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Chapter 814 - Ta Shan, Celestial Guard

He opened his mouth and the Celestial Sealing Stamp flew into his mouth and was refined by the thunder inside his origin soul.

“After a long time, this treasure will definitely contain some thunder from my origin soul!”

After swallowing the stamp, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he slapped his bag of holding and three purple flags flew out. The purple flags wrapped around each other and released flashes of restrictions.

A while back, a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple was sealed by Wang Lin along with these three flags.

Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal, and with a point of his finger, the restriction on the three flags dissipated. The moment it disappeared, the sealed origin soul of the messenger flew out. His eyes were filled with terror and he attempted to teleport away the moment he broke free.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he slapped his bag of holding. The one-billion-soul soul flag flew out and turned into a large, black cloud that devoured the origin soul of the messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple.

“Don’t kill me, Fellow Cultivator. I’ll trade a valuable treasure for my life, a valuable treasure!!” The messenger began to struggle inside the black cloud and begged for mercy.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he slowly said, “What valuable treasure?”

The messenger immediately shouted, “An Allheaven Stone, I know where Fellow Cultivator can obtain an Allheaven stone. If you promise to let me go, I’ll immediately lead you there!” 

Wang Lin’s face showed no expression and his right hand formed a seal. The black cloud immediately devoured the origin soul and sealed it inside the flag.

“Allheaven stone…” Wang Lin pondered for a bit and then no longer thought about. Then his eyes fell on the three flags in the air and reached out. When the flags fell into his hand, he spat out essence origin energy to refine them. After wiping the divine sense from them and imprinting his own, Wang Lin put them away and began to ponder.

“This is a rare protective treasure!” After the time it takes for half of an incense stick of time to burn, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He threw the three flags into the air and they began to rapidly rotate around his body. A purple vortex formed, and it contained a certain degree of protection.

The origin energy inside Wang Lin’s body surged out into the purple vortex and a drastic change occured. The purple vortex sped up several fold and more purple mist appeared. Soon, Wang Lin’s entire body was completely hidden inside the purple mist.

After three breaths of time, the mist dissipated. Wang Lin waved his right hand and the three flags were placed back into his bag.

“This treasure’s power is not bad!” Wang Lin touched his bag of holding and two yellow talismans appeared in his hand.

Even now, Wang Lin still wasn’t able to see through these two talismans. After carefully looking at them, Wang Lin put them away.

After taking a deep breath, Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly. His expression became serious and he spread out his divine sense. After determining there was nothing abnormal within five kilometers, he touched his bag of holding.

There was a flash of golden light, celestial spiritual energy filled the air, and a palm-sized pavilion appeared in Wang Lin’s palm. Even at this moment, Wang Lin’s heart still began beating faster and there was excitement in his eyes when his gaze fell on the pavilion.

“If I were asked what was the biggest harvest I had in the Thunder Celestial Realm, it would be this! The Collection Pavilion!” Wang Lin licked his lips. He had been afraid to take this out after obtaining it, because it was simply too precious!

“How many celestial spells are inside…” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with excitement, but it was forcibly suppressed by him a moment later.

“With my current cultivation level, I can only enter the fourth floor. Even if I were to use the woman in white to enter the ninth floor, I can’t break the restriction inside to obtain the celestial spells. Moreover, this object is too precious and it might have some restrictions on the amount of times I can enter. This place isn’t absolutely safe, so I can’t carelessly study it here.”

Wang Lin suppressed the desire in his heart before taking a deep breath and placing it in his bag. However, after hesitating for a moment, he took it out again. He used the seal he learned from back then to make the pavilion shrink until it was only the size of a fingernail.

Then he took out a spare bag and placed the pavilion inside. Then he opened his shirt, cut open his chest, and placed bag into his body. The wound quickly healed under his origin energy.

“This way, no one will know where the Collection Pavilion is!” Wang Lin touched his chest and revealed a smile.

There were still several bags of holding on his body that were filled with celestial jades. The amount of celestial jades was simply too large, and all of them were obtained in the Thunder Celestial Realm.

After nearly two months of time, Wang Lin organized his harvest from this trip to the Thunder Celestial Realm.

“It is time to leave!” Wang Lin stood up and flew into the air. The mosquito beast let out a cheerful cry as it carried Wang Lin toward the buildings.

The thunder toad on the ground rolled its eyes and jumped very far with a bang. It followed the mosquito beast on the ground.

When they closed in on the living area of the Chosen Immortal Clan, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He saw a them all gathered at the large square, including the woman and children.

At the center of the square was a 30-foot-wide wooden platform. There was a person lying on it, and it was Ta Shan!

Ta Shan’s expression was deathly grey and his eyes were dim as if he could die at any time. Death aura had surrounded his body; it was obvious he was near the moment of his death.

Upon seeing this, Wang Lin silently pondered. Two months ago, Wang Lin had already see that Ta Shan was like a lamp without fuel. The slave imprint inside Ta Shan was very strong. It was imprinted into his bloodline and it wouldn’t allow him to resist.

Ta Shan could be said to be the first person to resist, but the consequence was that all the tattoos on his body had back lashed at him. It was impossible to continue living like this.

He had lasted for two months, but today he had reached his end and couldn’t survive any longer.

Beside Ta Shan, the ancestor of the Chosen Immortal Clan was filled with grief. Two streams of tears flowed down his cheek.

The old man softly said, “Grandson…” He hadn’t called Ta Shan this in a long time.

The surroundings were completely silent, but there was a powerful sense of sadness that surrounded the area. The people all silently looked at Ta Shan and revealed sadness on their faces.

“Ta Shan…”

“Ta Shan…”

Whispers gradually came from the Chosen Immortal Clan members. This voice fused together and represented the voice of the entire Chosen Immortal Clan.

“Ta Shan…”

In their hearts, Ta Shan was the hero of the Chosen Immortal Clan. When no one could fight against the slave imprint, only Ta Shan never yielded. He showed them all that the slave imprint was not impossible to resist!

Although, the price of resisting was his life...

Ta Shan’s consciousness was in a trance. His eyes dimmed as he looked at the sky. He vaguely felt like he had returned to his childhood as he listened to the clan members talk.

“Celestials are the lords of my clan. Everyone in our clan must dedicate themselves to serving the celestials. This is our mission and our pride. We are the messengers of the celestials in this world… This is our glory!”

Tears came from Ta Shan’s eyes. He hated that this world was unfair, he hated all celestials!

Wang Lin’s body descended from the air and landed at the edge of the square. He silently pondered.

The old man looked at Ta Shan and mercilessly clenched his teeth. He then suddenly turned around. He looked at the surrounding people and loudly said, “Ta Shan is right. For generations we’ve guarded this place, and what did we get?! It was the fog beasts, the fog beasts that killed countless members of our clan!

“And all of this was caused by celestials. In the eyes of the celestials, we are only food for the fog beasts!!” The surroundings were completely quiet and the people silently looked at the old man. There was a force brewing and accumulating in their bodies...

“Ta Shan once told me that celestials no longer exist. The Celestial Realm has long collapsed! I have been hiding this matter since he told me, but today I’m telling you all!” The old man’s eyes were strange; it was a gaze that had almost gone insane.

After he said those words, all of the surrounding clan members went into an uproar. This news shocked them greatly and the power brewing in their bodies rapidly increased.

“Benefactor, am I correct!?!” The old man’s eyes fell on Wang Lin, who was at the edge of the square.

At this moment, everyone looked at Wang Lin, waiting for his answer. Ever since Wang Lin killed that celestial two months ago, the old man began calling him “Benefactor.”

Wang Lin silently pondered. A moment later, he nodded and said, “The Celestial Realm has already collapsed and celestials no longer exist. If there any left, they are extremely rare!”

The old man became excited and shouted, “The Celestial Realm has collapsed and the celestials still treat my clan like this. Why should we not revolt!? Even if we die, we should die with dignity like Ta Shan!”

His voice was ancient, but it also contained a power that would impact the soul. It pierced through the members of the clan and their eyes all revealed a gaze. It was a gaze of resisting until the end. One that said they’d rather die than be slaves any longer and become food for the fog beasts.

“Revolt!” one of the clan members clenched his fist and whispered. After him, even more voices could be heard.



One voice after another appeared until it almost formed a storm!

As Wang Lin pondered, he looked at Ta Shan. After a long time, he whispered, “I can make it so he won’t die!”

Although his voice was soft, when it landed in the ears of the surrounding Chosen Immortal Clan members, especially the old man, their bodies trembled. The old man’s eyes filled up with excitement and he walked toward Wang Lin. He knelt down 10 feet before Wang Lin. Tears flowed down his cheeks as he said, “Benefactor, is this true?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and slowly said, “I’m 50% confident! However, if my spell succeeds, then although Ta Shan won’t die, he will become a puppet without consciousness. Whether he can regain his consciousness will depend on himself.”

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