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Chapter 763 - Chance (2)

"This spell that merges the origin soul with blood belongs to old Yao's family. This is a spell only direct descents can use, and today one was caught by me!" The old man rubbed his chin and his eyes grew brighter and swept over the drops of blood.

"He is indeed worthy of someone fated with his old man to come up with such an unexpected method to deal with a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator. I can't just stand by and watch; I should help him." The old man licked his lips and his hand reached out. All of the drops of blood were seized by him without any resistance.

With a pinch, all of the drops of blood instantly fused. The Blood Ancestor's origin soul instantly fused and awakened.

"Many thanks, Senior. My Yao family will thank you!" The Blood Ancestor's voice came from inside the blood. There was no joy or anger inside his voice; he was extremely clam.

The old man messed with the iron hoop on the Thunder Beast's silver horn as he said, "Don't pretend; you're obviously filled with fear in your heart. You're worried that this old man has ill intentions and will directly refine you into a pill to even bring out the Yao family. Even if the Yao family's master, the Blood God, comes, do you think this old man will be afraid!?" 

The Blood Ancestor pondered a bit and then sent out a message. "No matter what, I have to thank Senior for his help…"

The old man said, "This old man is very reasonable. You see, I helped you reduce the time of your fusion. Eh… I didn't know that your Yao family's origin soul blood spell didn't allow your body to be fused back together by force.. It seems that when I fused your body by force, your cultivation level dropped several realms, so you're now at the late stage of Nirvana Scryer. Because I didn't know any of this before, you can't blame me."

The Blood Ancestor silently pondered and forcibly suppressed the wrath in his origin soul. His divine sense sent out a calm message. "No harm done. Since Senior didn't know, then this is my fate. If Senior has nothing else, please release your spell and let me leave."

The old man chuckled as his eyes lit up and he said, "Little boy from the Yao family, you are fated with me!" The Thunder Beast under him trembled and looked at the Blood Ancestor with a trace of sympathy. However, even more so, it was happy someone else was suffering with it.

The Blood Ancestor silently pondered.

"Didn't you say that you were going to repay me? Then you can repay me now!" The old man raised his right hand and pulled out the Blood Ancestor's origin soul from the pool of blood. He then abruptly ripped half of the origin soul and then with a wave of his right hand pulled half of the pool of blood as well.

"Eh, half an origin soul and half a blood body is enough to repay this old man's grace." The old man smiled as he pushed the remaining half of the origin soul back into the remaining pool of blood and blew a breath.

The pool began to boil and immediately collapsed, turning into countless drops of blood. The Blood Ancestor wasn't even able to send out a single divine sense before he went back to sleep.

"Although this old man's big matter will definitely succeed, with half of this Yao family member's origin soul and blood body, it will increase my chances. Now isn't that always a good thing!?" The old man let out a mischievous smile. He didn't even look at the drops of blood and flew far away with the Thunder Beasts.

In the void, Wang Lin's expression was gloomy as he closely followed behind the red needle. The red needle suddenly flashed brightly and emitted a powerful aura. It then broke through Wang Lin's seal.

This change caused Wang Lin's eyes to narrow.

However, the red needle suddenly dimmed again and became even weaker than before. It then headed straight toward the void ahead.

Wang Lin frowned. He hesitated before following closely after.

"I must take this opportunity to kill the Blood Ancestor to prevent any problems in the future!" Wang Lin clenched his teeth and chased after the red needle.

Time slowly passed. Inside the void, Wang Lin had forgotten about the passage of time and had forgotten the burning pain, which was no longer as intense and was becoming weaker.

He had forgotten all of this. The only thing that remained was the nearly collapsed red needle before him.

The red needled gradually became faster and faster; Wang Lin was almost unable to keep up. However, at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly stopped. His eyes became cold and he looked ahead.

There were 10 balls of blood of different sizes that were near each other as if they were going to fuse. The red needle rushed into one of the balls of blood.

A blood aura suddenly filled the area as the ball of blood that the red needle entered began to move and devour the other balls of blood.

"Blood Ancestor?!" Wang Lin's eyes were filled with killing intent. He took out the mountain stone without any hesitation before extracting its soul and pressing it down toward the blood.

The mountain soul surged forth and collapsed before the balls of blood, carrying a powerful force that caused the balls of blood to tremble. However, the mountain soul wasn't strong enough and the balls of blood quickly gathered.

After throwing forth the mountain soul, Wang Lin took a step back, took out the celestial sword, and quickly swung it down.

The heavenly chop shot out like lightning and two balls of blood that were originally fusing were instantly separated by the heavenly chop.

Wang Lin didn't stop. The powerful thunder inside his origin soul surged out, forming powerful bolts of thunder that shot toward the balls of blood.

Under the powerful attacks, the balls of blood trembled violently. The Blood Ancestor's origin soul inside the balls of blood struggled to awaken.

Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and the power of thunder surged out of his origin soul like crazy. Right now he used the thunder inside his body without reserve on those balls of blood.

At the same time, he raised the celestial sword and swung again!

A ball of blood exploded with a bang!

A miserable groan seemed to come from the void and the rest of the balls of blood began to gather like crazy. The Blood Ancestor's origin soul was about to awaken.

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with blood. He had a feeling that if those balls of blood gathered, he would never get a chance to kill the Blood Ancestor again! His right hand pointed at the blood and he shouted, "Stop!"

The Stop spell instantly appeared, but the Blood Ancestor's origin soul inside the blood was too powerful. Wang Lin wasn't able to stop the Blood Ancestor due to his low cultivation level.

The celestial spiritual energy inside his body surged like crazy, causing sharp pain from his meridians. His origin soul was also still injured, because he had no time to recover on the way here. Now, under this stress, he coughed out blood and shouted ferociously, "Stop for me!"

The balls of blood that were gathering only paused for a moment under Wang Lin's spell. At this instant, the Karma Whip appeared and mercilessly whipped the balls of blood.

At the same time, the last strand of Ling Tianhou's sword energy inside Wang Lin's body rushed out toward the balls of blood.

The Karma Whip, Ling Tianhou's sword energy, and the countless thunderbolta from Wang Lin's origin soul seemed to fuse into one. They rushed into the condensing balls of blood right before the Blood Ancestor's origin soul awakened.


At this moment, the balls of blood that were condensing collapsed into countless drops of blood and the Blood Ancestor let out a unwilling roar. The blood split into two parts; one carried the Blood Ancestor's origin soul and escaped. The second part turned around and rushed toward Wang Lin.

The drops of blood rushing toward Wang Lin suddenly surrounded him and entered his body through his pores. An intense pain filled with body, causing Wang Lin to cough out a mouthful of blood. The powerful impact caused him to be thrown into the void and disappear.

The celestial sword was controlled by Xu Liguo. He took the mountain soul and chased after Wang Lin.

Although Xu Liguo has rebellious, at this moment, he panicked. Instead of flying away to freedom, he followed Wang Lin straight into the void.

Wang Lin entered a coma. The drops of blood that rushed into his body were filled with powerful origin energy. This origin energy was cultivated by the Blood Ancestor over countless years and was extremely precious!

However, this origin energy was like a sword of death inside Wang Lin's body. But there was such a thing as luck in the world. When the old man asked Wang Lin for the Thunder Beast, he had inadvertently blew far too much energy into him. This energy would explode the moment the burning disappeared from Wang Lin's body. It was unknown whether Wang Lin could survive this, but he would most likely be unable to bear it and his origin soul would collapse with his body.

However, the Blood Ancestor was badly wounded right now. In order to escape and more so to kill Wang Lin, he had used half of his blood body to rush into Wang Lin. His intention was to kill, but he had inadvertently given Wang Lin an opportunity so great that it was just second to seeing the direction of the third step! 

Wang Lin's body crashed into a fragment that wasn't connected by any thunder chains and was just floating in the void.

Not all the fragments in the Thunder Celestial Realm were interconnected. There were tiny fragments that floated in the void.

Wang Lin's body was buried deep into the earth before he stopped. He was completely unconscious, but his body was rapidly changing. His body was filled with a large amount of origin energy that came from the drops of blood.

Even his origin soul underwent a shocking change. After being surrounded by such rich origin energy, it began to absorb the origin energy...

His cultivation was rapidly progressing toward the Illusory Yin stage.

There shouldn't have been clouds over this small fragment, but at this moment, clouds began to appear. These clouds were exactly the same as the ones that appeared in the Demon Spirit Land when Wang Lin decided to defy the heavens.

As for the Blood Ancestor, his origin soul had awakened because the blood balls had merged. However, his body hadn't taken form yet, so he was dark red.

He had never felt so weak ever since he started cultivating. This kind of weakness made him feel a deep chill.

His hatred for Wang Lin had reached a peak. He had never hated someone so much; Wang Lin was the first!

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