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Chapter 818 - Heaven Avoiding Coffin (2)

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. When he the Heavenly Chop flew out, he raised the celestial sword and used 10 more Heavenly Chops that chased closely behind the first 10.

With a bang, the celestial curtain trembled and cracked. Immediately after, a second Heavenly Chop arrived and the celestial curtain shattered. Wang Lin threw the celestial sword and shouted, “Stop!”

The celestial sword was too fast and shot out like lightning. The black-robed man frowned as he had already arrived above the Celestial Sealing Stamp. He lifted his right hand and was about to grab the celestial sword.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin’s “Stop” echoed like thunder.

The black-robed man’s head was normal, but his bone hand paused. At this instant, the celestial sword flashed by and severed his entire right arm!

When his right arm was detached from his body, it mysteriously turned into bone dust and dissipated in the void.

Wang Lin’s timing was extremely accurate. If it wasn’t for the fact that the celestial sword was so close, then even with the Stop spell, it wouldn’t be effective because the spell couldn’t stop the black-robed man for long.

However, right now it was very different!

The black-robed man was startled and looked at this empty right arm. His eyes revealed unimaginable anger. This anger made him release powerful kiling intent. 

“I have been protecting this place for countless years and have finally managed to recover my skeleton. You dare to destroy my right arm!?!” That black-robed man seemed to have gone crazy. He gave up on the Celestial Sealing Stamp and charged toward Wang Lin.

While he flew, his expression was extremely hideous. He raised his remaining left hand and his fingers formed a sword that sliced at Wang Lin. Cracking sounds came from the dark void and a crack appeared.

Wang Lin revealed a cold gaze as he raised his hand into the air and shouted, “Call the Wind!”

The origin energy in his body quickly surged, but he didn’t have time to worry about consumption. A black wind appeared in his hand as it quickly spread and formed a violent gust of black wind.

Waves of cold wind spread out as the black wind charged toward the black-robed man.

The black-robed man’s eyes were filled with shock. This time the shock was several times stronger than when he saw Wang Lin with his master’s treasure.

“The Celestial Emperor’s Spell, Call the Wind!!! You… Who the hell are you?” The black-robed man’s expression changed greatly. He was very clear on how powerful Call the Wind was. That spell was a nightmare for him back then!

He clearly remembered that he had violated a celestial law. Although his master pleaded for him, Celestial Emperor Bai Fan still casted one spell. The Emperor said that if he could survive the spell, he would be spared.

Back then, the spell Celestial Emperor Bai Fan used was Call the Wind!

Under Call the Wind, his entire body collapsed; even his bones dissipated. If it wasn’t for the fact that his master, Master Carefree, had acted, not even his skull would’ve been saved.

After that, he was sent here by Master Carefree to guard this coffin. Only through this large formation and countless years of cultivation was he finally able to expel Call the Wind to reform his skeleton.

At this moment, he saw this spell once more and was scared out of his wits. He quickly retreated, opened his mouth without hesitation, and spat out an object. This was a blue core, and the moment it appeared, it dyed everything blue.

The black-robed man shouted once more, “What is your relation with Celestial Emperor Bai Fan!?” The blue core before him gave off a gentle glow, making it so he wasn’t injured by the black wind.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He didn’t speak as he took a step forward and the black wind roared. Right now it was as if Wang Lin had become one with the black wind. He arrived next to the black-robed man and the black wind moved with Wang Lin’s hand.

The black-robed man’s expression turned pale and he retreated once more. The blue light around him dimmed, but his eyes narrowed. He let out a roar and both of his hands pushed forward.

The blue core began to rotate, emitting bursts of blue light. It was like a vortex that sucked in the incoming black wind.

“This person’s Call the Wind isn’t strong, but I can’t let a trace of it touch me. Otherwise, it will activate the remnants of the Call the Wind law in my body!”

Call the Wind was too vicious. Once it enters the body, it is almost impossible to expel. If he let it enter him once more, it would immediately cause the injuries from back then to erupt!

“Damn it, how could this person know Call the Wind!? I’ll have to rely on the treasure Master gifted me!” The black-robed man was extremely gloomy. As the blue core resisted the black wind, he quickly retreated.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he stared at the black-robed man. He took out the God Slaying War Chariot without any hesitation. There was a flash of five-colored light and the five-colored butterfly appeared.

After the butterfly appeared, its wings fluttered slightly. Five-colored powder scattered everywhere; it looked very beautiful!

At the moment the butterfly appeared, Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal and pointed at the retreating black-robed man.

The butterfly immediately flew forward and flapped its wings.

Just at this instant, the retreating black-robed man’s body trembled and his eyes became filled with terror. His left bone arm exploded into grey dust and formed a grey butterfly.

After this butterfly appeared, it flapped its wings.

The black-robed man’s face was extremely pale and his body quickly retreated. His feet bones immediately collapsed and his eyes filled up with shock. Seeing that the butterfly was about to flap its wings once more, he exploded the lower half of his body. Using the power of the explosion, he instantly pushed him self far away and arrived above the coffin at the center of the formation.

When the upper half of his body entered the formation, a large amount of black gas came from the blood-colored formation. This caused his lower half to quickly re-appear in an illusory state.

At this moment, the butterfly’s wings flapped once more and the lower half of the black-robed man that had just formed collapsed. However, the next moment, more black gas came out, allowing him to reform his lower half once more.

This continued. The black gas from the large formation no longer went into the coffin but into his lower half. After condensing for a long time, it was as if his lower half contained flesh and blood.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he charged forward and raised his hand, using Call the Wind once more. His origin energy was a bit lacking to use it a twice in a row. Although his face was a bit pale, he was filled with killing intent.

It was obvious that if he didn’t kill this person, he wouldn’t be able to leave!

The black wind charged forward toward the formation. The black-robed man’s expression changed greatly and he was about to dodge. At this moment, the butterfly flapped only its left wing.

The black-robed man’s illusory body immediately collapsed. Even his black robe completely dissipated.

The only thing that remained was his head in the air. The terror in his eyes had reached a limit.

“Break the law!! This is a treasure that can break the law!!” The black-robed man had lost his wit and he didn’t hesitate to retreat. However, at this moment, the black wind had arrived to devour him.

The black-robed man’s eyes were filled with despair. If he was at the peak of his cultivation, he was confident he would be able to resist this, even if the enemy had a treasure that could break the law. If he had his body, he was confident he could instantly kill Wang Lin without letting him use that treasure.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that I was injured by Bai Fan’s Call the Wind, I wouldn’t have to be so afraid of this incomplete Call the Wind! I’m not willing to let it end like this!” The black-robed man’s eyes were filled with hatred. The moment the black wind swallowed him, he blew out a large mouthful of air.

This was his essence origin energy. He blew it out without hesitation and it collided with the black wind. He borrowed this force, allowing his skull to quickly retreat.

His eyes revealed a decisive gaze and he clenched his teeth. He retreated next to the coffin and muttered, “Master, it isn’t Disciple not keeping his promise, but if I don’t open this coffin, Disciple will without a doubt die!”

As he spoke, his head slammed into the coffin and the lid was opened. The moment the coffin opened, the flesh of the young man inside began to dissipate. It was as if it would collapse the moment it came in contact with the outside world. A moment later, it had completely dissipated and nothing remained inside the coffin!

“Long Daozi, you broke the celestial law and was punished by the Celestial Emperor. Not even Master can save you. I can only save your skull and seal your origin soul inside to guard this coffin. Your master has forseen a great catastrophe for the Celestial Realm, so leaving here might be a blessing.

“This coffin is a treasure from the ancient Celestial Realm. Your master obtained it after going through many dangers. It is called the Heaven-Avoiding Coffin.

You should know that before your master became a celestial, I had a son. Your master owes him too much and could only take a trace of his soul. When I became a celestial, I gave up all my cultivation time and opportunities to find this Heaven-Avoiding Coffin. I placed his soul fragment inside so that one day he can reform his body and awaken. 

“When he awakens, you will recognize him as your master and you will never betray him. At the same time, you can borrow this coffin to reform your body and recover your cultivation!”

His master’s voice from back then echoed inside the black-robed man’s skull when he went inside the coffin.

“Master, don’t blame me…”

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