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Chapter 829 - Nine Deaths Perish Formation

This naked revenge quickly escalated. It was like a bolt of thunder that struck the cultivators hunting Wang Lin and made their minds tremble.

The fact that Wang Lin didn’t kill Soul Transformation or below cultivators meant that Wang Lin was still leaving them a way out. However, the bloody meaning behind this action was self-evident.

“If they continue to participate in this matter, then those below the Soul Transformation stage will be killed!”

Countless angry storms immediately erupted. The cultivators whose families were slaughtered seem to have gone crazy. They didn’t retreat and vowed to seek revenge on Xu Mu!

However, even more cultivation families became hesitant, especially the cultivation families from the Western Domain. It wasn’t certain who had taken the lead, but soon they all quietly left and returned to their cultivation planets. Suddenly, the blockade in the Western domain suddenly thinned down. Numerous cultivation families evaluated Wang Lin’s bloody revenge, and after a long time, they slowly retreated.

After all, making their juniors face death just for some benefits from the Yao family was beyond their bottom line. More importantly, Wang Lin’s actions caused these cultivators whose core interests were their families feel a chill in their hearts.

They could feel the madness from Wang Lin. If they continued, they weren’t sure what he would do.

Aside from the families of the Western Domain, the families of the other domains began to hesitate, but not many left. After all, their families were not in the Western Domain. To them, this Xu Mu would certainly die and he was merely struggling before his death.

No matter how much he struggled, he was still in the Western Domain. Since he couldn’t leave, there was no need to speak of revenge.

Although this was the case, Wang Lin could clearly feel that the pressure of the blockade in the Western Domain had lessened. However, during this period of time, he could also feel that the woman who could merge with the world was getting closer and closer. There were a few times where she almost caught up.

Wang Lin frowned hard. The other party’s pursuit was far too close. The space in the Western Domain that Wang Lin could move in also rapidly shrank. If he couldn’t find a way to charge out, he would be put in a dangerous spot!

Wang Lin’s figure appeared among the stars and he frowned. The killing intent that had condensed over these days was very strong. It was almost as if it could turn corporeal.

“That woman chasing me is at least at the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer. I can’t kill her with my own power, so it is a bit troublesome!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he disappeared.

Just as he disappeared, Yao Bingyun stepped out from the void. Her face was filled with killing intent, and after looking into the distance, she coldly said, “You can’t escape!”

She took a step and merged with the world to chase after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin merged with the world with the intent to lose Yao Bingyun. With her chasing him, he couldn’t leave at all.

By staying merged with the world until it hurt himself, Wang Lin finally managed to make Yao Bingyun lose track of him. However, this took three days!

During these three days, the blockade formed by the cultivators in the Western Domain had shrunken a lot, like a circle that was constantly shrinking!

A powerful killing intent had gathered within the blockade. This killing intent was so powerful that it caused the dust in space to be blown back.

After temporarily shaking off Yao Bingyun’s pursuit, Wang Lin appeared next to an abandoned planet without any signs of life.

After taking a closer look at the planet, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly and he muttered, “I’ll use this one!”

Wang Lin knew that he was pressed for time. Aside from being able to merge with the world, the woman chasing him also had a method of prediction to be able to find his location.

As a result, he had to work fast in the short period of time he had managed to get. Wang Lin’s hands quickly formed seals and countless restrictions flew toward this abandoned planet.

These restrictions immediately disappeared when they landed on the planet. Wang Lin didn’t stop. He continued to circle the planet and place down restrictions.

One hour later, his expression was a bit pale. With one step, he arrived on the planet. It was filled with ruins, the earth was cracked, and all the seas had dried up.

After Wang Lin landed, he slapped his bag of holding and the soul flag appeared. With a shake of his hand, the soul flag turned into a black mist that spread out around the planet. Inside the black mist was the Blood Ancestor, who had his eyes closed. There were countless seals around him and he was surrounded by the countless souls within the soul flag.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to reach out and take an Illusory Yin origin soul. After crushing it, his left hand created a restriction.

The Illusory Yin origin soul trembled and revealed a terrifying cold gaze. Wang Lin threw the origin soul and it disappeared into the planet.

Wang Lin was breathing hard. Before Li Yuan left, he taught Wang Lin all of the Annihilation restrictions. Although he didn’t have the inheritance and thus can’t use a lot of them and their power was lacking, there were still some that he could use!

The Nine Deaths Perish Formation was one of them! It was also called one of the three great forbidden restrictions by Li Yuan.

This formation didn’t require the restriction heart, it required a large amount of origin souls. Although Li Yuan could use this formation, the requirements were too strict, so he had never actually placed one down before.

Wang Lin’s expression was a bit pale, but he didn’t stop; he continued to grab origins souls. He didn’t have many Illusory Yin origin souls, as most of them were devoured by him. He decided to use Ascendant origin soul instead. He continued to place restrictions on them and threw them into the planet.

Several hours later, Wang Lin’s face was even more pale. His eyes lit up and he stared at the Blood Ancestor’s origin soul. After hesitating a little, his eyes revealed a decisive gaze. He grabbed the Blood Ancestor’s origin soul and placed a restriction between the eyebrows. However, he didn’t throw it into the planet and let it remain inside the black mist.

After taking a deep breath, Wang Lin directly sank into the depths of the planet. He withdrew all his aura, leaving none of it leaking, and even used the restriction Li Yuan taught him to hide himself.

This hiding restriction was very mysterious. When Li Yuan used it, Wang Lin couldn’t detect him at all. However, it wasn’t perfect if one didn’t have the the restriction heart. In that case, there was still a chance of being detected by others.

This was why Wang Lin didn’t use this when he was surrounded.

He sank into the depths of the planet and sat down. Killing intent flash across his eyes and he muttered, “Yao family and those cultivation families chasing after me, I have prepared a gift for you all. This is merely the prelude!”

As he sneered, Wang Lin closed his eyes. He didn’t reveal even a hint of his aura; it was as if he had merged with the cultivation planet.

Time gradually passed. Three days later, the blockade in the Western Domain continued to shrink. On this day, the first wave of cultivators arrived at the planet Wang Lin was hiding in.

There was a woman in front of all those cultivators, she was Yao Bingyun. Her expression was cold as her right hand formed a seal as if she was predicting something. Her gaze fell on the planet Wang Lin was hiding in, then her eyes lit up and coldly said, “Xu Mu is here!”

Behind Yao Bingyun were two members of the Yao family, one man and woman. They had relaxed expression and the man smiled. “This person must have realized that he couldn’t hide anymore and placed some kind of formation here!”

As the young man spoke, he took a step forward and charged toward the planet. Yao Bingyun frowned slightly and followed after him. The cultivation families that were with them also headed toward the planet.

However, everyone, including the young man, stopped outside the planet. No one truly entered the planet.

The young man smiled and loudly said, “Fellow Cultivators, please help my Yao family destroy the planet so that no matter what trap he set up, he will be destroyed along with the planet!”

The surrounding cultivators all agreed, and without hesitation, they quickly began attacking the planet. 

In an instant, all sorts of origin energy spells fell down on the abandoned planet. Loud rumbles echoed across the stars and large pieces of the planet fell off, making it seem as if it was going to collapse.

Yao Bingyun frowned. She had pursued Wang Lin for a  long time now, so she knew how astute he was. He would definitely not leave such a big opening!

As the large amount of cultivators attacked, a large amount of gravel spread out and began to spread. Large cracks appeared on the planet like deep gorges. When the young man from the Yao family began using celestial spells, the planet’s collapse intensified.

Dense fluctuations spread out and gradually, a large amount of sword energy came from the distance as another wave of cultivators arrived. When they saw what was happening, they began attacking the broken planet without asking any questions.

Yao Bingyun frowned even harder. She felt like something was wrong but couldn’t think of a reason.

The countless spells caused the planet to continue to collapse and a large amount of gravel to spread out. This caused almost the entire area to be surrounded by gravel.

In the end, there was an earth-shattering explosion and a powerful ripple spread out. This planet had completely collapsed!

This collapse was filled with destructive aura that could kill everything within it in an instant.

Large amounts of gravel had spread out from the impact and the collapse of the planet caused the surrounding origin energy to distort. An aura of death rippled across the area.

At this moment, as the loud sound spread out, more rays of light flew in from the distance. Another group of cultivators had arrived!

The feeling of uneasiness in Yao Bingyun’s heart became even stronger. She suddenly looked around and saw the pieces of gravel spread out within a 100,000 feet radius. It was as if this gravel had surrounded the cultivators.

“Something is wrong!” Yao Bingyun’s eyes narrowed and was about to warn them.

However, just at this moment, a ray of purple lightning suddenly appeared on one gravel furthest away. Once it appeared, it quickly connected with another piece of gravel.

This didn’t end. In an instant, there were flashes of lightning coming from all the gravel. In and instant, all of the gravel within 100,000 feet was connected by lightning.

As crackling sounds echoed, it formed a lightning cage within the 100,000 feet area.

All of this happened in an instant; it was incomprehensibly fast. By the time the cultivators realized it, it had already formed!

At the same time, one of the fragments gave off the fluctuations of an Illusory Yin cultivator before it suddenly collapsed.

It created an explosion as powerful as an Illusory Yin cultivator exploding. The impact seriously injured everyone under the Illusory Yin stage. Two people instantly cough out blood and their eyes dimmed.

The explosion of this fragment was like a signal, as other fragments exploded one by one. In the end, the power of all the fragments exploding rampaged within the area.

Angry roars and shouts echoed within the area. The cultivators trapped inside used various spells to resist this storm while trying to rush out.

However, the power of the explosions seemed to have fused together and become extremely strong. As it spread, if a cultivator died, their origin soul wouldn’t be able to escape at all. Their origin soul would be absorbed by the storm and would then be forced to explode, becoming part of this force.

However, there were many Illusory Yin and Corporeal Yang cultivators among the people chasing Wang Lin. After the initial commotion, they grouped together. The counter-attack they formed was powerful beyond belief.

With Yao Bingyun taking the lead, whenever she attacked, a large amount of the destructive force from the formation would collapse. It was as if the storm that was contracting and devouring everything inside was unable to devour more. Instead, it was being pushed outward by the retaliation of the cultivators.

For a while, thunderous rumbles filled the area. At this moment, a black mist silently spread and a burst of mournful cries came from within it. The Blood Ancestor’s origin soul slowly condensed within.

At the moment the Blood Ancestor’s origin soul condensed, an extremely cold voice said, “Explode!”

This voice came from the only gravel that hadn’t collapsed. The moment this voice appeared, the Blood Ancestor’s origin soul emitted a powerful blood-colored light before it collapsed. A ripple spread like crazy after the origin soul collapsed.

Every cultivator that was touched by this ripple was immediately killed unless their cultivation was extremely powerful.

The eyes of an Illusory Yin cultivator from a family from the Northern Domain were filled with terror. He was extremely close to the Blood Ancestor, and as soon as the Blood Ancestor collapsed, the ripples hit him. He let out a miserable groan before his body collapsed. Even his origin soul wasn’t able to escape and dissipated.

Another cultivator from the Southern Domain was about to rush out, but his body immediately stiffened as the ripple touched him. His body immediately exploded into a mist of blood.

In an instant, there were countless casualties within the 100,000 feet area. Wang Lin’s figure appeared outside the 100,000 feet area. His hand reached out and the black mist condensed back into the soul flag and he put it back inside his bag.

Then his figure flickered and charged forward. Just as he was about to disappear, Yao Bingyun suddenly closed in and her two fingers mercilessly pressed down!

Her phoenix eyes were filled with killing intent and looked extremely vicious! She been had prepared for this for a long time; she was waiting for the moment Wang Lin appeared!

She was confident that this finger could absolutely take Xu Mu’s life. This finger contained the celestial spell Soul Perishing Seal. It was specialized in damaging the origin soul!

“A mere Corporeal Yang cultivator has no chance of survival in the face of the Soul Perishing Seal!”

Wang Lin’s body trembled and he was forced out 1,000 feet away. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood and his face turned deathly pale. However, he didn’t pause at all; he stepped back into the void and fled far away. 

“He isn’t dead!” Yao Bingyun was startled and her eyes shined brightly. She rushed forward and chased once more.

The collapsed of the Blood Ancestor’s origin soul caused a large number of the cultivators that were chasing Wang Lin to die. No one had expected that Xu Mu would have this ace!

There were several Yao family members within that 100,000 feet radius. They weren’t able to escape and died within the explosion.

As the ripples dissipated, the 100,000 feet area was filled with blood. This time simply too many people had died. However, this was only a small portion of the people hunting Wang Lin. Rays of light came in from the distance and gradually all the cultivators chasing Wang Lin gathered here. The slaughter here caused their minds to tremble, but their intent to kill Wang Lin became even stronger!

“We can’t let this Xu Mu escape. Otherwise, once he retaliates, it will be a catastrophe!”

“Right now it is no longer a battle between Xu Mu and the Yao family but a battle to exterminate this demon. Only by killing Master Demon Xu Mu can we be at peace!”


These cultivators that came later directly rushed out after Wang Lin. The Yao family members’ eyes were blood red as they chased after Wang Lin.

Countless cultivators had died to this large formation, so the name Xu Mu spread like crazy within the Allheaven Star System. Even some old monsters put their gazes on the dispute between the Yao family and Xu Mu.

While resisting countless cultivation families and the Yao family with his own strength, not only did he not die, but he killed several people and gained the title of Master Demon. Then he used a formation and killed countless cultivators, shaking the minds of his pursuers!

He even frightened cultivation families enough to make them withdraw from the pursuit. This caused Xu Mu to become a new star within the Allheaven Star System!

Word of the battles between Xu Mu and the Yao family were spread out by certain people and became known to all the cultivators in the Allheaven Star System.

The name “Xu Mu” became even more famous!

In the Thunder Celestial Temple at the top of the Cloud Pagoda, Qing Shui was cultivating with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes, looked into the distance, and muttered, “This child has a style similar to me in my youth, very good!”

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