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Chapter 819 - Heaven-Avoiding Coffin (3)

The black-robed man revealed a decisive gaze. The moment his head fell in the coffin, the lid automatically flew over and closed the coffin. Then the coffin shined brightly and flew out from the formation.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The scene before him shocked him. He clearly saw the youth inside the coffin disappear.

Then he saw that as soon as the black-robed man’s head fell into the coffin, his body began condensing rapidly.

“This is…” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and his hand formed a seal without hesitation. The butterfly flew under Wang Lin and carried him. His left hand reached out and the Celestial Sealing Stamp immediately flew after the coffin.

Ta Shan flickered as he disappeared into Wang Lin’s shadow.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he chased after the coffin.

“What kind of treasure is this that allows one’s body to reform?”

Inside the crystal coffin, Long Daozi’s body quickly condensed. The feeling of having flesh was something he hadn’t felt for countless years.

His eyes became cold and he had a grin as he muttered, “Master, I, Long Daozi, didn’t have a body for the countless years I’ve been guarding your son. It turned out that I only had to lie here for a moment to recover my body!

“If that was the case, why did you make me suffer such pain? Were you worried that I would not guard it for you after I recovered my body?! I felt guilty before, but now I know! I, Long Daozi, have always been grateful that you saved me, and because of our master and pupil relationship, I would rather suffer pain for countless years than have any ideas about the coffin. However, now I know how ridiculous my thoughts were!!”

Inside the coffin, Long Daozi mercilessly clenched his fist and popping sounds came from inside his body like bones colliding. This was a very comfortable feeling, and he could clearly feel his cultivation recovering at an unimaginable speed.

From between Corporeal Yang and Nirvana Scryer, which was rank 1 Sky Celestial, he streadily reached the early stage of Nirvana Scryer, which was rank 3 Sky Celestial.

“Master Carefree, you cheated me good!!” Long Daozi’s eyes were filled with killing intent as his cultivation exploded. It rose up to rank 6 Sky Celestial, and it wasn’t stopping.

While Wang Lin was pursuing, his expression changed slightly. He could feel that the fluctuations of celestial spiritual energy from inside the coffin were getting stronger and stronger.

“What kind of treasure is this!?” Wang Lin suched in a breath of cold air and his eyes were filled with shock.

As Long Daozi smiled, celestial origin energy surged and he quickly reached rank 9 Sky Celestial! That was his peak cultivation level back in the Celestial Realm!

This didn’t stop. When his cultivation reached rank 9 Sky Celestial, his cultivation level exploded past the barrier of Sky Celestial and underwent an unimaginable change. Long Daozi’s eyes shined so brightly that they seemed like they would penetrate the coffin.

His cultivation had broken through Sky Celestial and reached Celestial King!

“Rank 3 Celestial King! Master Carefree, you are only a rank 9 Celestial King. Now I, Long Daozi, am also a Celestial King! Once I kill this junior and take his treasure, as long as I don’t go to the Celestial Realm, you will never find me in this big world!” Long Daozi laughed as he raised his hand and pressed against the lid of the coffin. The lid flew out and Long Daozi walked out.

Wang Lin immediately stopped, and his expression was extremely gloomy. However, his eyes narrowed as he looked ahead.

He saw that had Long Daozi charged out of the coffin laughing. A powerful aura spread out from Long Daozi. Although it was not as strong as the Blood Ancestor’s, it was still very strong.

It was as if there was a powerful celestial storm in the area and that person was at the center!

“Junior, die!” As Long Daozi laughed like crazy, he took a step forward. However, just at this moment, a drastic change occured.

His foot silently dissipated the moment he raised it. Then both of his legs and arms shattered.

This scene was exactly the same as how that youth disappeared when he opened the coffin.

“How could it be… Impossible!!” Long Daoiz was frozen in place as he lowered his head. However, he couldn’t see his body, as everything had shattered.

Even his head began to become blurry as if it was going to turn into countless fragments and disappear in the void.

Long Daozi’s eyes were filled with fear. It was as if he had gone insane, and he shouted hysterically, “Why is it like this… Master, why is it like this?!” 

Long Daozi roared at the sky, “Master, I have protected your son for countless years! Why do you want to kill me!?! You once said that as long as there is a sliver of soul, this coffin can help it reform. I used it to recover my body, so why has it collapsed!? Why?!”

“Master Carefree, if it wasn’t for me helping you find clues for the Heaven-Avoiding Coffin, how could I have broken the celestial law?! Yet you treat me like this!! I fear that if I had listened to you and entered the coffin after your son awakened, the result would have been the same!! You wanted to kill me!” Long Daozi’s head gradually dissipated. His origin soul also collapsed and became part of the void.

Like dust returning to dust and earth returning to earth...

However, there was a powerful sense of resentment that lingered in the void. This resentment had been brewing inside Long Daozi for countless years, ever since the Celestial Realm collapsed and finally erupted now.

This resentment was powerful beyond imagination. If it was not dispelled, it would exist for eternality. Perhaps after countless years pass, a new life can be born from this resentment.

Wang Lin witness all of this. After silently pondering for a moment, he pointed at the sky and said, “Dao forms underworld river!”

An underworld river appeared. It was as if the resentment had found an outlet and it had rushed into the underworld river. The resentment fused with the resentment inside the underworld river and continued to grow stronger.

After the time it took for one incense stick to burn, all of the resentment had been absorbed. When Wang Lin turned around, the underworld river disappeared.

Wang Lin grabbed the coffin. His eyes were very serious as he carefully looked at the coffin and began to ponder.

“This object can help nourish the soul and recover the flesh, but one can’t come out. Once the person leaves, they will disappear into nothing… If that is not the case, then coffin must had been used improperly!” Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment before putting away the coffin with a sigh and leaving.

When he saw the coffin, he thought of Li Muwan.

“Planet Dong Lin! With my current cultivation, I should be able to take a look!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. In addition to avoiding the All-Seer, he came to the Allheaven Star System to look for the Xiang family on planet Dong Lin to find a way to revive Li Muwan.

Wang Lin would never forget the shock and impulse he felt when the woman talked about awakening Li Muwan in the Tide Abyss.

At that instant, the impulse that appeared inside his body could collapse the heavens and earth. It was as if tens of thousands bolts of thunder had struck his body. No matter whether it was true or false, he had to take a trip to the Xiang family’s home on planet Dong Lin!!

No matter how difficult, no matter how dangerous, Wang Lin would choose to face it all! There were some things in life that no matter how dangerous or difficult, you had to do!

At the western part of the Allheaven Star System, deep within the Strange Domain. No one had been here for a very long time. It was as if this place was a forbidden zone. It was filled with grey fog to the point that you couldn’t even see past 100 feet.

The fog seemed to slowly drift as if it would last for an eternality.

The surroundings were extremely quiet without any sound. In the depths of the Strange Domain, it was completely covered by endless fog. On this day, there was a slight fluctuation inside the fog. At first it was weak, but soon it became violent.

The fog churned as if there was a large monster moving inside. If one looked from above, they would clearly see the fog within hundreds of thousands of kilometers violently churn and move in all directions. 

As the fog dispersed, one would see a whale-like monster moving inside the fog. It was very big, at least tens of thousand of kilometers long.

When its body moved, all of the grey fog around it would churn.

Its head had no eyes, only a large, open mouth. The moment its mouth opened, it spewed out a large amount of grey fog.

At the moment the mouth opened, a formation flashed. A person walked out from the formation, and more people appeared behind him.

The first person was wearing green robes. Although he looked like a youth, he had a rich, ancient aura to him. It was as if a thousand-year-old man was living inside the body of a young man.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a trace of confusion. The moment he appeared, he was immediately pushed forward by the fog. Behind him, the members of the Chosen Immortal Clan came out with fear of the new world. They followed closely after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was pushed by the fog. When he stepped out, he turned around and saw the unimaginably large beast.

“It really was the Nether Beast from the ancient god Tu Si’s memories… This beast has been around since the time of the ancient gods and its origin is unknown. This beast has no offensive capabilities and is extremely timid. However, there is something mysterious about its body; it’s as if it contains another world. The world inside is far larger than its body.

“I didn’t expect something from Tu Si’s memories to still exist.” Wang Lin looked at the Nether Beast and let out a sigh.

This beast also noticed Wang Lin and company. It slowly closed its mouth before slowly backing away and disappearing. Aside from the churning mist, it was impossible to see its figure.

Wang Lin had disappeared for more than half a year and had once more appeared in the Allheaven Star System. At this moment, two heaven-shattering events that shocked all of the cultivators had occurred! One of them had its spear directly pointed at Wang Lin!

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