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Chapter 874 - Heaven Trial

Wang Lin's body was filled with thunder and crisp popping sounds could be heard in the silence. Wang Lin silently pondered a bit before walking forward. Crunching sounds could be heard as he walked across the collapsed stone square.

The moment he stepped outside the square, all the other participants took a step back. They all looked at Wang Lin with fear in their eyes.

After a moment of silence, the surrounding cultivators began chatting with each other. This was far outside of everyone's expectations. This Xu Mu had left an unforgettable impression in the minds of all the surrounding cultivators.

"In the human trial, he battled Russell. In the earth trial, he devoured the thunder spirit. This is not something an ordinary cultivator can do! I just don't know how this Xu Mu will do in the heaven trial!"

"Master Demon Xu Mu! He is indeed powerful. Today I'm finally convinced of all the rumors!"

"This person is definitely not someone to underestimate. It is best not to provoke him. He will definitely be top three in the competition!"

Even some of the old monsters' eyes were lit up. There was a hint of admiration in their eyes as they looked at Wang Lin. What their Allheaven Star System needed were junior cultivators like this!

In particular, the Xiang family ancestor nodded. The more he looked at Wang Lin, the more he liked Wang Lin. He couldn't care less about the Thunder Celestial Temple's loss. He just thought that this Xu Mu was very much like the members of his own clan; there was a sense of an evil aura about him!

The messengers in the sky were speechless and no longer beat the drum. In their minds, if Xu Mu persisted, even if they beat the drum until it was smashed into pieces, there wouldn't be any point. They looked at each other and revealed wry smiles. However, their gazes toward Wang Lin contained no jealousy, there was actually a trace of admiration.

Wang Lin turned a blind eye to all of this. After leaving the square, he clasped his hands at Master Flamespark and said, "Junior made a mistake. I hope Senior won't mind." His words were very much like his senior's, Qing Shui's. When Celestial Lord Qing Shui heard this, he revealed a smile.

Master Flamespark smiled and said, "No harm done. Giving  up a mere thunder lake and the clone of a thunder spirit to help a powerful junior become stronger is worth it. As for destroying the thunder lake, just obtaining enough military exploits in the battle against the Alliance Star System will be enough!" With that, he pointed with his right finger. With this point, the world seemed to shake and endless origin energy gathered. The origin energy suddenly turned into a rune.

This rune was filled with vitality. Wang Lin's pupils shrank. He could clearly feel a trace of source origin energy in that rune!

Although it was only a sliver, it filled this rune with endless power!

Master Flamespark flicked his finger and the rune flew out to the square. The moment the rune landed, the origin energy scattered. The sliver of source origin energy also went into the square. The surrounding cultivators all exclaimed as the cracked square began to reform as if time was rewinding.

Even the stones that had turned to ash and dissipated reappeared from the void and formed the square once more.

All of this occurred in an instant. The entire square had returned to normal; the only difference was that there was no thunder.

After Wang Lin watched at all of this unfold, he seemed enlightened.

"The next will be the last of the three trials, the heaven trial!" Master Flamespark turned to Li Yunzi and said, "Fellow Cultivator Li Yun, please!"

Li Yunzi raised his right hand and reached out at the void. A crack appeared and cold air blasted out from inside it. Then Li Yunzi reached into the crack and pulled out a scroll.

This scroll was old, and it gave off an ancient aura.

After taking out the scroll, Li Yunzi threw it and it flew into the air. In the air, the scroll gave off a black glow as it slowly opened, revealing what was inside.

There was only one word on the scroll!


Although it was only one world, it gave off intense killing intent. If on looked at it, they would feel like they were on an asura battlefield!

"The Zhan family's treasure, the Battle Scroll!"

"One of the 10 treasures of the Allheaven Star System, the Battle Scroll. Only the Zhan family members are allowed to view it, but this time it was able to broaden my horizons!"

"It is that treasure! Rumor has it that the Zhan family originally wasn't named 'Zhan,' but then their ancestor found this treasure by accident. After painstakingly cultivating it, they changed their name to Zhan and became the battle clan of the Allheaven Star System!"

Waves of chatter echoed. Li Yunzi's eyes were calm as he said, "This old man will be in charge of the heaven trial!" His voice was calm as he casually waved his right hand.

A gentle breeze blew by. Dozens of people were immediately blew away without any resistance. They flew into the transfer array and disappeared.

The people that were sent away were all the people that couldn't pass the second trial. Now there were only 147 left!

"The heaven trial is to comprehend this old man's Battle Scroll for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, don't bother opening your eyes, I'll know if you're qualified!" Li Yunzi's words made the surrounding cultivators confused. However, given his prestige, everyone quieted down.

Li Yunzi looked at Zhan Konglie and slowly said, "Zhan Konglie, you come first!"

"As Ancestor orders!" Zhan Konglie took a deep breath and took a step forward onto the newly formed square. He looked up at the motionless Battle Scroll and entered a strange stage as if he was being completely absorbed by the Battle Scroll!

Wang Lin stared at Zhan Konglie, and after a moment, his expression became serious. After eight seconds, it seemed as if Zhan Konglie's divine sense had split into two and one portion had fused with the Battle Scroll.

Just at this instant, a sliver of source origin energy almost 100 times weaker than what Master Flamespark displayed came out from the Battle Scroll. However, at 10 seconds, it collapsed as if Zhan Konglie's body wasn't able to accommodate that extremely weak trace of source origin energy.

It would be very difficult for ordinary cultivators to notice this. If Wang Lin hadn't seen the third step inside the heaven defying bead, he would not have noticed this secret. However, what he saw set off a huge wave in his heart!

Wang Lin gasped. "That Battle Scroll contains source origin energy!"

Li Yunzi's voice was calm as he slowly said, "Zhan Konglie, qualified!"

After he said that, Zhan Konglie immediately awakened from the mysterious state. The moment he awakened, his body was covered in sweat and his face was pale. He then took a few deep breaths. He was extremely weak; it was as if he had just fought a great battle. After taking a few steps back, he paid his respects to Li Yunzi before leaving the square.

Not many people among the surrounding cultivators, especially the ones involved in the competition, saw through the real secret. They all had various ideas about how Zhan Konglie had passed the trial so easily.

After that, another person stepped into the square and gazed up at the Battle Scroll. However, among the dozen or so people that followed, eight of them were directly sent back into the transfer array by Li Yunzi.

As a result, the surrounding cultivators became even more nervous. They really couldn't see how Li Yunzi was judging the third trial!

The more Wang Lin saw, the more serious he became. All of the eliminated cultivators were able to split their divine senses into the battle scroll. It was as if the battle scroll had its own soul and its own way of deciding if it would accept that person's divine sense.

Li Yunzi was using this to determine if that person passed. All the ones that qualified were the same as Zhan Konglie. They were able to split their divine senses and had a portion of it enter the Battle Scroll, causing that sliver of source origin energy to appear. However, no one was able to keep that source origin energy inside their body.

There was another point that Wang Lin noticed: the qualified cultivators had barely managed to fuse with the Battle Scroll on the ninth or tenth second.

Few were able to fuse at the eighth second like Zhan Konglie did.

Xu Ting's eyes lit up. He seemed to have seen some clues, but he wasn't sure. After pondering for a bit, he immediately stepped up after the last person finished. He stepped onto the square and looked at the Battle Scroll.

Li Yunzi looked at Xu Ting. He had some impression of this junior. At this moment, he nodded and didn't speak.

Xu Ting's expression was serious as he looked at the Battle Scroll and revealed a mysterious gaze. Black gas appeared between his eyebrows and began to rotate.

At the fifth second, a portion of his divine sense split and was absorbed by the Battle Scroll.

Wang Lin's pupils shrank and he thought, "Five seconds! This person didn't have the same lucky opportunities I encountered, yet he was able to enter that state in five seconds. His talent is simply too amazing!"

Li Yunzi's eyes shined brightly. At this moment, he became serious as he stared at Xu Ting and secretly nodded. In the Zhan family, there were no more than 10 people who could enter the state in five seconds. Many of them had cultivated under the Battle Scroll for a long time to be able to enter the state in five seconds.

As for how many people could enter the state this quickly on their first try, only three people in the Zhan family had done it!

"This child is not ordinary!" Li Yunzi revealed a trace of admiration that rarely appeared in his eyes.

Not only Li Yunzi, but the old monsters on the praying mats also saw the secret of the Zhan family's treasure. There was a strange force inside it, and the faster one entered the state, the more of the inheritance they could accept.

However, among them, very few people knew that this power was the key to the third step they were all bitterly pursuing!

Master Flamespark's eyes revealed a mysterious light. He didn't look at the Battle Scroll but stared at Xu Ting. He thought, "This person has that talent…"

After 10 seconds, Xu Ting suddenly awakened. At this moment, Wang Lin's eyes shined an indiscernible amount. He saw the sliver of source origin energy from the Battle Scroll enter Xu Ting's body… Then a very small portion of it actually remained inside Xu Ting.

This discovery made Wang Lin's mind tremble. He was too clear what role this sliver of source origin energy had. Xu Ting would not notice it now, but once he reached the peak of second step, it would make an unimaginable impact on Xu Ting!

"This Xu Ting from planet Dong Lin has displayed open hostility toward me. He can't be allowed to live!" Wang Lin's expression was calm, but killing intent had appeared in his heart.

Xu Ting had revealed killing intent toward Wang Lin more than once. With Wang Lin's personality, there was no way he would allow Xu Ting to have that sliver of source origin energy.

"Xu Ting, qualified!" Li Yunzi remembered Xu Ting's name and nodded. After pondering for a bit, he said, "There are a total of three Battle Scrolls. After the passage to the Alliance Star System opens, you can find me and I'll let you view the second scroll!"

After he said that, many surrounding cultivators felt jealous, but they didn't show it. Xu Ting looked at Li Yunzi. Even with his arrogance, he was respectful and said, "Thank you, Senior Li Yunzi."

Even Zhan Konglie felt sour in his heart. He knew that even within the family, only about 10 people were qualified to see the second scroll. As for the third scroll, only the family head and the two elders had seen it, there was no fourth person.

Xu Ting nodded and respectfully retreated. He looked at Wang Lin with gloomy gaze.

Wang Lin looked back at Xu Ting with a cold expression. He then lifted his feet and walked toward the square. Originally, a cultivator named Zhao Yido was going to take the test next. But when he was about to enter the square, he saw Wang Lin move. He immediately retreated and revealed an embarrassed look.

This person was also the person that was called down by Russell and sent away by Wang Lin with a wave of Wang Lin's sleeve after Wang Lin and Russell's first battle.

At this moment, he cursed the bad luck in his heart and quickly retreated.

Wang Lin's appearance immediately caught the attention of the surrounding cultivators. After all, during this celestial title competition, Wang Lin's name had shaken everyone. He had battled Russell in the human trial and devoured the thunder spirit in the earth trial. All of the surrounding cultivators were looking forward to Xu Mu's performance in the third trial!

This kind of anticipation was very strong; even some of the ancestors of cultivation families were watching closely. Not only did they remember the name "Xu Mu," they had also memorized his appearance.

Aside from them the old monsters on the praying mats that represented the upper echelon of the Allheaven Star System, everyone looked over with a smile.

Only Blood God let out a cold snort. After pondering for a bit, he also placed his gaze on Wang Lin.

Master Flamespark smiled inside his heart. He had a headache regarding Wang Lin. No matter what, this junior was fated with him, and adding Wang Lin's relationship with Qing Shui, it was not good to oppress him. Wang Lin had made the Thunder Celestial Temple lose big on the human and earth trials. However, Li Yunzi was in charge of the heaven trial, so no matter what accident occurred, it won't affect him but Li Yunzi.

At this moment, there was a glimmer of expectation as he looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin stepped onto the square. He clasped his hands at Li Yunzi and then looked up at the Battle Scroll in the air!

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