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Chapter 830 - Big Plan

The hunt didn’t stop, and it became even more intense. Countless cultivators flew like meteors as they chased after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s figure reappeared in the void. He staggered when he appeared and coughed out another mouthful of blood with a pale expression. His eyes were gloomy and his killing intent was even stronger.

“If I didn’t have the Ancient God Leather Armor, I would have died!” Wang Lin rushed out several dozen feet before he merged with the world and quickly fled.

There was no longer any blockade ahead, so the origin energy in the area with calm. However, Wang Lin didn’t directly escape from pursuers behind him. Wang Lin knew that as long as that woman was hunting him, the other side would eventually catch up.

Moreover, even without that woman, Wang Lin still wouldn’t choose to escape so far that the cultivators couldn’t catch up to him. Wang Lin adhered by a simple principle: if others don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. If they offend me, I’ll kill them!

The cultivators hunting him had already ignited his anger. How could he let them go so easily?

“If you want to kill me, you must pay a price!” Wang Lin’s eyes were extremely cold. His body flickered and he merged with the world.

Countless cultivators hunting Wang Lin rushed past the boundary between the Western and Northern Domains. They used various spells to speed themselves up while pursuing Wang Lin. The killing intent they gave off was like an unsheathed sword that was closing in on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the Northern Domain. This was the first place he appeared when he came from the Alliance Star System. His mood didn’t fluctuate at all and his divine sense spread out, searching for something.

A moment later, Wang Lin’s expression changed and a ripple appeared behind him. Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to take a step forward and disappear. The moment Yao Bingyun appeared, Wang Lin disappeared.

Yao Bingyun’s face was filled with killing intent. She let out a cold snort and continued chasing.

It didn’t take long before rays of light flew by. They were the cultivators and Yao family members hunting Wang Lin.

Along the way, Wang Lin didn’t move too far, because he was waiting for these cultivators. His heart was filled with killing intent. He wasn’t going to let any of them go and he wanted to catch them all at once! This was especially true for the cold woman who could also merge with the world.

Only then would he have some time to rest. Otherwise, with these people pursuing him, he wouldn’t even have time to rest.

Wang Lin had also decided that he wasn’t going to let the families of these cultivators go. He had already warned them, but they were still determined to kill him. Since that was the case, they had to be willing to pay the price!

As his powerful killing intent brewed, Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder.

In the Northern Domain, Wang Lin began appearing much more than before. Every time he appeared, he would begin searching.

However, he would immediately withdrew his divine sense as he couldn’t waste any time before he merged with the world again. If he was a bit slow, that woman would catch up.

As a result, his speed slowed down by a lot. The pursuing cultivators gradually flew across the Northern Domain. However, the cultivators from the Northern Domain began to hesitate. Some of them had even chosen to quit.

Seeing the planets that were slaughtered in the Western Domain had shocked them. However, although it was shocking, it didn’t affect them at the time. But at this moment, if that Xu Mu were to go crazy here, the consequence would be unimaginable.

With this in mind, the cultivation family members from the Northern Domain stayed in the back and slowly left. However, there were still people that naively hunted Wang Lin even though their families were in the Northern Domain.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the center of the Northern Domain close to the five main planets. He was very familiar with this area, especially planet Ran Yun where he lived for almost 100 years.

Even though he had returned here, he had no time to feel melancholy. His divine sense spread out and his eyes immediately lit up, revealing a look of excitement.

“Found it! It was still in the Northern Domain!”

Wang Lin’s body flickered and he charged toward the five main planets.

In the Northern Domain, an extra thing had appeared next to the five main planets. Many cultivators saw this as a huge, oval lifeform. It had countless tentacles extending from its body and was extremely terrifying.

Fortunately, it didn’t injury anyone. When it arrived next to the five main planets, its body contracted and turned into a planet. In the years that  passed, countless debris in space were attracted and a thin layer of earth had formed over the surface. Looking from a distance, it was no different from a cultivation planet.

However, the cultivators from the Northern Domain knew that this wasn’t a cultivation planet and that it shouldn’t be provoked. Even when they passed by, they would go far around it and didn’t dare to step onto the planet.

A dense, black fog gradually surrounded the planet and gave off a cold aura. In the past several years, this had basically become a forbidden zone in the Northern Domain!

It was the Moongazer Serpent from back then!

On this day, Wang Lin’s figure appeared outside the planet formed by the Moongazer Serpent. He looked at the Moongazer Serpent with a cautious gaze, but he didn’t hesitate to charge into the fog.

When he entered the fog surrounding the Moongazer Serpent, Yao Bingyun appeared. She stared at the fog around the Moongazer Serpent and frowned.

“He lured everyone this whole way, so he must be up to something!” Yao Bingyun’s eyes lit up as if her gaze could penetrate the fog and see inside.

Just at this moment, rays of light came in from the distance. The cultivators and the Yao family members hunting Wang Lin arrived. The cultivators from the Northern Domain already had a bad feeling. When they saw the planet formed by the Moongazer Serpent, their expressions became gloomy.

“This thing isn’t a cultivation planet but a strange beast! I personally saw this beast turn into a planet!”

“Although this thing has no offensive capabilities, it is still not anything good. Could that Xu Mu have lured us here to use that thing to kill us?”

Yao Bingyun didn’t act rashly but cautiously observed.

At this moment, Wang Lin directly pierced through the black fog and arrived above the Moongazer Serpent. The ground was filled with cracks and the tentacles swayed side to side. It was as if not much had changed since then.

Wang Lin revealed a sneer and he rushed into the Moongazer Serpent’s body. He followed the path he took before and headed to where the Moongazer Serpent’s bone was.

“Come and attack me. As long as you all anger the Moongazer Serpent, then everything will be resolved!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a grim light.

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