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Chapter 808 - Seven Tattoos

This was the last God Slaying War Chariot Wang Lin had and also the strongest. The object of this was to produce a treasure strong enough to kill a god!

There was a shocking pressure coming from the God Slaying War Chariot before him. The thorns sticking out of the chariot gave off an old aura. Its ferocious appearance was enough to strike fear in people’s hearts. Back then, Wang Lin nearly collapsed from facing the pressure. He didn’t dare use it and only used the inherited spell to seal it.

However, right now Wang Lin was standing camly next to the God Slaying War Chariot. In these hundreds of years, Wang Lin had grown a lot.

After closing his eyes, Wang Lin opened them a moment later and his eyes shined. His hands formed seals and his mouth spoke a few complicated words. Then his left hand was placed on his right wrist. A flash of black light gathered on Wang Lin’s right hand and then he pressed it on the God Slaying War Chariot.

The black light landed on the God Slaying War Chariot and the chariot absorbed the light. An even more powerful pressure suddenly erupted from the war chariot.

All the thorns gave off a black light and they fused together. This black light was very strong, as if it shrouded the world.

The black light fused before Wang Lin’s eyes and formed seven flickering runes.

Looking at the seven runes inside the black light, Wang Lin recalled the words left by the creator of the God Slaying War Chariot.

“The third God Slaying War Chariot is extremely powerful and is outside my expectations. If this chariot’s user can utilize its full power, it can easily kill a celestial god… However, it is incomplete. It requires three more materials; Mysterious Mystery Wing, Underworld Culture Wood, and Celestial Butterfly Soul!

“I regret not being able to find those three things. I my successor finds those items and relieves my regret! To make the third chariot recognize an owner, you must fuse with the seven runes and refine into your life-linked treasure. Only then can the real effect be used. Otherwise, even if you fuse with the runes, you can’t use its full power! Successor, please choose yourself, choose cautiously and carefully..”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. When he first saw it, he didn’t take it to heart. There was one treasure that one had to be careful, careful, and even more careful when refining. That was one’s life-linked treasure.

If the imprinted divine sense is wiped out of a normal treasure, it would at most cause an injury, but one would not die. Even treasures that have been nurtured in one’s origin soul are the same. Although one would be heavily injured, if it was destroyed, it still wouldn’t kill the user.

The fragment and the swords Wang Lin had were all like this.

However, it was a life-linked treasure, then once that treasure was destroyed, on the light side one would be seriously injured and their origin soul would split. On the more serious side, one would just die. However, even though this was the case, there were still a lot of cultivators that refined life-linked treasures.

This was because after a treasure was life-linked, the power of the treasure would increase several fold and the strength of the treasure would increase as the cultivator’s cultivation level increased.

Wang Lin had seen such things in ancient records. In ancient times, there was a cultivator that used a common flying sword as his life-linked treasure. However, as his cultivation advanced, so did the power of the flying sword, until it reached an unimaginable degree.

“This third God Slaying War Chariot is not the same as the previous two…” Wang Lin silently stared at the seven runes. His right hand touched his bag of holding and the mosquito beast flew out.

This beast had not come out for a long time. After it came out, it let out a roar and immediately set off a gust of wind. It then circled around the area and was very excited.

After the mosquito beast it was the thunder toad.

The thunder toad came out from the bag and landed on the ground. Its eyes revealed a lazy mood and it lied there, unwilling to move.

After releasing the two beasts, Wang Lin pondered for a bit and took out the celestial sword. He flicked the sword and Xu Liguo was ejected from the sword. Xu Liguo was about to flatter Wang Lin, but he was immediately stopped by Wang Lin’s gaze.

Wang Lin calmly said, “I’m going to refine a treasure. Don’t let anyone come within 1,000 feet!”

Xu Liguo quickly nodded as he patted his chest and said with a loyal face, “Master, rest assured. If anyone comes unless, they step over my dead body, they won’t be able to get near you. I, Xu Liguo, spent my life battling for loyalty, I live for loyalty. No one can compare to I, Xu Liguo…”

Seeing Wang Lin front him, Xu Liguo quickly became quiet and retreated. He took a few glances at Wang Lin, and after determining that Wang Lin was no longer paying attention to him, he thought, “It seems I haven’t been practicing my flattery enough lately and I’m not speaking as naturally as I’m used to. Otherwise, this fiend wouldn’t have frowned after only a few lines.

“In the future, I have to get some good practice. This skill is my greatest weapon. Even if I escape in the future, this ability might still be of use.”

Xu Liguo made up his mind as he wandered around the area and muttered something no one could hear clearly. However, if someone got close enough, they would still hear some of what he was saying.

“Master’s spell is very amazing, like that of a real celestial. Little Xu Zi really admires you…

“Wow, this ability makes Master a pioneer. I really admire…

“Eh, what is this… This… This is the power of Master’s treasure. Master, you are the most powerful cultivator Little Xu Zi has ever known. Following you was the best decision I made in my life!”

As Xu Liguo muttered, his eyes gradually beamed more and he became even more fluent.

As the mosquito flew around, it passed by Xu Liguo and heard some of what he was saying. It didn’t really understand, but it couldn’t help but become curious. It intentionally flew by Xu Liguo just to listen some more.

After releasing the mosquito beast, thunder beast, and Xu Liguo, Wang Lin placed a few restrictions down. Only then did he relax a bit as he stared at the war chariot and placed his right hand between his eyebrows. His origin soul flew out and flew toward the war chariot.

After his origin soul flew out, it turned into an ancient thunder dragon and went toward the war chariot. After getting close, Wang Lin’s origin soul circled the chariot. Then, a moment later, he opened his mouth and devoured a rune.

A violent force appeared inside Wang Lin’s origin soul as the rune rampaged inside him. A moment later, a force in Wang Lin’s body mercilessly squeezed down on the rune.

However, the rune was very tenacious. Instead of collapsing, it exploded with an even stronger force.

If Wang Lin was still at the Ascendant stage, his origin soul wouldn’t have been able to withstand this. He would have ended up in a stalemate trying to wear this force down.

However, right now Wang Lin let out a snort and a series of explosions came from his origin soul. Each explosion caused the power of thunder inside his origin soul to increase one fold. In an instant, the thunder in his origin soul was already extremely powerful and it directly collided with the rune he had swallowed.

There was a loud bang as the rune that was resisting collapsed. Right as it collapsed, even more powerful thunder rushed at the fragments of the rune.

A series of rumbles echoed inside Wang Lin’s origin soul. After a while, the rune completely dissipated and fused with Wang Lin’s origin soul.

Wang Lin used less than the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn to absorb the first rune. His eyes were calm as he moved toward the second rune and devoured it.

This rune was a lot stronger than the first one, but with Wang Lin’s origin soul, he still completely refined it. However, this time it used the time it took for one incense stick to burn.

He didn’t stop. His eyes lit up and this time he swallowed the third and fourth rune together to refine. After one hour, the mysterious power of the third and fourth runes were inside Wang Lin’s origin soul.

Then the fifth rune was devoured by Wang Lin’s ancient thunder dragon soul. When it was devoured, it immediately released a violent force that spread across Wang Lin’s origin soul.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and his body coiled up. Thunder filled his origin soul as he continued to generate thunder that rushed at the rune.

Bolt of thunder bombarded the rune in Wang Lin’s origin soul. This time it was two hours before that mysterious force completely fused with Wang Lin’s origin soul.

Wang Lin’s origin soul was a bit dim right now, so he returned back into his body and began to recover.

Time passed by. In the blink of an eye, five days of time passed. Wang Lin’s body hadn’t moved and his origin soul had gradually recovered. In these five days, Ta Shan and the ancestor had come here twice with a large group of clan members.

The howls from the mosquito beast, the thunder from the thunder toad, and Xu Liguo’s devilish expression made it so they didn’t dare to go within 1,000 feet, so they wandered around outside.

Xu Liguo looked at the Chosen Immortal Clan and licked his lips. This made him remember the happy past when they were on planet Qing Ling.

Tempted by all this, he couldn’t endure it anymore and attempted to lure some of the people on the edge inside. However, no one in the Chosen Immortal Clan paid any attention to him.

They were all shocked when they saw the God Slaying War Chariot and began talking among each other. However, not even the ancestor, the most knowledgeable person here, knew what it was.

However, the pressure from the God Slaying War Chariot made their minds tremble.

On this day, Wang Lin opened his eyes and his right hand pointed between his eyebrows. His origin soul flew out once more toward the God Slaying War Chariot. When he got within 100 feet of it, there was a cry from outside the 1,000 feet area.

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