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Chapter 873 - Exercising the Power of Thunder

Wang Lin’s ancient thunder dragon origin soul let out a roar and directly tried to devour the thunder spirit. The thunder spirit’s body trembled violently. The voice coming from its soul almost drove it crazy as it let out a roar and attempted to devour Wang Lin!

The clash between the ancient thunder dragon and the thunder spirit set off a huge wave inside the thunder lake. This released an unprecedented thunder rumble!

Wang Lin’s ancient thunder dragon origin soul and the thunder spirit continued to devour each other. This kind of devour was a fusion of thunder. Although the thunder spirit was strong, it wasn’t complete! Although the ancient thunder dragon was strong, Wang Lin hadn’t completely fused with it. At this moment, they were evenly matched.

With an angry roar, Wang Lin’s ancient thunder dragon origin soul devoured half of the thunder spirit. The thunder spirit struggled and went crazy as it began its counter-devour.

The ancient thunder dragon formed by Wang Lin’s origin soul revealed a cold gaze. This cold gaze disregarded the thunder spirit, and Wang Lin’s origin soul opened its mouth to devour once more.

Wang Lin’s origin soul still possed the characteristics of a soul devourer from back then. After fusing with the ancient thunder dragon, it became even more powerful. Also, he had cultivated for over 1,000 years, so his ruthlessness caused his origin soul to become extremely vicious.

As it continued to devour, it managed to put half of the thunder spirit’s body into its mouth and directly crushed it! The snake-shaped thunder spirit let out a miserable groan and quickly retreated with only half of its body. Its eyes were filled with madness. As it roared, even more thunder came out from underground as if there was a even more powerful source of thunder under the square.

The roars turned into the thunder from the heavens. They caused a series of impacts and formed powerful shock waves. As the rumbles continued, a powerful storm was created and suddenly spread out. A large amount of stones collapsed and were pushed back. A lot of dust was kicked up, but the moment the dust launched into the air, it disintegrated!

Even the shattered stones were surrounded by the thunder and immediately collapsed.

In the blink of an eye, aside from the stone Wang Lin was sitting on, all the other stones on the square had collapsed. However, the storm didn’t stop there, it spread out once more!

During this process, a powerful force of thunder hidden underground rushed out toward the thunder spirit.

It looked as if divine retribution had descended on the Thunder Celestial Temple. The expressions of all the surrounding cultivators changed and they quickly retreated. Even some of the ancestors’ eyes lit up.

As the storm spread out once more, th old monsters on the pray mats all narrowed their eyes. Master Flamespark revealed a wry smile before raising his right hand and pressing down. There was a rumble and the storm that was rushing out disappeared.

At this moment, the endless thunder was rushing into the thunder spirit. Wang Lin’s ancient thunder dragon origin soul that had devoured half of the thunder spirit suddenly felt an urge. Wang Lin had never had this kind of urge. However, as the half the thunder spirit he devoured turned into endless thunder inside his origin soul, he could no longer endure this urge. It was as if there was a roar that he couldn’t keep inside himself anymore.

This was the first roar of thunder had Wang Lin released since obtaining the ancient thunder dragon origin soul. It was as if this roar had penetrated the Thunder Celestial Temple and became a permanent existence in the world as the sound of thunder!


At this moment, this sound was the sound of thunder, and all thunder must obey it!

The reason why the ancient thunder dragon can control thunder was due to his roar. Before, Wang Lin hadn’t fused with the ancient thunder dragon enough to use this roar and thus couldn’t truly exercise his control over thunder!

However, after devouring half of the thunder spirit, he was finally able to release this roar!


With one roar, the heavens and earth changed colors. All the thunderbolts that were gathering toward the thunder spirit trembled and then changed directions. It was as if they were on a pilgrimage as they all rushed toward Wang Lin’s ancient thunder dragon origin soul.

The expressions of all the surrounding cultivators changed completely. Even the old monsters on the praying mats were shocked.

Even Blood God’s eyes lit up and turned cold.

For the first time, Qing Shui laughed and said, “Good!”

“Ancient thunder dragon origin soul!!” A shock appeared in Master Flamespark’s eyes and a blue vein bulged on his face. He wanted to stand up to stop this, but after hesitating for a bit, he only let out a sigh. With Qing Shui here, he had no reason to interfere with Wang Lin devouring the thunder spirit. Otherwise, if he were to interrupt such a once-in-lifetime opportunity, Qing Shui would definitely be enraged!

If the old monsters were like this, then there was no need to talk about the others. As Xu Ting watched all of this, a huge wave set off in his heart. He began to silently ponder.

“It is best not to provoke him unless it is absolutely necessary!”

Shengong Hu’s eyes were filled with excitement. He could no longer suppress it, and the fantascism in his eyes toward Wang Lin became even stronger.

Zhan Konglie was also startled for a moment. For the first time, his eyes were also filled with fantascism and respect like Shengong Hu’s!

As for the big-headed boy and the six-fingered cultivator, their minds trembled and their eyes filled with terror. They made up their minds that this Xu Mu shouldn’t be easily provoked! This person dared to devour a thunder spirit and had taken command of the entire thunder lake with one roar. This spell made their scalps tingle!

Not only did the thunder lake worship Wang Lin, but even the thunder spirit began trembling violently before this roar that sounded like thunder from the heavens. There was a power that was forcing it to worship and yield!

This was the power of the ancient thunder dragon!

Endless thunderbolts entered Wang Lin’s origin soul. His origin soul charged out, and this time the remaining half of the thunder spirit didn’t dare to resist and allowed itself to be devoured by Wang Lin!

Previously, the fusion between Wang Lin and the ancient thunder dragon was only 1/5th complete. However, after devouring the thunder spirit and absorbing the thunder lake, it was as if a storm was set off inside his body. Endless rumbles echoed as the fusion between Wang Lin’s origin soul and the ancient thunder dragon reached nearly 50%!

His ancient thunder dragon origin soul immediately expanded to over 1,000 feet long and formed a powerful pressure. Its cold gaze swept the area before it withdrew to between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. Then all the thunder remaining in the square quickly gathered toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin opened his eyes under the endless rumbles and thunder surrounded his body. A feeling of absolute control over thunder appeared in his heart.

After standing up, the area surrounding Wang Lin was in ruins and there was no trace of thunder left!

Master Flamespark’s expression was extremely ugly and his heart ached. He looked at Wang Lin and was unable to say a word for a long time. Finally, he could only let out a long sigh.

The surroundings were completely silent… this silence was exactly the same as when Qing Shui killed Russell.

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