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Chapter 788 - Master, Please Act! (2)

Wang Lin had already grabbed Li Yuan and retreated the moment the white-haired man appeared. They retreated more than 500 meters away. As they heard the constant screams of dying cultivators, Wang Lin's expression became extremely gloomy.

Wang Lin saw Shengong Hu and company's appearance, and this made him hesitate. However, he looked at Li Yuan and didn't act.

Beside him, Li Yuan's face was extremely pale.

"Brother Xu… I fear we won't be able to leave.."

Wang Lin silently pondered. This white-haired man was too strong. He secretly compared him to the Blood Ancestor, and judging from this person's cultivation, he was even stronger than the Blood Ancestor.

This was not even the key point. Everytime the white-haired man devoured a cultivator, his cultivation would increase. Thus, Wang Lin was able to figure out how high this person's cultivation level could reach.

Wang Lin looked at Li Yuan and suddenly asked, "Brother Li, do you believe in me?"

Li Yuan was startled and nodded. "Does Brother Xu have a method of leaving? I naturally believe in Brother Xu!"

Wang Lin hesitated before slowly saying, "I indeed have a spell, but I have not fully mastered it yet. If I take a person with me, while I'll come to no harm, the person I bring will likely suffer. If you agree, I can try it."

Li Yuan silently pondered. He knew exactly how powerful the white-haired man was and he knew he was no match. Even with Xu Mu here, when facing the white-haired man, Xu Mu might not even be able to protect himself, much less protect him.

Li Yuan had a feeling that if he stayed here, he would without a doubt die! This feeling was very strong, and at this moment it completely engulfed his mind.

Li Yuan's eyes lit up, revealing decisiveness, and he said, "Brother Xu, please use the spell. I'm willing to gamble!"

Wang Lin nodded. He became acquainted with Li Yuan in the Thunder Celestial Realm, and they had been through much together. Although they couldn't be considered best friends, they had been through trials and tribulations.

If it wasn't for Li Yuan, Wang Lin believed that he would have died under the Blood Ancestor's pursuit. In this regard, Li Yuan had saved his life.

After taking a deep breath, Wang Lin slowly backed up and opened his heart. As he recalled the feeling of merging with the world, ripples would appear with every step he took.

After stepping back more than 10 steps, that feeling of merging with the world still hadn't appeared. Seeing that the celestial gate was ready disappear at any moment and hearing the screams of the dying cultivators, Wang Lin suppressed his anxiety and calmed his heart.

He wasn't thinking about anything and did his best to calm himself down.

In the end, as Wang Lin backed up, his eyes revealed a calm gaze. At this moment, he began merging with the world and gradually became closer and closer to becoming one with the world.

After an unknown amount of time, the original feeling of merging with the world and being inseparable from it appeared once more in Wang Lin's heart. At this moment, he had the illusion that he had become the world.

His eyes narrowed and were as calm as water. Wang Lin no longer backed up but walked forward one step at a time. He was extremely calm.

Ripples appeared under his feet once more and slowly spread out. Wang Lin grabbed the dumbfounded Li Yuan as his body gradually disappeared into the void.

Li Yuan felt a powerful force coming from Wang Lin, as if he was wrapped up by a sword. His vision became blurry and he couldn't see things clearly anymore. It was as if his entire being was being dragged through time and had extended infinitely.

After grabbing Li Yuan's arm, Wang Lin's eyes were still as calm as water. As he stepped forward, he and Li Yuan disappeared as they truly entered the void.

At this moment, the white-haired man that was being attacked by five powerful Corporeal Yang cultivators, more than 10 Illusory Yin cultivators, and large number of Ascendant cultivators let out a loud laugh. As he laughed like crazy, his hand formed seals and he muttered some words. A layer of red light immediately appeared inside mist.

All of the origin spells and magical treasures had no effect on the light screen; they weren't able to break it!

Shengong Hu's flying sword collided with the light screen. The flying sword immediately shattered inch by inch. The backlash caused Shengong Hu to cough out blood and immediately retreat.

Not only him, but Zhang Konglie, Tang Tangfeng, and the other two Corporeal Yang cultivators all coughed out blood and were knocked back.

As for the Illusory Yin cultivators, their origin souls shook and their bodies were thrown back.

The white-haired man inside the light screen revealed a bloodthirsty grin and said, with a hoarse voice, "Yes, now there is some combat ability. However, compared to the celestial army, you juniors are too weak, too weak, too weak! You're not even qualified to make me use my Ji Realm!"

As he spoke, he opened his arms and the light screen around him suddenly expanded. It moved very fast and pushed away the white mist surrounding him.

The surrounding cultivators couldn't help but retreat. There were few that were too slow that touched the light screen. The moment they touched the light screen, they let out screams and their bodies withered and became mummified. Even their origin souls collapsed, and the origin energy was absorbed by the light screen.

From the outside, various cultivators charged out from the white mist in terror as if they were afraid they were too slow.

As the white-haired man laughed, his figure flickered and he appeared behind an Illusory Yin cultivator that was falling behind. He crushed the cultivator's body and was about to devour the cultivator's origin soul when he suddenly turned around. For the first time, his eyes revealed shock and seriousness.

"Dao merged with the world!" At the moment he turned around, the cultivator who lost his body exploded his origin soul. However, the white-haired man couldn't be bothered and also merged with the world. Ripples appeared under his feet and his body immediately disappeared.

"Not even many people in the Celestial Realm from back then were able to achieve dao merged with the world! However, this person hasn't fully mastered it!" The white-haired old man appeared 1,000 feet away from the celestial gate and his eyes revealed a strange light. His right hand mercilessly grasped toward the void.

"Come out for me!"

Five huge spatial cracks suddenly appeared in the world. These cracks were large, and with a sharp, whistling sound, it seemed to rip open five rifts in the world.

A power clearly different from celestial spiritual energy and origin energy erupted from the white-haired man and entered the cracks. At this moment, all of the cultivators had the illusion that the entire world was violently shaking.

Shengong Hu's face was pale, and beside him, Zhan Konglie was the same. Tang Yanfeng clenched his fists. The three of them looked at each other and saw the fear hidden deep within each other's eyes.

A soft, muffled groan came out from the void before the old man. Following that, Wang Lin's figure appeared 500 feet from the celestial gate. Wang Lin was holding Li Yuan, whose orifices were bleeding and his eyes were filled with confusion.

At the moment he appeared, Li Yuan coughed out a large amount of blood. It was obvious he couldn't bear Wang Lin's spell.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, he didn't hesitate at all. Almost at the moment he appeared, he mercilessly threw Li Yuan forward. A powerful surge of origin energy surrounded Li Yuan, causing him to fly like lightning toward the dissipating celestial gate that was only the size of a fist.

That white-haired old man sneered as he took a step forward and immediately disappeared. Wang Lin's eyes became cold and his origin energy surged out without any hesitation to form a vortex. The might of thunder came out from his origin soul and countless bolts of thunder entered the vortex.

"Explode!" Wang Lin shouted without any hesitation the moment the old man disappeared.

A loud rumble suddenly exploded inside the void. This sound was so shocking that it caused all of the surrounding cultivators to suck in breaths of cold air.

Shengong Hu's eyes narrowed as he stared at Wang Lin and revealed a look of joy.

Not only him, but Zhan Konglie was the same.

"It's him!" Tang Yanfeng frowned. He recognized Wang Lin as Xu Mu, who he had no confidence in winning against.

At the same time, the origin vortex in front of Wang Lin collapsed was the same time the white-haired man appeared before Wang Lin. The vortex immediately collapsed and the white-haired man's eyes revealed a mysterious light as he laughed. He mercilessly inhaled and all the origin energy from the collapse of the vortex was inhaled into his mouth.

Wang Lin quickly retreated and caught up to Li Yuan. He pushed Li Yuan and shouted, "Li Yuan, quickly, activate the thunder furnace!"

His voice was like thunder that rushed into Li Yuan's brain. Still confused, Li Yuan subconsciously took out the thunder furnace. The moment he took it out it was when his body touched the dissipating celestial gate that was only the size of a fist.

A ray of light came from the furnace and wrapped around Li Yuan before he disappeared.

At the same time, Wang Lin also took out the thunder furnace and was about to leave as well. At this moment, the white-haired man's eyes lit up and he softly said, "Gate, close!"

After that was said, the celestial gate that had shrunk to the size of a fist immediately collapsed and disappeared.

As Wang Lin held the thunder furnace, his eyes became cold. He didn't even look back and immediately teleported toward the void. The old man laughed and chased after Wang Lin.

"I remember now, you are that cautious qi cultivator!"

The white-haired man was too fast, so he caught up to Wang Lin in one step. His large hand viciously grasped toward Wang Lin's back!

"I don't like cautious people! Even the Ji Realm wasn't able to kill you. I want to see how you will escape this time!" The white-haired man's eyes glowed red and there was a harsh whistling sound along with his grasp. In an instant, all of Wang Lin's paths of retreat were sealed!

Shengong Hu suddenly opened his eyes and his eyes were filled with expectation.

"My lord, please act!!"

Zhan Konglie was extremely alert and thought, "This strange man is too strong. I just don't know if Senior is stronger!"

As for Tang Yanfeng, he sneered as he stared at Wang Lin and thought at the bottom of his heart, "Although this person is strong, even with the five of us and many Illusory Yin cultivators, we were no match for the strange man. He is at the same cultivation level as me and will without a doubt die! I want to see how he is killed; that will save me some trouble in the future!"

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