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Chapter 843 - Return to Planet Qing Ling

The moment Wang Lin disappeared, countless tentacles appeared from the void and entangled the transfer array, causing it to collapse.

Using Li Yunzi and company’s help to obstruct the Moongazer Serpent, Master Flamespark closed his eyes and shouted “Seal!”

Countless Celestial Realm fragments rumbled and then closed in on the Moongazer Serpent from all directions.

As the Moongazer Serpent let out an angry roar, its whole body rushed out. Anger filled its body, and the danger it sensed from Master Flamespark almost made it go insane!

As it slammed into the celestial fragments, the Moongazer Serpent suddenly stopped. Its eyes were filled with fear as it looked ahead.

The place the Moongazer Serpent was looking at had already collapsed. As endless cold winds blew out, a person walked out!

This person was extremely blurry; it was impossible to see what he looked like. The only thing one could tell was that he was male! He was extremely calm as he slowly walked out from the void.

The moment he appeared, the expressions of the seriously injured Li Yunzi and company changed greatly. Even with Li Yunzi’s arrogance, after looking at the person for a moment, his heart was shocked. At this moment, his eyes revealed respect.

“It’s him!”

“Master Flamespark actually invited him!”

The remaining four people’s expressions immediately changed and became respectful.

After the illusory person appeared, Master Flamespark’s eyes were filled with ecstasy. The figure walked toward the Moongazer Serpent. The Moongazer Serpent’s large body trembled as if there was an aura from this person that made it terrified.

The Moongazer Serpent slowly backed up!

At this moment, millions of kilometers away from the Moongazer Serpent, Wang Lin’s body appeared!

After he appeared, he immediately looked back and began to ponder.

“There must be a reason for the Moongazer Serpent’s huge change. Could it be that someone launched an attack on it? The ancient god child inside the Moongazer Serpent wants me to bring a successor, but unfortunately my original body is still in the Alliance Star System; otherwise, it would be worth a try. However, I don’t know if he is being sincere about the inheritance or if he wants to use something similar to a cultivator’s possession spell… I have to be careful on this matter and not act recklessly!

“However, since I have already left the Moongazer Serpent, I believe no one will be able to detect me for a short period of time!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he turned into a ray of light and flew away. Ripples appeared under his feet and, not long after, Wang Lin merged with the world and disappeared.

In the Northern Domain far away from the Moongazer Serpent, almost at the other end of the domain, was where planet Qing Ling was located! On this day, a ripple appeared outside planet Qing Ling and Wang Lin walked out. He looked at the familiar cultivation planet before him and revealed a hint of melancholy.

“I’m finally back!” Wang Lin took a step, turned into a ray of light, and charged toward planet Qing Ling. However, just as he got near, several powerful auras swept toward him with hostile intent.

Wang Lin frowned but immediately relaxed. Those divine senses immediately locked onto Wang Lin, but after recognizing him, they immediately dissipated. Then more than 10 figures flew like meteors toward Wang Lin.

At almost the instant Wang Lin stepped onto planet Qing Ling, more than 10 people from the Chosen Immortal Clan appeared. The old ancestor immediately moved forward. He became excited after seeing Wang Lin and said, “Benefactor!”

Wang Lin looked at the old man and the Chosen Immortal Clan members and asked, “Was the road here smooth for you guys?”

The old man took a deep breath and said, “Benefactor, the road was smooth. However, on the way here, we heard that a Yao family in the Allheaven Star System started a hunt for Benefactor…”

Wang Lin shook his head. “That matter had already passed, don’t mention it again. Since you guys are here, settle down. I need to go into close door cultivation for several months, protect this place well.”

The old man quickly nodded.

Wang Lin’s body flickered and he no longer paid attention to the Chosen Immortal Clan. He teleported to the top of Heng Yun peak! It was still as he left it, the cave was still there.

After entering the cave, Wang Lin immediately opened the formations. The area around Heng Yun peak was immediately sealed. Then he sat down, closed his eyes, and started cultivating.

Several hours later, the outside was already night. The star light fell on the earth and everything was quiet.

When the moonlight came in through the entrance, the light reflected off the ground and was very beautiful. Wang Lin opened his mouth and let out a mouthful of foul air. Ever since he left for the Celestial Realm, he had been extremely tired. Even when he was inside the Moongazer Serpent, he was barely able to relax.

However, at this moment, on his own cultivation planet, Wang Lin was able to completely relax. Right now he looked up at the sky outside the cave and began to ponder. After a long time, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and muttered, “The Yao family’s hunt won’t stop; I don’t have much time left!”

As he pondered, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the large furnace appeared. It gave off an ancient aura. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he spat out a mouthful of essence origin energy that surrounded the furnace and began refining it.

“The longer I refine the furnace, the more power I will be able to use! However, right now I need to study it well!” Wang Lin inhaled and the large furnace immediately shrank. Eventually, it turned into a ray of light and was swallowed by Wang Lin.

The shadow behind him flickered and Ta Shan walked out. Ta Shan was seriously injured and his gaze was bleak. After sitting down, Ta Shan closed his eyes. Under Wang Lin’s command, he began healing himself.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and Yao Bingyun, who was sealed by him, appeared before him.

The Karma Whip wrapped around her origin soul and the soul flag wrapped around her body. There were even hundreds of thousands of golden runes sealing her. Looking at the sealed Yao Bingyun, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his right hand formed a seal. The golden runes around her immediately rose one by one and dyed the cave in their golden glow.

Under the rune symbols was the soul flag. Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and the black mist surrounding Yao Bingyun’s body left, thoroughly exposing her body.

Her clothes were currently in tatters and she looked very attractive. Her eyes were closed and her face was ashen; it was as if her life could extinguish at any time.

However, there was still a large amount of origin energy inside her body, but it was separated and couldn’t merge with her origin soul.

Wang Lin stared at Yao Bingyun and began to ponder.

“Refining this woman into a celestial guard is a choice, but before that, I need to borrow her power!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he raised his right hand and pointed to between her eyebrows.

The origin energy inside Wang Lin’s body quickly activated and entered her body through his finger. Wang Lin’s origin energy formed a vortex inside her body. The vortex immediately absorbed some of her origin energy, making itself bigger.

Wang Lin was extremely cautious while the vortex absorbed more origin energy. Just as he was about to lose control of the origin energy, he suddenly pulled it out!

Yao Bingyun’s body suddenly shook violently and her broken clothes were immediately blown away. At the same time, the vortex inside her body came out and rich origin energy filled the area.

Wang Lin immediately opened his mouth and devoured it. The origin energy that came out from Yao Bingyun’s body turned into smoke and was inhaled by Wang Lin.

After the origin energy entered his body, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly and his complexion became slightly red. His origin soul quickly absorbed the origin energy he devoured from Yao Bingyun.

Time slowly passed and the sun slowly appeared outside the cave. The light from the sun landed on the ground, dispersing the coldness of the night and creating a sense of warmth.

Inside the cave, Yao Bingyun landed on the ground. When the sun landed on her, it made a very gorgeous sight. At this moment, Yao Bingyun gave off an indescribable sense of beauty, but there was a hint of sadness within this beauty...

Wang Lin’s origin soul had worked through the entire night. He had devoured the origin energy like crazy and turned it into his own.

During this process, his origin soul’s injury gradually healed. By the time the sun rose, his origin soul had recovered! Not only that, but by refining Yao Bingyun’s origin energy, his origin soul became even stronger!

After spitting out a mouthful of grey gas that drifted out of the cave, Wang Lin opened his eyes. Without any hesitation, he pressed his finger between Yao Bingyun’s eyebrows.

Origin energy entered Yao Bingyun’s body and formed a vortex that continued to absorb the origin energy that was separated from her body.

“After absorbing all of her origin energy, my cultivation level will increase a lot. Then I will only need to increase my domain to finally enter the second step and reach the Nirvana Scryer stage!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light as he stared at Yao Bingyun. When the vortex reached its limit, he immediately pulled it out.

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