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Chapter 815 - Crystal Coffin

While the old man was silently pondering, Ta Shan, who was lying on the wooden platform, weakly said, “I’m willing…” 

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral, and with one step, he arrived next to the wooden platform. He looked at Ta Shan, whose body had been shattered and was on the verge of death.

There was already no tattoos on his body. All of the tattoos had entered his body and became the killers that were causing him to die.

Wang Lin calmly said, “This spell requires the person being refined to have a firm heart and be completely willing. There mustn’t be the slightest hesitation; otherwise, it will definitely fail!”

Ta Shan revealed a miserable smile and weakly said, “No need to say more. I’m willing!”

Wang Lin longer wasted time. He grabbed Ta Shan and flew off into the void. As he disappeared into the distance, Wang Lin sent out a message.

“Don’t disturb me for three months!”

The old man stared at where Wang Lin disappeared to with a complicated expression. Eventually, he clenched his teeth, turned toward everyone, and said, “In three months, no matter what happens to Ta Shan, we must attack the Mysterious Yin Furnace and leave this place!”

Wang Lin returned to where he was refining treasures with Ta Shan and placed him on the ground. Then he spat out a mouthful of essence origin energy that wrapped around Ta Shan. Finally, he took out the one-billion-soul soul flag and shook something out from it.

This item was the heavenly ghost Wang Lin obtained in the Thunder Celestial Realm. The moment it appeared, it roared and struggled. Wang Lin pointed at it and the Karma Whip immediately appeared. The whip struck the heavenly ghost several times, causing it to let out miserable groans.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he took out another bag. A large amount of celestial jades filled the area.

This didn’t end. He pondered for a bit and took out more than 10 skulls. These skulls all had complex runes flashing on them. There were the skulls of the Forsaken Immortal Clan from planet Suzaku.

Wang Lin looked at Ta Shan, who was being refined by his essence origin energy, and calmly said, “I’ll use the celestial jades to nourish your body, the heavenly ghost to help you form a soul, and the skulls of your ancestors to help you perfect your tattoos. Ta Shan, I’ll gift you a great fortune!

“If this still doesn’t succeed, then it is your luck that was lacking and not me not giving my all!”

Time flashed by and more than two months passed. On this day, the plain Wang Lin was on released a loud rumble. This rumble was so loud that even the Chosen Immortal Clan members heard it, and all of them flew out.

The first person to react was the old man. The current him was extremely haggard, as if several years had passed in these two months. He was looking even older.

The plain Wang Lin was on was filled with dust and a 20-foot-tall man was walking inside the dust. Every step he took was like a thunderous rumble that echoed through the ground.

This burly man had thick eyebrows and his entire body gave off a golden glow. He was like a giant!

There were no tattoos on his body, but between his eyebrows was a complex tattoo. It was so complex that just taking a look at it would make you dizzy!

The complexity of this rune had exceeded imagination. The burly man’s eyes contained intelligence as he walked out of the dust. Wang Lin slowly walked out from behind the giant, and his expression revealed a trace of fatigue.

He looked at the back of the burly man before him and his eyes revealed a hint of regret.

“Unfortunately, in the end he could only reach the peak of the Corporeal Yang stage and was unable to break through into the Nirvana Scryer stage!” Wang Lin’s body moved, and when he appeared, he was on the shoulder of the giant. The giant walked toward where the Chosen Immortal Clan was.

“I didn’t expect that consuming large amount of celestial jades would not only help Ta Shan’s body recover, but also make him grow one fold. The heavenly ghost was especially important. If not for that thing, it would have immediately failed on the second step.”

Wang Lin stood on the shoulder of the burly man and began to ponder.

“During each of my successful attempts at creating celestial guards, I integrated the heavenly ghost. I wonder if there is a connection. Could it be that including the heavenly ghost increases the chance of success?”

As he pondered, the burly man began to take longer strides. The burly man would often cross hundreds of feet in one step and moved like a gust of wind.

“In addition, the skulls of the ancestors of the Forsaken Immortal Clan were very mysterious. When refining them, they actually fused into one tattoo.”

In the distance, the members of the Chosen Immortal Clan flew over and stared at the burly man. The old man was abnormally excited as he quickly flew over and said, “Ta Shen!”

The burly man’s expression was cold and he didn’t even look at the old man. He stopped under Wang Lin’s command and remained motionless. Wang Lin jumped off the burly man and landed on the ground.

“Benefactor, Ta Shan, he…”

Wang Lin calmly said, “I said before that I had no confidence in whether his consciousness will recover after I refine his body. Perhaps he will recover with time.” He didn’t lie. He hadn’t erased Ta Shan’s consciousness, it was only shattered and still existed inside the body.

The old man was startled and was about to ask more when Wang Lin interrupted him. Wang Lin had been stranded here for too long.

“Go open the gate to the altar, I’m going to leave!” Wang Lin’s tone didn’t allow any questions.

The old man stared at Ta Shan before he withdrew his gaze and respectfully nodded.

Wang Lin took a step forward and charged toward the entrance of the altar. Along the way, he put away the thunder toad and mosquito beast. Ta Shan followed after Wang Lin and the old man let out a sigh as he and the rest of the Chosen Immortal Clan followed.

When they passed the buildings, a large number of women walked out, and following them were children. They entered the group and headed toward the altar.

Soon, Wang Lin appeared outside the altar. Without waiting for Wang Lin’s order, the old man’s hand formed a seal. The plant between his eyebrows shined brightly, flew out, and landed on the gate.

The door slowly rose with a rumble and a moment later it opened completely.

At the moment the door opened, a sharp scream came from inside the gate. This voice was very sharp, like sharp swords flying out.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he slapped his bag of holding and the three purple flags flew out. They rapidly rotated around Wang Lin to from a purple vortex. The sharp scream was immediately crushed by the purple vortex.

“Ta Shan, destroy the spirit!” As Wang Lin shouted, Ta Shan’s body shined brightly and he walked through the gate. His gaze was cold as he rushed in and threw a punch. This punch was several times stronger than the ones he threw before he became a celestial guard.

The punch created a sonic boom that echoed within the passage.

The scattered black mist inside the passage quickly retreated as if it was being blown away.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. This time he was determined to leave no matter what! He charged out like a bolt of lightning and rushed into the gate and down the passage.

The Chosen Immortal Clan members all walked in, and their eyes were filled with determination.

A moment later, Wang Lin arrived at the end of the passage, where the Mysterious Yin Furnace was. He saw the woman’s shadowy figure rapidly whirling around Ta Shan and screaming non-stop.

Ta Shan’s expression was normal. He was a celestial guard, meaning his origin soul had already collapsed and fused with his body, so the scream had no effect on him. Even though the scream could harm the body, with how strong his body was, it didn’t affect him.

As for Wang Lin, he had the Ancient God Leather Armor guarding his origin soul. When that scream touched the leather armor, it immediately collapsed.

The shadowy figure of the woman around Ta Shan saw Wang Lin and immediately gave up on Ta Shan. It went toward Wang Lin with a storm-like wail as if it was going to tear Wang Lin apeart! 

Wang Lin sneered and his hand formed a seal. The three flags around him quickly flew out, forming a vortex of purple gas that confronted the incoming sound wave.

At the same time, Wang Lin retreated and arrived next to the Mysterious Yin Furnace in one step. Ta Shan also arrived arrived next to the furnace as his mind was linked with Wang Lin. When he arrived, he raised his fist and landed on the Mysterious Yin Furnace.

Ta Shan released his most powerful punch since becoming a celestial guard. Although he had become a celestial guard, some of his instincts still remained. Right now the countless years of hatred he hard for the Mysterious Yin Furnace exploded through his fist.

The complex tattoo between his eyebrows flashed as if it was alive. It flew out and entered Ta Shan’s fist. His punch also produced a spell fluctuation.

There was a very loud bang that caused large amount of gravel to fall. It was as if the entire altar was going to collapse.

There was a series of cracking sounds and large amount of cracks appeared on the Mysterious Yin Furnace. The cracks looked like a spider’s web.

Just at this moment, the woman’s shadowy figure surrounded by the three flags let out a crazed scream. It desperately rushed over in an attempt to stop Ta Shan.

After Ta Shan threw the first punch, he didn’t hesitate to raise his fist and throw another punch. There was a loud bang and the Mysterious Yin Furnace collapsed into countless pieces. Rich, black gas came from the fragments, but the black gas quickly contracted and disappeared into the small transfer array as if it was being sucked away.

Along with the black gas was the woman’s shadowy figure.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stepped onto the transfer array without any hesitation and shouted, “Xu Liguo, are you still not coming back?!” One of the surrounding Chosen Immortal Clan members immediately trembled and black gas came out from between his eyebrows. The black gas turned into Xu Liguo. He pondered on the aftertaste and flew toward Wang Lin.

After Wang Lin, Ta Shan also stepped out and disappeared without a trace. The surroundings were completely silent and a large amount of dirt fell. It was obvious that this altar could collapse at any moment.

The ancestor of the Chosen Immortal Clan looked at the surrounding clan members before lifting his feet and disappearing into the transfer array. After him, the Chosen Immortal Clan members walked into the transfer array one by one.

They were leaving the place they had lived in and guard for generations!

There was a giant formation inside the dark void of the Nether Beast. This formation was formed from dark red blood. As it floated in the void, bursts of black gas came out from the formation and entered the crystal coffin at the center.

There was a body inside the coffin. The body was that of a man. He was very handsome and looked around 20 years old. He was lying inside the coffin as if he was asleep.

The black gas from the formation entered the coffin and was absorbed by the man.

There was a person sitting cross-legged in the void next to the coffin. This person was wearing a black robe. The large robe was wrapped around his entire body, revealing nothing but his head. His eyes were closed as he cultivated. It was as if he had always been there, guarding the crystal coffin in the formation.

Just at this moment, the black-robed man suddenly opened his eyes, looked into the distance, and muttered, “He indeed came! Unfortunately, I’m not strong enough right now to destroy the formation. Otherwise, there would be no need to worry.” His eyes lit up and a ray of black light flew out from his body. The light landed 100 feet away and turned into a human figure.

This figure gradually condensed and formed into a clone identical to the black-robed man.

The clone opened his eyes and waved his hand, causing a blue robe to appear. He moved slightly before charging off into the distance.

The black-robed man didn’t stop and continued to cast the spell. One by one, more clones appeared. Including the first one, a total of five clones rushed off into the distance.

Tens of thousands of kilometers away from the black-robed man, there was a flash of colorful light and a giant vortex formed. Wang Lin walked out from inside the vortex. Xu Liguo floated around Wang Lin like a ghost.

Ta Shan walked out from the vortex right after Wang Lin. 

A moment later, the members of the Chosen Forsaken Clan appeared from inside the vortex.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as his divine sense spread out and charged forward. However, his eyes quickly narrowed as he saw a person quickly flying over!

This person was wearing a blue robe and was one of the clones!

“So the one I killed before was only a clone!” When Wang Lin saw the blue robed man, he immediately understood. With a thought, Ta Shan charged forward and threw a punch at the blue-robed man.

The blue robed man’s expression became gloomy and his hand formed a seal. With a flash of light, a spear appeared in his hand. With a point of his finger, the spear charged toward Ta Shan.

Just at this moment, the four figures in the distance charged over like a ray of light. Killing intent flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes and he charged out. His right hand moved and the Beast Bone Tattoo on his hand moved and flew out.

“Master’s Withered Dao Pair!!!” the five clones almost exclaimed at the same time when they saw the Beast Bone Tattoo. Their eyes were filled with terror and disbelief!

At this moment, even eyes of the black-robed man sitting tens of thousands of kilometers away shined brightly!

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