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Chapter 862 - Nine Tune Heavenly Blade

Wang Lin used one spell to repel Tang Yanfeng and showed his early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivation. With this mind, people had different thoughts when they heard Zhan Konglie’s words.

The surrounding cultivators only had an instant to think before Zhan Konglie charged into the arena.

His eyes lit up like a torch as he looked at Wang Lin with an extremely serious expression and clasped his hands. “Senior Xu Mu, please enlighten me!”

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he looked at Zhan Konglie. He used a gaze that made it seem like he was looking down from above. The current Wang Lin was very different from before.

Back then, he could only pretend to be a senior. Even in the Thunder Celestial Temple, he only had a similar cultivation level to Zhan Konglie. Strictly speaking, he still had to be cautious.

However, now his cultivation had broken through the Corporeal Yang stage and had truly reached the second step. Looking at Zhan Konglie now, Wang Lin’s mind was calm, there wasn’t the slightest ripple.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and calmly said, “You’re not my match. Considering the fact that we knew each other, back down!”

Zhan Konglie silently pondered as he looked at Wang Lin. His eyes were filled with a complex emotion as he said, “Senior, 700 years ago, Junior comprehend the unyielding nature of thunder on planet Heavenly Thunder. I fused that unyielding nature into my own body. After I returned home, I cultivated before the relic left by my Zhan family ancestor to form my domain. My domain is the unyielding battle intent!

“Zhan is my name, and it is also my domain. There is only battle intent!

“With this domain, my cultivation level jumped leaps and bounds without any road blocks until 400 years ago when my I reached the Corporeal Yang stage, but… Even until today, my cultivation level hasn’t increased. Senior, is my dao right or wrong!?”

After he said those words, the surroundings became quiet. All of the cultivators became silent and even some of the ancestors were silent. From the looks in their eyes, it was obvious this question had been on their minds as well.

“I once asked my Zhan family ancestor, Li Yunzi, but the answer I obtained made me even more confused!” Zhan Konglie looked at Wang Lin and said, “Senior, please enlighten me!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he looked Zhan Konglie and calmly said, “Your battle intent is very fragile!”

Zhan Konglie’s eyes shined brightly, but soon they dimmed and he became even more silent.

“I presume that your ancestor’s answer to you was to challenge, challenge everyone under the stars with cultivation level similar to yours. To continue to battle and understand what the word ‘battle’ means, to constantly win and consolidate your battle intent until you enter a battle-crazed state. At that point, you will break through to the Nirvana Scryer stage!”

Zhan Konglie’s body trembled and he suddenly looked up at Wang Lin. Although Wang Lin’s words were different from Li Yunzi’s, the core meaning was extremely similar.

“Please enlightenment me, Senior! For this, I’m willing to gift you my dao ideal.“ Zhan Konglie backed up a few steps and bowed toward Wang Lin!

“To casually give out your dao ideal, what is the use of your so-called unyieldingness? Zhan Konglie, since we know each other, I’ll gift you one sentence. The battle intent formed by endless battle is strong, but that strength has a limit! True battle intent is when your heart has a belief that makes you have to fight, makes you have to win, gives you the determination to battle!

“Even if you had to face me, had to face your ancestor, had to face the world, so what? It’s only death!”

Wang Lin’s voice was calm, but it was like thunder inside Zhan Konglie’s ears. The rumbling thunder caused his mind to be shakened and he retreated a few steps. His battle intent disappeared and was replaced with a hint of enlightenment.

“Back down!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and Zhan Konglie retreated out of the arena. He silently pondered for a long time before bowing at Wang Lin and sitting down on his red stone to cultivate.

The surroundings were silent, but the eyes of black-robed man with nine blades before him shined brightly. He raised his head as he looked at Wang Lin and said, with a hoarse voice, “To directly point out the mysteries of dao, Brother, you are a disciple of dao. Your comprehension is deep. I, Nangong, admire you! You are qualified to accept my challenge!”

The black-robed man spoke as if he didn’t care if Wang Lin accepted his challenge or not. It was as if it was a great glory to be challenged by him. He didn’t stand up, but his right hand formed a seal and he waved his hand. The nine blades trembled and a terrifying blade energy came from the nine blades.

He waved his hand again and the nine rays of sword energy shot toward Wang Lin!

This blade energy was too strong. When it shot out, it seemed to contain some kind of law. It caused the space in the area to twist and even the light screen trembled. It was as if it couldn’t withstand the blade energy and was about to collapse!

One of the cultivation family ancestors sitting on a white stone saw the blade energy and muttered, “Nine Tune Heavenly Blade!” 

After the surrounding people heard this, their eyes all lit up. They stared at the black-robed man with different thoughts in their heads.

“Allheaven Star System Southern Domain’s Nangong family’s Nine Tune Heavenly Blade. So this person is from the Nangong family.”

“Before, the four great families of the Southern Domain were Nangong, Tang, Zhang, and Shengong. The Nangong family was originally ranked 1, but they mysteriously disappeared 1,000 years ago. There wasn’t even half a member of the Nangong family member left on their cultivation planet. This even caught the attention of the Thunder Celestial Temple, but in the end they couldn’t find a single reason as to why they disappeared!”

“No wonder I had never seen this person before. It turns out he was someone from the Nangong family!”

As these various talks spread, the nine rays of blade energy shot toward Wang Lin at a very fast speed.

Wang Lin was calm. The black-robed man’s cultivation level was same as his, early stage Nirvana Scryer. The nine rays of blade energy contained a destructive law that sealed off his paths of retreat.

The only option was to confront it!

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he took a step forward. He raised his right hand and said, “Call the Wind!” Wang Lin didn’t waste any words facing this person but used his most powerful spell. What he wanted was first place, and if he were to get entangled with this person, then his momentum would weaken and obtaining first place would become cumbersome.

A gust of black wind suddenly appeared. The black wind was infinite and filled the entire area. The blade energy sealing the area wasn’t able to block it at all. The blade energies all collapsed into fragments and were blown back!

The black wind whistled, creating endless cold wind that could extinguish all life. Two black dragons immediately appeared from the black wind. Both black dragons were 10,000 feet long, and as their bodies moved, loud rumbles echoed from them. The roars of the fierce dragons were like the wrath of heavens!

A dense killing intent surrounded the area. This killing intent came from Wang Lin. Although this spell was called “Call the Wind,” it used Wang Lin’s origin energy. The killing intent from Wang Lin was merged with the black wind along with his rich battle intent!


A fierce roar came from the two black dragons. At the same time, a storm was created, and it swept through the nine rays of blade energy and caused them to immediately collapse!

In the arena, Wang Lin stood there in his white robe and was surrounded by black wind. The two black dragons coiled around him with their 10,000-feet-long bodies and were constantly roaring. Wang Lin was calm as he walked toward the black-robed man!

“If you want to battle, then let’s battle!” A voice so calm that it was cold came from Wang Lin.

At this instant, the expressions of the all the cultivators that saw the spell changed greatly. Even the ancestors of the cultivation families were shocked.

“This… What kind of spell is this!?!”

“This spell is too strong; even with the light screen acting as a barrier, I still feel cold. It is like ice has filled my body and slowed my circulation!”

“This is definitely no ordinary spell! This Xu Mu is worthy of being called Master Demon. All his spells contain such demonic nature! It’s too strong!”

“This kind of spell is too terrifying. If I were to face it, I would not be able to fight back at all. Where did he learn this spell? I have never heard of it before!”

“The Yao family’s Thunderstorm spell is similar, but its power is lacking compared to this!”

The eyes of the purple-robed old man from the Thunder Celestial Temple lit up. He revealed a smile and said, “I heard from the Temple Lord that this Xu Mu is Celestial Lord Qing Shui’s cross-generation junior apprentice brother. It looks like a possibility! However, between Lord Jie Ji’s Nine Tune Heavenly Blade and the celestial spell that can only form two black dragons, which is stronger?”

The black dragons roared and continued to blast out cold wind as Wang Lin stepped forward. The cold wind charged toward the red stone the black-robed man was sitting on. The black-robed man’s eyes became even brighter, though he still didn’t move. His right hand formed a seal, causing four of the nine blades to fly into the air. They intersected and began to rotate, causing a storm to appear. The moment this blade storm appeared, the surrounding space began to crack as if it couldn’t handle it anymore.

The man in black’s voice was hoarse as he slowly said, “Heavenly Blade Annihilation!”

The four blades immediately charged out. They rotated and intersected with the storm. They turned into four boundless blades that could pierce the heavens and mercilessly chopped down on the two black dragons.

Nine Tune Heavenly Blade. The Heavenly Blade was an ultimate show of strength; it was as if nothing in this world could resist against it!

After seeing Qing Shui personally use Call the Wind twice, Wang Lin had learned a lot and his control over Call the Wind had increased. However, right now he couldn’t help but recall the painting he saw on the ninth floor back in the Thunder Celestial Realm!

It was as if he had become that boy, and he suddenly gained enlightenment. Wang Lin raised his hands as if his hands had fused with the 2 black dragons...

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