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Chapter 875 - Evolution of the Third Eye

At first glance, the word "battle" looked very ordinary, but on closer inspection, an unimaginable killing intent that seemed to come from a war suddenly crashed down!

At this moment, illusions appeared before Wang Lin's eyes. It was as if the heavens and earth had all collapsed. Everything disappeared, including the square, the surrounding cultivators, and even the Thunder Celestial Temple. The only thing that remained was the word "battle!"

Wang Lin only felt his body tremble and his entire body entered a trance. It was as if a mysterious power had exploded from the word "battle." This power descended and took over his mind. It was as if his origin soul had been separated from his flesh; there was no longer any connection between the two.

Monstrous killing intent surrounded him. Wang Lin felt like he was a mortal in a severe winter without any clothes. The chill seemed to attempt to blow up his flame of life.

In a trance, Wang Lin felt like he had returned back to when the heaven defying bead was complete. The door appeared, and the moment it opened, a wave of source origin energy suddenly appeared!

The third eye slowly appeared between his eyebrows and slowly opened, but no red light came out. At this moment, Wang Lin was motionless, but his mind trembled violently. The feeling of facing the door inside the heaven defying bead echoed once more!

However, compared to the feeling back then, what he felt was infinitely weaker. Back then, Wang Lin almost collapsed after only one gaze. Now, when he looked at the word "battle," although he was shocked, he could persist.

It was obvious that the source origin energy inside the word "battle" couldn't even compare to the heaven defying bead. To Wang Lin, the heaven defying bead was too mysterious, but this word, "battle," was something he could grasp.

These events seem like they took place over a long period of time, but it all happened the moment Wang Lin raised his head. It had only been one second!

Li Yunzi originally didn't have a good opinion of Wang Lin. Although this Xu Mu was able to battle Russell and had amazing spells, without Qing Shui's intervention, the one to lose would have been Xu Mu!

As for the second trial, the reason Xu Mu was able to devour the thunder spirit was also due to luck. Li Yunzi was someone who had reached his current cultivation level through his own hard work. In his eyes, those cultivators that depended on luck were not worthy. Xu Mu was one of those cultivators in his eyes.

However, at this moment, his eyes shined brightly like never before. He took three steps forward and stared at Wang Lin. It was as if there was something roaring inside his heart.

"One second! This Xu Mu was able to enter the state in only one second!" Even with Li Yunzi's mental strength, he was excited. In generations of his Zhan family's history, no one had been able to enter the state in one second. Even his ancestor with heaven defying talent took two seconds! 

At this moment, Li Yunzi had already forgotten about Xu Ting. Those thoughts were all replaced by Wang Lin!

Not only him, all the old monsters on the praying mat were shocked. Just like Li Yunzi, they didn't think much about Wang Lin's performance in the last two trials, they just thought it was amusing. However, all of them began to seriously pay attention now.

Blood God's pupils shrank as he stared at Wang Lin. While he was shocked, killing intent appeared in his heart once more!

"This child was able to enter the state in one second. He can't be allowed to live!" As he was thinking this, he felt a killing intent lock onto himself. He turned around and saw Qing Shui coldly looking at him.

Blood God coldly snorted. He suppressed the killing intent and hid it deep inside his heart.

The other ancestors from families with inheritances from the celestial realm all watched intently.

The admiration in the Xiang family ancestor became even stronger. The more he looked at Wang Lin, the more pleased he became. He thought, "This child is no mere fish in a pond!"

Master Flamespark smiled, and when he looked at the shocked Li Yunzi, his smile widened.

Zhan Konglie knew about the matter within the family. When he saw Wang Lin enter the state in just one second, he gasped and was completely stunned. As for Xu Ting, he frowned and his heart felt very complicated. He was originally a child that was favored by the heavens, but during the human trial, Xu Mu stole his thunder. Then in the earth trial, he was far inferior to Xu Mu. Now in the heaven trial, he was praised by Li Yunzi, but all of that had instantly vanished. It was as if his Xu Mu was his nemesis in life!

Wang Lin's divine sense split in two and fused with the word "battle." A trace of source origin energy came from the word and slowly cycled through his body. Just as it was about to leave Wang Lin's body, it trembled and this trace of source origin energy charged toward the third eye like crazy.

The source origin energy rushed into the third eye that had appeared between his eyebrow. Bright red light suddenly came from his third eye.

As slivers of source origin energy entered, the red light coming from his third eye became even more intense. After 10 seconds, Wang Lin awakened and the red light gathered in his third eye suddenly gushed out in a fan shape!

The red light flashed and caused all the surrounding cultivators to exclaim. The fan-shaped red light completely surrounded the Battle Scroll.

In a trance, Wang Lin vaguely saw a strange scene in the scroll. It was a distant star system, and an old man in white waved his finger in space and wrote the word "battle!" The word flashed and split into six different scrolls.

A powerful source origin energy came from the old man. He was filled with melancholy, regret, and reluctance as he looked at the word "battle." He raised his head and looked into the stars. His eyes were suddenly filled with disbelief.

Wang Lin's body trembled and the red light from his third eye disappeared. He had awakened. That scene he saw just now was due to his third eye establishing a connection with the Battle Scroll. What he faintly managed to see felt like an illusion, but it also felt so real!

As the red light disappeared, Wang Lin's third eye gradually closed, but it didn't disappear. It turned into a red line and remained between Wang Lin's eyebrows. At this moment, Wang Lin was giving off a strange feeling.

"You saw it!" Li Yunzi took a step and suddenly appeared before Wang Lin. He stared at Wang Lin, and his voice contained a trace of excitement.

Wang Lin silently pondered and nodded. He could clearly feel that there was a power that even terrified him within the red line between his eyebrows. There was a hint of pain, as if that power was unwilling to remain and wanted to explode outward.

Li Yunzi stared at Wang Lin. After a long time, he laughed and said, "Good. Xu Mu, after the celestial competition is over, come and find me. This old man will let you see the remaining two battle scrolls!"

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