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Chapter 822 - Two Sticks of Incense

Holding the middle-aged man’s origin soul, Wang Lin coldly looked at the two people escaping in two different directions. He didn’t personally pursue, but a shadow appeared from behind him. Ta Shan rushed out and chased after them.

There was no difficulty in killing two frightened Illusory Yin cultivators with Ta Shan’s Corporeal Yang celestial guard body.

“Senior, please have mercy; Junior’s cultivation was not easily obtained. Senior, have mercy…” The middle-aged man was scared out of his wits. His origin soul was constantly begging for mercy in Wang Lin’s hand.

Wang Lin’s expression was cold as his left hand pressed down on the middle-aged man’s origin soul. Origin energy rushed into his left hand and he began searching the origin soul’s memories.

The middle-aged man’s origin soul was startled and started to wither. His face was filled with pain and his origin soul was trembling as if it could collapse at any time.

He could clearly feel that his origin soul was being violently probed by a giant hand as if it was searching for something. The intense pain was enough for him to almost go crazy.

Under this pain, he was washed over with boundless regret. This regret slowly spread across his origin soul, causing it to gradually dissipate.

Sometimes, thousands of years of cultivation would turn to dust due to one wrong choice...

When Wang Lin extracted the middle-aged man’s memories, Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder. In the end, he was like a half-unsheathed sword and monstrous killing intent built up inside him.

Wang Lin muttered, “So this is how it is!”

At this moment, popping sounds came from the distance. Each of Ta Shans’s hands was holding an origin soul and a bag when he returned.

Same as before, Wang Lin used the soul searching spell on the other two origin souls. Combining the memories of the three, Wang Lin gained a clear understanding of what happened while he was trapped.

He naturally wouldn’t let the origin souls of three people that offended him go. He threw them into the soul flag to be be used as food for using Call the Wind.

As for the three’s bags of holding, Wang Lin checked them and found some magical treasures. He took the them out and crushed them one by one. Then he spat out essence origin energy to turn them into liquid before fusing them into Ta Shan’s body.

The power of a Celestial Guard’s body mainly came from the rare heavenly treasures mentioned in the celestial jade. However, those heavenly treasures had long since been extinct.

So Wang Lin could only do the next best thing. He extracted various treasures for materials to make the Celestial Guard stronger and stronger.

There were also two pieces of jade inside their bags. According to their memories, these jades were used to contact the Yao family. It could be said that the Yao family had deployed a great deal of force to deal with him.

Almost every cultivator in the Allheaven Star System that was in the second step had a copy of this jade. A portrait of Wang Lin was included in the jade.

Holding the two jades, Wang Lin had a gloomy expression. He looked into the distance.

“Yao… The heads of the four great families. What reason are they hunting me for…” Wang Lin silently pondered.

He had a lot of grudges against the four great families, especially the Yao family. Not only did the matter with the Blood Ancestor occur, there was also the incident with the young master of the Yao family. There was also the matter with the Collection Pavilion.

“It shouldn’t be the Blood Ancestor… The Blood Ancestor knows my real name, so if it was because of the Blood Ancestor, then the name on the Heaven Order would not be ‘Xu Mu,’ it would be ‘Wang Lin.’

“However, it is possible that because my real name was never used and the name Xu Mu is much more familiar, the Yao family decided to use Xu Mu for the Heaven Order!

“Similarly, the young master of the Yao family that wanted to kill Li Yun also died by my hand. With the Yao family’s strength, they must have some spells to know about the deaths of their family members.

“It is unlikely because of the Collection Pavilion; the collapse of the Thunder Celestial Realm makes that very unlikely.” As Wang Lin pondered, his heart was filled with killing intent.

“Heaven Order… This reminds me of the Ten Thousand Devil Hundred Day Kill Order!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he flew forward.

He turned into a meteor and rushed off among the stars.

“The Yao family is too big, so there is no safe place in the Allheaven Star System.... Also, there are certainly people as strong and even stronger than the Blood Ancestor!” Wang Lin frowned and his heart became gloomy.

As he flew, ripples appeared under his feet. Half of his body had merged with the world, but he didn’t use Spatial Bending. He kept this state as he continued to move forward.

He wanted to calculate how long it would take for the Yao family to send people to kill him after receiving his whereabouts.

Not long after, Wang Lin stopped and his eyes lit up. He saw seven rays of sword energy charging straight at him.

At the same time, there were also seven rays of light rushing over from the left and right.

Seven rays of light also rushed over from behind Wang Lin.

It seemed like all directions were blocked. Wang Lin’s eyes turned cold and he muttered, “From receiving the information to now, only the time for two incense sticks to burn has passed. It seems like the Yao family members are spread across the Allheaven Star System!”

Wang Lin’s body didn’t move. He swept everyone with his gaze and his eyes narrowed.

“That’s incorrect; not all of these people can be from the Yao family. Otherwise, the Yao family would have too many people. It is likely that the Yao family sent their family members across the Allheaven System. Then they contacted the nearby cultivation planets so they can find me in a short period of time!”

After confirming his speculation, Wang Lin’s eyes became filled with killing intent and he muttered, “I haven’t slaughtered in a long time… I can’t kill the old ones, but I’ll kill the young ones as they come!”

Killing intent filled Wang Lin’s body. He was originally not a kind person. Right now he was surrounded by 28 cultivators who were also filled with killing intent. It was clear they held the idea of killing him.

With a sweep of his divine sense, Wang Lin clearly saw through the cultivation of the 28 cultivators. The seven to the left were the weakest!

Among these seven rays of light, four of them were Illusory Yi cultivators and the remaining three were peak Ascendant cultivators, all rushing at him filled killing intent. The ripples around Wang Lin spread across his body as he took a step to the left with a cold expression.

In an instant, Wang Lin’s figure disappeared and the expressions of the cultivators locked on to him immediately changed. At the same time, a ripple appeared beside the seven rays of light from the left as Wang Lin stepped out.

At the moment he appeared, he raised his two fingers like a sword and mercilessly chopped down!

A Heavenly Chop suddenly appeared and charged forward like an invisible blade. The three peak Ascendant cultivators immediately let out miserable groans as their bodies collapsed and died.

There were popping sounds and then a large mist of blood filled the area. The expressions of the remaining four changed greatly and they immediately spread out. However, in the eyes of Wang Lin, who was at the Corporeal Yang stage, they were too slow.

His eyes were filled with killing intent as he chased after one of the Illusory Yin cultivators. This cultivator was a middle-aged man. Facing Wang Lin’s pursuit, he revealed a vicious gaze. His hand formed a seal and the origin energy in his body surged. He was about to use an origin energy spell.

Wang Lin revealed a sneer as his body flickered and he pointed forward. The middle-aged man suddenly stopped and Wang Lin charged forward. Wang Lin’s foot stepped on the middle-aged man’s forehead as if he was using him as a stepping stone.

There was a bang, then the middle-aged man’s body exploded and his origin soul flew out in panic. However, a black mist came out from the soul flag Wang Lin had taken out and wrapped around the origin soul.

All of this happened in a flash and Wang Lin had already killed four people!

The smell of blood filled the area. At this moment, the other three groups quickly approached Wang Lin. Shouts and roars filled the starry sky as various magical treasures and spells were used by the cultivators, and they were all directed at Wang Lin.

The most powerful attacks came from three people. They were all old men and their cultivations weren’t any weaker than Wang Lin’s. One of them was even slightly above Wang Lin, having reached the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage.

No matter how strong Wang Lin was, if the attack of more than 20 cultivators landed on his body, if he didn’t die, he would be seriously injured. However, Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. His eyes revealed a cold gaze and the killing intent inside his body continued to grow.

He took a step forward. When he was flying before, he wasn’t unprepared. He remained half merged with the world, as under this state he could use Spatial Bending even faster.

With one step, Wang Lin’s body disappeared and those attacks that suddenly lost their target missed. Wang Lin’s body suddenly appeared behind a Corporeal Yang cultivator.

At the moment Wang Lin appeared, he used Heavenly Chop with no hesitation. The cultivator’s body trembled before he could even react. This cultivator was at the Corporeal Yang stage, so he activated his origin energy to resist. Just as he was forming a seal while disregarding the pain from his body, Wang Lin’s finger suddenly pressed against his back.

The cultivator’s body collapsed with a bang. As soon as his origin soul flew out, it was caught by the soul flag. At the same time, Wang Lin took a step backward and disappeared once more.

All of this happened too quickly. When the surrounding cultivators reacted, Wang Lin had already disappeared.

Wang Lin had seen the path to the third step and had mastered Spatial Bending. He could be completely invincible in a battle like this!

This was how Celestial Lord Qing Shui used this to battle hundreds of cultivators without taking any damage. Wang Lin had managed to learn this from him!

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