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Chapter 828 - Master Demon

Boom, boom, boom… A series of earth-shattering sounds echoed across the area. All of Wang Lin’s balls of thunder collapsed and the encroaching ice paused slightly.

Just at this moment, there was a flash from Wang Lin’s shadow as Ta Shan stepped out. He raised his unjuried left fist and didn’t hesitate to punch the ice.

At the same time, Wang Lin raised his right hand and Call the Wind quickly appeared. The black wind formed and flew toward Yao Bingyun.

Wang Lin was always ruthless toward his enemy, regardless of whether they were men or women!

The black wind swept the area, causing the ice to immediately collapse and dissipate. Ta Shan’s fist charged straight toward Yao Bingyun after the ice collapsed.

Yao Bingyun’s expression was still cold without any change. The moment Ta Shan closed in, she opened her mouth quietly and said, “Blood Collapse!”

Ta Shan suddenly trembled and a large amount of blood suddenly came out from his body to from a blood mist. He wasn’t able to throw that punch at all before being pushed back by a powerful force. He quickly returned back into Wang Lin’s shadow.

In this instant, Wang Lin also felt a strange power condensing from all directions. This power caused all the blood in his body to flow more rapidly. It was as if his blood was going to boil and rush out of his body.

Killing intent flashed across his eyes and Wang Lin gripped his hand. The black wind immediately condensed into a black dragon. The black dragon blasted cold air at Yao Bingyun.

Yao Bingyun’s expression changed for the first time. She stared at the cold wind coming from the black dragon and her hands quickly formed a seal.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin took a step backwards and merged with the world. His enemy could also merge with the world, so the battle tactic he used before had no effect on this woman.

Wang Lin revealed a decisive gaze. He couldn’t beat her, so he simply decided to quickly flee!

Wang Lin took a step backwards and ripples appeared under his feet and he disappeared. Yao Bingyun wanted to chase, but the cold wind blasted by the black dragon was beyond her expectations. Even when she merged with the world, she wasn’t able to avoid it.

Yao Bingyun’s face was filled with coldness as her hand formed a seal and a blue core immediately appeared before her. The core was very bright and its color was vibrant. The moment it appeared, it was met with the cold wind. After a series of crackling sounds, the cold wind disappeared. However, the blue core had dimmed as if it had lost its spirit.

Yao Bingyun’s expression turned gloomy and she grabbed the blue core. She stared at where Wang Lin disappeared and continued to chase.

Ever since she began cultivating, she had never met someone so difficult to deal with. Even with her relentless pursuit, she still hadn’t managed to prevent the other party from escaping. At this moment, Yao Bingyun had a cold expression. Her divine sense spread out while she was merged with the world to look for fluctuations.

After Wang Lin merged with the world, he charged directly toward the Northern Domain. He had a big plan!

There was a river of stars between the Western and Northern domains. Once you passed through this area, you would enter the Northern domain. However, there were countless cultivators at the border to the Western Domain.


At this moment, there was also a large amount of cultivators gathering in the Western Domain. Aside from the Yao family members, a large amount of people were brought by the Yao family. The cultivators from the Western Domain accounted for more than half of the cultivators here.

These people were determined that Wang Lin would without a doubt die, so they were naturally not worried about Wang Lin’s retaliation. They were all mobilized for Yao family’s reward.

In truth, there weren’t many people from the Yao family.

There were countless people blocking the area, and some people were constantly disrupting the origin energy in the area to prevent people from passing.

Wang Lin’s body appeared 5,000 kilometers away from the river of stars and he stared gloomily at the scene before him. Even from this far away, he could feel a powerful ripple. With this many cultivators disrupting the origin energy in the area, even if he merged with the world, he couldn’t ensure that he could safely pass through.

Once he was forced to appear mid way and was attacked by all the cultivators, Wang Lin knew he would die!

“Yao family!” Wang Lin clenched his teeth, then he turned around and disappeared.

Just at this moment, a few divine senses quickly rushed over, and one of them didn’t hesitate to disrupt the origin energy in the area. There were roars from the distance as a large amount of cultivators rushed over.

The origin energy was disrupted, causing Wang Lin’s body to appear 10,00 feet away. His expression became even more gloomy and he quickly escaped.

“Xu Mu is here!!”

“Xu Mu is here, kill!”

“Xu Mu, he is Xu Mu!”

Shouts came from all directions and cultivators wearing all kinds of clothes charged toward him. What was ridiculous was that there was no one from the Yao family among them!

The real Yao family members were in the back, coldly watching everything.

It was hard to say who was more intelligent. From the Yao family’s perspective, using rewards to exchange for the help of various cultivation families could save them a lot of energy. From the view of the cultivation families, it was the same. Since a lot of cultivation families had joined, then Xu Mu would without a doubt die. As long as they joined the fight, they would gain benefits, and if they killed Xu Mu, they would gain more benefits.

Therefore, why not act?

As Wang Lin continued to retreat, a large amount of ripples appeared under his feet. His gaze was cold as he swept the people chasing him and engraved their appearances in his mind.

As the various spells and treasures of those cultivators closed in, Wang Lin disappeared as he merged with the world. Although there was a lot of disruption of origin energy in front of him, if Wang Lin retreated rather than move forward, there wouldn’t be much interference.

“Yao family, if I don’t get my revenge, I can’t call myself a heaven-defying cultivator! There are also those cultivation families that are helping the Yao family. If it weren’t for them being lured by the reward, the Yao family couldn’t form an encirclement like this!” Wang Lin sneered as he disappeared.

When the cultivators who rushed over saw Wang Lin’s sneer, they felt a chill in their hearts. This powerful killing intent and expression only meant that Wang Lin was about to start a slaughter!

“Since you all want to seal me, then come!” Wang Lin merged with the world and quickly retreated. At this moment, Yao Bingyun’s aura quickly locked on to Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he retreated. His figure appeared once more in the Western Domain, and there was a cultivation planet before him.

Wang Lin didn’t know its name, but after he appeared, he took a step forward and scanned it with his divine sense. There weren’t any cultivators above the peak of the late stage of Ascendant on this planet.

This was a clear sign! With how rich the spiritual energy of this cultivation planet was, it was impossible not to have an Illusory Yin Cultivator or above. These people must’ve been participating in the group that was hunting him!

In truth, Wang Lin’s guess was extremely accurate! At a time like this, if large amount of Illusory Yin cultivators were missing, this was the only answer!

The killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger as he rushed out. Whenever he encountered a cultivator at the Soul Transformation stage or above, he would flick his finger without hesitation.

“If you participate in the matter between me and the Yao family, then you must be wary of my revenge! If I don’t force these families away, then only more of them will participate in this matter.

“The only way to deal with this matter is to shock them! And the best way to shock them is to slaughter their planets!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He was not a kind person, and at this moment, he was trapped in the Western Domain by the Yao family and these cultivators. If he didn’t become more merciless, then once they closed in, all he would be able to do was wait for his death!

Moreover, what made Wang Lin more anxious was the Yao family’s and the other families’ true experts. Even one cultivator that had stepped into the Nirvana Scryer stage would be difficult for Wang Lin to resist!

The reason why planet Dong Lin was so famous and why people’s minds would tremble whenever its name was mentioned was because whenever the descendants of that generation appeared, anyone that provoked that person would have their planet slaughtered!

Only by making them pay the price of blood would they all remember!

Wang Lin originally didn’t want to do this, but right now he was forced to do this. Only by doing this could he make all the cultivation families that participated due to the reward retreat!

There were no cries. Wang Lin moved across the planet like a whirlwind that took away lives. After less then the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, he merged with the world and disappeared.

He left this cultivation planet with only rivers of blood and not a single cultivator above the Soul Transformation stage remained! As for mortals, Wang Lin didn’t hurt even one of them. Wang Lin also knew that the people below the Soul Transformation stage couldn’t participate in this matter, so he didn’t act against them.

Before he left, he raised his hand and pressed down on the ground. After a violent rumble, two large words appeared on the ground!

“Xu Mu!”

After Wang Lin left, ripples immediately appeared and Yao Bingyun walked out. When she saw the cultivation planet, her expression became extremely gloomy. Then killing intent flashed across her eyes and she continued to chase.

Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot when he appeared in different places throughout the Western Domain. Everytime he appeared, there would be a planet next to him. If all of the Illusory Yin cultivators were there, he would turn around and leave.

However, if there were no Illusory Yin cultivators on the planet, it meant they were involved in his pursuit, so a bloodbath would unfold on the planet!

“You all forced me! You all chasing to kill me for no reason other than the Yao family’s reward is the karmic cause, me slaughtering your planet is the karmic effect!” Wang Lin didn’t like to kill, but now he was being forced to and he had no other choice!

In the short span of 30 days, a bloody storm swept across the Western Domain. News that angered all of the cultivators but also frightened them at the same time spread out.

Dozens of cultivation planets had all Soul Transformation and above cultivators slaughtered. The only thing left was the two words “Xu Mu” deeply engraved on the ground.

This was naked revenge! This was a complete revenge against the families involved! This kind of behavior was on the demonic path. “Master Demon.” No one knew who said it first, but this title was placed on Wang Lin!

“You must pay a price to participate in the matter between me and the Yao family!”

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