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Chapter 823 - Yao Changdong

This bizarre killing method shocked the surrounding cultivators greatly and the peak Corporeal Yang old man’s expression became extremely gloomy. He could feel that the other party’s cultivation level was about same as his and that he slightly exceeded it.

However, that strange spell that the other party used made him very scared.

“This is definitely not teleportation or greater teleportation!” The old man’s expression was gloomy as he touched his bag and took out a silver bell.

He immediately shook the bell. The sound of the bell ringing caused a large ripple to spread. It interfered with the origin energy around the area!

“There are still 22 people!” Wang Lin’s body flickered and appeared behind a peak late stage Ascendant cultivator. As the cultivator’s pupils shrank, Wang Lin raised his hand and used Heavenly Chop. There was no sword energy, but the cultivator’s body was split in half and then collapsed.

As for his origin soul, it wasn’t strong enough to catch Wang Lin’s eye, but it was still taken by the soul flag. At the same time, Wang Lin looked gloomily at the old man ringing the bell. That treasure was a bit strange; it was able to disrupt the origin energy around the area. Although it didn’t effect Wang Lin much, if it continued, it might slow Wang Lin down.

With a cold snort, a shadow flickered behind Wang Lin and Ta Shan stepped out. Ta Shan completely ignored the surrounding cultivators and charged toward the old man.

As Ta Shan flew out, his right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch. His punch broke the sound barrier and rushed toward the old man.

The battle with the two was extremely fierce and explosions echoed everywhere. The old man kept retreating as he used various spells, but his expression was extremely gloomy.

Any spell and treasure that landed on Ta Shan had no effect on him. It was as if he knew no pain and had a body of steel, and he continued to attack!

At the moment Ta Shan rushed out, Wang Lin took a step out. This time he didn’t merge with the world but opened his mouth to allow the Celestial Sealing Stamp to fly out. It expanded until it was 100 feet wide and then mercilessly smashed down.

The Celestial Sealing Stamp caused a loud roar as it smashed down. The expressions of the two cultivators under it changed and they wanted to escape. However, just then, Wang Lin said, “Seal,” and large amount of seals flew off the Celestial Sealing Stamp. This immediately sealed all of the two cultivators’ escape methods.

At the same time, the stamp landed and their bodies were smashed with a bang. Even their origin souls were broken, but they didn’t dissipate. Instead there was a flash of golden light and their origin souls were taken by the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

Among the hundreds of thousands of golden runes on the Celestial Sealing Stamp, two of them became even brighter than before. It was as if they had become alive, and they were obviously different from the others.

Wang Lin was a bit surprised. He didn’t think the Celestial Sealing Stamp would have such a strange affect, but it was obviously not the time to be thinking about it. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he sneered and his body disappeared, causing all of the attacks coming at him to miss.

His grim sneer caused the surrounding cultivators to feel a chill in their hearts.

Aside from the old man battling with Ta Shan, there were still seven peak late stage Ascendant cultivators left. At this moment, they were truly frightened, and Xu Mu’s prestige filled with hearts.

Rumors of Xu Mu echoed in their hearts. The seven panicked and then began to retreat and teleport away. They felt a lot of regret; they shouldn’t have listen to the order of the Yao family to intercept Xu Mu!

“You can’t escape!” Wang Lin’s divine sense echoed across the void. At the same time the origin energy within the area began to distort like crazy.

The seven of them were forced out of the void from their teleportations. Wang Lin’s figure rushed out like a ray of light and he passed by all seven of them in a flash.

Large amounts of blood sprayed out as Wang Lin moved through the seven of them. There was a series of popping sounds when each of their bodies collapsed and they died.

In the distance, Wang Lin paused and licked his lips. His eyes had turned red from the killing intent and he looked like a bloodthirsty demon. He stared at the cultivators not far away and softly said, “There are still 13 left!”

Those 13 cultivators’ expressions turned pale and gloomy. They all looked at Wang Lin, and in their eyes, Wang Lin was like a wolf.

Xu Mu’s fame appeared in their hearts. One of the Illusory Yin cultivators clenched his teeth and his hand immediately formed a seal. The origin energy inside his body cycled and white light appeared before him. In a flash, the white light turned into a large sword before he coughed out essence origin energy. The large sword immediately became fierce, as if it could pierce the void.

A majority of the cultivators around him also let out roars. In particular, the last Corporeal Yang cultivator slapped his bag of holding causing countless black needles to appear. He pointed at Wang Lin and all the needles flew toward Wang Lin.

Behind him, the remaining cultivators all used their spells and rushed in without any hesitation.

They were very fast and closed in in almost an instant. Killing intent flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes as he took a step back and disappeared without a trace.

Just at the moment he disappeared, the Corporeal Yang cultivator immediately opened his arms and shouted, “Teleport and disrupt the natural force in the area!”

Once he shouted this, all of the  cultivators teleported in place. Once they started to teleport, their figures began to flicker in and out of existence. At the same time, a powerful ripple spread more than 1,000 feet and the space around the area began to twist.

“Very smart, but not enough!” Wang Lin took a step. It was as if the ripple had no effect on him. When he appeared, he pressed his finger down on a cultivator who had decisively given up his body and escaped with his origin soul.

This cultivator’s body exploded in a mist of blood. As for his origin soul, it had already escaped more than 1,000 feet away and didn’t look back.

As the origin soul escaped, he shouted, “Fellow Cultivator Xu Mu, from now on, no family on planet Ling Ming will participate in the matter between you and the Yao family. Please let me go!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he didn’t chase. At this moment, the Corporeal Yang cultivator let out a roar and the black needles let out a black glow. They stabbed toward Wang Lin like rain.

While Wang Lin sneered, he lifted his right hand and the Wither Dao Pair appeared. An evil aura filled the air and grey light appeared on the black needles. In an instant, they turned into stone.

At the same time, grey light appeared at the feet of three people, including the Corporeal Yang cultivator. Wang Lin stepped forward and pointed at each of their foreheads. Their bodies all exploded and they died.

“Still nine left!” Wang Lin’s voice was filled with endless coldness. While all the cultivators were filled with terror, he disappeared once more.

At this moment, aside from the old man, who was still battling Ta Shan, the remaining eight people didn’t hesitate to give up. Compared to the benefits the Yao family promised, their lives were much more important. It was clear Xu Mu was not someone they could fight against.

Just by using that strange spell, no matter how many they had, Xu Mu would remain invincible!

Unless their cultivation levels were extremely high, it would be very difficult to kill Xu Mu!!

The eight people didn’t hesitate. They quickly retreated and went in eight different directions.

Not only did the killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes not reduce, it became even stronger. His aura was like a flood as the eight people escaped. He took a step forward and disrupted the fluctuations of origin energy around the area, causing the eight of them unable to be teleport for a quick escape. With a thought, the Celestial Sealing Stamp chased after one person.

As for the Wither Dao Pair, it charged after one person as well.

At the same time, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the Celestial Sword appeared. Xu Liguo appeared, and without Wang Lin giving any command, he let out a strange cry as he changed after one of the escaping cultivators.

Xu Liguo had some fear in his heart. Although he had inherited the ancient sword intent, he had never fought an Illusory Yin cultivator. At this moment, he was crying in his head, “Damn it, going all out, going all out…”

Three treasures started chasing after three different people. Wang Lin took a step forward and disappeared.

In almost an instant, Wang Lin appeared beside an escaping cultivator. The cultivator’s expression was filled with fear and he was about to speak when Wang Lin pressed down between the person’s eyebrows with his Corporeal Yang cultivation.

As soon as he withdrew his finger, he disappeared again. A moment later, the Celestial Sealing Stamp and Wither Dao Pair returned as well. Only Xu Liguo hadn’t returned. He cursed while controlling the Celestial Sword to attack.

The Illusory Yin Cultivator had an extremely gloomy expression. He didn’t want to get entwined with this sword spirit. Seeing his escaping companions die one by one made the fear in his heart reach a limit.

The curse from the sword spirit made him very annoyed. He activated the origin energy in his body and caused a collapse that knocked Xu Liguo away. He didn’t want to fight, and he flew away 1,000 feet and was about to teleport away.

However, the moment he teleported, his pupils shrank as Wang Lin’s fingers had already landed between his eyebrows.

The person collapsed and his origin soul was captured.

Wang Lin’s expression was indifferent as his gaze swept past Xu Liguo and he coldly said, “I don’t need weaklings!”

Xu Liguo’s heart felt cold and he quickly patted his chest as he flattered, “Master, rest assured, I…”

Without waiting for Xu Liguo to finish speaking, Wang Lin was already rushing toward where Ta Shen was battling.

“You’re the only one left!” A voice filled with killing intent spread like the wind. The old man battling Ta Shan revealed a bitter expression.

Just at this moment, a thick ray of sword right rushed over with an aura as it was going to tear space itself open.

The Corporeal Yang old man battling Ta Shan relaxed a bit and thought, “The Yao family is finally here and I have completed my mission of intercepting Xu Mu.”

A person appeared from inside the ray of sword energy. He was same young man that appeared when the middle-aged man crushed the jade! His eyes were filled with killing intent and there was even a small amount of hidden excitement in them.

“Xu Mu!! I didn’t think that I, Yao Changdong, would meet you. I’ll be able to obtain great merit for this!”

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