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Chapter 789 - Acting

At this moment, Wang Lin was in the limelight. Not only were Shengong Hu, Zhan Konglie, Tang Yanfeng, and the two remaining Corporeal Yang cultivators looking at him, all of the cultivators from the various families all had their eyes on Wang Lin.

All of this was because Wang Lin had appeared within 500 feet of the celestial gate and, most importantly, had sent Li Yuan outside. Li Yun became the first and only cultivator to successfully leave the Thunder Celestial Realm!

All of this caused Wang Lin to become the focus of all the cultivators in an instant.

Wang Lin's expression turned gloomy when he noticed that all of his paths of retreat had been blocked by the white-haired man.

This seal wasn't visible to the eye, but his divine sense felt like there were sharp blades in all directions. No matter where he went, it would be like running into a sharp blade.

Even teleportation couldn't be used; he was completely trapped here.

The white-haired man grinned and his right hand formed a claw that moved like lightning. He suddenly appeared behind Wang Lin and reached toward his heart.

Five spatial rifts whistled through the void toward Wang Lin.

All of the hair on Wang Lin's body stood up. Feeling the crisis, he didn't hesitate to raise his finger and quickly shout, "Wind!"

In an instant, a black wind appeared on Wang Lin's right hand. A moment later, it grew and diffused as if it had replaced everything in the world.

After the black wind appeared, it immediately swept the area. Wang Lin was inside the black wind as he suddenly turned around. His eyes were black and his hair was flowing in the wind. Right now he didn't look like a celestial but rather a devil!

His gaze was like a sword that landed on the incoming white-haired man.

Just at this moment, the black wind formed a black dragon before Wang Lin. This dragon was illusory and seemed unstable, but after it formed, it immediately charged toward the white-haired man and spat out a gust of wind.

This wind could extinguish the fire of all life!

The white-haired man was startled. His eyes revealed a strange light as he stared at Wang Lin inside the black wind and slowly said, "This is Call the Wind! Yes, it's Call the Wind! What is your relationship with Celestial Emperor Bai Fan!?"

Wang Lin didn't reply. His hand formed a seal and the origin energy in his body surged like crazy. Then the black wind charged toward the white-haired man. The five spatial cracks trembled and immediately slowed down when the black wind blew by.

At the same time, the black wind from the black dragon's mouth charged toward the white-haired man. For the first time, the white-haired man's eyes revealed seriousness as he stared at the black dragon formed from the black wind. Both of his hands formed a seal and he shouted, "Lands Collapse!"

A sharp, tearing sound immediately echoed and a large crack appeared before the white-haired man and charged toward Wang Lin.

This crack was very deep and spread out it was like a dragon rushing out from the void. It charged like crazy toward Wang Lin and collided with the black dragon formed from the black wind.

The loud rumble echoed across the world. All of the black wind around Wang Lin surged out and created a powerful impact with the crack.

Wang Lin's body quickly retreated like a kite with a broken line. At this moment, the white-haired man took a step forward and charged toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin's eyes revealed decisiveness as his right hand pointed toward the void without any hesitation. A bolt of red light directly shot out from his hand toward the void.

The black wind dissipated and the huge crack seemed to be caught by a large hand and could no longer move forward. Soon after, the crack collapsed and disintegrated.

That white-haired man continued to pursue, but his eyes immediately narrowed as he stared at the red lightning that was thrown out by Wang Lin. His body flickered and in the blink of an eye he caught up to the red lightning. He grabbed it and pressed it against his red eye.

He was too fast. After he collected the red lightning, he took a step and merged with the world. When he re-appeared, he was behind Wang Lin, who was rapidly retreating.

At the moment he appeared, Wang Lin opened his mouth and spat out a grain of sand. The sand immediately became a large fragment stamp, and under Wang Lin's control, it smashed toward the white-haired man.

The white-haired man's eyes lit up and his right hand reached toward the descending fragment stamp. There was a loud bang and then the fragment stamp couldn't descend anymore.

At the same time, Wang Lin's right hand formed a seal and pressed forward. The Beast Bone Tattoo immediately turned into the giant beast bone with four torns. There was a ghostly flash as the evil aura shot toward the white-haired man.

"Master Carefree's Withered Dao Pair!!" The white-haired man's eyes revealed a look of disbelief.

The beast bone's eyes released a ghostly flash and the evil aura caused grey to appear on the white-haired man's feet and quickly spread. The white-haired man let out a grim smile and then he mercilessly took a step forward. There was a bang inside his body and then the grey parts on the outside immediately collapsed!

"You're a very interesting qi cultivator!" The white-haired man's eyes were filled with bloodlust. With one step, he rushed toward Wang Lin, leaving behind an afterimage.

Wang Lin immediately changed directions and retreated. At the same time, he slapped his bag of holding and the celestial sword appeared in his hand. He mercilessly slashed the sword down behind him.

The Heavenly Chop immediately appeared, and in an instant it looked as if the void had disappeared, leaving only the sword energy. Behind the void the void seem to be forced open as the white haired old man appeared but his expression changed once more.

"This is… the sword technique of the Rain Celestial Realm's celestial sword!" The white-haired man frowned. His right hand reached out and the Heavenly Chop immediately collapsed.

Wang Lin's expression was extremely gloomy. At the moment the Heavenly Chop collapsed, he retreated once more. The white-haired man let out a sneer and then took a step, allowing him to arrived behind Wang Lin, and his hand clawed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with killing intent as he slapped his bag of holding and half of the blood body appeared in his hand. He immediately inhaled a large amount of origin energy into his body. The origin energy came out from the pores in his body and he didn't hesitate to create another vortex.

"Explode!" As he shouted, the vortex before Wang Lin exploded, creating a powerful impact. The white-haired man's right hand paused slightly.

Taking this chance, Wang Lin quickly retreated. His right hand clutched half of the blood body and his left hand formed a seal. His eyes were filled with a hint of madness. This white-haired man was strong. None of Wang Lin's spells and magical treasures had any effect. His left finger pointed at the sky and he shouted, "Wind!"

The large amount of origin energy he absorbed from his right hand went through his body and out through the seal in his left hand. A black wind more powerful than last time appeared before Wang Lin.

"Still not enough!!" As Wang Lin continued to retreat inside the black wind, his right hand sucked more origin energy. The blood body immediately shrank as half of the origin energy was sucked away by Wang Lin like crazy, regardless of whether his body could handle it.

The black wind around him suddenly grew by several times. At this moment, it seemed like the world was filled with black wind. Wang Lin's eyes were bloodshot as he shouted, "Call the Wind!"

His voice came out from the black wind, and it was like the roar from the wind. The black wind suddenly changed and turned into two black dragons. The two black dragons were extremely ferocious. They surrounded the white-haired man and opened their mouths to spit out large amounts of cold wind.

The white haired old man's body was blown away by the cold wind and trembled. However, his eyes were immediately filled with killing intent.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin screamed in his heart, "Not enough, absorb more!!" The half of the blood body in Wang Lin's hand immediately shrank. At the same time, sounds of explosions came from inside his body. Apparently, his body couldn't withstand such a large amount of origin energy operating at once.

Bursts of black wind came out from Wang Lin's pores and gathered like crazy. In an instant, another black dragon formed from the black wind. The three black dragons immediately trapped the white-haired man and released blasts of cold win.

No matter how the white-haired man dodged, the three black dragons surrounded him.

Wang Lin's eyes became cold. Taking advantage of the black dragons surrounding the white-haired man, Wang Lin caused the blood body in his hand to be on the verge of collapse before throwing it at the white-haired man.

At the moment the blood body closed in, Wang Lin shouted, "Explode!"

A flash of red light came from the blood body and then the origin energy Wang Lin had injected into it collapsed. This caused a series of chain reactions, and the blood body exploded!

This was an unimaginable force. Under the blast from the three black dragons and the blood body explosion, the entire void began to shake. Even space itself began to collapse.

Wang Lin quickly retreated and put away all his treasures. Ripples appeared under his feet as he forced himself to calm down so he could merge with the world.

His battle with the white-haired man didn't last long, but it was extremely fierce and difficult to imagine. In particular, those last three black dragons and the explosion of the blood body caused the battle to reach a peak.

The surrounding cultivators continued to retreat as they watched Wang Lin battle. Their hearts were shaken greatly, and Wang Lin's figure was engraved deep in their minds and wouldn't dissipate in their entire lives.

Shengong Hu's eyes were filled with extreme excitement. As he stared at the retreating Wang Lin, the respect he had for Wang Lin climbed once more.

Zhan Konglie was the same as he carefully watched the battle.

As for Tang Yanfeng, his expression changed greatly and sucked in a breath of cold air. His gaze toward Wang Lin was filled with terror. That black wind had far exceeded his imagination.

"It was lucky that I didn't attack back then. Otherwise, with that black wind…" Tang Yanfeng's expression was extremely gloomy, and he didn't continue thinking.

"This person is too strong. It is impossible for him to die, so I must quickly retreat!" More ripples appeared under Wang Lin's feet. At this instant, his body merged with the world, and as he took another step back, his body slowly dissipated.

However, just at this moment, he felt as if someone had pushed him and interrupted him when he was merging with the world. His body stopped dissipating and immediately condensed.

"Little fellow fated with me, don't be in such a hurry to leave. I can't come here right now, so let me borrow your body!" An old voice immediately appeared inside Wang Lin's mind.

At the same time, a power only he could feel came from the void behind him through some unknown method. It immediately cut off Wang Lin's origin soul's connection with his body.

Under this power, Wang Lin's origin soul was immediately compressed and another powerful origin soul started forming. In the blink of an eye, another origin soul was formed.

This origin soul's appearance was exactly the same as the mysterious old man who had borrowed the Thunder Beast. The old man's origin soul moved and completely took control of Wang Lin's body.

At this instant, Wang Lin changed completely and a powerful pressure came from his body. Wang Lin watched from the outside as his body stepped forward and moved. It was as if the old man was getting used to his body.

At this moment, where the void collapsed after the impact passed, a completely black statue was revealed. Waves of cracking sounds came from the statue and a crack appeared between its eyebrows. More and more cracks appeared until a pair of hands came out from the gap and mercilessly tore the crack open. A black-haired middle-aged man walked out.

There were no scars on his body, but his eyes were filled with killing intent.

"Bai Fan's celestial spell,  Qing Shuang's celestial sword, Master Carefree's treasure, and the body of someone that is a match for a celestial lord. Ever since I awakened, you are the most powerful qi cultivator I have encountered. You are qualified to say your name!"

This person's appearance was similar to the white-haired man, but it was as if he had become a lot younger. As the middle-aged man spoke, his right hand hit the statue and the statue immediately melted, forming a black spear that he held in his hand.

"What's with all this nonsense? Isn't it just a celestial? You're just a celestial general, and not to mention your current cultivation level is only celestial lord!" Wang Lin watched his body speak this with an old-fashioned tone. However, he had a vague feeling that these words seemed to be lacking in confidence.

As his body spoke, his body moved forward and his right hand pressed down. The entire void moved and white gas began to rapidly gather. Soon, it turned into a white ball the size of a fist and charged toward the middle-aged man.

"To be able to gather the force from the heavens and earth, who are you!?" The middle-aged man became serious and his spear drew an arc. Countless red lights appeared out of thin air and gathered in that arc. The arc condensed and shot out toward the ball of light.

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