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Chapter 833 - Awakening

Although this sound wasn’t loud, it contained a power that could impact the origin soul. The cultivators outside the planet didn’t feel it as much, but the cultivators in the planet felt the full force.

Among these cultivators were people from the Yao family and people from other cultivation families. At this moment, their bodies trembled and a fear born in their souls spread like crazy.

The first idea almost everyone had was to leave, and they all charged upward. Some were close to the surface and quickly charged out. However, the tentacles on the surface quickly wrapped around them.

These long tentacles formed a tight blockade and everyone that wanted to charge out failed.

As the cultivators charged out one by one, black fog came out from the tentacles. No one could leave!

All spells and treasures lost their effects on the tentacles. One of the cultivators charged out and was entangled by countless tentacles. His body was immediately crushed and his origin soul was absorbed by the tentacles.

This scene caused all of the surrounding cultivators to be filled with terror.

Yao Bingyun’s body appeared from the ice somewhere inside the Moongazer Serpent’s body. Just as she appeared, she coughed out a mouthful of black blood. Her face turned green and it was as if there was a black line moving through her face.

“What kind of spell is this!?” Yao Bingyun’s body trembled and she coughed out more blood. The color of this blood was even more black!

The moment she entered the ice, that black wind entered her body and she felt a chill. With her cultivation method, she shouldn’t feel cold, but right that that chill in her body was extremely clear.

What shocked her even more after the black wind entered her body was that even though she had expelled most of it, there was still a trace she couldn’t expel. This caused her to feel a chill and weakness in her body. What terrified her even more was that there were signs of her origin energy dissipating.

Yao Bingyun’s expression became even more green. She took a deep breath and charged out from the ground. Just as she appeared, she saw the countless swaying tentacles and how none of the cultivators could charge out.

When Yao Bingyun saw the tentacles before, she only felt strange and didn’t think about them too deeply. However, looking at them now, with her intelligence, she immediately recognized that these tentacles were exactly the same as the ones from the fierce beasts that attacked her just now!

Yao Bingyun’s pupils rapidly shrank. A chill came from her heart and quickly spread across her body, making her scalp numb. As she stared at the countless tentacles, her expression became extremely ugly. Her eyes even revealed extreme fear and disbelief.

“These… These tentacles… The cultivators of the Northern Domain were right. This cultivation planet was the beast I met before but magnified countless fold!”

The violent vibrations continued. In the end, the earth began to collapse and the debris spread. A moment later, an even more intense roar came from within the planet.

At this moment, Wang Lin was constantly cutting those red threads. Whenever a red thread was cut, the Moongazer Serpent would shake violently.

As he rampaged, Wang Lin gradually went deeper into the gap. The further he went, the more dense the red threads became. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he constantly used Heavenly  Chop and the red threads collapsed one by one.

Not long after, he suddenly stopped. A red thread as thick as a person that extended up and down appeared before him. This red thread was thicker than any of the other threads he had seen. His eyes lit up as he charged out and mercilessly tore it without hesitation.

A maddening roar echoed through the Moongazer Serpent when this red line was torn by Wang Lin!

There was a loud bang and the cultivation planet formed by the Moongazer Sperent began its final collapse. An ancient aura gradually spread, leaving the cultivators outside dumbfounded. They saw a gap appear in middle of the cultivation planet, and it gradually unfolded into a large, oval-shaped monster!

An aura of wrath spread. The Moongazer Serpent had awakened!

The moment the Moongazer Serpent awakened, Wang Lin withdrew his aura and quickly hid himself. He sat down in the lotus position and became alert.


A roar was like a storm of countless bolts of thunder echoed from the Moongazer Serpent. It was like countless sonic booms that constantly spread, causing the surrounding cultivators to keep retreating.

At this moment, no matter what cultivation level they were at, they felt an irresistible sense of fear when facing the Moongazer Serpent.

Strands of long tentacles slowly spread out and swayed side to side. At the same time, a huge rift appeared where the Moongazer Serpent’s head was.

“This… What is this!!”

“This cultivation planet was really a vicious beast! How can we kill something like this?!”

“This beast must have existed since before the Celestial Realm collapsed. That Xu Mu led us here to kill with a borrowed knife!”

“We can’t resist against this beast. Quickly, retreat!”

Bursts of exclamations came from everywhere. More than half the cultivators rapidly retreated without hesitation. In their eyes, unless one had peak second step cultivation, it was simply impossible to resist it!

The Moongazer Serpent was extremely angry. At this moment, the pain in its body wasn’t serious and was just enough to awaken it. What really angered it was that it had only slept for such a short period of time before it was disturbed again.

For it these several decades was no different than a blink of an eye for it. In its mind it felt like it had just fallen asleep before it was immediately awaken.

This feeling made it very irritable. When it saw all the countless small lifeforms that wanted to retreat, it immediately let out a roar. This roar was several times more powerful than before. Cracks even appeared among the stars and it quickly spread across the entire Northern Domain.

Some of the cultivators’ bodies exploded due to the roar. Even their origin souls weren’t able to escape and immediately collapsed.

The wrath of the Moongazer Serpent hadn’t dissipated but had just started as it moved forward. For the Moongazer Serpent, it was merely moving forward, but to the cultivators it was a huge fierce beast charging at them.

The pupils of all the cultivators inside of it suddenly shrank...

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