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Chapter 791 - Objective

Every time a crisis happened for the white-haired man, he would form a statue. When he broke free, his appearance would change and he would become a lot younger.

From the old man at the start, he turned into a middle-aged man and now was a youth. This bizarre scene caused all of the surrounding cultivators to feel creeped out.

Wang Lin's body revealed a serious expression as it stared at the young man. When this person appeared, his right hand touched the broken statue. The statue immediately melted, turned back into the spear, and went to the young man's hand.

This youth looked at Wang Lin with a gloomy smile. His body flickered and merged with the world, disappearing without a trace.

In the next instant, the youth appeared next to an Illusory Yin cultivator far away. The Illusory Yin cultivator's expression changed greatly and he quickly retreated.

Not only him, but all of the surrounding cultivators retreated.

The smile on the youth's face became even more grim as he thrust out his spear. A ripple appeared in the void, and not far away, the Illusory Yin cultivator's body was forced out. His face was pale and he was going to continue to flee, but then his body immediately trembled. His body exploded with a bang and his flesh and blood were sucked into the youth's mouth along with his origin soul.

Even the skin and bones, the blood and flesh…  nothing remained.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. The youth's body flickered once more and his movement was unpredictable as he moved through the surrounding cultivators. Every time he appeared, a cultivator would die.

The mysterious old man controlling Wang Lin let out a cold snort and charged out like lightning. His right hand formed a seal as he pointed toward the sky and shouted, "Gather!"

Rays of purple light appeared from the void and gathered in Wang Lin's right hand. In the blink of an eye, a ball of purple light formed. Rich, purple light came from the ball, and there was thin mist inside it, making extremely gorgeous.

"Scatter!" A hoarse shout came from the Wang Lin's mouth as the purple ball of light immediately collapsed. A shockwave began to surge out in all directions.

This shockwave contained origin energy. When it spread out, all of the surrounding cultivators felt a powerful impact hitting their bodies. This force was so strong that all of the cultivators rapidly retreated.

Even Shengong Hu, Zhan Konglie, and company were the same.

In almost an instant, an opening of five kilometers appeared, leaving only Wang Lin and the youth.

That youth licked his lips and a hint of red appeared on his face. Although his time was short, he had devoured more than 20 cultivators. His eyes lit up. Instead of continuing his battle with Wang, he charged toward the other cultivators.

Wang Lin clearly heard the old man inside him curse. His body charged out and shouted, "The grand Celestial Lord Qing Shui is willing to devour juniors just to recover his cultivation? If you are really capable, come and fight with this old man so you don't disgrace yourself anymore!"

The youth was startled as he turned around. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he slowly said, "I'm not Qing Shui!"

"Bullshit, you are Qing Shui! Qing Shui! Qing Shui!" The old man's voice continued to come out from Wang Lin.

The killing intent in the youth's eyes became stronger as he let out a cold snort. He turned around and continued to chase after the escaping cultivators.

The old man inside Wang Lin sighed. "The heir of the country of Clear Water can't even remember his own name, it is really sad!" However, the youth was unmoved as he disappeared and continued to devour cultivators. 

Wang Lin could clearly see the disgust on the old man's origin soul, and he disappeared into the void. When he re-appeared, he was next to an Ascendant cultivator far away.

"If you're going to devour, then I'm going to drive them away!" Wang Lin's body moved. Under the Ascendant cultivator's fearful gaze, Wang Lin's body kicked that cultivator.

A powerful force appeared around the cultivator's body. The cultivator actually merged with the world and disappeared in an instant.

Wang Lin didn't stop. After he kicked away that cultivator, he appeared next to another and sent out a kick.

Just like this, Wang Lin and the youth gave up on their battle and moved at their top speeds. One was devouring while the other was driving people away. They were competing with their speed.

As Shengong Hu escaped, he began to teleport. However, his teleportation was immediately interrupted and he was forced out of the void. At the same time, the evil youth appeared beside him and the youth's hand reached toward his head.

Shengong Hu's face was filled with viciousness. He was an arrogant person, and his hand quickly formed as seal and a bolt of thunder appeared in his hand.

This thunder was dark red. The moment it appeared, it caused ripples to appear in the void as if countless strands of thunder were gathering from all directions.

Shengong Hu only had one strand of this thunder, and it was the peak of his cultivation. He was only able to obtain this after obtaining enlightenment form Wang Lin. He had spent years searching for the origin of thunder and had continued to refine it inside his body all this time.

After several years, he was able to form only one bolt. This thunder was also not complete, which was why he didn't use it in the battle before.

This thunder was the greatest secret in his heart. It was because of this thunder that he believed in Wang Lin. In his mind, Wang Lin's guidance was very accurate. He was confident that as long as he refined this thunder for a long time, one day he would be able to find the origin of thunder.

However, at this moment of life and death, he had no time to think about anything else and decided to use this thunder.

Even the evil youth was surprised when he saw this thunder. However, the cold grin didn't weaken at all as his hand directly reached out.

Shengong Hu let out a roar as the thunder shot out from his hand. The moment the thunder shot out, it gave off a red glow. The youth let out a cold snort and directly caught this bolt of thunder before crushing it with his hand.

Shengong Hu took this chance and retreated without any hesitation. At this moment, Wang Lin saw Shengong Hu from a distance. Although he couldn't control his body, he could communicate with the mysterious old man.

"Save him!" Wang Lin's origin sou l send out a message.

The old man's origin soul let out a snort but didn't refuse. After kicking away the cultivator next to him, he merged with the world and re-appeared next to Shengong Hu. His right hand formed a seal and collided with the incoming evil youth.

A loud rumble echoed, then the evil youth retreated a few steps and Wang Lin retreated as well. However, as he retreated, he sent a kick at the excited Shengong Hu. Shengong Hu was filled with excitement as his body flew through the air, merged with the world, and disappeared.

The evil youth coldly looked at Wang Lin, and with a flicker of his body, his body began to divide. He continued to split, and in the blink of an eye, the 32 clones that were destroyed in the battle earlier reappeared.

After the clones appeared, they immediately dispersed and each moved extremely fast toward the escaping cultivators.

Wang Lin clearly felt the old man's origin soul tremble and let out a roar. He controlled Wang Lin's body and flew into the sky with his arms open. Origin energy began to spread out like crazy into the world, and soon it was as if it had replaced the world.

It was as if at this moment, Wang Lin was the world. His eyes revealed a strange light as he muttered, "Celestial spell, disappear!"

In an instant, origin energy formed around all the escaping cultivators.

The voice came out from Wang Lin's body once more. "Celestial spell, scatter!"

In an instant, all of the cultivators were surrounded by origin energy and forced to merge with the world. It was as if there was pair of giant invisible hands fiddling with the world.

If someone looked from above, they would clearly see the cultivators disappear one by one. In almost the blink of an eye, almost no cultivators remained.

Only the youth and his 32 clones remained.

Wang Lin obviously felt that the old man's origin soul was very weak and could dissipate at any time. It was like an oil lamp that was running out of oil.

"Damn it, this time this old man made a lose!"

The youth's eyes revealed a red glow and he stepped toward Wang Lin.

"Since you're seeking death, then I'll fulfill your wish!" The youth closed in and threw the spear in his hand. The spear immediately shot forth as a ray of black light toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's scalp felt numb, and the old man's origin soul bearly controlled his body to escape.

The evil youth followed closely after and closed in. The  mysterious old man controlling Wang Lin's body merged with the world and disappeared in a flash.

However, the evil youth behind him also merged with the world and chased after the old man.

The two of them were too fast. In almost an instant, they crossed countless fragments. The evil youth gradually revealed a sneer and slowly said, "From the moment you appeared, I knew your purpose was to lead me to your real body. Whatever, I'll go with you and devour you. It will be better at helping me recover than the countless cultivators here!"

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