed. The death aura was completely removed from her nascent soul.

However, this sliver of vitality wasn’t able to stabilize after Wang Lin ran out of life force. It was not enough to wake her up.

Four days was the limit! Wang Lin wasn’t able to get past the fifth day!

“I can only do this much. You don’t have enough life force, so you can’t revive this nascent soul.” The Xiang family ancestor calmly looked at Wang Lin before laying back down in the coffin. A death aura whirlwind wrapped around Li Muwan and Wang Lin. The whirlwind swept directly toward the gully and back out.

During this process, Wang Lin’s hands quickly formed seals and a large amount of restrictions surrounded Li Muwan’s nascent soul. This caused the decay of that sliver of vitality in Li Muwan’s nascent soul to slow down.

The moment he came out from the gully, two gazes immediately concentrated on Wang Lin.

When Qing Shui saw the current Wang Lin, he was started but remained silent.

As for Xiang Yundong, he seemed to already have known that this would happen. He looked at Wang Lin and withdrew his gaze.

Wang Lin carefully put Li Muwan’s nascent soul back into his body. He then looked at Qing Shui and calmly said, “Senior Apprentice Brother, let us go.”

Qing Shui let out a sigh and waved his sleeves. He took Wang Lin and they flew far away.

Xiang Yundong looked at the direction Wang Lin disappeared to and revealed a smile as he muttered, “Xu Mu, although this old man has schemed against you, I didn’t conceal it from you. With your knowledge, you should have already known that to recover that nascent soul, you need a large amount of vitality. So in the end, neither of us owe each other anything!”

Qing Shui and Wang Lin formed two rays of light as they flew across the starry sky.

“Senior Apprentice Brother, do you know what this is?” While flying, Wang Lin silently pondered before slapping his bag of holding and the Heaven-Avoiding Coffin flew out. 

Qing Shui’s body stopped for a moment. His right eye flashed red as he looked at the Heaven-Avoiding Coffin. After a long time, he said, “I have never seen this thing before, but there is powerful celestial spiritual energy coming from it, so it should be from the Celestial Realm. In addition, there is a special power inside. It is some kind of law. This item should have some healing abilities, right?”

After hearing that not even Qing Shui knew what it was, Wang Lin let out a sigh. He put the coffin away and let out a sigh. “It should be used for healing, but I don’t know how to use it.”

Qing Shui didn’t question anymore. He looked at the stars in the distance, and after a moment of silence, he suddenly said, “Xu Mu, although you didn’t enter the celestial pool, you did pass the test. After I enter the Alliance Star System, it will very likely be very dangerous, so I’m afraid you can’t accompany me. After entering the Alliance Star System, you must rely on yourself!”

Wang Lin nodded, but his heart felt very bitter. He could feel that the call from the heavens was getting closer and closer.

“Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, and Magical Arsenal. Out of the three spells, you already know Call the Wind. As for the other two spells, I’ll teach them to you now!” As Qing Shui spoke, his two fingers formed a sword and he it pointed between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. There was a sudden surge of celestial origin energy that entered Wang Lin’s body.

At the same time, all the information regarding Summon the Rain and Magical Arsenal appeared in Wang Lin’s mind. Qing Shui’s action was equal to passing down an inheritance!

Inheritance and teaching was not the same. Only direct disciples would obtain an inheritance. This kind of direct passing of spells would make sure it was not lost. It would even reduce the amount of unnecessary steps and would allow the person inheriting it to obtain the deepest comprehension.

Qing Shui looked at Wang Lin and let out a sigh. At the start, his actions toward Wang Lin were merely a way of repaying his master. Although his master was only joking, after he awakened, this was the only thing he could do. He didn’t care too much for Wang Lin; even when he saved Wang Lin, it was only for his master.

Wang Lin didn’t enter the celestial pool, which caused Qing Shui to be very disappointed. He had decided that the karma between Wang Lin and his master ended here. He had decided that he would single-mindedly pursue the cause of the collapse of the Celestial Realm and the reason for his madness!

However, all of this changed when Wang Lin was willing to go as for as giving up almost all of his life force for a woman. This caused Qing Shui to recall the past.

When he looked at Wang Lin, Qing Shui felt as if he was seeing himself, and unimaginable pain appeared in his head. He could never forget that after he awakened, he saw the pool of blood on the floor, his lover’s closed eyes, and that beautiful face.

At that moment, his heart collapsed!

With a sense of melancholy, Qing Shui no longer looked at Wang Lin with the gaze of trying to repay his master like the past. There was now a trace of softness in his gaze.

“You didn’t enter the celestial pool. Without celestial origin energy, you can’t display the full power of the celestial spells. Senior Brother here has nothing to gift you, so I’ll give you this celestial origin energy to help you cast celestial spells!”

The celestial origin energy that entered Wang Lin’s body before wasn’t retrieved by Qing Shui. Instead, it cycled through Wang Lin’s body before turning into a golden bean that fell in Wang Lin’s origin soul.

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