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Chapter 872 - Who Devours Who

The thunder spirit was very proud, but then it suddenly saw Wang Lin’s gaze. This gaze penerated its body and landed on its thunder soul. A powerful force came from the inheritance inside its soul swept across its body. It wa scared out of its wits as it let out a cry and its body trembled greatly!

The body that was sweeping toward Wang Lin actually stopped and retreated. It did all of this by instinct as if there was a powerful force that had made it had to retreat!

Wang Lin closed his eyes and no longer paid any attention to the thunder spirit. He could vaguely feel that this thunder spirit was only a small portion of its soul. The real thunder spirit from the Thunder Celestial Realm would not be like this.

The thunder spirit’s body retreated and its eyes became filled with terror. The thunder spirit had long awakened its intelligence. Originally, it didn’t consider any of the cultivators a threat, but at that moment, it felt like it had just met its ancestor.

This feeling came from its thunder soul. It was a memory that had been engraved in its soul and pressed down for generations before it was born.

During ancient times, the heavens gave thunder dragons the power of thunder. The thunder dragons were born from this. They were born from thunder and were considered the spirits of all thunder. All the thunder in the heavens and earth belonged to the thunder dragons!

However, thunder dragons were not immortal. They were born from thunder, and when they died, they would turn into thunder spirits and return back into the void. Then they would once more return to the force of thunder!

However, there once was a thunder spirit like this in the Thunder Celestial Realm. The celestials had used some unknown method on it to make it not dissipate and then made it become the guardian beast of the Thunder Celestial Realm.

The thunder spirit in the Thunder Celestial Temple was a piece that was split off from the thunder spirit guarding the Thunder Celestial Realm. When it saw Wang Lin, it felt a shock it never felt before.

It was fortunate that after Wang Lin closed his eyes, the majesty of the ancient thunder dragon was no longer being released. Wang Lin was once again focused on absorbing thunder. The thunder spirit relaxed. It was filled with anger as it charged toward the other cultivators.

Xu Ting’s eyes lit up like a torch inside the black mist when he saw all of this. His mind trembled violently and couldn’t believe what he had seen. This Xu Mu was really… really too incredible!

“This… How can it be? He only looked at the thunder spirit and the thunder spirit was terrified! And from it looks of it, it was like a junior saw a senior from their family…”

Shengong Hu also noticed this. His eyes were filled with fanaticism and he couldn’t help but remember when he first met Wang Lin. He first met Wang Lin in a thunder lake. He could never forget that figure with the flowing black hair that walked out from the thunder lake, the gaze that made it feel like his entire body was going to collapse.

It was something he could never forget!

“My Lord!” The fanaticism in Shengong Hu’s eyes increased.

Zhan Konglie gasped as he looked at Wang Lin. He remember his battle with Shengong Hu at the thunder lake. It was under Wang Lin’s guidance that Shengong Hu seemed to vaguely gain a hold of the laws of thunder!

Not only them, but the surrounding cultivators also noticed this. Their minds trembled and their eyes were filled with shock.

Wang Lin turned a blind eye to all of this. As he sat there, he began grasping the laws of thunder. He gradually became immersed and forgot about his surroundings.

On the praying mat, Qing Shui’s eyes narrowed and he revealed a faint smile.

On the side, Master Flamespark was startled for a moment before he revealed a bitter smile. He had forgotten that without his help, this Xu Mu had almost cultivated into a thunder spirit. Not only did this earth trial provide no difficulty for Xu Mu, it would be like Xu Mu was stepping into his own backyard!

“Forget it. I’ll consider it a compensation for borrowing his thunder beast and to repair my relationship with Qing Shui from before!” Master Flamespark wryly smiled, but didn’t stop Wang Lin.

As for the thunder spirit, after being frightened by Wang Lin, it was like a child that was scolded by its elder. It let out a roar and rushed toward the other cultivators to vent its anger.

Its first target was Xi Zifeng’s cousin, the blue-robed handsome young man. His hands formed a seal and three green jades floated before him. All the thunder targeted at him was absorbed by the three jades.

The thunder spirit let out a roar and directly charged at him.The roar of the thunder spirit carried with it a powerful impact. The blue-robed man’s expression changed and he wanted to retreat, but in the end, he clenched his teeth.

In an instant, the thunder spirit’s body suddenly crashed into the blue-robed man. An earth-shattering sound that caused all the thunder inside the thunder lake to scatter echoed.

The three jades immediately shattered into countless dust particles. The blue-robed man coughed out a large mouthful of blood and immediately retreated. However, the thunder spirit was angry and didn’t hold back. It chased after the blue-robed man with its mouth open while spewing out endless thunder.

The blue-robed man  retreated very fast and quickly left the thunder lake. His expression was gloomy and he viciously stared at the thunder spirit as it charged toward the next person.

The drum beat echoed in the air. The 16th beat, the 17th beat, and when the 18th beat echoed, the thunder spirit went mad. It expelled nearly all the cultivators within the square!

The thunder spirit moved as it roared. This time its target was Shengong Hu and Zhan Konglie. The two of them revealed wry smiles and quickly retreated to avoid this thunder spirit that had gone crazy.

Even the big-headed boy and the six-fingered cultivator decided to leave on the 19th beat. They were unwilling to provoke the obviously raging thunder spirit.

At this moment, only two people remained in the thunder lake!

The black mist around Xu Ting was very dense. The black mist covered everything within 30 feet of him and the thunder couldn’t go inside it!

Wang Lin sat calmly 1,000 feet opposite of Xu Ting. He calmly sat there with his eyes closed while thunder surrounded his body. Wang Lin’s long hair moved without any wind. He had the temperament of a thunder celestial.

Xu Ting secretly complained in his heart. The thunder was getting more and more powerful, to the point where he could barely hold on. It was just that when he saw Wang Lin, he felt extremely frustrated!

“How can he resist for such a long time? I have to put in so much effort to barely hold on, but he… he looks extremely casual, without any sign of discomfort. I refuse to yield!!” Xu Ting’s expression became even more fierce and more black gas came from between his eyebrows.

The thunder spirit suddenly turned around. It didn’t dare to provoke Wang Lin, so it stared at Xu Ting. It let out a roar and charged out. As it moved, the entire thunder lake flashed violently and entered the thunder spirit, causing it to be filled with the pressure of ancient thunder. It charged out with its mouth open and attempted to devour Xu Ting!


The black mist around Xu Ting dissipated like crazy. His turned was pale and he had to retreat.

After Xu Ting landed outside the thunder lake, he immediately let out a roar. “I’m not willing to yield! This Xu Mu must be cheating!”

The thunder spirit looked at Xu Ting before turning to Wang Lin. It let out a roar but didn’t dare to get near. It felt an aura from Wang Lin that made it tremble.

Wang Lin opened his eyes. At the moment he opened his eyes, two bolts of thunder shot out. He stood up and pondered for a moment. Then he began walking toward the center of the thunder lake under the gazes of everyone present.

Before, he vaguely felt like he had grasped something. Now that he reached the center, he immediately sat down in the lotus position and began to cultivate.

This scene stunned all the surrounding cultivators.

“This… This Xu Mu isn’t being affected by this thunder and is also extremely calm. What cultivation method does he cultivate!?”

“That thunder spirit seemed to dread Xu Mu. This matter is very strange. This Xu Mu is not simple!”

Xu Ting gasped. He looked for a long time before turning around and leaving. He knew that this earth trial was nothing for Xu Mu and that Xu Mu was not the same as himself...

The beat of the drum didn’t stop. As the drum continued to beat, Wang Lin remained motionless. The thunder spirit moved around Wang Lin and its gaze became even more ferocious. Something inside its soul made it want to devour Wang Lin more and more. In the end, it was enough to fill its mind.

“Devour him and you will be able to turn into a thunder dragon!” It was as if there was a voice roaring like crazy inside the soul of the thunder spirit. This voice was filled with greed. This greed stimulated the thunder spirit enough for its body to tremble. It continued to roar as all the thunder in the square began to gather on its body. More and more thunder gathered, and in the end it let out a roar and rushed out!

The moment it moved, all the thunder rumbled endlessly. When the thunder gathered on the thunder spirit, cracks appeared on surface of the square.

Roar! The snake-shaped thunder spirit rushed out with a monstrous greed. It charged toward Wang Lin with the determination to turn into a dragon!

It was as if the entire thunder lake had been pulled into this charge. An unimaginable force suddenly closed in on Wang Lin. Just at this moment, a bolt of thunder flashed between Wang Lin’s eyebrows and his ancient thunder dragon origin soul rushed out!

The ancient thunder dragons were the messengers of all the thunder under the heavens. Wang Lin hadn’t fully integrated with it, but he still received great benefits. Once he completely merges with the ancient thunder dragon, all thunder in the world will be in the palm of his hands.

The moment the ancient thunder dragon appeared, the thunder spirit’s body trembled violently. An aura that made it tremble and unable to resist came from Wang Lin’s origin soul. This feeling came from the inheritance in his soul.

It could devour all cultivators, but when facing the aura of its ancestor, it didn’t have any courage. However, the mad roar from its soul became even more intense!

“Devour him and you will be able to turn into a thunder dragon!”

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