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Chapter 792 - The Place Closest to the Ancient Celestial Realm

Wang Lin seemed to realize something. When the mysterious old man's origin soul controlled his body to cast spells, the old man only used a small amount of origin energy. The rest was obtained from the world.

This kind of spell was very similar to the spell that could extract the souls from everything. It was somewhat similar but much more profound.

However, this spell was far beyond Wang Lin's cultivation level. Although he had some comprehension, there was a thin layer he couldn't break through.

As the old man controlled his body to quickly move, Wang Lin didn't have time to think about the spells. He was clearly aware that the mysterious old man's origin soul inside his body was rapidly dissipating.

In the time it  took for just half an incense stick to burn, more than half of the old man's origin soul had dissipated. He was clearly using his origin soul as the price for moving faster.

Wang Lin already couldn't clearly feel how fast it was. When his body merged with the world, it felt like time stretched endlessly around him. He was no longer stepping on the void but on time.

This was completely an illusion, but Wang Lin couldn't find another way to explain this kind of speed.

This was also because Wang Lin had already grasped the concept of Spatial Bending, a spell that belong to second step cultivators. Although he couldn't integrate with the world like the old man, who could do it as if he was breathing, with enough time to prepare, Wang Lin could still use it.

If he was a cultivator at the Corporeal Yang stage that he hadn't grasped Spatial Bending, then when the old man sped up like this, his origin soul wouldn't be able to withstand it. On the light side, he would be seriously injured, and in the slightly more serious side, his origin soul would collapse.

Even though Wang Lin had a grasp of Spatial Bending, he felt like his origin soul couldn't withstand traveling in this state for such a long period of time.

Under the old man's control, his body never stepped out from being merged with the world. It was as if every part of his body, including his origin soul, were divided into countless grains, and these grains were part of the world.

Being merged with the world meant that one could reach all locations in an instant, but there were limitations to this spell. Otherwise, the old man would simply appear where his body was instead of rushing like this.

To Wang Lin, this half an incense stick of time felt like a century. During this century, he suffered through a powerful storm that wanted to shred him in to pieces. He had to struggle to not be torn apart by the storm. 

This state was extremely painful, but it contained unimaginable benefit for Wang Lin. As his origin soul struggled in the storm, his feeling of integrating with the world became more and more profound. In the end, it was deeply engraved into his heart and would linger there forever.

If other cultivators knew of Wang Lin's current state, a group of them would be very excited. For second step cultivators, aside form origin energy, another key point was comprehending laws, controlling laws, and manipulating laws, but this was all too vague to explain. Thus, merging with the world became a path to explore the laws.

By closely integrating with the world, one be able to explore the laws of the world better.

At this moment, the mysterious old man was unintentionally helping Wang Lin. It was like a giant pair of hands was holding Wang Lin's origin soul and was forcing him to merge with the world.

While it was painful, the benefits were real!

His origin soul became more and more closely merged with the world. It was as if he was originally part of the world. At the same time, Wang Lin's domain also began to merge with the world. His karma domain began testing itself with the world's dao of karma.

On top of his origin soul, his body also obtained benefits. After going through the cleansing from before, his origin energy had fully merged with his body.

Under the control of the old man, he was in the state of merging with the world for an extended period of time. His body, like his origin soul, became integrated with the world.

These were still not the key points. The key point was that in the process of merging with the world, his body had to dissipate. This was like his physical body had collapsed, but he wasn't dead. Only in his state could he reform his body elsewhere.

Being in this process for a long period of time meant that his body had naturally obtained the power of the world's origin energy. It was as if every muscle in his body and every drop of blood were infused with the world's origin energy.

Of course, none of this was done intentionally by the mysterious old man. If Wang Lin didn't meet this series of conditions, then the moment old man re-appeared and left Wang Lin's body, Wang Lin's origin soul would have collapsed and died.

Wang Lin and the evil youth rushed through the world. After a little while, Wang Lin's figure appeared on a fragment in the northern end of the Thunder Celestial Realm.

At the moment his body appeared, the old man's origin soul dissipated completely and disappeared from his body. Wang Lin regained control of his body in almost an instant.

A sense of long lost familiarity appeared in his heart. After gaining control of his body, Wang Lin controlled the origin energy in his body to come out from his pores without any hesitation. The origin energy formed a vortex and then suddenly exploded.

He borrowed the power of the vortex collapse to quickly retreat. At the moment he charged out, the evil youth appeared. His hand was impacted by the explosion before it grasped at the empty space where Wang Lin was.

After Wang Lin charged out, he flew into the distance with no hesitation. At the same time, he took out the celestial sword and threw out eight Heavenly Chops around his body.

There were several cracking sounds and then a large amount of cracks appeared around Wang Lin. An invisible force that was going to imprison him was torn apart by Wang Lin's Heavenly Chop.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy as he moved even faster and rushed out. He had already suffered before from behind surrounded, and right now he wouldn't suffer from the same thing again.

The evil youth's eyes became cold as he looked at the surrounding fragments and frowned.

"This place was the Imperial Capital of the Thunder Celestial Realm. It was the core of the Thunder Celestial Realm and the place closest to the Ancient Celestial Realm before the Celestial  Realm collapsed… Rumor had it that when the Ancient Celestial Realm still existed, this was where the ancient celestials would descend… What exactly is the purpose of that person who also has the power of a Celestial Lord?!"

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