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Chapter 790 - Fire, Blaze, Flame

The balls of light and the arc collided. They both immediately dissipated and made no sound, but countless cracks began to spread from the center of the collison. It spread far too fast and even affected a few cultivators who couldn't dodge quickly enough. The moment the cracks touched their bodies, their entire bodies trembled and then disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin's body's eyes shrank an indiscernible amount as he stepped forward and directly merged with the world without any resistance. However, he didn't disappear and instead pointed at the sky with a seal he had made with his right hand and shouted, "Celestial Burning Flame!"

In an instant, a red flame silently appeared and spread across the sky. This flame appeared out of nowhere and contained a terrifying aura. The moment the flame appeared, it covered most of the sky. The surrounding cultivators immediately retreated as they were afraid to get caught inside.

This flame was too powerful; it was as if it would refine the world. Even a tiny spark was enough to cause the surrounding cultivators to be filled with aghast.

Powerful origin energy spread, causing Wang Lin's figure to flicker inside the flame. However, no one dared to not look at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin's body raised his right hand and pressed it down, then he shouted, "Blaze!" The surroundings immediately collapsed and the flame covering the sky began to become more dense. It was as if oil had been dumped into the flame and caused it to erupt.

The surrounding flames rushed toward the middle-aged man at the center. During this process, it was as if the flame had turned into countless fire dragons that carried with them a powerful heat wave as they attempted to devour the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man's eyes became serious and cold. He let go of the spear in his hand and the spear immediately shattered. The shattered spear orbited around him. At the same time, he pressed his right index finger on his right hand and red light from his eyes immediately began to intensify.

"I didn't think there would be people who had reached such a level of cultivation among the junior qi cultivators. Not simple!" As he spoke, his right eye flashed red and a ray of red lightning immediately shot out. The moment this lightning appeared, a monstrous, cold aura spread out and it shot toward Wang Lin.

Under this cold aura, as the red lightning moved forward, the flame before it seemed to extinguish, leaving behind a long trail as it rushed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's body's eyes became serious. His hands formed a seal and he pointed with his finger as he shouted, "Flame!"

Explosions suddenly echoed as the flames surrounding the middle-aged man suddenly rose into the air and formed a fireball. At the center of the fireball was the middle-aged man.

The moment the fireball formed, it immediately began to shrink as if it wanted to burn everything inside. It burned not only all tangible things but also the intangible. Large amounts of space began to collapse as if nothing could escape this flame.

Only the Ji Realm flashed out of the fireball and headed straight for Wang Lin. In the instant the fireball contracted, the Ji Realm charged out and landed on Wang Lin's body.

A destructive aura immediately exploded inside his body. Wang Lin could clearly see the old man's origin soul immediately collapse under the Ji Realm. However, it immediately reformed and then collapsed again.

In a short period of time, the old man's origin soul experienced countless collapses and reforms. Every time this happened his, origin soul would become a bit weaker.

These several breaths of time felt like an eternity to Wang Lin. He began to focus his origin soul, and at the moment the old man's origin soul collapsed, he acted without hesitation.

Wang Lin had to help; otherwise, once the old man's origin soul couldn't resist anymore or was unable to resist and decided to leave, Wang Lin wasn't confident he could resist the Ji Realm himself.

After all, the Ji Realm from before came from within the seal. Although it was very strong, it was also extremely weak, as if it had no solid foundation. However, the situation now was very different as this Ji Realm was very powerful!

At the moment Wang Lin's origin soul acted, he immediately felt the terrifying power of the Ji Realm. His origin soul trembled as origin energy spread out. The origin energy wrapped around the Ji Realm and was broken through layer after layer like a sharp knife piercing through paper.

Fortunately, the old man's origin soul had a moment to recover with Wang Lin's help. At the moment the Ji Realm was about to pierce Wang Lin's origin soul, the old man swallowed it and continued to use his origin energy to seal the Ji Realm.

All of this felt extremely slow to Wang Lin, but in reality, it happened in a short period of time. None of the surrounding cultivators saw through this.

"Dangerous! This is indeed worthy of Celestial Lord Qing Shui. The Ji Realm is indeed shocking, and this old man didn't plan this in vain. Unfortunately, I couldn't come in my own body and almost cause my plan to fail. I didn't think that Celestial Lord Qing Shui would still have such strength after being sealed for so many years!" The old man's tired voice came from inside Wang Lin's mind.

At this moment, the fireball rapidly shrank until it was only 10 feet wide and then it collapsed. This caused all the power condensed inside to explode several fold stronger.

For an instant, it was as if everything in the world was enveloped in the light from the flame. One could see the light from the flame coloring the sky even if they were far away.

This light spread everywhere and Wang Lin's figure inside this light was filled with majesty.

The excitement in Shengong Hu's eyes had reached a peak. He looked at Wang Lin's figure and shouted, "This is my lord's real strength. My prediction earlier wasn't wrong!"

Zhan Konglie stood in the void. Although the flame was far away, he could still feel the heat. He was every excitement as he looked at the flame. The idea of doing the same thing as Shengong Hu appeared in his heart once more.

"Senior's cultivation is unfathomable. It is obvious that he was suppressing his cultivation at Corporeal Yang stage before, and now it has risen countless fold. Also, his present strength mustn't be the limit!"

As for Tang Yanfeng, his expression was no longer gloomy but deathly pale. When he saw Wang Lin's battle with the white-haired man, he was extremely shocked. He didn't expect Wang Lin to control so many spells, but as shocked as he was, he was able to reluctantly accept this fact in his heart.

However, when he saw the flame, he sucked in a breath of cold air. The shock in his mind collapsed and was replaced with terror and aghast.

Tang Yanfeng muttered to himself, "He… Who the hell is he!?!?"

Shengong Hu sneered as he looked at the Tang Yanfeng and calmly said, "Fellow Cultivator Tang, do you still remember when you ridiculed me outside the celestial gate? You see, the person before you is the reason why I was willing to be punished by my family and isolated by the people of the Thunder Celestial Temple!"

Tang Yanfeng was dumbfounded as he stared at the figure inside the flame, and he couldn't say anything for a long time.

Just at this moment, a low voice echoed.

"To not die to the Ji Realm, you are very strong!" A statue appeared inside the flames. When it shattered, a young man walked out. This young man was extremely handsome, but his expression contained a hint of evil.

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