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Chapter 765 - Blood Planet

The Blood Planet was a planet filled with a blood-colored light. It was not located within planet Tian Yun's sphere of influence and was a bit far from it.

In truth, none of the powerful cultivators who had the power to use an entire cultivation planet as their cave would choose to be too close to each other. Even those who were very good friends were the same.

After all, they couldn't drop their guard against others. These old monsters that had cultivated for many years were especially aware of this.

Similarly, a cultivator who was powerful enough to use an entire planet as their cave would naturally not need the protection of planet Tian Yun. Thus, it was natural for them to choose a remote place for their cave.

The most important part of choosing the location of their cave was for it to be outside the range of everyone else's divine sense range. Otherwise, your every move would perceived.

The Blood Ancestor was a cultivator with secrets, so he was even more cautious when choosing his cave.

On the map the All-Seer gave Wang Lin, the Blood Planet was extremely remote without any planet that housed powerful cultivators nearby.

This was one of the reason why Wang Lin's original body was attacking it.

Wang Lin's original body headed toward the Blood Planet with a cold expression and a river of stones behind him. Space was simply too large; Wang Lin's original body seemed so insignificant in comparison.

Along the way, he didn't pause at all; he charged non-stop toward the Blood Planet with cold killing intent and a river of stones.

Several months flashed by. When he encountered other cultivators, all of them were startled and didn't act rashly.

They didn't know anything about ancient gods. Even among the four star systems, only a few people even knew they existed, and even then, it was only from reading ancient records.

What's more, those ancient gods recorded were often adult ancient gods with six stars or more. Their bodies were even larger than cultivation planets, a unique trait of the ancient gods.

A four star ancient god's ancient god aura was not obvious. Among cultivators, unless they had personally seen the ancient gods, it would be impossible to associate him with the ancient gods that have been extinct for countless years.

This was one of the reasons why Wang Lin decided to reveal his original body's true form.

These various reason were merely side objectives. The real reason came from Wang Lin's revolting personality! The avatar was seriously injured and forced into a coma. Even the unbreakable connection between the original body and the avatar was very weak at this moment, and it felt as if it could break at any moment.

Once the connection was gone, it meant the avatar was dead.

Powerful killing intent filled his heart. The avatar had been painstakingly cultivated for many years. In truth, there was no primary or secondary body to him. The original body was him and the avatar was him as well.

If the avatar died, then that meant he was killed once!

If his original body chose to hide and wait until his cultivation level was higher to reappear, then he would no longer be Wang Lin.

There were times that he had to do things even when the consequences were unfavorable!

"The chance of being discovered as an ancient god is extremely low, but even if I was found out, so what!?" His eyes became colder and he moved even faster.

Although Wang Lin couldn't use a lot of the spells he had inherited from the memories of the ancient god, there were many life-saving spells that he could now use since he was almost a four-star ancient god.

The most effective spell among them was the spell the ancient gods used to protect their young, Spirit Transformation.

To enter a planet not to absorb spiritual energy but to surround oneself in spiritual energy and enter a dormant state. Unless one encounters another ancient god, no one else is able to detect it.

This was the spell of an ancient god. It was many levels higher than the spells cultivators used.

"The only thing I need to worry about is Ta Sen! However, with his eight-star ancient god body, he will be recognized by those powerful cultivators as soon as he appears. Even if he causes havoc in the Alliance Star System, what does it have to do with me!? I, Wang Lin, am not a saint!" His eyes became even colder.

There were many blood slaves on the Blood Planet. These people were controlled by the Blood Ancestor and had the Blood Ancestor's branding on their souls. If the Blood Ancestor lives, they live, and if the Blood Ancestor dies, they die.

Most of these were people that he had forcibly kidnapped from nearby planets. He took away their freedom and forced them to work for him. He also collected gifted youths that he fed blood pills to and groomed them to be blood guardians that protected the Blood Planet.

The Blood Ancestor was very cold person; only toward his daughter would he show a rare sign of kindness.

It could be said that aside from the Blood Ancestor and his daughter, all other living things were their slaves. Their lives and deaths were controlled by but a thought.

Zi Xin was sitting upon an altar outside the blood pavilion with anxiety on her face. She should occasionally look back at the blood pavilion. That place was a forbidden area; not even she was allowed to enter.

At this moment, several rays of blood light came from the distance and rapidly closed in. Four elders appeared before Zi Xin. The four of them all gave off origin energy; clearly they were all powerful cultivators who had reached the second step.

One of the old men lower his head and said, "Mistress, another group of blood slaves died..."

Zi Xin bit her lower lip and silently pondered.

Over the past few months, large amounts of blood slaves and blood guardians had inexplicably exploded and died. As of today, more than 70% had died.

This matter filled Zi Xin with distress. The only explanation was that something had happened to the Blood Ancestor!

One of the old men raised his head as he stared at Zi Xin and slowly asked, "Mistress, where exactly did Lord Blood Ancestor go?"

Zi Xin's eyes became cold as she coldly said, "Impudent. Is this something you can ask?!" This made Zi Xin even more anxious. Before, none of them would dare to say something like this, but at this moment, even Zi Xin wondered if the Blood Ancestor was dying...

The old man sneered as he turned around and walked away. His mood was very bad, but there was also a trace of relief. His body also contained the Blood Ancestor's imprint, but right now it wasn't important.

"Ever since I was forcibly branded by the Blood Ancestor 6,000 years ago, I can't even take half a step out of the Blood Planet without the Blood Ancestor's order. Now the Blood Ancestor has obviously encountered misfortune. This old man… if I'm going to die, I'd rather die in my hometown than here!" The old man's eyes were filled with sorrow and he headed straight for space.

The three elders all looked up at the sky and watched their companion disappear into the sky. After silently pondering, the three of them looked at each other. They no longer spoke and flew into the sky.

Zi Xin's eyes became cold as she stood up and shouted, "You guys have guts. Are you all not afraid the Blood Ancestor will return…"

However, before she finished speaking, one of the old men lowered his head. He looked at her coldly and said, "Noisy! You are only one of the Blood Ancestor's playthings. Do you really think you are the mistress?! I and the other cultivators give you respect because of the Blood Ancestor. Without him, what are you worth!? I have been on the Blood Planet for almost ten thousand years and have seen at least a dozen girls like you!"

After leaving behind this line, this person disappeared into the sky.

Zi Xin's body trembled and she began to ponder.

When the four red-robed old men flew into the sky, the remaining blood slaves that hadn't died all looked up and struggled. No one knew who was the first, but after that, almost all of the blood slaves flew away.

Zi Xin looked at all of this and revealed a decisive gaze. She appeared before the blood pavilion and remembered the seals that the Blood Ancestor had used to open it. She hesitated for a moment before clenching her teeth.

Just at this moment, the entire sky suddenly darkened and a powerful pressure instantly covered the entire Blood Planet. Zi Xin was startled and looked up, but what she saw made her face pale.

"This… What is this…"

In space, the first four red-robed elders all looked at each other. They didn't need to speak and knew of the others' decision. They clasped their hands at each other and were about to separate when they suddenly looked into the distance.

A river made of stones was whistling through space toward the Blood Planet. There was a giant more than 1,000 feet tall standing above the long river. His eyes were cold and filled with killing intent.

The four red-robed old men's eyes narrowed and they quickly looked at each other. They immediately flew away in four different directions completely ignoring that giant that was coming over.

"Blood Ancestor, even you can have a day like this!!" The same words appeared at almost the same time within the four old men's minds.

Behind the four old men was a large amount of blood slaves. When they entered space, they were startled by the giant, but they all quickly left. None of them stayed to defend the Blood Planet and they all revealed sneers.

Some didn't even escape too far but stayed near the Blood Planet. They wanted to personally watch the demise of the Blood Planet.

With Wang Lin's wisdom, he was immediately able to realise what was happening with those blood slaves. He didn't stop them but quickly charged toward the Blood Planet with a large amount of stones.

When he was very close to the Blood Planet, he rose above the stone river. Each of his hands grabbed a 100 feet large stone and he threw them toward the Blood Planet.

A loud rumble echoed as the two stones smashed toward the Blood Planet like two meteors. The moment the stones got near the planet, a blood light screen appeared and caused the two stones to shatter.

Wang Lin's eyes became even more cold. He waved his hand and without pause threw one stone after another toward the Blood Planet.

In the end, Wang Lin stretched open his arms and used his spiritual energy to pull the entire stone river toward the Blood Planet.

Countless stones smashed down. Although the blood light screen was strong, without the control of the Blood Ancestor, it was limited. Facing Wang Lin's youth ancient god power, the blood light screen collapsed after half an incense stick of time.

Large amounts of stones fell on the Blood Planet. Every time one landed, the entire planet would tremble and a circular shockwave visible to the eye would immediately appear and spread in all directions.

Zi Xin's face was pale. The shaking of the ground and the destructive power caused her mind to tremble. She saw those large stone descend from the sky, and each one would cause the earth to tremble violently.

She couldn't imagine what kind of power and spell could do something like this.

"Too terrifying…" Zi Xin clenched her teeth and fear surged through her body like a tidal wave. She looked at the blood pavilion before her as her hand formed seals imitating the Blood Ancestor.

Throughout the years she had been on the Blood Planet, she secretly paid attention to the hand signs used every time the Blood Ancestor opened the pavillion and firmly remembered them in her heart. She would often secretly practice, but she didn't dare to set the blood pavilion as her goal.

Now that the Blood Ancestor was dying, the Blood Planet was in a mess, and a foreign force was invading, she no longer had to worry. Her hands moved faster and faster until a red flash came from the blood pavilion. A vague, red passage appeared and Zi Xin's eyes were filled with excitement.

Just at this moment, the sky suddenly darkened once more and a giant shadow was cast over her. Zi Xin was startled and subconsciously looked up. This caused her to become completely stunned.

In the sky, a 1,000-foot-tall giant was coming toward her through the void. Its icy gaze landed directly on Zi Xin.

Zi Xin's body trembled. She could see that behind the giant were large stones crashing toward the earth. A deep sense of fear emerged inside her heart.

She immediately lowered her head to look at the blood pavilion and charged toward the passage without any hesitation. However, just as she stepped in, a sharp and miserable scream came from her mouth.

The red light from the tunnel landed on her and her body decayed at a visible rate. Green smoke came from her body and even her origin soul collapsed.

In Wang Lin's gaze, the woman's body turned into green smoke and was absorbed into the blood-colored passage.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the blood pavilion. He reached out and grabbed the blood pavilion along with the 100 feet of earth around it.

At this moment, the stones from the sky continued to descend and the entire Blood Planet was a wreck. Wang Lin held the blood pavilion in one hand and his other hand formed a fist and pummeled the earth.

Among the loud rumbles, the Blood Planet became even more unstable. Layers of ripples spread and dust flew everywhere. A moment later, Wang Lin flew away from the Blood Planet and disappeared far into the distance.

None of the blood slaves and blood guardians tried to stop any of this. In fact, most of them clasped their hands at where Wang Lin disappeared to.

Shortly after Wang Lin left, their eyes were filled with confusion. It was as if invisible shackles had been released, and all of them dispersed to return to their homes that they had not seen in a long time.

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