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Chapter 824 - Blood God's Thoughts (1)

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed. When he was killing those people, he noticed that there was no one from the Yao family among them. They were merely tempted by the reward the Yao family offered.

No matter how many of these people he killed, the Yao family wouldn't be hurt!

If he really wanted to hurt the Yao family, he must kill Yao family members!

"Since the Yao family wants to kill me, then I'll first extinguish the Yao family members!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and the killing intent in them increased. The Yao family member rushing over had already broken through the Yin and Yang stage and was at the Nirvana Scryer stage.

Early stage Nirvana Scryer! Wang Lin's eyes were filled with battle intent. Ever since he reached the Corporeal Yang stage, he hadn't battled a real Nirvana Scryer cultivator. At this moment, he was filled with killing intent, but at the same time, endless battle intent filled his heart as well!

As the sword energy closed in, Wang Lin quickly rushed forward. He had to deal with this  Corporeal Yang cultivator before the other one arrived. If the two of them teamed up, Wang Lin would immediately be at a disadvantage!

The Corporeal Yang old man relaxed and didn't hesitate to retreat. He no longer wanted to battle Ta Shan, as he had completed his task. All he had to do was help the Yao family member complete his task and then obtain the reward.

Just as he started retreating, Ta Shan chased after the old man under Wang Lin's order. His fist shined brightly as he continued to bombard the old man.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the stars as the Corporeal Yang old man kept retreating while using spells to block the blows.

Wang Lin's eyes glowed red and he rushed toward the ray of sword energy that belonged to the Yao family member. He was like a meteor and he charged very far in a flash.

Yao Changdong revealed a grin. There was even a hint of contempt on his face, and he flew even faster.

When the Corporeal Yang cultivator saw this scene, he felt peace of mind. However, he was still cautious as Wang Lin's strange movement had caused a chill to appear in his heart.

"Since that Yao family member has arrived, Xu Mu shouldn't have time to deal with me." The old man continued to retreat from Ta Shan's attacks. His eyes flickered as he looked at Wang Lin charging toward Yao Changdong.

The farther he was from Wang Lin, the more relaxed he became. However, just at this moment, Ta Shan's body began to shine dozens of times brighter than before. This golden glow was too strong; if a mortal saw it, they would immediately go blind.

Even cultivators would feel their eyes hurt. Although the old man was at the Corporeal Yang stage, he was too close to Ta Shan. At this moment, the old man's pupil's shrank and he wasn't able to see clearly.

Just as his divine sense was about to spread out, Ta Shan's fierce attack arrived, forcing the old man to focus on dealing with Ta Shan.

Just at the moment the old man's eyes were blocked by the golden glow, Wang Lin took a step forward while charging toward Yao Changdong. Ripples appeared under his feet and Wang Lin disappeared.

At the moment he disappeared, although the Corporeal Yang old man couldn't see, his mind trembled and his eyes twitched.

He didn't hesitate to activate the origin energy inside his body and push it out like crazy, forming a large amount of origin energy collapse. A vortex was formed from all the origin energy.

However, it was still a step too late! Wang Lin's figure had appeared behind the old man right as the vortexes appeared. His fingers were filled with origin energy and he mercilessly attacked.

The old man's origin energy vortex hadn't formed when Wang Lin's finger landed on the old man's back. The old man's face turned pale and he refrained himself from coughing out blood. As the origin energy swept through his body, he wanted to use Wang Lin's attack to escape.

Just at this moment, Ta Shan's body shined brightly and the tattoo on his forehead melted into his right fist. Just as the old man was about to escape, Ta Shan's fist landed on him. This fist caused a series of sonic booms that echoed across the stars.

The old man was worthy of being a peak Corporeal Yang cultivator. He spat out a mouthful or origin energy during this moment of crisis and created a shield. Ta Shan's fist landed on the shield, causing it to shatter, and the old man was thrown backwards. The old man's eyes were filled with resentment as he couldn't keep the blood back anymore and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

However, his body turned into a bloody shadow and he quickly merged with the blood before him. His figure became ghost-like and he somehow managed to escape from Wang Lin and Ta Shan's combined attack.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy. As the old man used the blood to escape, he raised his right hand and chopped down. The Heavenly Chop immediately shot out and the escaping blood shadow was split in half.

The peak Corporeal Yang old man let out a miserable scream. His origin soul was wrapped in a blood light and it escaped, abandoning his body.

All of this happened in a flash. Wang Lin had no time to pursue, so he raised his hand and formed a seal. The Celestial Sealing Stamp immediately appeared before him to form a shield!

Yao Chandong's sword energy suddenly changed directions and landed directly on the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

When the Celestial Sealing Stamp blocked it, an earth-shattering sound echoed across the area.

Wang Lin's expression was normal, but the energy inside his body was rampaging. Under the impact of the sword energy, the Celestial Sealing Stamp was forced back and Wang Lin was forced back with it. Only after he retreated 100 feet was he able to slow down.

"Yao family's third generation Yao Changdong!" After the ray of light dissapeared, a young man dressed in white looked proudly at Wang Lin. Under his feet was a 30-foot-long sword!

Wang Lin had never seen such a large flying sword. It emitted a dense sword energy that could shatter space.

"Xu Mu, meeting me is your misfortune. If you had met another member of my Yao family, they may have accepted your pleads for forgiveness. However, before I, Yao Changdong, your begging is useless!" Yao Changdong looked extremely proud and thought, "I have to finish this before Yao Bingyun gets here. Otherwise, the credit will be stolen by that cold woman!"

Wang Lin's expression was calm and eyes were cold. He had already noticed that the cultivators of the Allheaven Star System all had a high sense of pride. This kind of pride was formed by the cultivation family model here. This was very different from all the fighting and scheming in the Alliance Star System.

Wang Lin nodded slightly as he clasped his hands as if he was about to speak. However, at this moment, essence origin energy came out of his mouth to form an illusory sword that rushed toward Yao Changdong with extreme speed.

At the same time, Wang Lin took a step forward and disappeared into the void.

The sword formed by the essence origin energy was too fast and closed in on Yao Changdong in an instant. Yao Changdong's eyes lit up and he let out a cold snort. His right hand formed a seal and pressed forward.

A flash of green light came from his hand and it turned into a skull that attempted to devour the sword. Just as he rose his right hand, a ripple appeared behind him and Wang Lin stepped out. Wang Lin's two fingers pressed down. He didn't even look at the result and disappeared once more.

Yao Changdong's expression became gloomy. The moment Wang Lin appeared, he suddenly turned around and two rays of light shot out from his eyes. However, the two lights didn't hit Wang Lin and flew through the void.

Just at this moment, the Celestial Sealing Stamp suddenly began to rotate, and it smashed toward Yao Changdong with immense pressure.

Hundreds of golden runes flashed on the Celestial Sealing Stamp and flew out one by one. The endless golden runes rushed toward Yao Changdong to seal him.

Just as Yao Changdong looked up with a gloomy expression, Wang Lin once again appeared beside him and sent out a Heavenly Chop. Yao Changdong quickly turned but still missed.

Wang Lin's figure was like a ghost as the Celestial Sealing Stamp smashed down. He would constantly appear next to Yao Changdong and only use one attack before disappearing again.

As a result, Yao Changdong's expression became increasingly gloomy. Although Wang Lin's attacks weren't too strong for him, he still had to pay attention. Everytime Wang Lin appeared, he would have to react immediately.

However, he couldn't even touch Wang Lin's shadow. This kind of strange method of fighting made him very frustrated. Although Yao Changdong hadn't been in a lot of fights, the number was absolutely not little, but never had he had a fight like this.

After Wang Lin spat out that mouthful of essence origin energy and he lifted his hand to dissipated it, he had lost his initiative. He had to constantly be on guard and could never take the initiative to attack.

Just as he was about to recover and was ready to rush out to retaliate with his spell, the 100 foot stamp arrived. This made Yao Changdong even more irritated.

At this moment, the rumbling sound became even stronger and countless golden runes flew toward him. There was also that ghostly figure that kept attacking him.

Yao Changdong's eyes were filled with killing intent. His hand formed a seal and the large sword under him emitted powerful sword intent. The large sword split into 19 smaller swords that began to rotate to form a strange sword array. Then the sword array suddenly charged out.

When the 19 swords charged out, dense origin energy spread out from the sword array, creating a storm. The sword formation spun around Yao Changdong, and the origin energy within the area began to twist and Wang Lin appeared 1,000 feet away. Wang Lin's eyes were cold as he stared ahead.

"Seal!" A shout came from Wang Lin. At the same time, more golden runes charged out even faster through the vortex formed by the sword array.

The Celestial Sealing Stamp smashed down with a loud rumble.

Inside the sword array, Yao Changdong's veins bulged. He suddenly raised his head and his hand formed a seal. The sword array spun even faster and he pointed upwards. 

The sword array immediately charged out and met the Celestial Sealing Stamp that was smashing down.

There was a loud bang and the descending Celestial Sealing Stamp paused. Yao Changdong immediately took a step and was about to leave the range of the Celestial Sealing Stamp. However, just at this moment, Ta Shan appeared next to him and began a bombardment of punches.

Killing intent flashed across Wang Lin's eyes as his right hand reached out and the celestial sword appeared in his grasp. Xu Liguo had already returned to the sword. Wang Lin raised the celestial sword and the origin energy inside his body surged and mercilessly chopped down. One time, two times, three times… ten times… twenty times!

Twenty Heavenly Chops consumed most of Wang Lin's origin energy. However, they instantly condensed into a huge ray of sword energy and flew out.

The ray of sword energy, that could destroy law and seemed tear apart space itself, shot out toward Yao Changdong.

Yao Changdong revealed a fierce expression as the sword array spun rapidly and collided with Ta Shan's fist. Ta Shan's face immediately became pale, but he didn't retreat and instead threw another punch.

Just at this moment, the Heavenly Chop arrived and landed on the vortex around Yao Changdong. It broke through the vortex and charged toward Yao Changdong.

At the same time, a large amount of golden runes charged in through the opening created by the Heavenly Chop and quickly sealed Yao Changdong.

After using the Heavenly Chop, Wang Lin didn't stop. He took a step and disappeared. When he re-appeared, he was above the Celestial Sealing Stamp, and he sat down on it. Both of his hands formed a seal and he pressed down to the side.

The Celestial Sealing Stamp was filled with all of Wang Lin's origin energy, and it smashed down toward Yao Changdong.

At this moment, the seal, the Heavenly Chop, Ta Shan's punch, and the Celestial Sealing Stamp all rushed at Yao Changdong at the same time. When the Celestial Sealing Stamp landed, there was a bang that echoed across the stars.

The loud sound was so loud that everyone within tens of thousands of kilometers could hear this sound that was like a cultivation planet collapsing.

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