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Chapter 764 - Chance (3)

The collapse of the storage space made it so that he had to use the origin blood fusion spell. Then he considered himself unlucky to have met that old man that took half of his origin soul along with half the origin energy that he had spent countless years cultivating.

This caused his cultivation level to reduce greatly, but that would had been fine if not for the old man's last attack that caused him to revert back to the state of slumber where he had to wait for the drops of blood to gather once more. In addition, the old man's attack contained a powerful force that acted like a prison.

Just when his fusion reached the critical moment and he was about to awaken again, Wang Lin appeared. The Blood Ancestor had been met with countless setbacks, so in the end he could only escape.

At this moment, he was extremely weak and his origin soul was filled with a monstrous sense of anger!

"Wang Lin, you and I can't coexist!!" The Blood Ancestor let out a mad roar and charged into the void. He had lost all his reasoning. If anyone else had been through all this, they would also lose their reason.

In particular, the restriction left by the mysterious old man also made him go crazy. He immediately turned and chased after where Wang Lin disappeared.

"I'd rather not heal my injuries and kill you instead!"

The fragment Wang Lin was on slowly floated through the void. Wang Lin's eyes were shut and the celestial sword circled around him. Xu Liguo floated beside him with a bitter face and muttered, "I should have left… but I can't leave this fiend here. Alas, I, Xu Liguo, am a loyal person and definitely can't do something like abandoning my master… I didn't run this time, so the fiend will value me more and give me more benefits in the future… Hehe, your Granda Xu is clever!"

Xu Liguo's eyes turned and he made a decision.

"Besides, this fiend is only an avatar… His original body…" Thinking about Wang Lin's original body, he shivered. If there was only one person that he feared from his heart, it was Wang Lin's original body!

In the Alliance Star System, there was an abandon planet giving off thunder. Deep inside the planet there was a naturally formed cave filled with thunder, and there was a person sitting cross-legged inside.

His red hair was like blood and his body gave off a chilling aura. There were four stars slowly rotating between his eyebrows. As he cultivated, strands of spiritual energy came from all directions and entered his body.

He suddenly opened his eyes. Inside his calm gaze lied a trace of terrifying killing intent.

"Blood Ancestor! You forced my avatar into a coma. How can I let this matter go?!" He was Wang Lin's original body.

The original body clenched his fists and slowly stood up. After silently pondering for a long time, he rushed out. There was a series of rumbles as the layers of earth above him shattered.

A loud bang echoed as the original body charged out from underground on the east side of the planet. A large amount of dust scattered everywhere.

After he charged out, he didn't stop; he rushed into space. Once he entered space, he spread out his arms and crisp, crackling sounds constantly came from his body.

These sounds became more and more frequent and intense. The veins on his body bulged and a muffled, thunderous roar kept coming out from inside his body.

His body gradually changed. His legs thickened and slowly extended, and even his arms did the same. His entire body slowly grow as if he was being inflated like a balloon.

At this moment, his body enlarged like crazy. During this process, an even more heavy sound came from his body like a roar from ancient times.

There were no pain on his face; there was only calmness and the anger in his eyes.

His body grew larger and larger. Half an incense stick of time later, a giant more than 1,000 feet tall appeared!

His body gave off a savage aura and his skin was filled with coarse and subtle runes. The glow of the runes gave him an unimaginable sense of majesty.

A low roar came out from his mouth. This roar seemed to come from ancient times and was filled with an aura that looked down upon the world. Everything within the range of the roar seemed to regain their memories of ancient times and all retreated.

Even the fierce beasts on nearby planets all immediately lied on the ground and began trembling after hearing this roar. This was a trembling that came from their soul.

The ancient god was the god of space!

During the age when the ancient gods roamed, all living being had to respect them!

At this moment, countless years after the ancient gods disappeared, this roar seemed to declare that the ancient gods had reappeared!

Only at this moment did Wang Lin have the majesty of an ancient god! He was an ancient god!

From four-stars and onwrd, an ancient god's body would grown like crazy. Before, Wang Lin had suppressed this, but at this moment, he stopped suppressing it and let his ancient god body appear for the first time!

Only by showing his ancient god body could he be called a real ancient god and have the power of an ancient god!

"Blood Ancestor… You caused my avatar to go into a coma, so I'll destroy your Blood Planet!" His eyes were filled with ruthlessness. When he took a step, it was as if the entire star system trembled.

He walked through space as if he was on the ground and rushed off into the distance.

As he walked, he raised his giant right hand and pointed to the spot between his eyebrows. A large amount of spiritual energy gathered in hi fingertip to form an imprint filled with an ancient aura. This imprint landed between his eyebrows and made the four stars disappear.

This imprint was not something cultivators could use; it was something only ancient gods could use, and it hid the identity of the ancient gods. Unless a very powerful cultivators appeared, it would impossible for others to see through his identity.

"Since the Alliance Star System has the Giant Demon Clan, no one will think that my 1,000-foot-tall body is an ancient god!" His eyes became cold. Compared to an adult ancient god, his body was insignificant and weak, so no one would think was an ancient god if they saw him.

He had no expression as he charged through the Blood Planet. In the past, he saw the star map that the All-Seer gave him, so he naturally knew where the Blood Planet was.

As he moved through space, his eyes narrowed. He saw several broken stones of varying sizes floating through space.

These stones were common in space.

As he stepped forward, he didn't stop and grabbed toward a 100-foot-wide stone. As he let out a roar, the stone was attracted by a force created by spiritual energy and he continued moving forward.

After he left, two cultivators came out from a slightly smaller piece of stone. The two of them were trembling with fear as they stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Lin's original body disappearing into the distance.

"This... What is this…" The two of them looked at each other. Their scalps tingled as they quickly escaped this place.

Along the way, whenever Wang Lin encountered these stones, he would select those that were 100 feet large. He would grab them and use spiritual energy to drag them along. These were his weapons. In his memories, early stage ancient gods didn't have many spells and liked using these as weapons. It seemed like these things were easy to use, and the more he had, the better!

Wang Lin headed toward the Blood Planet with a trail of stones that looked like a river following him. He carried with him a grim killing intent as he came closer and closer!


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