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Chapter 831 - Moongazer Serpent

As soon as the Yao family and the other cultivation families began hunting Wang Lin, he had the idea of borrowing the Moongazer Serpent’s power. The Moongazer Serpent was very strong and had left a deep impression in Wang Lin’s mind.

If the Moongazer Serpent became angry, what were the Yao family and other cultivation families worth?

Wang Lin was moving extremely fast, not caring about whether he would awaken the Moongazer at all. He charged straight for where the bone was.

It didn’t take long before he arrived within the depths and saw the half of the bone that came back here. Wang Lin originally wanted to take the whole thing but was forced to give up half of it.

His eyes lit up and muttered, “Back then, Greed’s treasured large furnace was devoured by this Moongazer Serpent…”

Thinking about the large furnace, Wang Lin’s heart pounded. After thinking about it, he was 80% confident that it was the treasure Ancient God Tu Si refined but casually threw away because he wasn’t satisfied with it.

If it was any other time, Wang Lin wouldn’t think about the large furnace. After all, the Moongazer Serpent was simply too terrifying. Once it awakened, it would cause a catastrophe.

However, right now there were many cultivators outside to help vent the Moongazer Serpent’s anger, so Wang Lin clenched his teeth and made a choice.

His body flickered and continued moving through the Moongazer Serpent, but he had his divine sense spread out. Wang Lin knew that the inside of the Moongazer Serpent wasn’t safe and was filled with small Moongazer Serpents. When he tried to pry the bone before, he ran into a small Moongazer Serpent and it took a lot of effort to escape it.

At this moment, countless cultivators surrounded the planet. These cultivators were well aware of how ruthless Xu Mu was. This was engraved in their bones throughout their pursuit.

If they were a bit careless, they would die. When they saw Wang Lin enter the planet, the first thing they thought was that something was strange about this place.

In addition, with the discussion from the cultivators from the Northern Domain, everyone knew that this planet was a mysterious beast!

One of the middle-aged men from the Yao family sneered as he stared at the Moongazer Serpent with disdain. “Even if this is a beast, so what! Not only does it have no offensive capabilities, even if it does, we can kill it if we all attack together!”

There were many fierce beasts recorded in the Yao family’s records. Some of them were even more fierce than this one, but in the end they still died under the combined attack of celestials.

And there was no record of this beast in the family’s records. That meant that this beast was not a threat; otherwise, it would’ve been in the records inherited by the family.

“It isn’t difficult to kill this beast!” Yao Yunhai withdrew his gaze. He was a third generation Yao family member. Although his cultivation level wasn’t high, only peak Corporeal Yang, he was extremely proud. In his eyes, the Moongazer Serpent wasn’t worthy.

Yao Bingyun stared at the black fog formed by the Moongazer Serpent. Her eyes lit up and she charged directly at the black fog. Her movement acted as the lead. After she charged in, those who had powerful cultivation all charged into the black fog alongside her.

Yao Yunhai was one of them. He stood on the flying sword under him and flew into the black  fog.

More and more cultivators gradually charged into the black fog. Aside from a few people, everyone’s eyes shined brightly. They spread out their divine senses inside the black fog, and after finding no danger, they charged through. When they broke through the black fog, what appeared before them were the countless swaying tentacles.

This scene caused the people who charged in to be startled. However, everyone soon scattered to search for traces of Wang Lin. Some of them even entered the depths of the planet to look for Wang Lin.

Yao Bingyun landed on the ground with a step and sank into the ground. The moment she sank in, she had a bad feeling. Everything around her felt extremely strange.

This feeling became stronger and stronger the deeper she went.

“What kind of beast is this…”

Yao Bingyun wasn’t the only person who sank into the ground, Yao Yunhai also went underground. He rampaged through without a care as he headed straight down, and there were a few cultivators following him.

Not all of the cultivators entered the planet formed by the Moongazer Serpent. There were still a large amount of cultivators outside, surrounding the planet. Among them were Yao family members who looked at the planet with glowing eyes.

With so many cultivators entering the planet, it caused a ripple to appear on the planet. This ripple was very weak; if one wasn’t paying attention, it would be hard to notice it. Even people inside wouldn’t be able to clearly feel it; they would feel that the pressure suddenly increased a bit.

However, this ripple caused Wang Lin, who was moving through the Moongazer Serpent, to suddenly stop. Wang Lin revealed a grim smile and muttered, “There are signs of awakening! This Moongazer Serpent has not been sleeping for long, so with a little stimulation, it will awaken… Let me help you awaken faster!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he charged forward toward the top of the Moongazer Serpent’s bone. This was a sensitive spot for the Moongazer Serpent. Back then, he did everything he could to prevent the Moongazer Serpent from awakening, but now the situation was different.

As he moved, his expression changed. He looked up and killing intent filled his eyes, then he charged up.

Yao Yunhai had an arrogant expression as his divine sense rampaged around the area while he charged down. However, at this moment, a chilly aura suddenly appeared, causing his expression to change. He immediately stopped and the few cultivators following him quickly caught up.

A cracks suddenly appeared behind those cultivators and a chilly aura came out from within. A 1,000-foot-long Moongazer Serpent charged out like a ray of lightning. The large amount of tentacles moving around its body was quite shocking.

This Moongazer Serpent was too fast. When it charged out, it devoured one cultivator before anyone had time to respond, then its body smashed into another. That cultivator coughed out blood and his eyes were filled with terror. He disregard his body and his origin soul flew into the earth.

This happened too fast and occurred in only an instant. Yao Yunhai’s pupils shrank and all the hair on his body stood up. He retreated without hesitation and both of his hands formed a seal and he was about to cast a spell. However, while his attention was completely focused on the Moongazer Serpent before him, Wang Lin appeared from the earth behind him.

Wang Lin’s fingers landed directly on Yao Yunhai’s back.

When Yao Yunhai noticed, it was already too late. He decisively gave up on his body and was about to escape with his origin soul. However, Wang Lin had already prepared for this. At this moment, his right hand was filled with origin energy and he reached out.

Just as Yao Yunhai was about to resist, the Karma Whip lashed out, causing Yao Yunhai to let out a miserbe groan. Wang Lin didn’t waste any time. He kicked Yao Yunhai’s body, sending a large amount of origin energy inside.

Yao Yunhai’s body exploded into a blood mist and created an origin energy shock wave that knocked the Moongazer Serpent back a little. Then Wang Lin borrowed this force and disappeared.

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