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Chapter 817 - Heaven-Avoiding Coffin (1)

After the wind passed, the black robe covered the person once more. He stared at Wang Lin as his lip moved slightly and a ray of light shot out from between his eyebrows.

The moment this black light appeared, it turned into a black short sword that whistled toward Wang Lin.

The black-robed man’s lips didn’t stop and continued to mutter. Rays of black light shot out from between his eyebrows and turned into short swords. In an instant, more than 10 sword shorts were flying toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t move. The black-robed person’s cultivation level was very high; he definitely wasn’t someone at the Illusory Yin or Corporeal Yang stages.

However, since his entire body was bones besides his head, that meant that no matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t use his full power.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. The cultivation this black-robed man could use couldn’t be higher than early stage Nirvana Scryer!

At the moment those short swords flew over, Ta Shan stepped out with a thought from Wang Lin. The injuries he suffered earlier couldn’t be considered much. At this moment, his body shined brightly as he stepped forward and threw a punch.

This punch caused a vortex. The short swords were pulled in by the vortex, but they managed to charge out. The short swords moved like snakes and stabbed into Ta Shan’s body.

Explosions echoed through the void and Ta Shan coldly waved his fists. Every time his fists hit one, it would knock the short sword back. Even if the short swords dodged the punches, they couldn’t cause any damage to his body.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he charged out. His right finger pointed at the Wither Dao Pair. The Wither Dao Pair flashed and flew toward the black-robed man.

At the same time, the world was filled with dense killing intent, and it quickly spread. The moment the killing intent appeared, a grey light appeared on the black-robed man.

The black-robed man revealed a complex gaze and let out a sigh. He spoke as if he was muttering to himself. “It has been many years since I’ve seen Master’s treasure…”

Under the black robe, he raised his bone hand. The white bones looked extremely terrifying  and made a seal. Not only did the grey light stop, but it quickly retreated and then disappeared.

At the moment the grey light disappeared, the black-robed man’s lips moved. A ray of white light came from between his eyebrows and turned to a white-feathered fan. The moment the fan appeared, it began to move.

A gust of wind suddenly appeared. There was even thunder rumbling inside the wind. In an instant, it turned into a thunderstorm that charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change. He raised his right hand and pointed at the sky. The Celestial Sealing Stamp flew in to the air and mercilessly smashed down toward the black-robed man with a mysterious sealing force.

At the same time, Wang Lin retreated. When the thunderstorm closed in, his ancient thunder dragon soul flew out and devoured the thunderstorm.

Rumbles of thunder echoed inside Wang Lin’s body, causing him to retreat. When the entire thunder storm was devoured by his origin, he returned to his body. His face turned slightly red as large amount of thunder stormed through his body.

At this moment, the black-robed man had a serious expression. Above him, the Celestial Sealing Stamp was falling down like the might of the heavens. Popping sounds were coming from under his black robe and his face had a hideous expression. His two bone hands rose up to form a seal and he shouted, “Raising Heaven!”

At the moment the black-robed man raised his hands, a mysterious force suddenly began to gather from within 5,000 kilometers. This mysterious power was like strands of invisible gas, and they gathered toward his hand as if there was a suction force coming from his hand. This mysterious force formed a vortex above his hands.

The black-robed man’s ferocious expression became even stronger and he mercilessly pushed up!

A loud bang echoed across the void. The sound was so loud that the incoming Chosen Immortal Clan members all stopped. Their bodies trembled and they were forced to retreat due to the shockwave. Those with weaker cultivation had blood coming out of their orifices.

The Celestial Sealing Stamp trembled and paused for a moment.

The black-robed man’s face turned slightly pale. Wang Lin immediately charged out, touched his bag, and took out the celestial sword. He chopped down without hesitation.

Heavenly Chop!

The black-robed man’s eyes narrowed and soon black light began to gather. The moment the Heavenly Chop closed in, two rays of light shot out from his eyes and landed on the Heavenly Chop.

The power of the Heavenly Chop dissipated with a bang!

“With just this level of cultivation, it isn’t even enough to make me move. If this all you got, you’re not qualified to own my master’s treasure!” The black-robed man’s hoarse voice was cold.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he stared at the black-robed man. He pointed to the air and softly said, “Seal, release!”

Crackling sounds came from the Celestial Sealing Stamp and then a ray of golden light shot out. Then another ray of golden light shot out, and in an instant, many rays of golden light appeared. The originally dim Celestial Sealing Stamp shined like the sun.

A powerful pressure spread like crazy. There were golden runes flickering on the Celestial Sealing Stamp. Too many of them were densely covering the stamp, at least hundreds of thousands of them.

Wang Lin’s eyes turned cold and he softly said, “Descend!”

In an instant, the Celestial Sealing Stamp descended once more. This time, no matter what force was obstructing it. it wouldn’t be able to stop it. It was as if the sky was collapsing!

The black-robed man’s expression changed greatly as he raised his head and said, “Ten dragons, raise the heavens!” As he shouted, the black light between his eyebrows shined brightly and 10 dragons flew out. The tails of the black dragons were connected to his head. The 10 dragons let out a roar and charged toward the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

A series of explosions echoed across the void. The 10 dragons charged like crazy, but they weren’t able to stop the Celestial Sealing Stamp for even a moment.

With each impact, the black dragons received large amounts of shock and were mercilessly knocked back. In the end, the 10 dragons desperately slammed into the stamp together.

However, they still couldn’t make the Celestial Sealing Stamp stop!

Seeing that the stamp was about to land and was only 100 feet away from him, the black-robed man stood up with a gloomy expression! This was the first time he had stood up in countless years!

His black robe spread out and covered his entire body. Only his eyes exposed a cold gaze from within the black robe.

He let out a cold snort and his body moved. He was about to leave the spot where the Celestial Sealing Stamp was going to smash down.

Killing intense flashed through Wang Lin’s eyes. At the moment the black-robed man was going to leave, he coldly said, “Seal!”

The golden light from the Celestial Sealing Stamp suddenly disappeared and the world immediately turned dark. However, just a moment later, an even brighter glow appeared.

One by one, golden runes appeared on the Celestial Sealing Stamp. The runes spread quickly, and soon the entire 10,000 feet area was surrounded by golden runes.

The black-robed man’s expression was extremely gloomy. He raised his feet to leave, but just at this moment, all of the golden runes gathered toward him.

At this moment, the golden light filled the area and the runes quickly gathered. In an instant, a layer of golden runes quickly contracted around the black-robed man!

The black-robed man’s eyes showed a trace of fear. He suddenly jerked his head and stared at the Celestial Sealing Stamp. As the runes condensed around him, he revealed a decisive gaze. The 10 dragons coming out from between his eyebrows let out a fierce roar.

A destructive aura spread out as the black-robed man shouted, “10 dragons, shatter the void!”

One of the black dragons was torn apart by the destructive aura inside its body. It formed a vortex and then exploded!

There was a loud explosion. The self-destruction of the black dragon caused the golden runes around the black-robed man to be pushed back. Shortly after, another black dragon exploded.

At the same time, the other eight dragons all exploded. The explosions of the 10 black dragons was unimaginable. All of the golden runes were blown away and even the Celestial Sealing Stamp was thrown back.

Wang Lin quickly retreated. Ta Shan gave up on confronting the short swords and arrived before Wang Lin. He opened his arms and used his 20 foot body to block the force.

The black-robed man’s expression was pale. His body flickered and he finally left the range of the Celestial Sealing Stamp!

“What a powerful treasure!! Even in the Celestial Realm, this treasure is enough to be famous!” The black-robed man’s body flew outside the range of the Celestial Sealing Stamp. His eyes lit up as he flew to the top of the Celestial Sealing Stamp.

Under the impact of the 10 black dragons, Ta Shan coughed out blood and his eyes dimmed. Wang Lin walked out from behind Ta Shan, and his eyes were filled with killing intent. He moved like lightning toward the black-robed man with the celestial sword in his hand.

He was too fast. As he charged out, he raised the celestial sword and chopped down 10 times. A total of 10 Heavenly Chops fused into one and shot toward the black-robed man.

The black-robed man’s speed didn’t change and he flew toward the Celestial Sealing Stamp. He didn’t even look at Wang Lin as his right hand formed a seal. A large amount of celestial spiritual energy gathered to form a celestial curtain.

“This treasure is being wasted in your hands. Might as well give it to me!”

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