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Chapter 816 - Bones

The Wither Dao Pair released a flash of light and an intense killing aura suddenly appeared. The clone fighting with Ta Shan immediately retreated to where the other four clones were. Their hands began to form seals and they chanted a complex chant.

At the moment the killing intent spread out, a lightscreen appeared around the three clones. The lightscreen immediately turned grey and was petrified. 

After the lightscreen completely turned into stone, cracks appeared on it before it completely shattered. The five clones’ expressions were slightly pale, but the terror in their eyes was even stronger.

There wasn’t any hesitation as the five clones retreated into the distance.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he took a step forward. He disappeared and then re-appeared next to a clone. The moment he appeared, he opened his mouth and spat out a ray of golden light.

There was a three inch stamp inside the golden light. However, right after it appeared, it immediately grew to 100 feet wide and smashed down at the clone.

The aura of this 100 foot stamp was extremely shocking, to the point it was almost solid. The clone’s face became pale and all of the power in its body was sealed the moment the stamp descended.

In addition, he had a feeling that he was facing the might of the heavens.

In a flash, the stamp landed with a bang. The clone let out a miserable groan before his body collapsed. However, as the origin soul was about to escape, the 100 foot stamp went from dim to dazzling. In an instant, its golden glow covered the surrounding 10,000 foot area.

It was as if the stamp had become the sun.

A miserable scream came from inside the origin soul. His origin soul was immediately pierced by the golden light that formed into many seals, making him unable to escape. It was as if he was being absorbed as he was sucked into the stamp.

Not far away, the four remaining clones were shocked and were going to continue to retreat. Wang Lin grabbed the stamp and chased closely after them.

The four clones quickly escaped, but a moment later, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He stopped and revealed a sneer.

“You want to lure me away…” He gave up chasing and sat down in the void. Ta Shan arrived to guard him as Wang Lin’s divine sense continued to spread.

A few breaths of time later, he suddenly opened his eyes and charged toward a direction.

The four escaping clones suddenly changed directions and charged toward Wang Lin. The fastest one got to within 10,000 feet of Wang Lin when he revealed a decisive gaze. He actually burned his origin soul and flesh, causing his cultivation and speed to explode several fold.

In an instant, he was within 100 feet of Wang Lin and his body exploded!

The power of a peak Corporeal Yang cultivator was too strong. A destructive power began to spread and sweep toward Wang Lin.

At this moment of crisis, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he quickly retreated. He slapped his bag of holding and three small flags quickly appeared before rotating around him. At the same time, Wang Lin also took out the Mountain and River Screen.

With a wave, the surroundings became the Mountain and River Painting. When the explosion happened, the impact of the force caused the painting to distort. Although a lot of the force was negated, some still entered the painting. After all, this was only a copy and not the real Mountain and River Painting.

An opening appeared on the purple vortex after it had blocked some of the force. The destructive force landed on Wang Lin’s body and directly charged toward his origin soul.

Wang Lin quickly retreated and his expression became pale, but killing intent flashed across his eyes.

“Fortunately, I have the Ancient God Leather Armor. Otherwise, if I didn’t die to the explosion, I would’ve been seriously injured!”

At this moment, the three clones all closed in. They all exposed vicious gazes and all revealed auras of exploding as they charged at Wang Lin. They seemed unwilling to stop until they killed Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He would never let the same thing happen again. Instead of retreating, he charged out and pointed with his right hand. The Wither Dao Pair flew out and released intense killing intent. One of the clone’s feet immediately turned into stone.

Wang Lin’s figure moved like lightning and appeared before the one that was turning into stone. His finger formed a sword and pointed between the eyebrows of this clone, causing the clone to collapse into countless pieces of stone.

At this moment, the remaining two clones closed in. Their auras had reached a peak, ready to explode!

During this moment of crisis, Wang Lin was extremely calm. He raised his right hand to use the Stop spell and one of the clones stopped. At this moment, Ta Shan charged out, grabbed one of the clones, and flew off into the distance.

That clone exploded with a loud bang and the impact hit Ta Shan’s body. His expression became pale and his body trembled, but he was able to hold out.

Although Wang Lin destroyed 2 of the self destructions in a row but the last clone exploded due to the force building up inside the clone’s body. When that clone exploded, it created a violent storm that charged straight at Wang Lin.

Just at this moment, the Celestial Sealing Stamp expanded to 1,000 feet before Wang Lin. It wasn’t horizontal but stood upright like a 1,000-foot-tall shield before Wang Lin.

The sound of the explosion echoed across the void as the explosion hit the stamp with unimaginable force. Wang Lin retreated more than 30 steps with the stamp before he finally stopped. The killing intent in his eyes had reached a limit.

After the destructive force passed, Wang Lin charged into the void ahead like a meteor with monstrous killing intent.

Ta Shan followed closely behind him!

The Wither Dao Pair floated above Wang Lin, and below Wang Lin was the Celestial Sealing Stamp. Using the origin soul trapped inside the stamp as a guide, Wang Lin traveled tens of thousands of kilometers in a flash.

Wang Lin eventually saw the huge formation and the crystal coffin inside with his eyes filled with killing intent.

He also saw the black-robed man, whose face had a gloomy expression and a hidden trace of shock!

There was originally no wind in the void, but with the momentum of the 1,000 foot Celestial Sealing Stamp, there was a big gust of wind.

The wind caused the black-robed man’s large robe to move. Wang Lin’s pupils shrank as he clearly saw white bones under that black robe!

Aside from his head, everything under that black robe was bones!

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