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Chapter 827 - Yao Bingyun

Ripples appeared in a bright and starry area of the Allheaven Star System. Wang Lin’s steps were staggered and his face was pale. The battle with Yao Changdong was too dangerous; had he been a bit careless, he would have died.

“Yao Changdong was worthy of being a real early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator. The gap between us was really big! However, if I was at the Nirvana Scryer stage, killing him wouldn’t have been difficult.” Wang Lin’s eyes were fierce. He couldn’t remain merged with the world for too long. Now that he had appeared, he quickly flew. After a few breath of time, he merged with the world again without hesitation.

“Right now I need to find a place to recover. Once I’ve recovered, I’ll go give the Yao family more trouble!”

The moment Wang Lin’s figure disappeared, ripples appeared and the cold beauty walked out. After she appeared, she frowned, looked at where Wang Lin disappeared, and softly said, “Using Spatial Bending twice in a row; this Xu Mu’s grasp of the world’s origin energy is very strong!”

If there was someone familiar with the Yao family here, they would recognize her. Her name was Yao Bingyun, and in the Eastern Domain she was considered one of the three phoenixes!

Ice Phoenix Yao Bingyun. She could be considered top three in terms of cultivation level among the Yao family’s third generation. Her expression was always cold; even when facing her own family members, she still spoke indifferently.

Her talent was not great within the Yao family, but her pursuit of dao was beyond imagination. In order to pursue her own dao, after she reached the Ascendant stage, she began cultivating the celestial spell Soul Seal.

This celestial spell sealed the origin soul’s senses. Your eyes wouldn’t be able to see, your mouth wouldn’t be able to speak, your ears wouldn’t be able to hear, and your nose wouldn’t be able to smell. It was considered one of the three great forbidden spells of the Yao family. Very few people were able to remain calm enough themselves  to cultivate it. The most important reason this was considered a forbidden spell was because if you were a bit careless while cultivating this spell, you would be trapped in the seal and die.

Throughout the ages, many Yao family members died cultivating this spell, so gradually, fewer and fewer people cultivated it.

Yao Bingyun remained in this state and went into closed door cultivation for 500 years on the Yao family’s ice planet.

After leaving closed door cultivation, she became even more cold, as if she was a piece of nevermelting ice. Wherever she went, she would bring a chill. Her life was dedicated to dao and her determination was unimaginable!

Among the Yao family’s third generation, only two people had grasped Spatial Bending. Yao Bingyun was one of them, and she had a deeper understanding than the other person!

After withdrawing her gaze, she took a step forward and continued to chase with a cold expression.

This chase lasted for 10 days. Wang Lin eventually realized that something was wrong and became even more cautious.

During these 10 days, Yao Bingyun chased closely after him. Originally, given her temper, she wouldn’t be involved in this family matter. If she had the time, she’d rather spend it in closed door cultivation to comprehend the heavens.

However, the Yao family Ancestor, Blood God, had said something when he released the Heaven Order. Anyone who personally killed Xu Mu could use the entire force of the Yao family to do one thing!

This was the root of why Yao Bingyun had decided to act!

“Sister… I must save you…” Yao Bingyun bit her lower lip as she disappeared into the void and continued to chase.

During these 10 days of time, the news of Xu Mu’s appearance quickly spread, especially how several families had formed a team of 28 to intercept him. In the end, Xu Mu killed 26 people and only two had managed to escape.

This incident set of a huge stir. Some of the people who had somewhat forgotten Xu Mu’s name remembered all the rumors about Xu Mu in the Thunder Celestial Realm.

What shocked everyone more was that among the 28 people, there were three Corporeal Yang, nine Illusory Yin,  and 16 peak Ascendant cultivators. With this team, Xu Mu was still able to easily slaughter them. Even among the two that managed to survive, when one of them returned, he immediately announced that his cultivation family and planet would not participate in the matter between Xu Mu and the Yao family!

The other person was a Corporeal Yang cultivator. He was in an even a worse state and his origin soul was damaged. Once he returned, he immediately went into closed door cultivation and also announced he would not participate in this matter!

This series of news completely awakened the memories of Xu Mu from the minds of the cultivators of the Allheaven Star System!

At almost the same time, the news of the Yao family’s third generation Yao Changdong, an early stage Nirvana Scryer cultivator, being kill by Xu Mu was leaked. It set off a storm that swept the Allheaven Star System!

Under the Yao family’s Heaven Order, the person that was sent to kill was killed instead. Aside from shocking the cultivators, it made them remember the name “Xu Mu” even more.

Similarly, the Yao family responded very quickly. Many family members and the cultivation families they contacted quickly gathered toward the Western Domain.

There was so many people that they formed a blockade that continued to tighten as they close in on the area.

At this moment, Wang Lin was very cautious while he continued to merged with the world. He didn’t do any long range moment in an attempt to lose the person who could also merge with the word that was chasing him.

Although he had not seen the pursuer, the feeling of being chasing was extremely profound. Wang Lin decided to merge with the world and not come up. Instead, he kept changing directions.

As a result, they were competing to see who had a deeper understanding. Whoever had a deeper understanding could remain merged with the world longer.

If the other person comes out first, Wang Lin will have the initiative and will not let them perceive his location.

Wang Lin experienced being merged with the world for a long time when Master Flamespark took control of his body. Right now he clenched his teeth and was able to remain merged with the world.

Time slowly passed. Although Yao Bingyun’s comprehension was profound, it couldn’t compare with what Wang Lin had experienced. After the 16th day, she couldn’t endure it any longer and appeared from the void.

The moment she appeared, Wang Lin, who she had locked onto with her divine sense while merged with the world, disappeared.

Yao Bingyun’s expression was calm as her hand touched a bag and a small mirror immediately appeared. Her left hand formed a seal as if she was predicting something. After a short while, she merged with the world again.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared next to an abandoned cultivation planet between the border of the Western and Northern Domains. When he appeared, his face was without any color. After all, he had been seriously injured and then forced to run for a long time. In addition, he had to be merged with the world for a long period of time, thus making his injuries worse. At this moment, his eyes lit up, and after he determined that his pursuer had been completely left behind, he let out a sigh of relief.

“The Yao family must have already launched their plan. From now on, every step will be difficult!” Wang Lin’s body flickered as he charged toward the abandoned cultivation planet.

There was no spiritual energy coming from the planet and there were ruins everywhere. It was obvious it had been countless years since the planet was in its prime.

Wang Lin found a basin on this planet, and after sitting down, he slapped his bag of holding. The soul flag immediately flew out and turned into black mist that filled the area. After placing down many restrictions, he closed his eyes. Behind him, Ta Shan walked out form his shadow and sat down beside him. Ta Shan’s right arm was broken, his body was filled with scars, and he looked dispirited.

Wang Lin knew that he was pressed for time. He had to quickly heal his injuries so he could remain at peak state. Only then would he be able to survive.

While cultivating, Wang Lin raised his right hand and reached toward the black mist. An Illusory Yin origin soul was immediately caught. Before the soul could beg for mercy, Wang Lin crushed it and devoured the origin energy.

A moment later, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he grabbed another origin soul and devoured it.

He operated the energy inside his body and continued to absorbed it. After six hours and four origin souls, a powerful wave of origin energy surged inside Wang Lin’s body. He opened his eyes, which were filled with killing intent. Then his right hand reached out and many bags of holding appeared.

These bags of holding belonged to the people he killed. Without thinking much, Wang Lin erased the divine sense on each of them and took out all the treasures. He crushed them all and fused the melted liquid into Ta Shan.

There were all sorts of treasures within these bags. At this moment, they were all crushed by Wang Lin to repair Ta Shan’s body.

After two more days passed, Ta Shan’s bones had recovered. Although he was still a bit weak, it was no longer a serious issue.

Killing intent flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes as he flew into the air. Ta Shan quickly followed and merged into Wang Lin’s shadow.

At the moment Wang Lin flew into the air, his right hand reached out. The black mist quickly gathered and formed a large flag in his hand. With a shake of his hand, Wang Lin put it back into his bag.

Just at this moment, Yao Bingyun’s charming figure appeared outside the planet Wang Lin was recovering on. Her face was cold as she took out a mirror and looked at it. The image inside the mirror was Wang Lin flying into the sky.

His expression was cold as she lifted her hand and pressed down on the mirror with her finger. However, the mirror shattered before her finger could press down.

A killing intent came out from the planet, and the center of it all was Wang Lin. He was like an unsheathed sword as he charged out from the planet. Balls of purple thunder surrounded Wang Lin and made him even faster.

In the blink of an eye, he charged out from the planet and headed straight for Yao Bingyun

Yao Bingyun’s expression was still calm and she stared at the rapidly approaching Wang Lin. She lifted her hand and pointed with her finger. Blue ice crystals rapidly condensed on her finger.

Yao Bingyun softly said, “Ice Break!”

With a point of her finger, a cold aura spread out like crazy. As crackling sounds echoed, the space began to freeze starting from Yao Bingyun’s finger and quickly spread.

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank, but he didn’t retreat. All the thunder in his body spread out and collided with the encroaching ice.

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