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Chapter 761 - Killing God

The Blood Ancestor coldly looked at Wang Lin. His finger didn't stop and continued to press down. The finger pressed down three inches from Wang Lin.

A loud bang echoed the sky. Wang Lin coughed out a mouthful of blood and his body flew away like a broken kite. In the air, his body flipped a few times before he landed on the ground, causing the ground under him to crack.

Wang Lin's body continued to back up. Every step he took would cause the ground to crack. After retreating 100 steps, he was finally able to stabilize his body. He was in an extremely sorry state and blood was coming out from the corner of his mouth.

There were countless cracks on the ground before him. It was like a sign of how powerful that finger was.

The Blood Ancestor took one step and arrived 100 steps away from Wang Lin. He calmly said, "I'll only give you three sentences!"

More blood flowed out from the corner of Wang Lin's mouth and many bones in his body were broken. The celestial guard's body was strong and this was the first time it had been this seriously injured, but Wang Lin smiled.

This smile was extremely gloomy.

"I thought Blood Ancestor was really going to let that finger land regardless of Yao Xixue's death and destroy everything!" Wang Lin wasn't afraid at all. Although the Blood Ancestor was strong, he was not as strong as the heavens. Wang Lin was a heaven-defying cultivator; if he dared to defy the heavens, what was a mere Blood Ancestor?

If the Blood Ancestor's finger had landed, Wang Lin believed the celestial guard would without a doubt die and his divine sense inside would immediately collapse as well.

The Blood Ancestor's eyes were filled with killing intent as he looked into sky and said, "You still have two sentences!" He really wanted to kill Wang Lin directly and then soul search him for Yao Xixue's whereabouts.

However, he couldn't help but be cautious. He knew that Wang Lin was extremely cunning, decisive, and ruthless. Otherwise, there was no way for Wang Lin to kick up such a storm in the Demon Spirit Land. All those old monsters, including him, were played by this brat, and in the end they could only helplessly watch him disappear into the vortex.

"This person came with a clone, so he is naturally not afraid of me killing him. Once I really kill him, then his real body will immediately attack Xixue! The Blood Soul Pill is not without flaws…"

Wang Lin wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, tidied up his clothes, and slowly said, "Senior Blood Ancestor, Yao Xixue is safe. In these hundreds of years, junior didn't even touch a strand of her hair. Junior can give her back and let you reunite with your daughter. However, Senior has to let junior go and promise to not trouble junior anymore in the future!"

The Blood Ancestor withdrew his gaze from the sky and looked at Wang Lin. His eyes revealed no anger, but he calmly said "OK! This old man swears on his dao that if you hand over my daughter, I won't kill you."

Wang Lin stared at the Blood Ancestor, and after a long time, he let out a sigh. He couldn't tell if the person was lying or not. After silently pondering for a moment, Wang Lin opened his mouth and spat out a crystal.

The crystal landed on the side and became a transfer array. This transfer array was not stable and showed signs of collapsing.

Wang Lin slowly said, "Yao Xixue is inside this transfer array!"

He didn't play any more schemes with the Blood Ancestor. The Blood Ancestor had been cultivating for tens of thousands of years, so in terms of schemes, the Blood Ancestor could only be better than him, not worse. Trying to scheme against such a person was pointless, and after Wang Lin understood this, his hidden trap became an overt plot.

After throwing out the transfer array, Wang Lin retreated rapidly toward the void near the fragment.

He moved very fast; he clearly was using his full cultivation.

"Blood Ancestor, I gave you a chance. How this goes will depend not on me but on you… If you believe me, then go in first to show your sincerity and that your promise is true! Then I will be sincere once as well. Since you believe me, I'll believe you!

"However, if you don't enter the array and come after me, that means you don't believe me and your promise is false. Then don't blame me for being ruthless and killing a god!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. Unless he had to, he really didn't want to make the Blood Ancestor his enemy. If he hadn't been forced into a hopeless situation, he wouldn't have imprisoned Yao Xixue. He made Li Yuan make the transfer array only work three times to coordinate with his plan!

The Blood Ancestor looked at the transfer array. With a scan of his divine sense, he immediately felt a trace of Yao Xixue's aura. Although he couldn't see where the transfer array went, he knew his daughter's aura well. This transfer array indeed led to Yao Xixue.

He took a step forward and arrived before the transfer array. His hand reached out and the transfer array collapsed into countless specks of light. Then the specks of light condensed back into a crystal in his right hand.

Shortly after, he suddenly turned around and gloomily looked at the rapidly retreating Wang Lin. He muttered, "How can I let you leave after only a few words when you trapped my daughter for hundreds of years!? I don't even believe in dao; how can I not kill you!?" The killing intent he had been withholding burst forth. He took a step and immediately chased after Wang Lin.

As Wang Lin escaped along the thunder chain into the void, he felt the powerful killing intent coming from behind him. He let out a sigh and his eyes became cold.

"Blood Ancestor, since this is your choice, then don't blame me! It is not me being ruthless, you just won't let it go!"

As the Blood Ancestor chased after Wang Lin, his eyes were filled with killing intent. In a few steps, he closed in and raised his hand. He mercilessly pressed down and the entire void paused.

The thunder chain under Wang Lin's feet instantly collapsed and cracked down from the middle. At the same time, the void immediately became a blood sea that surrounded Wang Lin.

"Refine!" With a roar, the surrounding blood sea seemed to boil and then it rushed toward Wang Lin. The sea was so fast that it entered Wang Lin's body in an instant. It entered the celestial guard and surrounded Wang Lin's divine sense within.

An indescribable pain immediately spread throughout his body. The divine sense inside the celestial guard felt extreme pain, as if it was being torn apart piece by piece.

The strength of the celestial guard's body shined at this moment. It was able to resist the refining of the blood sea and caused the process to slow down.

This wasn't finished yet. A ray of blood light shot out and disappeared into the void. It didn't really disappear but used a strange celestial power to break through the void and close in on where Wang Lin's body was hiding.

The Blood Ancestor's hatred had reached a pinnacle. He wanted to refine Wang Lin's clone and the divine sense inside it. He could even refine to death the original body that was hiding somewhere with his spell.

The fragment Wang Lin's origin body was hiding in was immediately covered in red. The ground was like the blood sea and slowly gathered toward Wang Lin. The red light penetrated the earth and condensed into a red needle that charged toward Wang Lin.

Once he was hit by that needle, Wang Lin's origin soul would collapse and immediately die.

While hiding underground, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. He took out the restriction ball Li Yuan gave him and without hesitation used his celestial spiritual energy to cause half of the restrictions inside the storage space to collapse! At the same time, he charged out from underground and the needle chased closely after.

"Blood Ancestor, I don't know if your daughter's origin soul can stay safe when that space collapses!" Wang Lin's origin origin soul let out a muffled groan and let out these last words before it collapsed.

The Blood Ancestor's expression changed as he almost immediately felt the fluctuations of space collapsing coming from the crystal. He didn't have time to deal with Wang Lin or the half-refined puppet. He threw down the crystal and placed down a seal to stabilize it.

The crystal immediately turned into a transfer array. This was the third time it opened and the last time.

When the transfer array opened, a destructive aura came out from inside. However, the Blood Ancestor was unable to think about it too much and he gloomily stepped inside. The seal he placed played a big role in preventing the transfer array from collapsing after the Blood Ancestor used it to enter.

The Blood Ancestor's figure disappeared. The moment he entered the storage space, his expression immediately changed greatly. With his knowledge, he immediately recognized this place as a storage space opened by a celestial.

A chill appeared inside his heart. It had been countless years since he felt the threat of death. Even during the countless times he challenged the All-Seer, he never felt his scalp tingle like this.

In the end, he was only a cultivator!

Right now he could clearly feel his heart beat faster and faster. Over the years, he gained a detailed understanding of the celestials' storage spaces.

He knew that if this storage space collapsed, it would destroy everything inside in an instant. Even if he used the Blood Soul Pill, it still wasn't enough when facing this kind of destructive force!

Only if he devoured all of the Blood Soul Pills at once could he rely on the mysterious power inside and resist the destruction of this storage space.

"Damn it, how did this Wang Lin find a storage space? Even someone like the All-Seer can only depend on luck to find a place like this! Wang Lin, you and I can't co-exist!!!"

The Blood Ancestor almost broke his teeth. From the moment he entered, he could feel his daughter's aura. He charged straight for the valley and found the restriction ball trapping Yao Xixue in almost an instant.

He didn't even have time to undo the restriction and quickly put away the restriction sphere.

Right now Wang Lin, who was being chased by the red needle spell from the Blood Ancestor, revealed a fierce expression. He had activated all of the restrictions inside the storage space to cause it to completely collapse!

"You want to kill me? Then I'll kill you here first!" Wang Lin's finger pointed at nine points of his body and moved even faster. The red needle behind him chased closely after.

Holding Yao Xixue's restriction sphere, the Blood Ancestor moved like crazy. The calm he had before was completely gone; he now looked like a madman covered in a red glow. He charged like crazy toward the transfer array that he had solidified with his divine sense.

The storage space around him began to collapse and the two mountains were immediately torn down. A power that could destroy everything instantly filled the area, and it was as if that power wanted to drown him!

"Wang Lin, if I escape, I swear to kill you, even if I need to go to the heaven or hell!!!"

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