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Chapter 800 - The Power of Desperation

There is a belief that was stronger than any other force in world! There is a struggle that nothing in the world can stop!

This belief is called “will to live!”

This struggle is called “surviving!”

Earlier, the appearance of the fragment gave them hope for survival, and now the rush onto the transfer array was their struggle for survival! Like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon, this moment determined whether they would live or die!

The belief in living and the struggle to survive caused all the cultivators who broke through to become crazy.

Ascendant cultivators had the courage go against Corporeal Yang cultivators and take the initiative. They had forgotten the uncrossable gap between them, about the respect they would show if they were outside or if the Celestial Realm wasn’t collapsing.

All of this crumbled before survival.

If one Ascendant cultivator was like this, it wouldn’t matter. However, if it was 10, 20, 50, 100… Then it would become a force that would even cause Corporeal Yang cultivators to feel fear.

Even though it wasn’t hard for a Corporeal Yang cultivator to kill more than 100 Ascendant cultivators, their power was momentum! Upon facing the momentum of these cultivators, the expressions of the seven messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple changed greatly.

In particular, among the over 100 Ascendant cultivators, there were several bloodshot-eyed Illusory Yin cultivators as well. They were far stronger than Ascendant cultivators, and with them leading the way, the group’s power was shocking.

These things would only cause the expressions of the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple to change. Among these cultivators, there were two Corporeal Yang cultivators. These two were extremely well hidden, and as soon as they entered the light screen, they revealed their cultivation levels. Their appearance caused the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple to become startled.

However, what really made the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple suck in breaths of cold air was Wang Lin!

Although Wang Lin was also a Corporeal Yang cultivator, these messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple could feel a killing aura around Wang Lin. This was an aura that appeared from killing many people at the same cultivation level.

Those crazed cultivators still looked at Wang Lin with respect even now. This came from all the Ascendant cultivators, as well as the Illusory Yin cultivators, and even the two Corporeal Yang cultivators.

This scene caused the seven messengers of the Thunder Celestial temple that were outside the transfer array to be startled!

“Kill!” one of the cultivators that charged in suddenly shouted. It was as if that person had ignited the world, as all the cultivators charged out.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Countless spells flew through the air and countless magical treasures appeared on this fragment containing the transfer array. At this moment, the light from the spells and magical treasures covered the fragment.

Crazed attacked erupted out of control.

“Kill!” An Ascendant cultivator controlled almost 100 flying swords as he charged toward a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple without any hesitation. The swords rushed toward the messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple along with his roar.

Beside him were 14 to 15 more red-eyed Ascendant cultivators that were all launching their attacks simultaneously.

On the other side, under the command of an Illusory Yin cultivator, six or seven cultivators merged their power together and attacked a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple.


On the side, the two Corporeal Yang cultivators split up and each went against a messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. They used their origin spells without any hesitation. Behind them, more than 10 Ascendant cultivators threw out spells and magical treasures like crazy.


Xi Zifeng charged at another messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple with a group of Ascendant cultivators under the command of two Illusory Yin cultivators. Fierce magical treasures and terrifying spells suddenly shot out.

The remaining cultivators were divided into two groups that charged toward the last two remaining messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple outside the transfer array. The brutal momentum and murderous aura almost formed a storm!

A storm for survival!

At this moment, no one cared about the fact that the people they were fighting were the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple. Who cared if they were the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple!?

The majesty of the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple meant nothing to these people fighting for their own survival! It had no effect at all!

Anyone who attempted to stop them would be killed! If a celestial blocks, then kill the celestial; if a demon blocks, kill the demon!

It was as if all the cultivators had gone crazy! One of the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple raised his finger and pressed down between the eyebrows of a charging Ascendant cultivator. The Ascendant cultivator’s body immediately trembled before collapsing, and his origin soul dissipated. However, before his death, he rushed out and bit the arm of the messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple. The red in his eyes caused the messenger’s mind to be shaken even though it was only a collapsing head.


Another messenger’s hand formed seals and origin energy gathered inside his body, then he suddenly released it. He used the most simple method of using origin energy to cause a wide area attack. In a flash, many cultivators began to cough out blood and their bodies weakened. However, no one retreated; they all struggled to keep moving forward.

There were even cultivators that were seriously injured that simply blew themselves up when they got close. The rumbles of explosions echoed across the fragment.

It was tragic!

“Kill!” The roar fused together and formed waves that covered the sky. At this moment, this sound became even louder. It was breathtaking.

The will to survive seemed to be engraved inside the heart of every cultivator, and it had suddenly erupted.

This not only shocked the messengers but also Wang Lin.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. At this moment, a belief appeared in his heart as well. He took a step and rushed out like lightning. Then he appeared next to a messenger, two fingers of his right hand formed a sword, and he used the Heavenly Chop.

Wang Lin’s attack caused the surrounding cultivators’ momentum to become even more intense. This momentum became stronger and stronger. When it reached near its peak, the killing aura was like violent ocean waves.

The Heavenly Chop appeared and directly landed. The Corporeal Yang messenger’s expression changed greatly. His hands formed seals without hesitation and countless balls of thunder flew toward Wang Lin.

Burst of thunder echoed across the area as they headed straight toward Wang Lin. The balls of thunder were filled with dense origin energy.

However, when the balls of thunder collided with the Heavenly Chop, they instantly collapsed one by one. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he took a step forward.

The messenger retreated once more as he opened his mouth and spat out a grey fog. The moment the grey fog appeared, it turned into a large hand that mercilessly tried to grab Wang Lin.

However, just at this moment, a ray of silver light faster than lightning rushed over from the distance. Right after the messenger spat out the grey fog, the silver light had already gotten close to the messenger.

The messenger’s expression changed greatly. He wanted to dodge but didn’t have time. Under the moment of crisis, he suddenly erupted the origin energy inside his body. The origin energy created a storm that attempted to knock away the person that was sneak-attacking him.

However, that ray of silver light was too fast. Almost at the moment he scattered his origin energy, the ray of silver light penetrated his chest.

The messenger coughed out a large mouthful of blood and involuntarily took a few steps forward. At this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes turned cold. Completely ignoring the large hand formed by the fog, his right hand pointed forward and a bolt of purple thunder shot out.

It landed between the eyebrows of the messenger in an instant. The messenger’s body trembled and his body and origin soul both perished!

At this moment, the silver light flashed and turned into a middle-aged man. He was one of the two Corporeal Yang cultivators that were hiding among the cultivators.

He clasped his hands at Wang Lin. His eyes were filled with respect. Then he rushed out to help others.

Wang Lin nodded slightly. He had already seen through the two Corporeal Yang cultivators’ cultivation earlier. However, since they paid the jades, he didn’t point it out and let them stay.

After one of the messengers was killed, it was immediately noticed by all the surrounding cultivators. In an instant, their momentum increased drastically!

“Make way!” Wang Lin’s body flickered and he arrived next to the second messenger. His origin energy formed a finger and it suddenly pressed down.

The messenger’s face was extremely pale. He didn’t fight back but immediately retreated. He wasn’t the only one; the remaining messengers all retreated.

While they retreated, there was a flash of silver light. The silver light flashed before one of the retreating messengers and cause a large amount of blood to spray out. That messenger’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he shouted, “Soul Chase!”

The blood in the air immediately moved and suddenly turned into an illusory blood sword that chased after the silver light.

Wang Lin took a step out, and at the moment the blood sword closed in on the silver light, he grabbed it. Then the origin energy in his body rushed out, causing the blood sword to shatter and dissipate into a red mist.

When he let go, Wang Lin turned his head. He stared at the six retreating messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple and said, “Make way!”

“Make way!”

“Make way!”

“Make way!!” After Wang Lin shouted, all of the cultivators immediately echoed him. The mix of all the cultivators’ roars made it sound like the voice heaven.

This voice was the roar for survival and the will to live on. It was extremely intense and it echoed as if the world was trembling. It formed a powerful sound wave and descended with a monstrous aura.

“Make way!!!”

Under the power of the sound wave, the six messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple involuntarily stepped back. It was as if they were facing the wrath of the world!

At this moment, the transfer array behind the six messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple suddenly lit up. The several messengers inside the transfer array, including Zhan Konglie, looked in shock from inside the array.

The transfer array had activated, so they couldn’t leave, but the scene before them was something they would find hard to forget for the rest of their lives.

Their figures gradually became twisted until a ray of light shot into the sky and they disappeared.

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