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Chapter 799 - Rush Out (3)

Wang Lin coldly looked at the blue-robed man and withdrew the soul flag before returning to the fragment. At this moment, the cultivators on the fragment all stood up and looked over.

After he landed on the fragment, Wang Lin sat down and the fragment charged out.

As Wang Lin sat down, he devoured the origin soul in his hand. Then his right hand pointed at the sky and he slowly said, “Call the Wind!”

A black wind immediately appeared. It turned into a black dragon and charged toward the blue-robed man. His expression immediately changed and he quickly retreated. However, at this moment, the black dragon opened its mouth and spat out a cold, black wind.

The roar of the wind filled the world. The eyes of the blue-robed man dimmed and he showed signs of struggle. However, he didn’t notice that a 30-foot-long spatial rift had appeared behind him. As he retreated, he stepped directly into the crack.

His body disappeared without a trace along with a roar of despair. The only thing that remained was the roar of despair that echoed through the void.

The fragment flew far away with large amount of cultivators following closely after. Whether it was the people following behind or the people on the fragment, they all looked at Wang Lin with awe.

The people who saw his battle with the strange white-haired man weren’t shocked by Wang Lin killing three Corporeal Yang cultivators; they even felt it was natural.

However, the cultivators that hadn’t seen Wang Lin before were shocked. In particular, those who were hesitant to pay felt they were lucky. There were also some that wanted to steal the fragment from Wang Lin. They felt themselves covered in cold sweat and filled with fear.

After this, the fragment became completely silent. An intangible pressure enveloped the fragment. This was the respect and fear they had toward the majesty Wang Lin gave off.

The fragment flew faster and faster. After several hours, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he saw a ray of sword energy in the distance. The person inside that ray of light was Shengong Hu.

While Shengong Hu flew, he suddenly turned around and saw the fragment rapidly closing in. When he saw Wang Lin, his eyes became filled with excitement and he quickly flew toward Wang Lin.

Shenong Hu stopped before Wang Lin and respectfully said, “Shengong Hu greets my lord!” His gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with respect.

Wang Lin revealed a faint smile. He nodded and said, “Sit down beside me and take me to the Thunder Celestial Temple’s transfer array!”

Shengong Hu didn’t even look at the others on the fragment. He immediately sat down and respectfully said, “My lord, we are not far from the transfer array!” As he spoke, he immediately pointed the way.

The people on the fragment were shocked by the scene. There were people on the fragment that knew Shengong Hu. When they heard him call Wang Lin “my lord,” they naturally had their own thoughts.

Xi Zifeng’s beautiful eyes looked at Wang Lin’s back. Her face became red as if she had remembered something, but she didn’t move her gaze.

The collapse of the Thunder Celestial Realm reached its peak as the fragment flew through the void. Large amounts of cold wind came out from the spatial rifts.

The sound of celestial fragments collapsing continued to echo.

The closer they got to the interior of the Celestial Realm, the more intent this became. The entire void was filled with cracks. Some cracks extended and connected together to from cracks larger than 1,000 feet.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious as he controlled the fragment. Just at this moment, his eyes suddenly widened as the fragment under him turned and flew in a curve.

At the moment he curved, a large, 2,000 foot spatial rift appeared. Many of the cultivators following weren’t able to react in time and waves of cries for help were devoured by the crack.

Wang Lin was completely focused on controlling the fragment, so he didn’t have time to bother with others. He controlled the fragment to avoid the large crack, but his expression became even more gloomy.

Wang Lin asked, “How much further!?”

“Less than five kilometers.” Shengong Hu was also very nervous. The cracks before him made his scalp tingle.

Wang Lin frowned slightly as the fragment flickered and avoided few more cracks. They gradually got closer, and Wang Lin sensed a 10,000-feet-wide light screen. There was a fragment fixed in place inside that light screen.

In addition, there was a formation. There were several people standing in the formation, clearly ready to be transferred away. One of them was Zhan Konglie. Outside the formation, there were seven or eight messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple. They looked like they were talking to each other.

At this moment, they seemed to notice something and suddenly turned around to coldly look at Wang Lin’s direction. One of them raised their hand and pointed at the key. A fluctuation of origin energy suddenly spread out from the light screen.

The origin energy gathered and turned into a giant hand that immediately swept across the area. All of the cracks around the light screen began to extend as if they were about connect to form an uncrossable moat.

Once they connected, no one would be able cross it to reach the fragment under the light screen!

“Scram!” At the same time, a cold divine sense message filled with indifference echoed across the void.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and all the origin energy in his body entered the fragment. His eyes shined brightly as the fragment’s speed doubled as if it had merged with the world.

In an instant, the fragment charged out like crazy and all the cracks in its path were crushed. The cultivators behind the fragment all clenched their teeth and desperately chased after the fragment.

At this moment, the path to survival was ahead of them! If they could enter they, would live. If they didn’t, they would die!

The fragment almost left behind afterimages as it rampaged through the void. Loud rumbles echoed as the fragment flew like a meteor toward the light screen, trying to reach it before the spatial rifts connected.

Wang Lin stood up and slapped bag of holding. The celestial sword appeared in his hand. He lifted the sword and chopped down behind him. This time, Wang Lin didn’t just chop once, but nine times!

Nine rays of Heavenly Chop fused into one to form an unimaginable sword law. It flew out as a ray of black light and landed on the spatial rifts that had connected.


Even though the spatial rifts had connected, under the might of the Heavenly Chop, it was still torn apart. The connected spatial rift tore open and a gap immediately opened in the connected rift.

The power of the Heavenly Chop was still there as it flew through the spatial rift and landed on the light screen. Large ripples appeared on the light screen and everything inside became distorted.

At the same time, the fragment charged in with the might of an army. It smashed into the light screen like a meteor after the Heavenly Chop hit.

An earth-shattering sound that caused the surrounding rifts to close suddenly echoed across the void. Even the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple inside looked over. When Zhan Konglie saw Wang Lin, his face was filled with excitement.

After the sound passed, there was a burst of cracking sounds as large amount of cracks appeared on the light screen and continued to spread.

At the same time, the cultivators that were following closely behind the fragment all entered through the gap.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he controlled the fragment to retreat back several dozen feet. Under the gazes of all the cultivators nearby, he accelerated the fragment to smash into the light screen once more.

More cracks appeared on the light screen and spread everywhere. The light from the light screen became dim.

This happened too fast; it only took a few breaths of time to occur. One of the messengers of the Thunder Celestial Temple had a gloomy expression. His body was covered in thunder as he stepped out from the light screen.

“What courage. You dare to charge into the forbidden area of the Thunder Celestial Temple!” This person was covered in thunder as he walked out. However, before Wang Lin did anything, several cultivators jumped off the fragment and began battling this person.

One of the people battling the messenger of the Thunder Celestial Temple quickly shouted, “Senior doesn’t need to pay any attention to this person, we will deal with him!”

Wang Lin nodded and the fragment retreated a bit. This time he prepared for 10 seconds. However, it wasn’t only him. All of the cultivators flew off the fragment and pressed their hands on it.

Everyone used all their power and fused together under Wang Lin’s guidance before it was shot out. The power from all the people formed a sharp edge at the front of the fragment.

A loud rumble echoed across the void when the fragment crashed into the light screen and the light screen finally collapsed.

Countless fragments of the light screen spread everywhere and more than half the fragment smashed into this celestial fragment. The cultivators immediately rushed in and suddenly this celestial fragment with the transfer array was filled with crazy cultivators looking for a way to survive!

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